Asian Games: Hockey semifinal: Malaysia beats India in sudden death

Tune in for live updates from the 2018 Asian Games men's hockey semifinal between India and Malaysia.

The Indian side comes into the tie on the back of a 20-0 drubbing of Sri Lanka in its last encounter.   -  AFP

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live blog of the 2018 Asian Games men's semifinal clash between India and Malaysia. The Indian side comes into the tie on the back of a 20-0 drubbing of Sri Lanka in its last encounter.

Interestingly, the last time India played Malaysia was during the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast where the team won 2-1.


Phew, what a match! S.V. Sunil misses a shot in the sudden death and it is Malaysia which will progress to the semifinal with a score of 7-6 in the penalties and shoot-outs. Heartbreak for India and while Malaysia sheds tears of joy, it is tears of agony, disappointment, anger and anguish for India.


Malaysia: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1

India: 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - x

S.V. Sunil for India. He misses and Malaysia enters the final. India is ousted in the hockey semifinal.

Tajudeen for Malayisa. He scores too. There is nothing to separate the teams here.

Dilpreet Singh for India. He is just 19 years old. He is up against 38-year-old Kumar Subramaniam. He beats the Malaysian goalkeeper in style and goes for an easy, open goal. Malaysia has asked for video referral. The goal stands.

Faizal for Malaysia. He scores.

Manpreet Singh for India. He has to score. He nails it. What a shot. India is still in the contest.

Azwan for Malaysia. He scores.

Akashdeep Singh now. He scores and India lives on.

Malaysia scores the second goal in sudden death. India must score now.

Harmanpreet Singh scores for India. It is all square now, in sudden death too.

Malaysia scores first.

We are into sudden death  now.


INDIA: x - 1 - x - x - 1

MALAYSIA: 1 - x - x - x - 1

Last strike for Malaysia up. 2-2. The ball goes in. We have to now look at the time. We are into sudden death now.

Harmanpreet Singh now. He scores. 2-1 for India. He turns around and then fires in.

Azwan for Malaysia. He misses. Sheer presence of mind from Sreejesh. Azwan tries to lob but it goes out.

S.V. Sunil for India now. Kumar Subramaniam doesn't let Sunil score. Top class stuff from both the goalkeepers.

Sreejesh makes another great save. He flings himself to the ground and denies the Malaysian.

Dilpreet Singh misses for India. 1-1 now.

Sreejesh saves. It remains 1-1. Malaysia misses its second chance.

Akashdeep Singh for India. He scores and it is 1-1 now. India has one shot extra.

Mohammed Firan for Malaysia. 0-1. He scores. It is 1-1 now. Sreejesh saves the initial shot but the Malaysian sends the rebound in. We have to see if it is well within the 8 seconds time limit. It is right in time.

Manpreet Singh for India first. 0-0 He cannot get it past Kumar Subramaniam. He appeals for a video referral for obstruction. India loses the referral option. India doesn't score.

The shootouts begins.

5.40 pm: It is now penalty shootout action.

5.39 pm: Malaysia digs deep and it is 2-2 at the end of four quarters. We are now into penalty shootout. Malaysia has forced the shootout here with a goal in the dying minutes of the match. It was costly for India to give the penalty at that juncture.

5.37 pm: MALAYSIA EQUALISES. It is 2-2 now. Heartbreak for India. Abdul with a dragflick and it beats Sreejesh and the Indian defence comfortably. What a moment in the match to equalise for Malaysia.

5.36 pm: A long corner and in a skirmish Malaysia gets a penalty corner. How costly will this be for India?

5.33 pm: Malaysia attacks relentlessly. The strikers are all over the place and Malaysia goes for a video referral. The ball seems to have hit Surender on his foot. The video referee overrules Malaysia's claim.

5.31 pm: Akashdeep Singh heaves wild and the stick hits Malaysia's Syed on the forehead. That will hurt a lot.

5.31 pm: India is now back to 11 men. A fine ball from Akashdeep Singh and Malaysian skipper Abdul just sends the ball over.

5.30 pm: India is now confining play in the midfield. The ploy is clear - don't allow Malaysia possession.

5.28 pm: Sardar Singh is back on the field. India is still down 1 man. Six minutes on the clock and India needs to defend deep for a place in the final.

5.26 pm: Mandeep and S.V. Sunil with some good work in the D. But the Malaysian defence is a tough to crack.

5.25 pm: India is living dangerously here. A penalty corner for Malaysia. But Sreejesh, who almost looked like he had no clue, has averted the danger, yet again. The ball struck Sreejesh and went on to the crossbar.

5.21 pm: India is now down to nine men now. Surender Kumar on a yellow card for a foul. Would this be costly for India?

5.19 pm: Pressure on India. A penalty corner for Malaysia. A skirmish on the goal mouth and the Indian defenders make no mistake. India still with the lead.

5.18 pm: We are now into the fourth and last quarter. The most important one. India needs to keep possession the last 15 minutes to avoid any anti-climax. And India will play with 10 men. Sardar Singh on a card.

5.16 pm: Third quarter ends. It is India 2, Malaysia 1. What India has done is it has slowed down the pace and it has denied Malaysia space in the midfield and it looks like it has worked like a charm.

