From across history, is there any particular goal you would like to replicate in your lifetime?

I’ve always been a fan of goals [bicycle kicks] like Cristiano Ronaldo [vs Juventus] or Gareth Bale [vs Liverpool] in the final of the Champions League. This year I will try to score some like them.

Favourite Indian cuisine?

I don’t tolerate spicy food very much, but chicken tikka masala I could say is my favourite.

What’s your favourite sporting moment?

I have won titles in Spain, but honestly the most important has been the I-League in India. It is a very difficult league to win.

Which young Indian player do you enjoy watching play?

Ajith (Kumar). I know the players that have increased their level the most. They are still very young and have a lot to learn. So I am giving them advice every day to grow as a player.

Your one piece of advice to youngsters?

My favourite phrase is: “Work while others are resting.”

The craziest thing you have ever done?

When I was 11, I hid my friend’s boots so he couldn’t play and [so] I could do it [play]. I never told him. I think he would kill me.

David Villa or Fernando Torres? And why?

Both are great strikers, but I stay with David Villa. I think he’s more complete.

Which teammate do you like to sit next to on your flights?

My partner in crime is Sandro (Rodriguez). We have played together in Spain for two years and we have a great friendship.

What music do you listen to before a match?

I really like house music; it helps motivate me. For example, ‘Scream’ by Andrea Oliva.

Who is the worst dancer at Chennai City?

There are many. Kabir (Toufiq) the goalkeeper. Ajith, too. But for me, the worst is Pravitto (Raju); he dances like a crazy chicken.