Pro Kabaddi: Pune begins home leg with win vs Gujarat, Haryana hands Chennai eight straight loss- As it happened

Owing to its stellar all-round performance, Puneri Paltan started its home leg with a comprehensive 43-33 victory over Gujarat Fortunegiants. In the second match of the night, Vikas Kandola steered Haryana to another victory. Rahul Chaudhari scored a Super-10, but failed to prevent Tamil Thalaivas suffering its eight successive loss.

Updated : Sep 14, 2019 22:13 IST

Nitin Tomar (in orange) scored a Super-10 and helped his team, Puneri Paltan, get off to a winning start in its home leg.
Nitin Tomar (in orange) scored a Super-10 and helped his team, Puneri Paltan, get off to a winning start in its home leg.

Nitin Tomar (in orange) scored a Super-10 and helped his team, Puneri Paltan, get off to a winning start in its home leg.


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That is all the action we have in store for you today. Two high-scoring encounters and in both the matches, the teams with a better all-round performance emerged victorious. Puneri Paltan defeated Gujarat Fortunegiants with a clinical show in both departments. Later in the night, Vikas Kandola starred yet again starred in a Haryana Steelers victory. The side leap-frogged to the third position in the table after downing Tamil Thalaivas.

Nothing seems to be going right for the Chennai-based team this season. Rahul Chaudhari scores another super-10 in a losing cause as his team succumbs to a straight eighth loss this season.

This brings an brilliant opening day of the Pune leg to an end. Tamil Thalaivas stay rock bottom at 12th in the table and Haryana jumps to the third position in the table.


43-35: Chaudhari now has to watch the match come to an end from the bench after being tackled by Chand Singh.

42-35: Kale tackles Ajith Kumar and the coach isn't happy. He wants the referee to have a second look, but the team has no reviews left. Repeated argument gets the coach a GREEN CARD.

41-35: DO-OR-DIE RAID AND A SUPER-1O FOR VINAY! He gets a touch point off Manjeet Chhillar, who was caught napping in the centre of the mat, and he somersaults back to safety.

40-35: NINTH OF THE NIGHT FOR AJITH KUMAR. He hasn't given up as he gets a running hand touch off Sunil in the right corner.

40-34: V. Ajith Kumar pulls one back. Ravi Kumar from the left corner tries to pin the raider down with a thigh hold on the move. However, Ajith was smart enough to back off on time, step to his left and run back. 

Four men on the mat for both the teams. Lead of seven with 150 seconds to go with Haryana and the raiders can afford to kill the clock.

40-33: Can Thalaivas still do it? Two huge scalps in one raid for Chennai and V. Ajith Kumar. The raider has given the marching orders to Kandola and Cheralathan. This game can still go anywhere.

40-31: SUPER-RAID BY VINAY AND THINGS GO FROM BAD TO WORSE FOR CHENNAI! Mohit Chhillar, Manjeet Chhillar, Shabeer Bappu all pounce at Vinay at once and thought they had their man. However, thanks to his brilliant presence of mind, Vinay stuck his foot out and crosses the mid-line.

37-30: Two-point raid for Vinay. He gets a bonus and then a touch point off Ran Singh, who has had a poor night at the back tonight.

34-27: ALL-OUT! HARYANA BUNDLES OUT CHENNAI AND THIS COULD BE THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN! Rahul Chaudhari and  Ran Singh were up against Kandola, who managed to get two touch points and as a result, two points for the all-out with ease.

30-27: Last men on Chaudhari comes back with a bonus point and reaches his Super-10 on the night.

30-26: Do-or-die raid for Kandola and this time, he gets a touch point of Obiero in the left corner.

28-26: OBIERO NOW EXECUTES A SUPER-TACKLE AND SHOWS HIS TEAM-MATES HOW TO CONTAIN VIKAS KANDOLA! Up against two men, Kandola is held back with a great double thigh hold by a diving Victor Obiero.

28-24: High quality raid from Victor Obiero. He was the last man on the mat for Chennai when he went in to raid. He got a bonus and then managed to dive back to safety after successfully negotiating the dash by Vikas Kale.

