Table Tennis Men's World Cup- As it happened: Sathiyan beats Groth, through to next round

G. Sathiyan defeated Jonathan Groth 11-3, 12-10, 7-11, 16-14, 8-11, 11-8 after beating Simon Gauzy to advance to the next round of the ITTF Men's World Cup.

Updated : Nov 29, 2019 15:09 IST , Chennai

G. Sathiyan is featuring in his maiden ITTF Men's World Cup this year in China.
G. Sathiyan is featuring in his maiden ITTF Men's World Cup this year in China.

G. Sathiyan is featuring in his maiden ITTF Men's World Cup this year in China.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's coverage of the 2019 ITTF Men's World Cup taking place in Chengdu, China. This was Shivansh Gupta  keeping you company.

You can find the report here !

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An exceptional day of table tennis from the Indian. With all the heavyweights around him, he coped up with the pressure exceptionally well to win the battle of 'G'.

Sathiyan beats Groth 11-3, 12-10, 7-11, 16-14, 8-11, 11-8

What a dream debut this is turning out to be for Sathiyan. Two wins in two matches now as he knocks out Jonathan Groth and advances to the knockout.



11-8: SATHIYAN WINS!! AND HE IS THROUGH TO THE NEXT ROUND!!! Backhand return from Groth is wide and Sathiyan is on the floor, screaming out of joy!

10-8: TWO MATCH POINTS FOR SATHIYAN! Groth hits the ball long.

9-8: Lovely bailout there from Groth! Easily looked second best in that rally as he was playing fetch but a great backhand aimed at Sathiyan's body did the trick.

9-6: GREAT RALLY! Groth was pushed deep and Sathiyan continued to drill his forehands. Eventually, he produced a winner.

8-6: Regulation return from Groth falls long. Next point, Sathiyan puts extra power in his forehand and pays the price as the ball flies out.

7-5: This time, Groth attacks the table and thwarts the ball past Sathiyan's backhand with ease.

7-3: Groth pulls one back with a lovely forehand winner. But hits the next return into the net.

6-2: A good lead for Sathiyan in this crucial game.

4-1: Groth loses his balance on the inside out and ends up hitting the ball into the net.

2-0: First two points to Sathiyan, courtesy poor returns from Groth.

Sathiyan to serve first.


8-11: Fails to do the same on the next point as Groth take the game.

8-10: Sathiyan saves one with a great winner.

7-10: Three game points for Groth as the ball hits the edge of Sathiyan's racket and flies out.

5-8: Good strategy but poor execution from Groth.  A long serve to Sathiyan's backhand, wh

o rushed into the return and leaving the table wide open. Groth, however, fails to keep it on the table.

4-8: Groth running away with this game now.

3-7: Once again, Groth targeting Sathiyan's body and reaping benefits of it as the ball it returned into the net by the Indian.

3-4: Backhand return from Sathiyan is hit into the net.

3-3: At the first towel break, it's all level.

2-0: A cross-court forehand smash gone wrong followed by a return gone long for Groth.

Groth to serve first.



16-14: YES, HE DOES! FINALLY! The roar from the 17th seeded Sathiyan says it all. He wasn't cautious this time and went for his strong drives and enjoyed the fruit of it.

15-14: GAME POINT NO. 5 FOR THE INDIAN. Will he finish the job now?

14-14: PRESSURE! Sathiyan fails to get a clean connection on the service return.

14-13: Another game point to Sathiyan as Groth's backhand finds the net.


13-12: CROUCH AND DELIVER! Sathiyan has to dig deep to find the forehand winner at the centre of the table.

12-12: WOW! Groth saves the third in stunning fashion! A lovely top spin forehand that is too good for Sathiyan.

12-11: GAME POINT TO SATHIYAN! His third of the game.

11-11: Sathiyan saves it!!! Inside out from Groth slams into the net.

10-11: GAME POINT TO GROTH NOW! Inside out from Sathiyan is wide.

10-10: SAVES TWO GAME POINTS! Sathiyan hits the return into the net.

10-9: Saves one, does Groth. An advanced offensive move to catch Sathiyan off guard.

10-8: 2 Game point for Sathiyan as Groth hits it long.

The pressure is definitely high at table no. 2 in the stadium. Both players feeling the heat! Sathiyan will bolster his chances of progressing to the knockout if he wins this game.

