Padraig Harrington

Fear of Tiger Woods is a thing of the past, declared Ireland's Padraig Harrington. "Attitudes have changed," announced Harrington, the only European ranked in the world's top 10. "Tiger certainly had a few good years on the tour where most of the opposition capitulated against him rather than the other way round.

"Before there was the attitude that you had to play really well to beat Tiger but now players are taking the attitude, `Well I'll just play my own game and let him play well if he wants to beat me.'

"They are putting the emphasis back on Tiger whereas before Tiger had the emphasis on the opposition. He's not used to that situation.

"The less flamboyant players are the ones that are seeming to come through more in Majors," said the Dubliner.

"Certainly the players who have won recent Majors, your Jim Furyks, Mike Weirs, David Toms, they are not the sort of glamourous players on the tour. They are not the ones making the headlines week-in, week-out.

"They are always slightly the underdog. They always have to overcome something and they are used to doing that. They have to be comfortable doing their own games and doing their own things. That has to be the best way to try to win majors."