PBL: Awadhe Warriors downs North Eastern Warriors

Follow the live updates and commentary of the Premier Badminton League 2017 match between North Eastern Warriors and Awadhe Warriors.

Updated : Dec 30, 2017 23:00 IST

Kidambi Srikanth's Awadhe Warriors won its opening tie against champion Chennai Smashers.
Kidambi Srikanth's Awadhe Warriors won its opening tie against champion Chennai Smashers.

Kidambi Srikanth's Awadhe Warriors won its opening tie against champion Chennai Smashers.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between North Eastern Warriors and Awadhe Warriors.

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These are the matches lined up for tonight's tie.

Tie 1: Mixed doubles : K. G. Jung/ P. Sawant (NEW) vs T. C. Man/ C. Pedersen (AW) (Trump match for Awadhe)

Tie 2: Men's singles: A. Jayaram (NEW) vs P. Kashyap (AW)

Tie 3: Women's singles: M. Li (NEW) vs Saina Nehwal (AW)

Tie 4: Men's singles: Tzu Wei Wang (NEW) vs Kidambi Srikanth (AW)

Tie 5: Men's doubles: S. B. Cheol/ K. G. Jung (NEW) vs H. Setiawan/ T. C. Man (AW) (Trump match for North East)


North Eastern Warriors 3-4 Awadhe Warriors

15-10 Cheol and Jung win two crucial points for North Eastern Warriors. Cheol and Jung beat Setiawan and Tang 15-10, 15-10.

14-10 Match point for North East. Good defense for Setiawana and Tang but they can't keep up with the relentless smashes from Jung.

13-10 Cheol has pulled this back for the North East in this game.

12-10 Tang amkes another unforced error, this time at the net.

11-10 Tang hits it into the net.

9-9 Cheol went for a booming smash but his shot finds the net.

6-8 Setiawan and Tang take the lead into the break after being 2-0 down.

5-7 Cheol's smash is hit straight at Setiawan.

4-6 Cheol hits it straight at the net.

4-4 North East judges well to let the shot go long.

2-3 Awadhe player's smash is too good for North East.

2-1 Superb reflexes from the North East players but ultimately hit it out.

Second game begins

15-10 That's the game for North Eastern Warriors. Could be a crucial two points for North East if Cheol and Jung pull off a win here in the trump match.

14-10 Superbly placed winner from the Awadhe player.

13-9 Unforced error from Awadhe gifts North East that point.

11-9 Superb smash from the North East player.

10-9 Quick hands from the North East player to play a drop shot.

9-9 A winner at the net from Awadhe.

7-8 Awadhe makes a stirring comeback on the back of unforced errors from North East to take the lead.

7-4 North East hits a body smash which isn't retrieved back.

6-4 Awadhe with an unforced error at the net.

5-3 North East hits it long now.

5-2 Awadhe hits it long.

3-2 Awadhe with an unforced error at the net.

2-1 Awadhe hits it wide.

First game begins

Tie 5: Men's doubles: S. B. Cheol/ K. G. Jung (NEW) vs H. Setiawan/ T. C. Man (AW) (Trump match for North East)


North Eastern Warriors 1-4 Awadhe Warriors

15-5 What a special win for young Wang! The world no. 11 stuns the world no. 3! Superb comeback from the Taiwanese shuttler. Tzu Wei Wang beats Kidambi Srikanth 10-15, 15-9, 15-5.

14-5 Wang's winner lands inside and its match point.

13-5 Wang can't return Srikanth's forehand hit straight at him.

13-4 Unforced error from Srikanth.

11-4 Wang with a smash now

10-4 Wang somehow kept that smash in before Srikanth missed his backhand.

8-4 Srikanth hits it long. Four-point lead at the break.

7-4 What a pint for Srikanth. Srikanth made Wang work really hard to stay in that point but Wang finished it with an unforced error at the net.

6-3 Srikanth hits an unforced error at the net and he is frustrated with that.

5-3 Superb forehand from Srikanth on the line. Wang challenges the call. And the call stands.

5-2 Wang misses his forehand and a reprieve for Srikanth.

5-1 unforced error from Srikanth. Initiative with Wang now.

4-1 Wang misjudges one now.

4-0 Srikanth lets a shot pass by him and its called in.

2-0 Good play by both shuttlers before Wang hits an over the head forehand winner down the line.

Third game begins

15-9 Wang wins this game and its level! Srikanth's shot is called long.

14-9 Delicate drop shot from Srikanth.

14-8 Game point for Wang as Srikanth hits it onto the net.