9-8: Sathiyan can't keep the ball in and a point to Groth. Sathiyan takes a timeout.

8-7: Groth continues to aim Sathiyan's body and once again, the Indian returns it wide.

8-6: Tomahawk serve, followed by cracking forehand! Sathiyan is now in the lead.

6-5: WELL DONE, SATHIYAN! Groth put a lot of effort into his forehand and lost balance. Sathiyan had all the time in the middle at the centre of the table to tap it back without rushing it.

5-5: A regulation service return from Groth is slammed into the net.

4-4: Just out! An inside out forehand from Groth and Sathiyan had reached wide enough for the forehand return, but just couldn't control it.

3-2: The pendulum serves have been working very well for Sathiyan today. Be it Gauzy or Groth. Another return from the opponent is hit long.

2-1 : Lack of control on his forehand means the ball flies out wide from Groth.

1-1: Service return from Groth falls wide. Next point, Sathiyan hits a drive too long.

Anyway, Sathiyan to serve first.

Important game for Groth there! 1-2 reads much better than 0-3.



7-11: GAME TO GROTH! Sathiyan makes an error by returning the ball too strong.

7-10: THREE GAME POINTS FOR GROTH! The jumping, single-legged backhand from Sathiyan falls long.

7-9: Groth closing in on the game now.

6-8: NOT ENOUGH! A string of vicious forehands from Groth, who eventually squeezed a winner to the left of Sathiyan.

Groth has to win this game in order to stay alive. If Sathiyan goes 3-0 up, he will find it very difficult to make win all of the remaining four games.

6-7: Back within one, is Sathiyan and Groth takes a time-out. Remember, only one time-out per player is allowed!

5-7: LONG! Once again, Groth puts too much power in his shot and the ball flies out.

4-6: Groth with a slender lead as a cautious-looking return from Sathiyan falls long.

4-4: Sathiyan draws level again as Groth's return fails to cross the net.

3-3: Another fast shot aimed at Sathiyan's body and the return from the Indian rams into the net.

3-2: Sathiyan back into the lead.

1-2: EXCELLENT DEFENCE! Groth negotiates a flurry of stinging drives from Sathiyan.

1-1: Another error from Groth as he gifts a point to Sathiyan. He follows it up with a good point. Aims multiple drives to Sathiyan's body, eventually forcing an error out of the Indian.

Groth to serve first.



12-10: SATHIYAN SAYS NOT THIS TIME as he bags the game. Sathiyan wins the game as Groth's forehand return flies off the net and out of bounds.

10-10: Groth saves two points! Sathiyan's backhand is hit into the net.

10-9: Groth saves one game point as a cautious return from Sathiyan falls just out.

10-8: Two game points for Sathiyan.

9-8: Poor service return is hit into the net.

8-8: Sathiyan draws level with a flurry of smashes! Groth eventually fails to lob back one on to the table.

7-7: Another quick exchange of backhands only for Sathiyan to hit one out of bounds. Next point, Groth returns the favour in similar fashion, only this time it was off a backhand.

6-6: Groth draws level as Sathiyan fails to return the ball over the net.

6-4: Forehand inside out drive past Groth's forehand!

4-3: WHAT A RALLY! Just like the first match, Sathiyan pushes his opponent further back with huge smashes, forcing Groth to lob it back. Then, Sathiyan finishes the point with a tomahawk smash!

3-3: FIERCE! Groth takes a step back and slaps the loopy return from Sathiyan for a winner.

3-2: He is into the lead now. Kept attacking Groth's backhand with powerful forehand drives and the ball was slammed into the net.

1-2: A poor service return off the backhand from Sathiyan, who hits is wide.

1-1: He gets one back!

0-1: Sathiyan to serve first and Groth with a lovely forehand that Sathiyan fails to return on the table.


11-3: GAME 1 TO SATHIYAN! Groth's forehand clips the top of the net and flies out! Well, that game got over in no time.

10-3: Game point Sathiyan!

9-3: Nearing the end of the first game as another drive from Groth falls long.

7-3: Defence! Groth aims a stinging forehand drive at Sathiyan's body, who is quick to step to his left nd guide the ball away from Groth's forehand. The return from the Danish flies out.

6-3: Wonderful parallel forehand from Groth. Sathiyan had no answers to that.

5-1: Groth's forehand has too much power in as it flies out of the centre of the table.

