The State Bank of Travancore cricketers have won a bagful of trophies recently. They are the Banks Olympiad winners. They even had a rare triumph in the Pooja Trophy, one of the oldest cricket tournaments in the country, late last year. But their Coromandel Cement all-Kerala title, in Kochi recently, was something special. Something different. It was the first time a State-level cricket tournament final was played under lights in Kerala. And since the tournament was held at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium, one of the biggest grounds in the country, the setting gave the event, and its characters, an international feel. The Ernakulam Cricket Club opted for the grand venue as it was celebrating the silver jubilee of its annual tournament.

SBT's final, against Kochi Refineries was a lopsided affair. Surprisingly, there were many Kerala Cricket Association officials keenly watching the show. They were analysing how the players fared under the floodlights. For a change, the spotlight was on the floodlights.

Stan Rayan