27-22: Ravi Kumar floors Shabeer Bappu with a back hold and Thalaivas is reduced to two men.

26-22: NO NEED FOR THAT SOLO DASH, RAN SINGH! SUPER-10 FOR KANDOLA. Kandola was stopped in his tracks by a weak back hold by Ran Singh and then he had more pressure on him exerted by Mohit. However, he somehow managed to get a touch past the mid-line. 

24-22: Rookie error by Rahul Chaudhari. He was under immense clock pressure and ended up running into the lobby without getting a touch.

23-22: Mohit tackles Sunil.

GUESS WHO IS NEXT ON OUR NEXT EPISODE OF THE #KingsofKabaddi series? It's Anna Dharmaraj Cheralathan.



23-21: KANDOLA TO THE RESCUE! NO, NOT IN THE OFFENSE BUT IN THE DEFENCE. Ajith had gone in to raid and Cheralathan tried to dash him out. But, he missed his mark only to see Kandola pull Kumar back with a vicious back hold.

22-21: Do-or-die raid for Haryana. Kandola comes in to raid. The bonus is available and he does just that. Manjeet challenges the call and the review is deemed unsuccessful. What a waste of a review!

21-21: THALAIVAS DRAW BACK LEVEL AGAIN! First, V Ajith Kumar sent Vikas Kale back with a swift touch point and Rahul Chaudhari followed it up with a running hand touch  in the right corner off Sunil's thigh.

21-19: Wow! That was sheer class by Kandola. Shabeer Bappu and Manjeet Chhillar have to go back. The latter came in with a high block, but the raider pushes off Manjeet's chest, turns, picks up Bappu on the way and dives back to safety.


17-14: Kandola is subbed off after he bags a bonus point.

16-14: Haryana starts the second half with two men on the mat.


16-14: HALF-TIME! Eventhough Haryana is leading with two points, the momentum is with Tamil Thalaivas. This side has not had a single unsuccessful tackle after the all-out and with Chaudhari reaching the 100- raid point mark this season, Chennai has a good shot at ending its seven-match losing streak.



16-13: Do-or-die raid for Haryana nd Vinay is sent in. 6 on the mat for Chennai, the bonus was available but fails to deliver. Mohit and Manjeet Chhillar combine with the ankle and thigh hold, respectively to floor the raider.

16-12: SUPER-TACKLE! V Ajith cannot escape the ankle hold as he was slow on the turn.

14-12: Successive tackle points for Chennai, something we haven't seen a lot of this season.

14-11: GREAT WORK FROM CHAUDHARI AS HE GETS BONUS PLUS TWO TOUCH POINTS. Dharmaraj Cheralathan tried an ankle hold on Chaudhari after the raider got a bonus. However, he was slow on the tackle and allowed Rahul to escape. On his way back, Chaudhari saw the cover defender run in and he simply stretches his hand out to get another touch point.

14-8: V Ajith is Kumar is thwarted with a rock solid thigh hold by Sunil. He was darting left and right and couldn't help run into the laps of the defender.

13-7: ALL-OUT! Chaudhari was the last man in and after getting a bonus, he tried to turn quickly and run back. However, Sunil had other ideas as he puts in a brilliant chest hold on the raider.


9-6: Do-or-die raid and to everyone's surprise, Manjeet Singh comes in to raid. He tries the dubki   on the turn, but he is tackled by the left cover.

8-6: But no issues as Kandola is revived by Vinay in the very next raid. Ran Singh makes the mistake by going for a solo backhold on the raider. However, Vinay is able to turn around and ru back to safety.

7-6: Do-or-die raid for Kandola and he is floored! SUPER-TACKLE INITIATED BY MOHIT CHHILLAR AS KANDOLA HAS TO WALK BACK TO THE BENCH. Chaudhari is revived.

7-4: Victor Obiero is tackled in the right corner this time.

6-4: THE KENYAN VICTOR OBIERO SCORES HIS FIRST POINT OF THE SEASON. Goes in to raid and when he sees the defender charging at him, he excecutes a great dubki and dives back to safety.

