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MATCH REPORT| Titans shock Yoddha with comeback win, Warriors beat Thalaivas

Earlier in the day, the Bengal Warriors had piled up more misery on the Tamil Thalaivas, which lost 29-33 to the side from Kolkata in its final game of the season. Meanwhile, the home team UP also lost 36-41 to the Hyderabad-based team, which has finished 11th this edition.

Telugu Titans ends ProKabaddi League season seven with a wonderful comeback win. Siddharth Desai once again led from the front. UP Yoddha has itself to blame for this loss from a winning position. The team's coach Jasvir Singh underestimated his opponent by substituting a number of senior players in the second-half. On the other hand, his opposite number Gholam Reza worked his magic in the last twenty minutes of the match.

The second Pro Kabaddi season seven game of the evening is done and dusted!!!

36 - 41: A massive solo tackle from C Arun here! It was a perfect Wrestling grapple. Shrikant Jadhav is the player out. Ankit Beniwal goes in for the final raid of the match, which is a do-or-die one, and he gets the better of UP skipper Nitesh Kumar with a perfect escape. Telugu Titans win by five points!!!


36 - 39: Monu Goyat's misery continues! Krushna Madane takes him out with a double thigh hold. Farhad puts up an empty raid next.


36 - 38: ALL-OUT!!!! Telugu Titans take the lead!!!! Monu Goyat went in to raid and he had to get a touch point there. But no he fails!!! The Iranian all-rounder Farhad Milaghardan pushed him put of bounds.

35 - 35: REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL FOR UP YODDHA!!!! Farhad Milaghardan had gone in for the raid and he got two touch points on Mohsen Maghsoudlou and Sumit. UP Yoddha challenged the decision but it was an unsuccessful one. UP Yoddha down to one man!  

33 - 33: SCORES LEVEL!!! Farhad Milaghardan gets the better pf Aashish Nagar with a running hand touch. And in the next raid, Rishank Devadiga was self-out. Telugu Titans has levelled it with the UP Yoddha.

33 - 31: SUPER RAID!!! Siddharth Desai is at it once again!!!!! He got the touch on Nitesh Kumar first and then on the retreat he got the better of Amit and Gurdeep as well. A bonus point has also been awarded to the Telugu Titans. UP Yoddha defence has let it slip big time.


33 - 27: ALL-OUT!!! The lead is down to six! Siddharth Desai gets rid of Sumit and Aashish Nagar in a single raid. SUPER-10 FOR SIDDHARTH!


33 - 23: UP Yoddha's substitute raider Ankush is floored by Krushna Madane. In the next raid, Siddharth Desai got the better of Gurdeep with a runnig hand touch. Monu Goyat also got a bonus point. UP Yoddha down to two men! It had a completely changed defence after the string of substitutions.

32 - 21: Three straight point for the Telugu Titans now! Two successful raids from Siddharth Sirish Desai and his opposite number Rishank Devadiga was also sent to the bench. A number of substitutions from the UP Yoddha here, The coach Jasvir Singh is testing his bench strength here.

32 - 18: Rishank Devadiga gets a bonus point and Pro Kabaddi season seven's surprise package defender Sumit gets the better of Rakesh Gowda with an ankle hold next.

30 - 18: Monu Goyat finally adds to his raid-point tally. He got the better of Aakash Arsul with a well-timed toe touch. Siddharth Desai took out Nitesh Kumar with an escape next.

28 - 17: ANOTHER ALL-OUT!!!! Rakesh Gowda, the last man on the mat for Hyderabad, bagged the bonus but Nitesh Kumar took him out with a brutal block to complete the formalities and claim the extra two all-out points.

24 - 16: Rakesh Gowda got a bonus point for the Telugu Titans! And Rishank Devadiga just keeps his good form going. He took out Akash Choudhary one more time this game! Telugu Titans down to two men! And Aakash Arsul is also out.

UP YODDHA 22 - 15 TELUGU TITANS: The lead just keeps increasing! Ankit Beniwal of Telugu Titans had got the better of Ashu Singh with a jump. But in the very next raid, Rishank Devadiga had restored the UP Yoddha's lead. Siddharth Deasi was sent to the bench by Sumit.

The second-half begins!

Telugu Titans started this game well but UP Yoddha, thanks mainly to Rishank Devadiga and Shrikant Jadhav, has mounted a brilliant comeback and the Nitesh Kumar-led side now leads Siddharth 'Baahubali' Desai's team by six points, with the final twenty minutes to play.


UP YODDHA 20 - 14 TELUGU TITANS: Monu Goyat gets a bonus point. Nitesh Kumar takes out Siddharth Desai with a thigh hold next. And in the final play of the first-half, Shrikant Jadhav evades C Arun with a successful escape. UP Yoddha leads Telugu Titans by six points now!

17 - 14: ALL-OUT!! The UP Yoddha raiders have completely turned around this game. The substitute Palle Mallikarjun went in for the raid and Ashu Singh quickly got rid of him with an amazing dash.

