The mayor of a Japanese city hosting Australia's softball team for a pre-Olympic training camp told it it was "cool" and wished it success, but predicted it would finish as runner-up to Japan.

The Australian women drew media attention when they arrived last week as the first national team to come to Japan for training since the Games were postponed last year over the coronavirus pandemic.

"You're so cool. I've seen the Australian team a few times, you guys are really cool," said Masayoshi Shimizu, mayor of the central city of Ota, about 80 km (50 miles) northwest of Tokyo, the capital.

"Thanks to all of you, Ota City has become famous. I appreciate it," he told the team on the practice field.

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Some of the Japanese public worry that international Olympic participants might potentially spread the coronavirus. But all the members of the Australian delegation have been vaccinated and will be tested each day for the virus.

They are also largely confined to a "bubble" environment, consisting of hotel and practice facilities, to minimise contact with people.

The squad is attending a 47-day camp in Ota before moving on to compete in the Olympics. The team will play the opening game against host Japan, who won gold in 2008, on July 21, two days before the official opening ceremony of the Games.

"I think you'll be able to come in second place at the Olympics," Shimizu told the team.

"The champions will be Japan."