Ronaldo's tips

RONALDO welcomed David Beckham to Real Madrid but warned the England captain he would have to work hard to impress the club's demanding supporters.

Ronaldo has scored 21 league goals for Real till the end of the last season, but the Brazilian striker is still criticised by fans when he fails to find the net.

"Real Madrid fans are very difficult to please," Ronaldo said at a news conference at the club's training ground.

"They demand an awful lot. I hope Beckham settles quickly and adapts to the club and the team. We're delighted that he's coming. He'll be another player to help us in the future."

Real midfielder Guti has already said he may have to leave the club following the arrival of Beckham.

Ronaldo said he hoped the player would stay. "I still believe Guti is an important player," Ronaldo said.

"He's one of my favourite players and I hope he stays."