3-1: Sathiyan's forehand drive falls long and the first point of the match to Groth.

3-0: Sathiyan with a strong start as Groth's return hits the net.

1-0: First point to Sathiyan. Pushed Groth wide and the forehand return hit the side of the table.

Groth to serve first! Here we go!

They are now warming up. How will right-handed Sathiyan fare against the left-handed Groth? Let's find out!

Both the players have made their way to the table.

We are back with coverage of the second match between G. Sathiyan and Jonathan Groth.

Sathiyan is seeded 17th in the tournament and is the current world no. 30. While Jonathan Groth is 14th seed and the current world no. 24.

So, what is the current situation of Group D?

This is a must-win encounter for Groth as he lost his first match against Simon Gauzy. Sathiyan is coming off a win against Gauzy and a win here will ensure a top spot finish in the group. Simon Gauzy's stage 1 campaign has ended with a win and loss each.

The top two players from each group proceed to the knockout. Who is it going to be?



Ace Indian paddler G. Sathiyan staged a stirring comeback to beat  Simon Gauzy  11-13, 9-11, 11-8, 14-12, 7-11, 11-5, 11-8 in the first group stage match of the 2019  ITTF  World Cup in Chengdu, China.

Sathiyan, appearing in his maiden World Cup, had not beaten the 12th seed Gauzy in their three previous meetings. But the highest-ranked Indian had other plans today.

World no. 22 Gauzy got off to a spirited start. After trailing 6-10 in game one, he saved five points to win the first game 13-11. The Frenchman looked a tad scratchy in the second as he allowed Sathiyan to draw level at 7-7 after leading 5-1. However that didn't hamper Gauzy from bagging the second game too.

But the current world No. 30 Sathiyan was far from giving up. Read the full report here !



What a massive win for Sathiyan. After losing the first two games, especially the manner in which he lost the first, he was under tremendous pressure. But he didn't let that get to him and the final result bears testament to it.




11-8: SATHIYAN WINS!!! He upsets Gauzy!!!! He beats him for the first time on the tour.

10-8: Gauzy saves one!!

10-7: THREE MATCH POINTS for Sathiyan! Tomahawk serve followed by forehand winner coming good for the Indian.

9-7: THREE IN A ROW FOR GAUZY! Sathiyan is cautious there but an unforced error!

9-6: Sathiyan misses a regulation backhand, fails to get any connection on the ball.

9-5: Inside out forehand winner outfoxes Sathiyan.

9-4: He is getting close.

8-4: Now, Sathiyan is running ahead! Another Gauzy backhand from the centre of the table goes wide.

5-4:  SATHIYAN SURVIVES! Tomahawk smash from Sathiyan is slapped back. Sathiyan continues to smash and Gauzy lobs it back. Sathiyan then taps it short, forcing Gauzy to run back for a chop, which falls long!

4-4: More side spin from Gauzy followed by a lethal forehand wins Gauzy the point.

4-3: Gauzy gets within one with a lovely forehand!

4-2: Long serve followed by quick returns does the trick! Gauzy with another error!

2-1: Too much effort there! The loopy return from Sathiyan gives Gauzy enough time to play it well. But his backhand is hit long.

0-1: Gauzy from behind the table hits a vicious forehand drive directed at Sathiyan's body. The return from the Indian slams into the net.

Here we go, the decider!



11-5: GAME 6 TO SATHIYAN! IT'S 3-3 and we head into the decider! Another bending parallel backhand to win the game!

9-5: He is all pumped up! He keeps his calm and forces an error from gauzy.

7-5: Gauzy's backhand from deep runs long.

6-5: Another return from the Indian clips the top of the not and comes long.

6-4: Sathiyan hits it long!

5-3: OUTSTANDING! Fearlessness by Sathiyan once again does him a world of good. Another forehand parallel winner.

3-2: Sathiyan into the lead now.

2-2: He levels it up.

0-2: A lot of spin from Gauzy on his forehands, pushing Sathiyan to play fetch. Sathiyan cannot get the ball over the net.



7-11: GAME GAUZY! The soft spinny backhand from Sathiyan is long and Gauzy leads 3-2.

7-10: Sathiyan saves two. Sathiyan with a whipping parallel backhand.

5-10: Five game points for Gauzy.