5.15 pm: Yellow card for Sardar Singh. Just seconds left in the third quarter and it is a costly time to get a card.

5.10 pm: India in the lead again. India 2, Malaysia 1. Varun Kumar it is! The eighth penalty corner yields success. Harmanpreet Singh with the injection and Varun Kumar slams the ball home.

5.08 pm: MALAYSIA EQUALISES. A counter-attack spells doom for India. Sreejesh was at the right place, at the right time but couldn't do much. The ball just hits the pad of Sreejesh and falls to Faizal Saari who is lurking nearby. He has no qualms and just taps it in.

5.07 pm: Seventh penalty corner for India but it comes to nothing.

5.00 pm: INDIA TAKES THE LEAD. Akashdeep Singh with the injection and Harmanpreet Singh scores. India 1- Malaysia 0. A wonderful dragflick from Harmanpreet Singh and it leaves the Malaysian defence and goalkeeper high and dry. What a time to take the lead.

5.00 pm: Sixth penalty corner for India. Mandeep Singh tried to control an arial shot and the ball thuds on to a defender's leg.

India has lost its video referral and it might prove costly in crunch moments.

4.58 pm: Malaysia has come as the more aggressive team in this quarter.

4.57 pm: The third quarter begins.

India has been guilty of missing penalty corner chances and unfortunately the trend continues in the semifinal too. This is what Olympian V. Baskaran had said on India's penalty corners.

4.47 pm: The second quarter ends. At half-time, the teams haven't scored any.

4.44 pm: A video referral by India in the dying moments of the second quarter. Rupinderpal unleashes a powerful drive from outside the 25-yard line and the ball seemed to have brushed the foot of the Malaysian defender before deflecting away. The question is whether the Malaysian player was inside the D? Tough task for the video referee. The referee concludes the player was outside and India loses its referral.

4.40 pm: The second quarter isn't as exhilarating as the first. It has been end-to-end stuff but both the teams have been guilty of wasting some chances.

4.37 pm: Akashdeep Singh misses a golden chance to get India into the lead. He had to just guide a long ball from Manpreet past the Malaysian goalkeeper but missed connecting clean.

4.35 pm: Rupinderpal Singh with a drag flick but Kumar Subramaniam is India's nemesis. He is on the money.

4.33 pm: A good counter attack by India. Sardar sends Harmanpreet clear and it was for Akashdeep to do the rest. The Malaysian defence manages to keep the Indians out but concedes a penalty corner.

4.33 pm: Sreejesh is India's saviour. He saves another chance.

4.32 pm: Sardar Singh and Rupinderpal Singh sloppy in defence. Another penalty corner for Malaysia.

4.30 pm: Malaysia on the counter attack. They have been menacing on the counters. Their pace is top notch and Indians have to catch up with Malaysia's agility. This time around, the danger is averted by the Indian defence.

4.28 pm: India confines play for the first couple of minutes in the midfield.

4.27 pm: The second quarter is underway.

4.25 pm: The first quarter ends and we have some pulsating action. However, the deadlock remains.

4.23 pm: An excellent save by Sreejesh. He dived to his right and stopped the ball in expert fashion.

4.22 pm: Malaysia goes for a video referral. One of their players tripped by Manpreet Singh. Manpreet's right hand was on the Malaysian player. The video referee concludes Manpreet had indeed fouled and Malaysia gets its third penalty corner.

4.21 pm: Malayisa gets a penalty corner. Birender Lakra commits a foul.

4.19 pm: Rupinderpal takes India's fourth penalty and it is safely negotiated by Malaysia.

4.18 pm: Rupinderpal Singh with a dragflick and the Malaysian defence averts a danger but in the melee concedes another penalty.

4.17 pm: We have a video referral again. Malaysia's Syed and Sardar Singh in a defensive tussle. The call is favours India. It gets a third penalty corner.

4.15 pm: Lalit Upadhyay tries some variety. He stops, turns around and goes wild with a heave but the Malaysian defence has come to the fore yet again.

4.14 pm: Second penalty corner for India. Can the Indians make this count?

4.10 pm: India is now dictating play in the midfield. A couple of counter attack options for India but it doesn't yield anything. S.V. Sunil, on the right, is all charged with with an excellent sprint but lacks precision in the end.

4.06 pm: Malaysia's turn now with the penalty corner. Malaysia has scored. Wonderful variation, top class stuff from Malaysia. But it is an anti-climax, India has appealed for a foul and the goal is overturned. The deadlock remains. A video referral call from Rupinderpal Singh as saved India here from the blushes.

4.02 pm: Rupinder cannot get it on target. The Malaysian defence is too strong and thwarts the attempts. 

4.01 pm: We have a penalty corner in the very first minute. Rupinderpal Singh will take the strike.

4.00 pm: We have live action underway.

3.57 pm: The teams are walking out. We will have the national anthems and then live action coming our way.

3.53 pm: India has been pumping goals left right and centre. But how is India's penalty corner conversion? Will it be one of the talking points tonight? Click here to find out what Olympian V. Baskaran has to say about India's penalty corner conversion.

3.50 pm: Well, we are all set for the Asian Games hockey semifinal between India and Malaysia. This is India's starting XI.