6-3: Kandola uses his swiftness to great effect and gets a running hand touch off Shabeer Bappu.

5-3: SELF-OUT! V Ajith Kumar succumbs to the pressure by Vikas Kale and he end up running into the lobby without getting a touch.

4-3: Vikas Kale dashed Rahul Chaudhari out! The raider tried to go left, but ended up going too deep and allowed Kale to make a brilliant tackle.

3-2: V Ajith Kumar, who has been the find of the season for Chennai, continues to score points. His first raid point of the night.

3-1: Vinay takes Haryana into the lead. Two point raid as he stumbles bacl to safety after two Thalaivas defenders tried to tackle him.

1-1: Do-or-die raid for Haryana now and Kandola delivers. He goes to the right corner of Chennai's defence, attempts a bonus point and prompts an ankle hold attempt by Rahul. However, Rahul isn't able to contain Vikas Kandola as he scores his first point of the night.

0-1: Do-or-die raid for Tamil. After a string of empty raids by both the teams, Chaudhari comes in  to raid and he get gets a running hand touch to score the first point of the match.

Toss: Tamil wins the toss and Haryana will raid first.


What to look forward to in this match?

Haryana Steelers’ strong Pro Kabaddi Season 7 campaign next sees the team run into Tamil Thalaivas on the opening day at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune on Saturday. Haryana Steelers has been in exceptional form and will want to move closer to securing a semi-final spot with a win. Tamil Thalaivas, meanwhile, has been looking for a reversal of fortunes since its previous nine matches and will want nothing more than to end that winless streak by beating the in-form Haryana Steelers. It has never been beaten by Haryana Steelers yet and would want to extend that record when the two teams clash on Friday.

The tables have completely turned since the last time these two teams met.

When Tamil Thalaivas took on Haryana Steelers earlier in the season, Vikas Kandola was just returning from injury. The match against Tamil Thalaivas was his first match of the season.

Haryana’s other main raider, Prashanth Kumar Rai, was also sidelined with injury.

Meanwhile Tamil Thalaivas had enjoyed a good start to the season with Rahul Chaudhari and particularly Manjeet Chhillar in great form. He was averaging almost 5 tackle points per game.

But now, the two teams are at opposite ends of the table with Haryana Steelers boasting one of the best raiding units and Tamil Thalaivas having one of the worst defences.

Haryana Steelers has the 4th best raid point average as well as the 4th best raid SR among all teams this season.

Tamil Thalaivas now has the lowest tackle point average (8.7) as well as the joint-lowest tackle SR (40) this season.


How do the two teams fare against each other?


Milestones to look forward to in this match?




33-43: FULL-TIME And PUNE COMPLETES A DOUBLE ON GUJARAT! Rohit Gulia get a bonus in the last raid of the match.


31-41: First, Nitin Timar was contained by Ankit and Rohit Gulia got one more point by getting a hand touch off Girish.

30-40: HIGH 5, THIS TIME FOR SURJEET SINGH. He tackles Sachin with a brilliant thigh hold.

29-39: ALL-OUT! NITIN GOT A BONUS AND HE ALMOST SENT THREE DEFENDERS BACK AT ONCE. HE WAS DOWN AND OUT ON THE MAT NEAR THE MID-LINE as his fingers touched the white line. However, he couldn't extend his reach and was eventually tackled.

Nitin Timar is the last man on the mat for Pune as he goes in to raid.


26-39: Nitin and Jadhav were able to tackle Sachin, but Tomar had already stepped out of bounds before assisting Balasaheb with the tackle.  Ninth point for Sachin.

25-39: Sachin Tanwar gets a big scalp in the form of Girish Ernak. The raider was clear about what he wanted to do. Ran in to Girish at left corner and got a touch off his chest.

24-39: Do-or-die for Mohite. No bonus available. He is taking his time, running down the clock and he makes a rookie error. He runs out of time and has to walk back to the bench.


23-39: One point each. Surjeet entered the lobby while attempting a tackle on Lalit Chaudhary, who also entered the lobby before getting a touch.

22-38: Both Nitin Tomar and Sachin Tanwar are nearing a super-10. 8 points on the night so far for both the raiders.

7 minutes to go in the first match of the Pune leg.


22-38: SUPER-TACKLE AND SACHIN IS CONTAINED! Balasaheb came in from the left with a block while Sachin was trying to get a touch point off Nitin in the left. Sachin reviewed it claiming that he was tackled with a jersey pull, but the review is deemed unsuccessful.

22-36: Pune was down to two men when Nitin went in to raid. He gets a touch point off Parvesh and stumbles back to safety.

22-35: SHEER POWER FROM SACHIN TANWAR! Hadi Tajik tried to come in from the back with a backhold, but Sachin backtracks and overpowers Hadi Tajik. He turns and dives past the mid-line. Sachin reviews the call and claims that he should get two touch points. The replay shows that Manjeet's thumb touched Hadi's right arm. AND, THE REVIEW IS DEEMED SUCCESSFUL. TWO POINTS FOR SACHIN!


19-33: That's a shocking tackle and the look on Pune's coach Anup Kumar says it all. Sachin Tanwar is making them pay and will continue to do so if Pune continues to throw in such unnecessary tackles.  Coming to the raid, he tried to get a touch off Tomar in the right corner and on the turn, he loses balance. Girish thinks of using this opportunity to dash Sachin out, but the raider is quick enough to get his hand past the mid-line.

18-33: Bonus plus one for Sachin! Surjeet tried to go for the ankle hold in the right cover, but Sachin was quick on the turn and was able to escape the grapple on time.

15-30: Sachin delivers once again and this time he gets Balasaheb, who has troubled him all night so far.


14-30: Sachin follows it up with a touch point off Nitin Tomar.

13-30: Do-or-die for Pune and Manjeet cannot deliver. Smart tackle by Parvesh! He first retreated and then threw himself low at the ankles of Manejeet.

12-30: Girish Ernak and Mohit combine with a chain tackle to contain Lali Chaudhary down. Vicious tackle.

12-29: GULIA IS TACKLED BY SURJEET! The beast in Surjeet is well and truly awake as he executes a brilliant thigh hold on Gulia. Two consecutive failed raids for Gulia here.

12-28: After Nitin Tomar was floored for the first time tonight by Parvesh Bhainswal, Surjeet Singh revived him by tackling  Rohit Gulia.

10-27: ALL-OUT! PUNE INFLICTS A SECOND ALL-OUT ON GUJARAT! The surrender raid came in from Parvesh Bhainswal and Gujarat is in serious trouble.


10-24: HALF-TIME! Gujarat will start the second half with just one man on the mat. Parvesh Bhainswal will have to start alone as Hadi Tajik tackled Rohit Gulia at the stroke of half time . Gujarat goes into the break with a hefty 14-point lead.


10-22: LIVING UP TO THE BILLING! Manjeet with a two-point raid as he sends Sunil Kumar and Pankaj back.

10-20: Lalit cannot escape Manjeet's tackle and the raider is now helping out with the defensive duties.

10-19: Mohit is floored! That's more like Sumit Kumar. That was a confident tackle. He rushes in from the right and throws Mohite off the mat.

9-19: Rohit Gulia with a bonus point.

8-19: Manjeet continues to make merry in Pune. Amit came in with a high tackle but could never really get a good grip on the raider, who used the lobby to great effect.

8-18: Manjeet bags another bonus with anther quick raid.

8-17: That's a brilliant dash by Hadi Tajik. Sachin had gone to his left and that allowed Tajik to come in with a great dash from the right.

8-16: Bonus point in the left corner for Manjeet.

8-15: Do-or-die raid for Gujarat. Sachin goes in to raid and gets a easy touch on Surjeet's face on the turn.

7-15: Sunil has been in poor form today. Yet another error from the Gujarat skipper. The right corner went in for a solo double ankle hold on Nitin Tomar. He managed to floor him, but the raider dragged himself back to safety. Maybe, Kumar isn't comfortable playing in the right corner, which is not his usual position.

7-14: Rohit Gulia gets one back on Balasaheb Jadhav. Brilliant raid by Gulia to send Jadhav to the bench with a running hand touch.

5-14: Bonus plus one for Mohite. but hold on as Gujarat reviews the call. He made a dummy run to the right and then caught Sunil Kumar at left corner with a brilliant running hand touch on his right thigh. The defender was slow to retreat. Sunil reviews the call claiming no touch point should be given. The umpires take a long look at it. It is very close and the REVIEW IS SUCCESSFUL. ONE POINT FOR PUNE.

4-13: Parvesh Bhainswal tackles Manjeet in the left corner and a point for the visitors after a long time. They need more of this in order to prevent Pune running away with the game.

3-11: ALL-OUT! GUJARAT HAS BEEN BUNDLED OUT EARLY BY PUNERI PALTAN. Balasaheb Jadhav with a double thigh hold on the raider and Puneri Paltan is racing ahead.

2-8: Down to one man is Gujarat. Manjeet get the left corner with a running hand touch. Amit is the man who falls prey to the raid.

2-7: Brilliant tackle by Pune's defence.

2-6: SUPER-TACKLE AND GUJARAT IS OFF THE MARK ON THE NIGHT! Pankaj Mohite is held back by Lalil Chaudhary with a great frontal block and he was well supported by Sumit.

0-6: PUNE IS RUNNING RIOT ALREADY! Pankaj Mohite scores his first point of the night with a running hand touch on Ankit and Gujarat is down to two men.

0-5: Do-or-die raid for Gujarat. First one of the match and welcome back, Girsh Ernka. Sachin Tanwar comes in to raid, tries to get a toe touch off Girish in the left corner, but he is held back by the defender with a brilliant ankle hold.

0-4: All-rounder Manjeet in the first raid and he gets off to a great start. He goes to the right corner of Gujarat's defence and sends Sunil Kumar to the bench with a hefty touch point on his chest.

0-3: Successive successful raids for Nitin Tomar. This time he gets a running hand touch off Parvesh Bhainswal's thigh.

0-2: Pune's defence is up and running. Surjeet the skipper with an early tackle.

0-1: Nitin Timar comes in for the first Pune raid as the crowd erupts in joy. He starts with a bonus point in the left.

0-0: Sachin Tanwar comes in for the first raid of the match and starts with the empty raid.

Toss- Puneri Paltan wins the toss and Gujarat Fortunegiants will raid first.

Indian cricket team member Kedar Jadhav is here to open to the Pune Leg. He will be singing the national anthem before the start of play.


What to look forward to in this match?

Puneri Paltan’s first home game sees them square off against Gujarat Fortunegiants at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune on Saturday with an aim to getting late momentum and pushing for a Playoffs spot. Gujarat Fortunegiants is currently eighth in the standings and a win could give it the impetus they need going into the remainder of its games with a positive mindset after its previous loss to U.P. Yoddha. Puneri Paltan faced a narrow loss to Bengal Warriors in iyd previous encounter after leading till the closing seconds and will want to overcome Gujarat Fortunegiants to get back to winning ways and go into its home leg with momentum on its side.


Puneri Paltan and Gujarat Fortunegiants have been defence dominated teams this season and both these teams’ success have been dependent on it.

Puneri Paltan has been dominant in scoring in the defence. The team has the highest tackle point average in the league this season. On the other hand Gujarat Fortunegiants have been good in converting the tackles. Gujarat has the highest Tackle SR this season. It has scored 1 tackle point for every 2 tackles.

Both these teams are the best at protecting the bonus line. They are the top 2 in lowest avg. bonus points conceded by a team this sea.

One other common element between the two teams is their defending in the final 10 mins of the match. Both these teams are among the top 2 in Tackle SR in the final 10 mins this season.

But the same cannot be said about their raiding unit. Both these teams have the joint 2nd lowest Raid SR in the final 10 mins of a Match.

It will be interesting to see which defensive unit will have a better final phase in the match.



How do the two teams fare against each other?


Milestones to look forward to in this match?


You can watch the live streaming of all the Pro Kabaddi League matches on Hotstar.0

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