13-8 Smashing forehand from Srikanth! 399 kmph!

13-6 Wang hits it wide this time with his forehand shot.

13-5 Srikanth's shot goes wide again.

11-5 Srikanth wrong foots Wang before hitting the winner.

10-4 Srikanth misses his angled drop shot, goes wide.

9-4 Brilliant from Wang, works Srikanth around with his shots before the winner.

8-4 Wang shows Srikanth how to pull off the smash, he hits it low to Srikanth's right. Mid game interval now.

7-4 Srikanth misses his forehand smash again, hits the net.

6-4 Srikanth goes long.

4-4 Srikanth might have been licking his lips when he went for that big smash but he hits the net.

3-4 Wang returns the favour to Srikanth this time.

3-3 Srikanth hist the net.

2-1 Stunning cross-court forehand smash from Srikanth! Just waited for Wang to make his move before unleashing that shot

2-0 Wang prevails in a 25 shot rally.

1-0 Srikanth's shot is straight at the net.

Second game begins

10-15 First game to Srikanth! He hits a forehand smash down the line. This could become a long night for the shuttlers from North Eastern Warriors.

10-14 Wang hits a forehand shot which Srikanth is unable to return.

8-14 Wang's shot lands inside after Srikanth judges it to go long.

7-13 Srikanth watches as Wag's backhand return goes wide. Srikanth's hands just too quick for Wang.

7-12 Wang hits it long.

6-11 Srikanth hits a 403 Kmph smash right at Wang's body.

6-10 Srikanth prevails at the net with a bit of fortune after exchanging blows with Wang.

5-9 Wang with an unforced error at the net after a Srikanth backhand.

4-8 Srikanth takes a four-point lead at the mid game interval. He has looked effortless so far in his play.

4-7 Another smash from Srikanth down the line, 397kmph smash.

4-6 Stunning from Srikanth. 334 kmph smash from him and all too effortless.

4-5 Serve and volley from Wang.

2-4 Superb smash from Srikanth down the line.

2-3 Srikanth's return finds the net.

1-3 Srikanth with a drop shot just over the net.

First game begins

Tie 4: Men's singles: Tzu Wei Wang  (NEW) vs Kidambi Srikanth (AW)

The Hero ISL match between Pune City and NorthEast United is 55 minutes in and the home side is 3-0 up already. Here is the live updates from the game.


North Eastern Warriors 0-4 Awadhe Warriors

13-15 What a win for Saina! That's the tie for Awadhe Warriors! Li hits it wide and Saina exults with a couple of fist pumps. Saina Nehwal beats Michelle Li 6-15, 15-13, 15-13.

13-14 Li with an unforced error and its match point for Saina. Saina is pumped after that point!

13-13 Another shot at the body of Li. Stunning smashes from Saina. 311 kmph at Li.

13-12 Saina's shot goes long.

11-12 Saina with a smash after Li was forced to the back-foot in the rally.

11-11 Li with a forehand cross-court winner.

9-11 Perseverance truly pays off. Saina made some stunning retrievals before Li hit a forehand shot onto the net.

9-10 Li's drop was too close to the net and Saina couldn't retrieve it.

8-10 Set up well for Saina and she waited to get into position before smashing a winner!

8-9 Saina did well in her defensive game but her shot goes long.

7-9 Li completes that point well with a backhand winner.

6-9 Saina with a 354 kmph forehand smash down the line.

6-8 Saina with an unforced error as she finds the net.

4-8 Another stunning forehand smash from Li. Hammered that!

3-8 Li's smash down the line is good.

2-8 Saina judges that forehand from Li to go out and its a good call. Saina firmly in the driving seat to clinch this match and the tie for Awadhe Warriors.

2-7 Li gets it right this time. A forehand smash down the line is too much after a flurry of smashes.

1-7 Li's unravelling here. Her forehand shot down the line goes wide. Narrowly wide that.

1-6 Li's forehand shot goes long.

1-5 Saina's drop is in! Li lets it go thinking its going wide.

0-3 Smash from Saina at Li's body and her return hits the net. 353 kmph smash.

Third game begins

13-15 What a comeback from Saina! She retrieved Li's smash well before Li hit her forehand wide. Well judged by the Indian.

13-14 Saina hits her shot wide.

12-14 Game point for Saina. Unforced error from Li as she hits the net.

12-13 Li hits a cross court shot to Saina's right and the Indian can't reach to it.

11-13 What a drop shot from Saina and Li came so close to getting to the shot at the net, but wasn't to be.

