Creativity at its best

Sir, — Creativity, simply put, is not stating the obvious the obvious way. As much as creativity is required in word selection or sentence construction (in an article), it is required sometimes in the topic selection for an article. If a writer selects a rare topic (not often dwelt upon), picks up a few similar events/persons suited to it (from history or contemporary times) and then strings together an article resembling a rare necklace bearing lovely pearls of the same hue, boy, the effect on the reader is best left to imagination. S. Ram Mahesh's cover story on the wicketkeepers (the latest issue) was one such effort. Carry on... .

Suresh Manoharan, Hyderabad Lesson on handling pressure

Sir, — Pakistan showed the mental toughness and conviction to handle pressure situations as it carved out a grand victory in the third Test in Karachi. Considering that the team fought back from the brink after being 39 for six on the first day makes Pakistan's triumph even more creditable.

Full marks to their batsmen and the bowlers. They learnt from their mistakes in the first innings and that made all the difference against the Indians, who gave in without a fight. The old failing has returned to Indian cricket. Unless we strengthen our self-belief and the ability to handle pressure situations, it won't be easy for us to succeed.

Rajesh Kumar Srivastava, Nasik Road. Oh for a Hall or a Holding!

Sir, — It is a pity that India suffered defeat in the Karachi Test after it had Pakistan reeling at 39 for six at one stage in the first innings. With only the tail-enders to follow, India failed to break the partnership between Akmal and Razzaq. The captain should have brought in some close-in fielders and asked his medium pacers to bowl short. Runs did not matter then as much as getting wickets. But then we did not have bowlers of the calibre of Hall or Holding.

K.M. Chengappa, Mysore Team effort

Sir, — It was a comprehensive victory for Pakistan in the Karachi Test as the Indians had no answer to Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif. Credit should go to Bob Woolmer and Inzamam-ul-Haq for motivating the duo. In Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf, Pakistan has two solid batsmen. In short, Pakistan's win was the result of a collective team effort.

D. Giridhar, Chennai Talk of the campus

Sir, — Sportstar is the talk of the college campus! But too bad, we could only manage a single copy that had to be shared by so many girls. Everybody wants to read it first! Even at home my parents want to see the magazine first before getting on to any other work.

Leesha R. Krishnan, Mumbai