I will quit if I am no longer competitive, says Kahn


OLIVER KAHN Bayern Munich and Germany goalkeeper Oliver Kahn has said he would quit if he felt he was no longer competitive after criticism over his recent performances.

"I accept one per cent of the criticism but I will not take the remaining 99 per cent because it comes from people who have no idea what goalkeeping is about," the Bayern captain said.

Kahn, who was instrumental in Germany's run to last year's World Cup final, has conceded 10 goals in six league games for Bayern and has been criticised for making a few uncharacteristic blunders. "I will play only as long as I can put up top performances," he told the soccer magazine Kicker.

"If that was no longer the case, I would quit straight away. Since certain things about my private life became public, the judgement of my performances is no longer objective," Kahn said.

Kahn made headlines for weeks in the German media earlier this year after admitting he had an affair with a barmaid while his wife was pregnant. The 33-year-old said recently that he was plagued with mysterious eye problems and his vision was sometimes blurred but he has said since that it was getting better.