The United States hammered host India 8-0 on the opening day of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup at the Kalinga Stadium here on Tuesday.

On a day when India made its debut in the U-17 Women’s World Cup, the United States completely dominated the game and secured the three points with a commanding win.

The tallest player in the Indian team is 169 cm tall – the height of seven of the starting eleven of the United States team. That became the key factor for the visitor.

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The embarrassing loss will be a reality check for India and coach Thomas Dennerby, who had stressed that his team will be “defensively strong and difficult to score against.”

“I also know that India can play a bit better than this. My feeling from the side is that the girls got a bit nervous and could not really handle the pressure of playing in their first world cup,” said Thomas Dennerby.

“But the good thing is that there are two more games to go and we hope we can show everyone that India is much better than this and we can have a much better game against Morocco in two days,” he added.

For the United States, the victory will be a major impetus before its match against Brazil.

Coach Natalia Astrain, leading a side that has not gone past the knockout stages since 2008, will be relieved to see her plan finally fall into place, since taking charge of the team in November last year.