Pro Kabaddi: Naveen Kumar leads Delhi to victory over Gujarat, Patna thumps Pune with all-round show-As it happened

In the first match of the night, Dabang Delhi, led by Naveen Kumar's raiding exploits, edged past Gujarat Fortunegiants 34-30. Later, Pardeep Narwal and Neeraj Kumar led from the front in the raiding and defensive department, respectively as Patna thrashed Pune 55-33.

Updated : Sep 15, 2019 22:17 IST

Neeraj Kumar of Patna Pirates equalled the record of most tackle points in a match in PKL history.(11 points)
Neeraj Kumar of Patna Pirates equalled the record of most tackle points in a match in PKL history.(11 points)

Neeraj Kumar of Patna Pirates equalled the record of most tackle points in a match in PKL history.(11 points)


That's all we have for you today. Thank you so much for joining us. Until tomorrow 7pm, this is Shivansh Gupta bidding you good night. CIAO!

As far as Pune is concerned, it was completely outdone in all departments. Pankaj Mohite and Manjeet finished with seven and eight points respectively, but didn't receive enough support from the rest.

For Pardeep Narwal, it was usual business. He scored 18 points on the night. Another reason why Patna has started doing well is because other players are chipping in. In the first half today, Jang Kun Lee supported Pardeep well and revived him regularly. In the second half, Hadi Oshtorak chipped in with three touch points and two tackle points. These are good signs for Patna and its bid to make the play-offs.

Patna Pirates' defence has come alive at the right time. In the past three matches, which is one of the main reasons why Patna has started winning, Pirates' defenders have avoided putting in advanced tackle. They have waited for the right opportunity to pounce and this patient approached has done the team a world of good.


55-33: Manjeet sends Hadi Oshtorak back and Pardeep finishes the match with an empty raid.

55-32: The two Hadis go at it again and once again, Hadi in green comes out on top. Two points for him.


52-32: NEERAJ KUMAR HAS EQUALLED CHHILLAR'S RECORD! Neeraj Kumar with a thigh hold on Mohite. Will he break the record?

51-32: ANOTHER ALL-OUT BY PATNA! It was Hadi vs Hadi and Oshtorak emerges on top.

47-32: Monu pins Amit Kumar down.



46-30: Hadi gifts a point to Amit Kumar.

45-29: NEERAJ KUMAR WITH A STAGGERING 10TH TACKLE POINT ON THE NIGHT! HE IS ONE AWAY FROM THE ALL TIME RECORD THAT STANDS WITH MANJEET CHHILLAR. Most points scored by a defender in a game is 11. Coming to raid, he holds Nitin back with a vicious back hold.

43-29: Neeraj Kumar is back on the mat with a strapped forehea and and he gift a point this time. Nitin Tomar takes a freebie.

43-28: Bonus point for Nitin Tomar.

43-27: Hadi Tajik is having a  poor night in the right corner. Monu. the all-rounder, dives low into the chain tackle of Hadi and Mohite and comes back with two points. Great dubki .

41-27: Hadi Oshtorak throws Manjeet off the mat as Pardeep Narwal is revived.


40-27: Monu puts in a back hold on Amit Kumar and the ushers him off the mat.

39-27: GIRISH ERNAK AND MANJEET FLOOR PARDEEP NARWAL DOWN WITH A CHAIN TACKLE. Pardeep tried to get a point off the kick, but wasn't able to escape on time.

39-25: ALL-OUT! THIS IS THE THIRD TIME PATNA HAS BUNDLED PUNE OUT! Neeraj Kumar tackles the last man standing, Pawan Kadian, down and there wasn't much Kadian could do. He does get the bonus though.

36-24: Do-or-die raid for Patna and Pardeep Nawrwal sends Surjeet back.

35-23: That's a monstrous tackle from Neeraj Kumar. Solo effort to hammer Amit Kumar down and out. Eighth of the night for him.

34-23: It's not been Nitin Tomar's night. Once again, it's Neeraj with the damage. Breaks free from the chain and dives low into Tomar's thighs. Well executed!

32-22: Nitin Tomar gets a running hand touch off Jang Kun Lee at left in.

32-21: Rookie error from Hadi Tajik. Jang Kun Lee puts in great pressure on the right corner defender and forces him to step out of bounds.

31-21: Pankaj Mohite tries the dubki   again, but ends up running right into Neeraj Kumar.

30-21: On the other side of the mat, Vikas Jaglan is winning his battle against Manjeet. Yet anothe tackle point of the Pune raider.

29-21: Sujeet follows it up with another brutal tackle. His third of the night. He comes in from the back when Maghsoudlou was too deep in the left corner and he pins him down with a frontal block.

29-20: Surjeet Singh contains the record-breaker Pardeep Narwal once again. He is truly leading from the front. To his relief, the rest of the team was quick to support him this time.

29-19: HAS MOHITE CLINCHED ANOTHER TWO-POINT RAID? He is dashed out and the referee awards the point to Patna. Puneri Paltan challenges the call, claiming Mohite should get two touch points. The replay shows that despite getting two touches, his right foot was in the looby before he got the touch. Hence, PUNE LOSES ITS REVIEWS

28-19: Hadi Tajik with a boulder-like backhold. Times his charge to perfection on Jang Kun Lee to perfection, blindsides him and then pulls the trigger. Tremendous stuff

28-18: First point of the final 20 for Pune. Nitin Tomar scalps Hadi Oshtorak.


28-17: Manjeet puts in an unnecesary tackle on Pardeep and has to pay the price.


HALF-TIME! Pardeep Narwal, at 13 points, has received great support from Jang Kun Lee and the defence as Patna heads into the break with a 10-point lead at 27-17.

27-17: ALL-OUT ON PUNE AND PATNA HAS CLEANED UP ITS OPPOSITION FOR THE SECOND TIME IN THE SECOND HALF! Pankaj Mohite did manage to nick a bonus and his seventh point of the night, but couldn't escape Hadi Oshtorak's thigh hold.

22-16: HIGH-5! Contributions from the Patna defence. Neeraj Kumar holds Manjeet back and Patna continues to pile further misery on Pune.

21-15: SUPER-10 FOR PARDEEP! HIS SIXTH CONSECUTIVE ONE! What a player Pardeep is. Coming to the raid, he gets a toe touch off a retreating Nitin Tomar.

19-13: Jang Kun Lee revives Pardeep again. Hadi Tajik in the right corner first tries the ankle hold and then the back hold on Lee, but the latter overpowers his opponent to run back to safety.

18-13: Do-or-die raid for Pune. Manjeet comes in to raid. Goes to the left corner and returns successfully with one point after Jaideep attempts an untimely ankle hold on the raider.

18-12: Now, Pardeep Narwal is tackled successfully. Surjeet Singh, Pune's skipper, takes the mantle and shows his boys how it's done.

17-11: Do-or-die raid for Pardeep and once again, he doesn't fail to deliver. He gets quick touches off Manjeet and Girish and then somersaults back to his own half.

15-11: Another high-quality raid by Pankaj Mohite. Neeraj Kumar and Jaglan try to pin the raider down, but they allow him to get his hand past the mid-line. The Pirates review it and the replay shows that the raider gets the touch just in time. PATNA LOSES ITS REVIEW.

15-9: Nitin Tomar goes in to raid and goes back to the bench after Vikas Jaglan puts in a sublime tackle.

14-9: ALL-OUT! PUNE SUFFERS AN EARLY ALL-OUT AND NOW TRAILS BY 5 POINTS! he last man standing, Amit Kumar, got the bonus before running into the lobby.

11-8: Pune down to one  men. Tajik in the left corner tries a diving ankle hold on Pardeep, but fails miserably.

10-7: Pardeep Narwal lures the left corner into the tackle. Pushes himself off the defender's chest and Girish Ernak can only see Pardeep reduce his team down to two men.

9-7: Patna now gets Manjeet. Neeraj and Hadi combine to contain the in-form Pune raider.

8-7: SUPER-TACKLE FOR PATNA followed by Pardeep sending Surjeet Singh back with a brilliant toe touch.

5-7: Pardeep goes about his business. Gets a bonus and sends Mohite to the bench with a brilliant hand touch.


3-4: Is this going to be Jang Kun Lee's night? He revives Pardeep Narwal with a brilliant raid.

2-4: Pankaj Mohite is off the mark. The left corner isn't able too retreat on time as a quick Mohite gets a heavy touch.

2-3: The Korean Jang Kun Lee sends Hadi Tajik to the bench. Gets a touch point and somersaults back to his own half.

1-3: Manjeet with a brilliant hand touch off the right corner.

1-2: Pardeep Narwal is sent to the bench early in this match.

0-1: Nitin Tomar gets his night going with a gift from Hadi Oshtorak.

TOSS- Patna wins the toss and Pune will raid first.

How do the two teams fare against each other?


Milestones to look forward to in this match.





FULL-TIME! NAVEEN KUMAR AND DELHI'S CLINICAL DEFENSIVE SHOW NULLIFIES ROHIT GULIA'S BRILLIANT 13-POINT MATCH. You've got to feel for the Gulia, but that's the nature of this sport. Delhi stays atop with this victory.

30-34: Doe-or-die raid. It's the final raid of the night. Vijay surrenders a point, runs the clock down and that's that.

29-34: Vinod Kumar bags a quick bonus point.

28-34: Vishal Mane executes a brilliant dash on Sachin Tanwar in the left corner.

28-33: Oh, no! At such a critical juncture of the match, Rohit Gulia walks into the lobby without getting a touch. Is this final nail in the coffin?


27-31: Joginder Narwal says enough is enough. He brings Sachin down with a thumping frontal block.

27-30: SUPER-10 FOR NAVEEN KUMAR. HIS 13TH CONSECUTIVE SUPER-10. He reaches the mark with a bonus point.

27-29: Sachin pushes Vijay on to the mat with a frog jump and runs back to safety.

26-29: Sachin Tanwar comes in to raid. He claims to have gotten a touch point of Ranjit. Delhi reviews it. The replay shows daylight between the hand the defender. Hence no point awarded . REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL.

26-29: Naveen bags a bonus.

26-28: Rohit Gulia is having a stellar outing in Balewadi today. He is tossed up by Anil Kumar, who went for a double thigh hold. However, due to his positioning, Gulia is able to get back to safety.

25-28: Naveen Kumar scores the first point of this half and his first point after 14 minutes. Vinod Kumar gifts a point with a half-hearted ankle hold attempt.

25-27: RAVINDER PAHAL with a howler. Rohit Gulia stayed put in the right corner and enticed Pahal into committing. Pahal did just that his tackle only pushed Gulia closer to the mid-line. The raider obliged and the gap is down to two again.

24-27: Sachin bags a bonus point.

23-27: Do-or-die raid. Vijay uses his acrobatic skills to nick a touch point off Pankaj with a diving touch.

23-26: SUPER-10 FOR ROHIT GULIA AND IT IS RICHLY DESERVED! He goes to Delhi's left corner and just gets a touch point off Vishal Mane, who tries to contain him a weak ankle hold. The quick turn by the raider helped him evade the grapple.

22-26: Delhi finally scores! First, Vishal Mane tackled Sachin Tanwar and in the next raid, Vijay sent Vinod Kumar back with a touch point.

22-24: LAST 5 MINUTES, DELHI HASN'T SCORED A SINGLE POINT. Coming to the raid, it was a do-or-die raid for Delhi and Naveen came in to raid. But Pankaj, who's had the upper hand in this battle, pins him down with a brilliant ankle hold.

21-24: ROHIT GULIA CONTINUES TO MAKE MERRY AS HE IS JUST ONE POINT AWAY FROM A SUPER-10. In his successive raids, he sends two experienced Delhi defenders back. First Joginder Narwal and then Pahal.


15-24: Do-or-die raid for Delhi. Ranjit is in to raid. He goes left and does it three more times. Then he goes right and attempts a bonus. He thinks he has gotten it and runs back. The umpires, to his utter surprise, does not award the bonus. Delhi reviews the call and the replay shows that his trailing foot was still grounded. Which means no bonus and the REVIEW IS UNSUCCESSFUL.

14-24: Sachin Tanwar, eventually, scrambles back to safety with relative ease. Vijay puts in a solo block, but cannot overpower Sachin. Delhi down to three men on the mat.

13-24: Once again, Pankaj tackles Naveen Kumar with a great ankle hold.

12-24: Bonus plus one for Rohit Gulia. He sends Anil Kumar back with a sliding toe touch.

10-24: Chandran Ranjit with a bonus point.

10-23: That's a gift from Pahal as Rohit Gulia's raid helps Gujarat touch the double-digit mark.

9-23: ALL-OUT NO.2 FOR DELHI! Vijay gets a touch point off Sachin as Delhi continues to pile further misery on the Fortunegiants.


What a first half by Delhi. Naveen shines again as Gujarat is staring at another all out. Delhi has bettered its opposition is all departements.

9-20: NAVEEN WITH A TWO-POINT RAID AND THAT'S HALF-TIME! He goes to the left corner and tempts Sunil Kumar into putting an ankle hold. Naveen turns around and Ruturaj tries to contain him. However, Naveen dives low and GUJARAT WILL START WITH ONE MAN ON THE MAT.

9-18: Sachin Tanwar picks up bonus point.

8-18: CHANDRAN RANJIT with his first point of the night. First goes left and then rushes to his right. Parvesh Bhainswal is slow to retreat at the left corner and concedes a touch point off his thigh.