5-8: GIVING IT HIS ALL! SATHIYAN ON ONE LEG! Countering Gauzy's ferocious forehand drives and ultimately winning the point.

3-8: Quick wrap around after the serve hurries Sathiyan into his backhand return, which falls ling.

3-7: Short forehand return from Gauzy is hit into the net.

2-7: Gauzy running awya with it and forcing errors from Sathiyan. Sathiyan is visibly irritated.

2-4: Brilliant placement from Simon! Sathiyan hits a strong parallel forehand but Gauzy digs deep and plays a perfect return cross-court past Sathiyan.

1-3: Sathiyan's backhand return falls long.

1-1: Deep to the back corner to catch Sathiyan off guard.


14-12: GAME 4 TO SATHIYAN AND IT'S 2-2! Reverse pendulum serve from Sathiyan forces another error from Gauzy.

13-12: Game point two for Sathiyan.

12-12: Reverse pendulum serve from Sathiyan does the trick! 4th game point saved by Sathiyan.

11-12: Game point Gauzy!

11-11: Gauzy fights back and is ecstatic! backhand return from Sathiyan clips the net and falls long.

11-10: Now, Sathiyan has game point.

10-10: WHAT AN ESCAPE! A bending backhand with side spin to keep it out of Gauzy's reach. Ties it up with three game points saved.

9-10: Drive right down the middle with a lot of spine and second game point saved . Time-out taken by Gauzy!

8-10: Long serve, Sathiyan handles it well and bags the point with a parallel forehand smash. Gauzy's lob return is long. One game point saved!


7-8: Great exchange! After going to Gauzy's forehand, he outdoes him by hitting the next one deep to the Frenchman's forehand.

6-7: Heavy side spin does the trick again for Gauzy Sathiyan tries to meet the ball early, but the ball flies off the racket and out of bounds.

6-6: Sathiyan is unable to return Gauzy's return over the net.

6-5: Gauzy's backhand from the centre of the table is whipped long,

5-5: Gauzy ties it up!

5-4: Lovely footwork from Gauzy. Goes left and then right with a parallel forehand winner.

4-2: This time, it favours Gauzy, whose return clips the net and forces an error from Sathiyan.

4-1: Luck now in favour of Sathiyan! A ripping forehand cross court that hits the the edge of the table on its way out.

3-1: Good start from Sathiyan here!



11-8: SATHIYAN TAKES GAME 3! Serve return from Gauzy is hit into the net.

10-8: WHAT A POINT! Tomahawk smash from Sathiyan and Gauzy has to run a lot to get the forehand lob back in. Sathiyan was ready there as he taps the ball gently. Gauzy makes a run for it, bu can't get there!

9-8: Forehand cross court from Sathiyan falls wide.

9-7: This time, the return from Gauzy clips the net and falls wide.

8-7: Ripping backhand from Gauzy! Sathiyan had no answers to it.

8-6: A break and a net to help Gauzy! The ball clips the net and falls dead!

7-4: Sathiyan's quick game coming good again. Great return of serve on the top of the table, sends it cross court and wide to Gauzy's forehand. The return from Gauzy was rushed and it flew long.

6-4: Time-out called by Sathiyan! Gauzy with a flurry of parallel backhands, generating a lot of power. Sathiyan, who plays a quick game, isn't able to keep it inbounds.

6-3: Gauzy holds his serves well. Mixing it up well and making Sathiyan a bit uncomfortable.

6-0: Perfect start till the first towel break.

5-0: Sathiyan is running ahead. An inside out forehand drive to Gauzy's body

3-0: Pushes Gauzy wide, who tries to lob it back but fails to land it on the table.

1-0: Beautiful finish from Sathiyan. Takes the ball on the rise and thwarts it down the line for a winner.

Lots of work needs to be done here for the Indian maverick.


9-11: GAME 2 TO GAUZY! The parallel backhand return is rammed into the net.

9-10: Sathiyan saves 1 game point.

8-9: WHAT WAS THAT? Gauzy goes deep to fetch a low ball form his forehand and put so much spin on it that Sathiyan is completely foxed. The ball spun sharply away from him.

8-7: Sathiyan in the lead! Gauzy's backhand return falls wide.

7-7: FROM 1-5 TO 7-7. Good smash on the forehand.

6-7: The soft flick from Sathiyan, the ice cream cone flick, gets the Indian within one.

