All England Open Badminton 2021 highlights: Chochuwong beats Sindhu to reach final

All England Badminton 2021: Follow the blog of the All England Championships semifinals match between P.V. Sindhu and Pornpawee Chochuwong.

P. V. Sindhu in action during the All England Championships.   -  AP

Welcome to the highlughts of the All England Championships semifinals match between PV Sindhu and Pornpawee Chochuwong.

21-17, 21-9 win for Chochuwong over Sindhu

9-21 Turns defence into a winner and Chochuwong is into the final! A commanding performance from the Thai as Sindhu wasn't at her best after a draining quarterfinal yesterday.

9-20 Forehand winner from Chochuwong and it's 11-match points.

9-19 A chance for a winner from Sindhu after drawing Chochuwong forward but she puts it long.

9-18 Chochuwong hits it long.

8-18 Sindhu's smash is against the net.

8-17 Sindhu isn't going down without a fight! She places a winner at the backcourt.

7-17 Chochuwong on the attack again as Sindhu hits it against the net.

7-16 A rare unforced error from Chochuwong.

6-16 Another unforced error from Sindhu.

6-15 Sindhu hits it long this time. She seems frustrated as her campaign appears to be coming to a close.

6-14 Sindhu hits it wide on the service return.

6-13 Chochuwong comes back roaring with a forehand smash! She isn't allowing a way back for Sindhu.

6-12 Out of nowhere from Sindhu, a shot in anger more like! A forehand whizzing winner with little backlift.

5-12 Sindhu with a shot from behind her head but can't keep it over the net.

5-11 A rare unforced error from Chochuwong.

4-11 Chochuwong goes into the break with another big lead! A backhand winner to open up a 7-point lead.

4-10 A break for Sindhu as she gets a good point at the net by drawing Chochuwong forward.

3-10 Wow. Sindhu goes on the attack but Chochuwong remains resolute before Sindhu commits an unforced error.

3-9 A winner at the backcourt from Chochuwong now.

3-8 Another dominant point from Chochuwong! Sindhu has no answers to her attack.

3-7 Chochuwong turns defence into attack before she kisses the line with a forehand crosscourt smash.

3-6 Sindhu hits it long.

3-5 Superb drop at the net by Chochuwong.

3-4 Sindhu on the offense now as Chochuwong's lift at the net lacks power to get it over.

2-4 Well-judged by SIndhu as Chochuwong's return goes long.

1-4 Chochuwong is steamrolling Sindhu at the moment! Smash after smash before Sindhu can't keep up.

1-3 Chochuwong with a powerful smash to Sindhu's weaker side!

1-2 Sindhu's shot is long this time. Well judged by Chochuwong.

1-1 Sindhu goes for the leave again at the backcourt but Chochuwong's shot is well inside.

1-0 Good leave from Sindhu as Chochuwong's shot is long.


17-21 Chochuwong dominates the point making Sindhu defend before forcing her to commit an error. First game for the Indonesian!

17-20 Point for Sindhu.

16-20 Chochuwong with a drop at the net and is successful. Four game points.

16-19 Good defence by Sindhu but she can't keep up. She puts her shot wide at the backcourt. Unsuccessful review from the Indian.

16-18 Superb service return from Chochuwong at the net.

16-17 Smashing forehand winner from Sindhu and she roars out a cry!

15-17 Another point for Sindhu with a forehand smash!

14-17 A superb winner at the net by Sindhu as she pushes her shot to the backcourt.

13-17 Chochuwong turns defense into attack and pushes her shot wide of Sindhu. The Indian can't get on the end of it.

13-16 Superb powerful winner from Chochuwong!

13-15 Good defense from both the shuttler in the rally before Chochuwong's forrehand shot wide. She immediatwly went for a review but the call was correct. She loses her review.

12-15 Chochuwong hits her sht against the net.

11-15 Chochuwong places her crosscourt forehand on the line and Sindhu while retrieving can't keep it in play.

11-14 A crosscourt forehand point from Sindhu as she placed her shot wide of Chochuwong's strong hand.

10-14 Unforced error from Chochuwong as she placed her forehand shot on the net.

9-14 Chochuwong went for a forehand winner but she sliced it wide of the line. Good defence from Sindhu.

8-14 Point for Sindhu after a pushed in forehand shot at the net which forced Chochuwong to hit it long in defence

7-14 Out of nowhere! A pickup forehand cross-court winner from the backcourt from the Thai.

7-13 Sindhu ends a 7-point swing after an error from Chochuwong at the net.

6-13 Chochuwong with another cross-court forehand winner!

6-12 Fantastic rally! Brilliant defense from Chochuwong to set herself up for a forehand winner! No chance for Sindhu.

6-11 Chochuwong gets to the break with a five-point lead.

6-10 Chochuwong returns the favour now with her own forehand corss-court winner.

6-9 A good mix of shots from Sindhu before she places a forehand cross-court winner close to the net.

5-9 Sindhu's lift at the net isn't strong.

5-8 Again Chochuwong's shot is on the line at the backcourt.

5-7 Chochuwong's shot is on the line at the backcourt. Sindhu thinks its long and lets it go.

5-6 Chochuwong goes for the lift at the net but can't get it over the net.

4-6 Sindhu's shot is wide and she loses a review in the process.

4-5 Superb crosscourt shot at the net by Chochuwong and Sindhu can't get to it.

4-4 Chochuwong with a point at the backcourt. Error in judgement from Sindhu again.

4-3 Chochuwong hits it long this time and it's a point for Sindhu.

3-3 Error in judgement from Sindhu as she lets Chochuwong's shot go. The racket lands on the line at the backcourt.

3-2 Point for Chochuwong after a review. Chochuong's shot is on the line.

3-1 A powerful forehand from Sindhu to Chochuwong's strong hand but she can't retrieve it.

2-1 A forehand winner for Sindhu at the back court.

1-1 Sindhu goes for a drop at the net and Chochuwong fails it lift it over the net.

0-1 First point for Chochuwong after Sindhu hits it long at the end of a short rally.



5.23 PM: Warm-ups are done with...

5.20 PM: Sindhu and Chochuwong make their way to the arena.

In their most recent meeting, Sindhu beat Chochuwong 21-18, 21-15 in the World Tour Finals in January. We are minutes away from the start of the game.

The match will begin at 4.50 pm. The match is now pushed to a scheduled start of 5.10 pm.

Sindhu's road to semis:

bt. Soniia Cheah 21-11, 21-17

bt. Line Christophersen 21-8, 21-8

bt. Akane Yamaguchi 16-21, 21-16, 21-19


India’s P. V. Sindhu returned to form with a thrilling win over Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi in an intriguing women’s singles quarterfinal contest at the All England Championships.

Sindhu, seeded fifth, staged a remarkable comeback after losing the opening game to notch up a 16-21, 21-16, 21-19 win over Yamaguchi in a contest that lasted an hour and 16 minutes. This will be Sindhu’s second semifinals appearance at All England.

“I am playing against her after quite a long time, I think 2019. We haven’t played at all. I’m sure she would have trained very hard. Today’s match was a good, tough long match I would say,” Sindhu said.

“In the first game I was making a lot of errors and hitting them out because I was on the side with the stronger drift. The second game, it was in my favour. A lot of long rallies. It was important to get that second game.

“In the third game, it was very crucial. My coach was very supportive, he was making sure I controlled the shuttle well. Each point was very important. Overall, it was anybody’s game but I am happy to be on the winning side.”

The Indian has an overwhelming 4-1 lead against the World No. 11 Pornpawee Chochuwong from Thailand.