ISSF Junior World Cup: Elavenil beats Mehuli for gold; India wins 10m air rifle team gold with World Record

Mehuli Ghosh and Elavenil Valarivalan also reached the final of junior women's 10m air rifle event in Suhl, Germany.

Mehuli Ghosh and Elavenil Valarivan reached the 10m air rifle final of ISSF Junior World Cup.   -  Kamesh Srinivasan

Elavenil Valarivan was brilliant yet again as she defended her gold medal in the Junior World Cup in Suhl, Germany, with a majestic performance in the women’s air rifle final on Monday.

Fresh from her outing in Italy where she won the Universiade silver, Elavenil shot 251.6 in the final to beat compatriot and qualification topper Mehuli Ghosh (630.4) by 1.4 point. Interestingly, Elavenil had qualified in the eighth place for the final, in a strong field of 124 shooters.

Oceanne Marianne Muller of France did lead during the final, but the combined might of the two Indian girls proved too strong for the French, as she was pushed to the bronze medal.

Together with Shreya Agrawal who shot 625.4, Elavenil and Mehuli clinched the team gold with a junior world record score of 1883.3, as India sat pretty on top of the medals table with six gold, six silver and two bronze medals. Russia and Norway had two gold medals each, while China, Austria, Thailand and Germany had won one gold each.

In junior men’s trap, Bhowneesh Mendiratta shot 116 and missed the final by three points. Manavaditya Singh Rathore 72 out of 75 overnight, slipped following rounds of 22 and 20. He was 31st with 114, one spot ahead of Vivaan Kapoor (113) while Vishwa Kundu had a total of 112.

The Indian trio of Bhowneesh, Vivaan and Vishwa had a total of 341 and the missed the medal by two points. In junior women’s trap, Preeti Rajak and Kirti Gupta shot identical score of 106 and placed 15th and 16th respectively.

The duo missed the final by three points. Ayesha Khan placed 39th with 91, in a field of 45. The Indian team was seventh.

The results:

Junior women:

10m air rifle: 1. Elavenil Valarivan 251.6 (627.5); 2. Mehuli Ghosh
250.2 (630.4); 3. Oceanne Marianne Muller (Fra) 228.0 (628.2); 17.
Shreya Agrawal 625.4.

Team: 1. India 1883.3 WRJ; 2. Hungary 1880.0; 3. Singapore 1877.4.

50m pistol: 1. Nadezhdda Koloda (Rus) 543; 2. Priya Raghav 535; 3.
Vibhuti Bhatia 531; 14. Harshada NIthave 491.
Team: 1. Russia 1559; 2. India 1557; 3. Belarus 1524.

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