11-11 Li hits a low shot down the line and Saina can't reach it.

10-11 Saina with a big unforced error, Li was down and out and Saina hit a big smash which hits the net.

9-11 Saina with a sublime drop which is out of reach for Li.

9-10 Li with an unforced error at the net.

9-8 Li with a quick reactionary shot which lands wide of Saina.

8-8 Saina with an unforced error.

7-8 Saina with a powerful shot which Li can't return to the other side. Lead for the Indian at the break.

7-7 Li's execution from her serve and volley goes wrong and wide.

6-6 RALLY OF THE MATCH! Deceptive play at the net which was returned well before Li with a cross-court smash to the back-court.

5-6 Li with a smash to the back-court!

4-6 Li's dab doesn't get over the net.

4-5 Saina judges that well as Li's shot is well out.

4-4 Li's return hits the net.

3-3 Saina hits her eighth unforced forehand error.

2-3 Saina follows that up with an unforced error. Hits it wide.

1-3 Well placed smash from Saina and the crowd comes alive. 20 shot rally.

1-2 Superb drop from Li and Saina can't reach it.

0-2 Li finds the net.

Second game begins

15-6 First game for Li and it has been a stroll so far. Li hits a cross-court forehand winner. Saina has struggled with her movements. Remember, this is her first match since her comeback.

14-6 Saina with a drop shot of her own.

14-5 Li hits it long.

14-4 Li with a forehand smash Game point now.

13-4 Saina goes long.

12-4 Li again superb with her drop shot. Saina can't get it over the net.

11-4 Li finds the net with her cross-court smash.

11-2 Superb deceptive shot drom Li as she drops the shot after shaping to hit a cross-court smash.

9-2 Saina's shot goes wide again.

8-2 Saina hits it wide and Li takes a big lead into the break.

7-1 Saina lets Li's shot go but it lands inside the basline. Poor from Saina.

6-1 Unforced error from Saina, as she hits the net.

5-1 Superb smash from Saina, it was hit down the line after a rally.

4-0 Saina hits it long.

3-0 Li is looking in exception touch. She smashes it over her head and it drops right above the net.

2-0 Superb drop shot from Li.

First game begins

Michelle Li needs to pull this one back for North Eastern Warriors else Awadhe Warriors will win this tie.

Tie 3: Women's singles: M. Li (NEW) vs Saina Nehwal (AW)


North Eastern Warriors 0-3 Awadhe Warriors

12-15 That's the match for Kashyap! Jayaram's return goes wide after Kashyap's shot is hit straight at him. Kashyap beats Jayaram 15-9, 15-12.

12-14 Kashyap's shot goes long.

11-14 Another error from Jayaram gives Kashyap match point.

11-13 Kashyap with a picture perfect smash down the line. His 7th forehand winner.

11-12 Kashyap hits it long.

10-12 Jayaram makes another unforced error, hits the net.

9-11 A 354 kmph smash from Jayaram.

8-11 Kashyap forces it wide after a powerful shot from Jayaram.

6-11 Kashyap is all over Jayaram here. Jayaram on the defensive here but Kashyap is too strong for him here and finished off the point with a forehand winner.

6-9 Another superb smash from Kashyap. Cross court 359 kmph smash.

6-8 Two unforced errors from Kashyap offers a way back for Jayaram.

4-8 Too much pace in Kashyap's shot for Jayaram. Jayaram's struggling here as his return goes out wide.

4-7 What a smash from Kashyap! That point was coming for Kashyap. His fourth forehand winner.

3-6 Kashyap forces an error out of Jayaram with a shot down the line.

3-5 Jayaram goes for the booming forehand but he could only find the net.

3-4 Superb play from Jayaram and he ends it with a delicate drop shot on the line.

1-4 Another cross-court smash from Kashyap but its called out. Narrow one.

0-4 Jayaram goes for a smash close to the line but its comfortably wide.

0-3 Cross-court smash from Kashyap is perfectly placed.

0-2 Kashyap's backhand shot has too much pace for Jayaram to return.

Second game begins

9-15 Another unforced error from Jayaram gives Kashyap the first game. Awadhe Warriors has won the first three games without return in this tie so far.

8-14 Kashyap's shot is called out but he challenges it. Jayaram celebrated too early there as the call is over-ruled. GAME POINT for Kashyap.

7-13 Kashyap hits an angled backhand winner.

7-12 Jayaram will be feeling horrid here. His smash down the line goes narrowly wide.