8-17: Anil Kumar gets one back for Naveen. As Vinod comes in to raid, he is tackled with a heavy blow to his face by Anil's knee. Now, Anil is substituted. Hope is okay too.

8-16: BRILLIANTLY DONE THERE, VINOD! Naveen Kumar follows suit and goes in for the left corner. But this time, Vinod puts in a diving ankle hold and doesn't let Naveen run away.

7-16: Do-or-die raid for Gujarat. The bonus is active, but Rohit Gulia just misses his mark. He went to his right and is floored by a dash from Naveen Kumar. On his way down, he gets his hand past the mid-line, but just a second too late.

7-15: Vijay pick up Pankaj with a slick toe touch. That was very well disguised.

7-14: Rohit Gulia is ecstatic after getting a running hand touch off Joginder's jersey.

6-14: OUCH, THAT'S GOT TO HURT! Meraj Sheykh tries a kick on the righ cover defender and is then immediately dashed out by a brutal Sunil Kumar dash. He is on the mat, he is hurt and is receiving treatment. Let's hope is okay.

5-14: Joginder Narwal is in top form today. Left corner is helped by Vishal Mane from the right cover. Narwal pins Sachin, the raider, down with an ankle hold and then, Mane cleans up the tackle.

5-13: Merak Sheykh is off the mark on the night. He gets a touch point of More GB.

5-12: Do-or-die raid for Gujarat. Rohit Gulia comes in and picks up a bonus.

4-12: Naveek Kumar sends Ruturaj back once again with a running hand touch.



4-6: Rohit Gulia is comes in to raid and Joginder Narwal send the raider back to the bench with a brilliant ankle hold.

4-5: Do-or-die raid for Gujarat first. More GB goes in and is brought to a halt with a short block by Vishal Mane. Naveen Kumar is revived.

4-4: GUJARAT DRAWS BACK LEVEL! The Iranian Meraj Sheykh went in too deep for the corner and that allowed Ruturaj Koravi to come in from the back with a great waist hold.

3-4: Super-tackle! Gujarat is down to three men. Naveen Kumar tries to get the left corner again, but he couldn't contain his momentum as runs into the lobby without getting a touch.

1-4: Sachin Tanwar is floored and Ravinder Pahal strikes again with a diving double thigh hold. He breaks free from the chain as he pins the raider down.

1-3: Naveen Kumar gets his night going. Pankaj in the left corner tried to hold the in-form raider with an ankle hold, but Naveen uses his speed and agility to escpae the grapple.

1-2: RAVINDER PAHAL POUNCES AT MORE GB with a vicious ankle hold. He is tackled after getting the bonus point.

0-1: Vijay comes in for the first Delhi raid and he gets Rohit Gulia with a running hand touch in the left cover.

0-0: Sachin Tanwar comes in for the first raid of the match. Empty raid.

Toss - Delhi wins the toss and Gujarat will raid first



What to look forward to in this match?

Super Sunday of the Pune leg will kick off with a tantalizing fixture as Dabang Delhi K.C. battles Gujarat Fortunegiants at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Mahalunge, Balewadi in Pune on Saturday. While Dabang Delhi K.C. finds itself in a cozy spot at the top of the Pro Kabaddi Season 7 standings, Gujarat Fortunegiants finds itself in a spot of bother as it lurks in the trenches of a playoff spot.


In his second season Naveen Kumar has already improved on what he did in his debut season. He had 172 raid points in the whole of last season and he has already scored 174 with 8 matches still to go in the league stage of PKL 7. He has been one of the most consistent raiders this season as seen from the fact that he has 13 Super 10s from his 14 matches.

Naveen Kumar has a raid SR above 50 in all four phases of the game, showing his ability to score in any given phase. Pawan Sehrawat and Naveen Kumar are the only 2 raiders this season (min. 50 raids) to have a raid SR above 50 in every single phase of the game.


Gujarat’s disappointing season thus far has been summed up by the failure of its two cover defenders to come good in the same game.  When the sync has been there between them with both of them scoring at least 2 tackle points, the team has won 80% of those matches, losing just once. 

But when only one of them scores 2 or more tackle points, which has happened 8 times this season, the team has won only once. Even in Saturday’s match against Puneri Paltan, Parvesh Bhainswal scored 3 tackle points, but Sunil Kumar managed just 1 tackle point. And when both defenders have scored less than 2 tackle points in the match, the team has lost all the matches.


How do the two teams fare against each other?


Milestones to look forward to in this match.


You can follow the live streaming of all the Pro Kabaddi matches on Hotstar.

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