PKL 2018, Match 91: U Mumba thumps Delhi, moves table top

U Mumba climbs to the top of Zone A with 67 points in the bank. That is four points clear of the Fortunegiants.

Dabang Delhi and U Mumba will clash in a Zone A encounter to establish supremacy in the group. A win for Mumba will push it to the table top.   -  PKL Media

Hello and welcome to the highlights of Saturday's Pro Kabaddi League fixture. The 91st match of the league saw a Zone A clash between Dabang Delhi and U Mumba.


34-41 That is it! Desai finishes with 19 points as U Mumba climbs to the top of Zone A with 67 points in the bank. That is four points clear of the Fortunegiants.

33-40 Its game over! Siddharth Desai hammers in a final nail to Delhi's coffin. Desai's sheer strength hands him four points. Super-Raid that!

33-36 Delhi sends in Chandran Ranjith. Not to sure why Surender decided to go for it but he does and misses a tackle this time.

31-36 Delhi in deep trouble here owing to a wonderful comeback from Mumba! Naveen walks in as a sub but fails as Surender holds him back, inflicting an all-out on Delhi.

30-31 The final four minutes of the play promises some real action. To start off things, Siddharth Desai almost gets rid of Narwal. Walks towards Pahal, as he surveys the chain. A leap over Narwal who dashes into nab him gets him a touch point.

30-30 As a timeout has been taken its 30- apiece for both the Zone A sides.

29-30 Chandran Ranjith has been floored by Abolfazl. Mumba takes a lead now. This contest is giving the feels of a thriller in the dying moments.

So are we calling him "Super Sid" now?


27-27 The Delhi captain walks off now, owing to a fine raid from Siddharth Desai, who already has 11 points. That was a quick overtake. Its 27-all, with 8 minutes left in the contest.

27-26 Naveen Kumar has been pushed off limits by a crafty Surender who dashed into the raider.

26-25 An outstanding effort from Siddharth Desai inflicts an all-out on the opposition, narrowing the point-gap to just one point.

26-20 Rohit Rana goes for an ankle hold as the others join the party. Naveen has been floored.

Meanwhile, U Mumba's official Twitter handle echoes what's on everybody's mind now:


24-18 "Do-or-Die" raid from Yogesh Hooda sees him down on the mat, victim to a pacy Atrachali. But Hooda had already managed to sneak in a bonus. A point to each side.

23-17 It has been all about Naveen Kumar today but he does not want to risk it and move to the bench. Consecutive empty raids from him.

22-16 Siddharth Desai who hasn't had much to show for in today's contest until now, finally comes with a 'Super Raid'.

22-13 Chandran Ranjith starts off things with an empty raid. Is Delhi already defending the lead?

An upset on the cards? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.



22-13 At the stroke of half-time, the momentum is completely with Dabang Delhi. The side has started right from where it left off against the Jaipur Pink Panthers on Saturday. Meanwhile, Naveen Kumar has already pocketed 9 raid points.

16-11 Naveen Kumar has been in good form of late, much in contrast to what he has been like since the start of the 2018 season. A late dash from Surender goes in vain as Naveen bags two points.

14-11 Ravinder Pahal watched the game for the last 15 minutes but this time he goes for a thigh hold. Rohit Balliyan down.

12-11 Naveen Goyat gets a toe touch, left corner the victim. One point in the kitty.

11-10 Yogesh Hooda goes for a diving touch point but fails. Gets dragged to the lobbies by Surender in the next instant.

10-8 Chandran Ranjith comes for a "Do-or-Die" raid after Mumba bags a bonus point. Fails miserably as he is trapped in the centre.


10-5 Chandran Ranjith has a packed side in front of him as he refuses to take any risk. Empty raid.


7-4 Surender unable to back off in time as Naveen pockets easy points for Mumba. Is this Mumba's chance at lead?


4-3 Yogesh Hooda goes for Vinod but unlike the last time, is unsuccessful. Ravinder Pahal does not look to be at his best as Mumba gets easy points.

3-1 An empty raid from Yogesh Hooda.

3-0 Siddharth Desai floored by the right corner. A perfect start for Delhi.

0-0 Ravinder Pahal intelligently withdraws as Abhishek raids. The momentum carries him to the lobby. Empty raid for Mumba.


Atrachali calls heads. Dabang Delhi wins the toss and takes the choice of court.


A win for Dabang Delhi in this match will push the side closer to Puneri Paltan, which is currently in third place in the group, while if U Mumba bags a win it will climb to the top spot in the group once again.

The two sides met in Pune earlier this season where U Mumba came out winner with a 16-point margin.