7-11 Jayaram hits the net after having done well with his defensive play.

7-10 Jayaram's shot goes wide.

7-9 Kahsyap's smash hits the net. Jayaram wouldn't be minding this at all.

6-9 Jayaram picks up another point courtesy another error from Kashyap.

5-9 Kashyap hits the net after a 23-shot rally.

4-9 That one is definitely wide from Kashyap. Relief for Jayaram after the poor start.

3-9 Jayaram makes another error in judgement letting that shot go. Called in. He challenges it. It has clipped the line. Unsuccessful challenge from Jayaram.

3-8 Kashyap takes a big lead into the break.

3-7 Jayaram makes a bad call as he lets Kashyap's shot fall inside the line.

3-5 Kashyap finds the net this time.

2-5 Jayaram smashes that one. 359 kmph smash. No chance for Kashyap to retrieve that.

1-5 And another. His shot doesn't go over the net.

1-4 An unforced error from Jayaram.

1-3 Good fortune for Kashyap as his shot went tumbling in after it hit the net.

1-2 Jayaram's shot goes long. Well judged by Kashyap.

1-0 Kashyap hits it to the net.

First game begins

Tie 2: Men's singles: A. Jayaram (NEW) vs P. Kashyap (AW)


North Eastern Warriors 0-2 Awadhe Warriors

13-15 That's the match for Pedersen and Tang! Sawant and Jung will be cursing themselves for leaving it late to make the comeback. They were undone in both games after making a comeback from the brink. Two crucial points for Awadhe Warriors. Pedersen/ Tang beat Sawant/ Jung 15-14, 15-13.

13-14 Sawant does well at the net, before Tang's return finds the net.

12-14 Lucky point for Awadhe. Jungs smash hits the net and trickles over the the other side.

11-14 Superb cross-court drop from Sawant.

9-14 Match point. Deceptive drop from Tang and Sawant can't return it to the other side.

9-13 Tang's smash goes wide. Welcome break for the North East pair.

7-13 Another error from Jung. Hits the net.

7-12 Sawant's return sat up well for Tang for him to smash it with power.

6-11 Pedersen with a reactive shot which drops well into space for that point.

6-10 Sawant with a smash which goes well wide. Big lead for Awadhe.

6-9 Jung can't get his shot over the net.

6-8 Sawant and Jung put up a good defensive play from Tang's smashes before Sawant goes for an angled shot which hits the net.

6-7 North East on the offense now and Jung misses with his return.

6-4 Jung hits a 305 kmph smash down the line. Perfectly placed.

5-4 Jung flies in with a smash which Tang can't return.

4-4 Jung's return hits the net.

3-2 WOW! Point of the match so far. Superb defensive play by North East duo but Jung's drop is well placed for Tang to return.

Second game begins

14-15 First game goes for Awadhe Warriors. What a start to the tie. Jung goes for the angled shot at the net but it goes wide. Tang and Pedersen will breathe a sigh of relief after throwing away three game-points at 14-11.

14-14 OHHH. That could have been the game but Pedersen hits it wide. It sat up perfectly for her. challenge the call but the call stands.

13-14 Another good judgement from Sawant to let that shot go out from Jung after a tantalising rally.

12-14 North East saves a game point. Tang's shot goes out.

11-13 Superb angled drop from Tang. Sawant and Jung were no where near it.

10-12 Big smash from Tang is too powerful for Jung to return. 350 kmph smash.

10-10 Jung with a deceptive drop shot near to the net.

9-10 A good rally bit Jung hits a loose shot which Sawant takes advantage of.

8-9 Awadhe in the lead now. Pedersen retrieves it well but Jung can't get it over the net.

8-8 Tang's smash is returned well at first by Jung but its too much of an ask for Sawant.

8-6 Stood up well for Tang to smash it straight at Sawant. Tang puts his hand up to apologise.

And we are back.

8-5 Tang's service goes wide. Just. Its a three-point lead for North East at the mid-game interval.

7-4 Tang's return is poor and hits the net.

3-4 Sawant can't get her shot over the net.

3-3 Tang with a smash of his own now.

3-2 Jung's smash is too low for Tang to retrieve.

0-2 Tang hits a shot straight at Jung.

0-1 Sawant hits it wide.

First game begins

Tie 1: Mixed doubles : K. G. Jung/ P. Sawant (NEW) vs T. C. Man/ C. Pedersen (AW) (Trump match for Awadhe)

The players are out and we are going to start the action with the mixed doubles match. Its a trump match for Awadhe Warriors. 

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