14 - 13: Shrikant Jadhav with a good two-point raid. C Arun and Krushna Madane are the defenders out. TELUGU TITANS DOWN TO ONE MAN!

12 - 12: SCORES LEVEL!!! Nitesh Kumar took out Siddharth Desai first. And then Rishank Devadiga got the better of Akash Choudhary with a running hand touch.

10 - 12: Both Ankit Beniwal (Telugu Titans) and Shrikant Jadhav (UP Yoddha) are now on the bench, thanks to wonderful tackles from Amit and Krushna Madane respectively. Siddharth Desai bags a bonus as well.

9 - 10: Telugu Titans' lead down to one! Ankit Benowal gets one more raid point as he executes a good kick on Sumit. Rishank Devadiga returns the favour on Ankit himself! And Nitesh Kumar takes out Rakesh Gowda with a double thigh hold to reduce UP Yoddha's deficit even further.

7 - 9: Aakash Arsul send Monu Goyat to the bench once more! Meanwhile, Shrikant Jadhav is picking up those bonuses pretty easily. Rakesh Gowda fails in a do-or-die raid for Telugu Titans after he couldn't get a touch point or a bonus in the allotted 30 seconds.

5 - 7: UP Yoddha is making a comeback right now! Rishank Devadiga and Shrikant Jadhav are putting up some quick and effective raids here. Akash Choudhary has begun this game in miserable fashion. Ankit Beniwal is also out as UP Yoddha skipper Nitesh Kumar executes a perfect ankle hold on him.

2 - 6: Four-point lead for the Telugu Titans here! Monu Goyat heads to the bench first and then Siddharth put in a brilliant two-point raid. Sumit and Ashu Singh were the defenders out.

2 - 2: Siddharth with one more bonus. And Shrikant Jadhav takes out Ankit Beniwal with a brilliant running hand touch.

UP YODDHA 1 - 1 TELUGU TITANS: Two bonus points to begin the game. Siddharth Desai got one for Telugu Titans, while Rishank Devadiga bagged one for UP Yoddha.

The match is underway!

Telugu Titans captain Vishal Bhardwaj is missing in this game against UP Yoddha. The Yoddha are not playing Surender Gill in this match versus the team from Hyderabad.

Moving on to the next game of the evening now!

Another disappointing game for the Tamil Thalaivas as it concludes yet another depressing season. Bengal Warriors, on the other hand will officially be in the top-two now.


BENGAL WARRIORS 33 - 29 TAMIL THALAIVAS: Himanshu with an unsuccessful raid here. Nabibakhsh with a tackle point now. SUPER TACKLE + TACHNICAL POINT FOR TAMIL THALAIVAS!!! It was double entry by Bengal Warriors as both the substitute Sunil Manik and Nabibakhsh were too eager to get in. HIGH-5 FOR SAGAR! The Thalaivas defender took out Sunil with a thigh hold to end the game.


32 - 26: Victor Obeiro bags a bonus point first. Then Nabibakhsh goes on the pursuit when Obeiro was returning to the Tamil Thalaivas side. And it was indeed a successful raid by the Iranian!

31 - 25: HIGH-5 FOR RINKU NARWAL! He gets the better of Rahul Chaudhari for possibly one last time today. In the previous raid, which was a do-or-die raid, Rakesh Narwal had taken out the misfiring M Abishek with a toe touch.

29 - 25: Brilliant move by Ajith Kuamr here! He had stepped into the lobby without a touch first and two Bengal defenders followed him. So two points for the Thalaivas and one for the Warriors.

28 - 23: REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL FOR TAMIL THALAIVAS! Rahul Chadhari had gone in for the raid and Nabibakhsh was self-out. Rahul had bagged a bonus after that. But the referees didn't give him that because there were technically only five players on the mat. The officials' decision stands! The coach and players of the Tamil Thalaivas are clearly unhappy here.


28 - 22: Rahul Chaudhari capitalises on a Bengal error! He got the better of Rinku Narwal pretty easily. Victor Obeiro had been successfully tackled by Rinku a few moments earlier.

27 - 21: What a season Rinku Narwal and Baldev Singh have had so far! The Bengal Warriors corner defenders got together to take out Ajith Kumar one more time. In the previous raid, Sukesh Hegde had escaped from Sagar's ankle hold successfully.


25 - 21: SUPER TACKLE!!! Ajith Kumar was too eager to get done with that raid and he has to pay the price for that. Rinku Narwal was the defender who initiated that successful two-point Super Tackle.

23 - 21: Bengal Warriors down to three men!!! M Abishek finally gets a point! He got the better of Rakesh Narwal with a lethal dash. Ajith Kumar sends Nabibakhsh to the bench in the next raid. 

23 - 19: V Ajith Kumar you beauty! He somehow found a way to evade Baldev Singh's hold. However, Rakesh Narwal took out Sagar with a good toe touch to restore Bengal's lead.

22 - 18: Tamil Thalaivas making a comeback here! Rahul Chaudhari gets his first point of the second-half via a running hand touch on Sukesh Hegde. Sagar absolutely pounces on Tanaji Patil to complete a successful tackle next. Bengal's lead down to four!

22 - 16: ALL-OUT!!! Sukesh Hegde cleans house!!!! He took out both Ran Singh and Himanshu to complete the formalities. Six-point lead for Bengal Warriors over Tamil Thalaivas now!

18 - 16: What an amazing pursuit from Baldev Singh. He went behind Rahul Chaudhari, who was just returning to the Tamil Thalaivas half after an empty raid. Ran Singh picks up a bonus.

17 - 15: SUPER TACKLE! A brilliant block from Ran Singh!!! Himanshu supported him well. And Nabibakhsh is the player out!

17 - 13: Four-point lead for Bengal Warriors! Nabibakhsh and Tanaji Patil continue piling up the raid points as Bengal holds the slender advantage.

BENGAL WARRIORS 15 - 13 TAMIL THALAIVAS: Victor Obeiro heads to the bench! He was taken out by Nabibakhsh with a back hold. And M Abishek's miserable day continues as he registers an unsuccessful tackle on Tanaji Patil.


So the scores are level heading into the last 20 minutes of the game. It's been a very low-scoring game. The raiders from both teams have made very few mistakes tonight but they've also been conservative. The defenders, on the other hand, have had a poor outing. Only five tackle points, on the whole, in this game between Tamil Thalaivas and Bengal Warriors so far. 


BENGAL WARRIORS 13 - 13 TAMIL THALAIVAS: Rahul Chaidhari somehow manages to eke out a bonus point! And in the next Tamil Thalaivas raid, Victor Obeiro wrongfoots Mayur Shivtarkar and executes a a toe touch on the Bengal defender to level the scores.

13 - 11: SUBSTITUTION! Kenya's Victor Onyango Obeiro replaces Ponparthiban Subramanian. And the all-rounder makes an instant impact! He got the better of Baldev Singh pretty easily. Tanaji Patil's good form continues as he executes a successful raid at the expense of Sagar.

12 - 10: Rahul Chaudhari goes in to raid and Nabibakhsh is self-out. Lucky point there! Sourabh Tanaji Patil takes out M Abishek with a good kick to restore the Warriors' two-point lead.

11 - 9: Sukesh Hegde bags one more bonus point. And Baldev Singh executed an amazing double thigh hold on V Ajith Kumar to increase Bengal's lead over the Thalaivas to two.

9 - 9: REVIEW SUCCESSFUL FOR BENGAL WARRIORS! Nabibaksh was initially adjudged out by the referees but there was a clear jersey pull by M Abishek and the decision has been reversed. In the next raid, Rahul got the better of Rinku Narwal.

8 - 8: SCORES LEVEL ONCE AGAIN! Ajith Kumar was self-out first during a Tamil Thalaivas raid. Mohammad Nabibakhsh then bagged a bonus point.

6 - 8: Sourabh Tanaji Patil is sent to the bench! Tamil thalaivas defender Sagar took him out with a good block.


5 - 7: Two-point lead for Tamil Thalaivas! Rahul Chaudhari first jumped over Mayur Shivtarkar to get a raid point. Sagar floored Sukesh Hegde with a brutal dash in the next raid.

5 - 5: Sourabh Tanaji Patil gets his first point of the game with a perfect running hand touch but Tamil Thalaivas draws level just seconds later.

4 - 4: Ajith Kumar heads to the bench as well! Nabibaksh is at it once again!!! This time it was a thigh hold. Vineet Sharma gets a bonus to tie the score yet again.

3 - 3: SCORES LEVEL! Sukesh Hegde gets a bonus as well. Nabibakhsh takes out Rahul with a well-timed ankle hold next.

1 - 3: Bonus point for Rahul Chaudhari. Ajith Kumar gets one more point as he evades Jeeva Kumar on his way past the midline.

BENGAL WARRIORS 1 - 1 TAMIL THALAIVAS: Former Tamil Thalaivas man Sukesh Hegde gets the first point of the night for Bengal Warriors. Rahul Chaudhari is the player out. But V Ajith Kumar immediately revives his senior raider at the expense of Rinku Narwal.

And the match is underway!

Bengal Warriors skipper Nabibakhsh has won the toss and he has chosen court as usual. Tamil Thalaivas wil rais first.

The players come out to the mat.

The ProKabaddi League season seven playoffs is four days away and Bengal Warriors would be looking to go into it in good form. On the contrary, this is the last game for Tamil Thalaivas in yet another miserable campaign. However, a win will lift the Thalaivas to 11th in the points table above the Telugu Titans.

And Bengal skipper Maninder Singh is missing once again!


The match will be available for live streaming on Hotstar and will also be available on Star Network's live broadcast.