PKL: Patna bounces back with a 29-27 win over Bengal

Patna Pirates got back to winning ways after it beat Bengal Warriors 29-27 to go top of the Zone B.

Patna Pirates' Pardeep Narwal in action against Bengaluru Bulls on Wednesday.   -  PKL




29-27 Ran Singh pulls one point back for Bengal Warriors with the last raid of the match, but it is not enough as the full-time hooter goes off. With this win, the defending champion goes to the top of the Zone B with 23 points. Bengal Warriors remain in the fifth position with 19 points.

29-26 Kuldeep Singh might have just won the match for Patna, as he brings down Mahesh Goud on his way back.

27-26 Mahesh Goud manages a touch on Tushar Patil on his way to get a point for Bengal.

27-25 Manish tackles Jang Kun Lee, who tries to turn on the right side. The raider looks in pain with the weight of four defenders on his shoulders.

25-25 Teams are level after Vikas Jaglan gifts away a point by stepping out of the line while defending!

25-24 Mahesh Goud takes out Vijay with the first raid after the Time-Out.

25-23 Tushar Patil tries to jump over Baldev but the right cover catches the raider mid-air.

25-22 Jang Kun Lee gets Jaideep on his way out and reduces the gap to three points.

24-21 Tushar Patil tricks Surjeet into stepping out of the lobby and nicks a point for Pirates.

23-20 Mahesh Goud lunges at Deepak Narwal after breaking the chain on the right side and fails to get the tackle.

22-19 Jaideep tries an ankle hold in vain, but Mahesh Goud is close to the half line by that time.

22-18 Shrikant Tewthia is given out after he oversteps the lobby area while tackling Deepak Narwal.

21-18 Jang Kun Lee runs straight into Jaideep on his way back and pinned to the ground by the Patna defence.

19-18 Jang Kun Lee is fortunate to get away with it!  He slips on the mat on his way back, but Patna's defence does not attack him and the raider has a point.

19-16 Vikas Kale completely misses Ran Singh on his way back. Surjeet gets a green card for few exchanges with Ran Singh.

18-15 Deepak Narwal gets a point after he slips through the ankle hold of Jang Kun Lee.

17-15 Amit walks off the pitch after Vijay takes him out on the right corner.

16-14 Patna gifts aways a technical point after two players step into the lobby at the same time.

16-13 Bengal loses a review after Patna gets a bonus point on a do-or-die raid.

15-13 Mahesh claims to have a toe touch on Manjeet and gets the point in a do-or-die raid.

15-12 Manjeet comes back with an empty raid despite Surjeet allowing him huge space in the left corner.


15-12 Vijin is taken out by Vijay on the left corner with the final raid of the half-time. So far so good for the host, but will it sustain the lead after buckling under pressure for two consecutive games?

14-12 Jang Kun Lee is unable to get out of the Patna defence in a do-or-die raid.

13-12 Deepak Narwal tries to jump over two defenders but is caught mid-air by Shrikant and Amit Kumar.

13-11 Ran Singh manages to gets his fourth raid point of the match as he manages to get a touch on Tae Deok Eom.

12-9 Mahesh Goud tries to go for the bonus line but he gives Jaideep enough to time to get an ankle hold on him.

11-8 Manjeet takes out Surjeet yet again with a clever toe touch.

9-7 Ran Singh gets a bonus, but he is tackled by Vijay and Patna gets its first all out.

6-6 Deepak Narwal reduces Bengal to just one player with his latest raid.

5-4 Manjeet gets Shrikanth Tewatia to give the host lead for the first time in the match.

4-4 The host gets four points in a row without conceding as Jang Kun Lee is tackled by Vijay on the right corner.

3-4 Surjeet gets a hold on Manjeet but Ran Singh hesitates for a moment and the raider takes the star man out.

2-4 Tushar Patil picks his team's first point of the match, Tae Deok Eom comes up with an ankle hold to add to the Pirates' scoreline.

0-4 Jang Kun Lee comes back with yet another point, as Patna looks depleted in the absence of Pardeep.

0-2 Manjeet is tackled by the Bengal defence, the visitor takes an early lead.

0-0 Deepak Narwal comes back with an empty raider in the absence of injured skipper Pardeep Narwal.


Patna Pirates: Deepak Narwal, Tae Deok Eom, Vikas Kale, Vijay, Manjeet, Ravinder Kumar, Jaideep

Subs: Kuldeep Singh, Manish, Surender Singh, Tushar Patil, Vikas Jaglan

Bengal Warriors: Mahesh Goud, Surjeet Singh, Vijin Thangadurai, Jang Kun Lee, Amit Kumar, Shrikanth Tewatia, Ran Singh

Subs: Adarsh, Amit Nagar, Baldev Singh, Rakesh Narwal, Ziaur Rahman




Overall:  Matches  –12|  Patna  Pirates  –  7  |  Bengal  Warriors  –  2  |  Tie  -  3

  • Patna  Pirates  have  a  7-2  edge  in  the  head-to-head over Bengal Warrior with 3 matches ending in a tie.
  • In  12  games,  just  once  the  score  difference  has  been  of  more  than  7  points.
  • The  fourth  meeting  was  in  Qualifier  2  in  the  Playoffs  which  Patna  won  by  3  points.   
  • Patna  Pirates  PKL  6:  3  wins,  6  losses.  Lost  last  match  against  Bengaluru  Bulls  by  2  points.  Patna  has  now  lost  4  matches  in  a  row.   
  • Bengal  Warriors  PKL  6:  3  wins,  1  loss,  1  tie.  Won  their  last  match  against  Jaipur  Pink  Panthers  by  11  points.