Bergkamp wants to continue with Arsenal

Dennis Bergkamp has urged Arsenal to allow him to see out the end of his career with a final season at Highbury. Bergkamp's contract expires at the end of this season and speculation is rife that the club could at best ask him to take a pay cut to stay on because of their financial restrictions.

Arsene Wenger, coach of Arsenal, has already made it clear he would like him to remain at the club.

Bergkamp, who turned 34, is hoping that Wenger will be able to persuade the board to release the funds to keep him. "I still haven't found any reason to retire. I still feel great physically and mentally, and basically I just love playing football — and playing for Arsenal," Bergkamp said.

"If anything, the buzz I get from looking forward to playing is more now. It is almost as if I am enjoying football more and more at this stage of my career. Maybe it is because I know it will not last forever. At 24, you think you can go on and on, but I know that the end is in sight. So now I really appreciate what I have and I try to enjoy every day. You never know what the future will bring but I just love playing football. I am comfortable with having another year and I understand the boss is also happy with that."