Delhi Dashers routs Hyderabad Hunters 5-0

Follow the live updates and commentary of the Premier Badminton League 2017 match between Delhi Dashers and Hyderabad Hunters.

Hyderabad Hunter's Sai Praneeth will be taking on Tain Houwei in a trump match.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's live commentary of the Premier Badminton League match between Delhi Dashers and Hyderabad Hunters in what will be the last action from this year.

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These are the matches lined up for tonight's tie.

Tie 1: Men's doubles: V. Ivanov/ I. Sozonov (DEL) vs M. Kido/ Y. Y. Seong (HYD)

Tie 2: Men's singles: W. W. K. Vincent (DEL)vs L. H. Il (HYD) (Trump match for Hyderabad)

Tie 3: Women's singles: S. J. Hyun (DEL) vs C. Marin (HYD)

Tie 4: Men's singles: T. Houwei (DEL) vs B. S. Praneeth (HYD) (Trump match for Delhi)

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: A. Ponnappa/ V. Ivanov (DEL) vs P. Z. Bernadeth/ S. Rankireddy (HYD)


Delhi Dasher 5 Hyderabad Hunters 0

15-11 Ashwini just smashed that straight at Pia. What a rout from Delhi Dashers of Hyderabad Hunters tonight. Its the first win for Delhi Dashers this season after two losses. Ivanov and Ashwini defeat Pia Bernadeth and Rankireddy 15-11, 15-11.

14-11 Ashwini's smash is too good for Pia. Match point.

13-11 Pia now hits it into the net after an exchange with Ashwini.

12-11 Reddy hits it into the net.

11-11 Ivanov rushes his shot and misses it completely at the net.

11-9 A tap down from Ivanov for that point.

10-9 Ivanov/Ashwini restore their lead.

9-8 Ashwini with good hands at the net, forcing a soft return out of Pia before a smashing winner.

7-8 How powerful is Reddy!? He plays a few deceptive drop shots at Ivanov followed by two powerful smashes at Ashwini.

7-7 Ivanov with a forehand winner with his big reach to Reddy's right.

6-6 Ivanov and Reddy are trading smashes here. This time its Ivanov.

5-5 Good play by Pia as she puts away a soft return from Ashwini.

5-4 Reddy with a mis-hit as his shot goes wide.

3-3 Reddy with soft hands and good placement. Too long for Ashwini to reach.

3-0 Another big smash by Ivanov down the middle. 403 kmph. Using his 6'6" frame to good use.

2-0 Ivanov's big smash can only be forced into the net by Reddy.

Second game begins

15-11 First game to Ashwini and Ivanov. Ashwini's returns the favour as her smash at the net is too straight at Reddy.

14-11 Reddy with superb defence and follows it up with a smash straight at Ashwini.

13-8 Great doubles play by Ivanov and Ashwini. Ivanov sets up a winner for his partner with smashes from the back.

12-8 Ashwini misses her shot at the net.

12-7 Pia's shot goes wide. Well left by Ashwini.

11-7 Ashwini does well at the net, hits a winner.

10-7 Reddy with a explosive smash down the middle. 383 kmph smash.

9-6 Reddy's smash is too strong for Ivanov and he hits it wide.

8-5 Ivanov and Ashwini race into the lead here.

6-5 Ashwini's return hits the net.

6-4 Ashwini's return goes wide.

5-2 Reddy's smash hits the net.

4-2 Ivanov's smash is too powerful for Pia at the net.

3-2 Pia with another unforced error at the net.

2-2 Pia once again finds the net.

1-2 Reddy with another smash from a high leap.

1-1 Reddy with a superb smash after setting himself up with a smash.

1-0 Pia hits it into the net.

Tie 5: Mixed doubles: A. Ponnappa/ V. Ivanov (DEL) vs P. Z. Bernadeth/ S. Rankireddy (HYD)


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Delhi Dashers 4 Hyderabad Hunters 0

15-10 Praneeth hits it wide and Tian exults! What a contest for a trump match we just witnessed. With that win, Delhi Dashers clinch the tie. Tian beats Praneeth 15-14, 14-15, 15-10.

14-10 Praneeth hits it long. What a costly error that could turn out to be.

13-10 Praneeth hits it straight at Tian and he can't force a return.

13-9 Praneeth earns himself a point with a bit of luck. Makes Tian moves around the court before his shot at the net trickles in off the tape.

13-8 Tian's shot goes long this time. He challenges it. And the call will remain. Way out from Tian.

13-7 Tian's cross court smash goes wide.

13-6 Tian with a cross court smash winner.

12-6 Tian misses's his shot at the net.

12-4 Praneeth misses an opportunity to get a point back. He hits his smash into the net.

11-4 Tian with another smash down the line.

10-4 Tian's shot is straight at Praneeth and the latter's return hits the net.

8-4 Praneeth misses his big smash. Tian takes a four point lead in the deciding game.

7-4 Tian tries to slice the shuttle over the net but fails.

7-2 Tian with a superb forehand smash down the line packed with power.

6-2 Praneeth's shot doesn't go over the net.

4-1 Praneeth's shot goes out but is called in. Tian challenges it to get the decision overturned.

3-1 Praneeth comes roaring back with a couple of smashes one down the line and a cross court winner.

3-0 Praneeth looks a bit jaded now as  he fails to return with his shot. Tian begins to dominate his opponent.

1-0 What a way to start off the third game. Tian gets the better off Praneeth in the 24 shot rally.

Third game begins

14-15 What a win for Praneeth in that game! An upturn of five points to win the game! We are moving to the decider now.

14-14 Wow! Praneeth with yet another huge smash! Momentum with the Indian.

14-13 Comeback on? