Pro Kabaddi 2018-19 Final Highlights: Bengaluru Bulls crowned champion

Catch all the action from the Pro Kabaddi 2018 final between Bengaluru Bulls and Gujarat Fortunegiants with live score updates and commentary.

Bengaluru Bulls beat Gujarat Fortunegiants 41-29 in the Qualifier 1.   -  PKL Media

Welcome to Sportstar's live blog of the Pro Kabaddi 2018 final between Bengaluru Bulls and Gujarat Fortunegiants.

Bengaluru Bulls is the new Pro Kabaddi champion! A superb performance from Pawan Sehrawat, who scored 22 points, shoulder Bengaluru as it defeats Gujarat Fortunegiants 38-33.  A second successive defeat in the final for Gujarat.


Wishes pouring in from all quarters



Scores read (Bengaluru Bulls - Gujarat Fortunegiants)

Second half

37-32 Manpreet Singh looks a dejected man on the bench as he's watches his team let the game slip from their fingers.

36-29 What is Pawan Sehrawat made of? What did we eat today? How is he so good? Lot of questions need answers. Meanwhile, he's inflicted another all-out and that's a big lead just over a minute to go.  21 points for him. It's become Pawan Sehrawat vs Gujarat Fortunegiants.

32-29 Sumit Singh, the raider, tackles Prapanjan,. Crucial.

31-29 Bengaluru Bulls takes a two-point lead. 19 points for Pawan in just 22 raids. Will Gujarat be able to stop him?



Time out: Wise words from Gujarat coach Manpreet Singh to his players - "Cool mind...bilkul cool mind. Pani pi." and then has some advice about how to deal with the unstoppable Pawan Sehrawat.

29-29 Pawan Sehrawat has had Sunil Kumar in his pocket today. That's not the first time he's got the Gujarat captain out.

27-29 Unnecessary tackles from Bulls raiders are letting the team down.

27-28 As this half progresses, Bengaluru Bulls is looking more like a one-man army. Pawan's been relentless.

25-27 Another twist in the story. Rohit Gulia gets three Bengaluru men out and more importantly, Pawan Sehrawat is on the bench. 

24-23 Pawan goes to 14 raid points and puts Bengaluru back in front.

That tells the story


23-22 Scratch that! This is the turning point of the game. Pawan Sehrawat gets Gujarat all out and he's absolutely flying at the moment. Bengaluru Bulls is back in the lead.  And time out.

19-21 That could be the turning point of the game! A brilliant raid from Pawan Sehrawat as he takes out two Gujarat players.  Gujarat coach Manpreet Singh is furious.

17-21 Pawan's back in form! Jumps and bounces around the court and gets four points in four raids. Exactly what the Bulls need. Just a point away from another Super10

14-19 13 minutes - That's plenty of time to come back into the game for Bulls.

12-18 Rohit Kumar is tackled again. He's out for the fifth time today and Bulls needs its captain to perform.

12-17 Bengaluru giving Gujarat a taste of its own medicine. Two tackle points on the trot! This could be what it needs for a revival.

9-17 Gujarat starts where it left off and Pawan Sehrawat has seemed to struggle after his initial flurry.

First half  9-16

It's a seven point lead for Gujarat Fortunegiants at the end of the first half. The Gujarat defence came into its own towards the end and inflicted an all out on Bengaluru Bulls.

9-15 ALL OUT! Prapanjan takes out Bengaluru's last two on the raid and that's the first all out of the game. Big lead now.

9-11 Down to just one, Bengaluru sends on Kashiling Adake to get a point and he does the job.

7-10 Sunil Kumar lures his opposite number into a raid and then tackles him. Bengaluru down to two on the court.

7-9 A two-point lead for the first time this match. Sachin beneffits from a poorly times tackled from Bengaluru and pushes his way to the mid line.

6-6 Time out! The match hasn't followed the script so far. It was touted to be a game between Bengaluru's attack and Gujarat's defence. But both defences have looked alert and strong.  When the stakes are high...

5-6 Sumit Malik isn't able to take points off a do-or-die raid as Parvesh Bhainswal takes him down.

5-4 Sunil Kumar's tackle on Pawan brought Gujarat level but on the next raid Sachin is taken down.


4-3 Pawan gets his third point and puts Bulls back on top. Five minutes down and the play has been slow and contemplative. Neither team has dominated.

3-2 Bengaluru's star man Pawan Sehrawat does what is expected of him. Gets two raid points in a row and also sends Gujarat captain Sunil Kumar to the bench.

1-2 Rohit Kumar claims a point off Sunil Kumar but he contests the claim and asks for the review. It's successful and the Bulls captain is on the bench.

1-1 Bengaluru's best defender Mahender Singh is on the bench after a poor tackle on Prapanjan who levels is for Gujarat.

1-0 Gujarat's Sachin starts things off but is immediately taken down by Bulls' right corner and Bengaluru has the first point.

Starting line-up


You can read the match preview and catch up on some stats here.

Head-to-Head record this year

Bengaluru Bulls and Gujarat Fortunegiants have faced each other thrice this season and picked up a win each. The other match was an exciting tie.

It looks like it'll be a contest between attack and defence. Bengaluru's Pawan Sehrawat has lit up the season scoring 249 raid points (highest in the league) and Pardeep Narwal is a long way off in second with 233. Gujarat's covers, Parvesh Bhainswal and Sunil Kumar, are in the top five defenders this season with 84 and 72 points respectively.

Pawan Kumar was in red hot form as Bengaluru Bulls beat Gujarat Fortunegiants to seal its place in the finals.   -  PKL Media

These are the challenger Pawan Sehrawat will come up against


Here's what at stake money-wise

Team Awards  Amount (INR Lakh) 
Winner 300 
Runners Up 180 
Third Place 120 
Fourth Place 80 
Fifth Place 35 
Sixth Place 35 
Individual Awards  Amount (INR Lakh) 
MVP 15 
Best Raider 10 
Tata Ace Defender of the Tournament  10 
Mashal Sports Debutant of the Season 8 
Best Referee Female 3.5 
Best Referee Male 3.5 
Total 800