4-7: Gauzy from down low and deep, pulls of a great backhand. Sathiyan's return is long.

3-6: Top spin inside out forehand from Gauzy flies long.

2-5: Good shot from Sathiyan. Steps to his left and smashes it close to Gauzy's chest.

1-5: Beautiful forehand down the line. Poor return from Sathiyan on the serve and Gauzy makes him pay.

1-4: His forehand falls long and Gauzy in control here.

1-3: Backhand down the line from Sathiyan clips the net and falls over the baseline.

1-2: Outstanding play on the run! Keeps the forehand in after coming off the middle!

0-2: Gauzy starts well with his serve. Two points o the trot.




11-13: GAME GAUZY! FROM 6-10 TO 13-11, GAUZY'S BAILOUT will put Sathiyan under tremendous pressure!

11-12: Now, Simon has game point. Counter-attack on the forehand and a winner past Sathiyan.


11-10: Game point 5!

10-10: HE TIES IT UP, DOES GAUZY! Great, long serve catching Gauzy off-guard.

10-9: GAME POINT 4: Gauzy saves one more!

10-8: GAME POINT 3! Gauzy saves one more. Make that three! Tomahawk serve coming good for the French!

10-7: GAME POINT 2! Gauzy saves one.

10-6: GAME POINT! A great forehand exchange, good block from Sathiyan. Gauzy's forehand clips the net and falls long.

9-6: The top-spin forehand falls long from Sathiyan .

8-4: Good defence from Sathiyan! He has a good lead! Gauzy has been making unforced errors as he is off to a poor start.

5-3: After the long serve, a good exchange at the net and a great parallel backhand.

4-3: Lucky! The ball clips the net and falls dead. Sathiyan with the point.

3-3: Both players hit their long forehands out of bounds.

2-2: Sathiyan plays a strong cross-court forehand over the table and forces an error from Gauzy, who returns it long.

1-1 : First point for the Indian as Gauzy returns the ball into the net.

0-1: First point to the first point. Good return, deep to Sathiyan's backhand.

Sathiyan to serve first and let's go!!


All matches will be best of 7 games.

Head-to-Head: They have played each other three times. Gauzy leads 3-0.

The players are warming up and the umpires have taken their seats.

Both the players have made their way to the table and we are ready to get going!


First up: G. Sathiyan vs Simon Gauzy

G. Sathiyan is making his World Cup debut today. He is 17th seed in the tournament and world no. 30. He will face 12th seed and world no. 22, Simon Gauzy of France.

Right then, we are just a few minutes away from the action. Who do you think will win? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook! We love to hear from you.


While we wait for the matches to begin, you can go through the preview below:

PREVIEW (By yours truly)

G. Sathiyan, India's highest ranked player, is all set to make his debut appearance at the International  Table Tennis  Federation ( ITTF)  Men’s World Cup when he will take on France's Simon Gauzy in the first match of the 2019 edition.

The world No. 30 finished sixth at the Asian Cup in Yokohama, Japan, in April to qualify for the World Cup for the first time, and the Chennai lad practised with a separate sparring partner, Shen Yaohuan from China, to focus on his individual training.

“If he [coach S. Raman] can see my game and give corrections, it is great. Having a sparring partner, you can play all the two hours for yourself. That is something of a big boon,” the 25-year-old said. “Shen is better than the ones we had when we went to China.”

Later on Friday, Sathiyan will take on Jonathan Groth of Sweden in his second Group D match of the preliminary round.

The 40th edition of the World Cup, which begins on Friday at the Olympic Square, Sichuan Provincial Gymnasium, Chengdu, will feature 20 paddlers, including wild card entries and alternates. The finals will be held on Sunday.

Asian paddlers have been the most dominant force in the tournament winning 24 titles combined.

The top contenders

Fan Zhendong : The defending champion starts as one of the favourites. The world No. 1 is a two-time World Cup champion, with his maiden crown arriving in Saarbrücken, Germany, in 2016. The Chinese paddler is coming off the back of back-to-back tournament wins at the Austrian Open and the German Open, and the 22-year-old has a chance to become only the third player to win consecutive World Cups after Ma Lin (2003-04) and Wang Hao (2007-08).


You can watch the matches on Star Sports Select 2 and Star Sports Select 2 HD

You can watch the live streaming on:  Hotstar and on the official ITTF website at

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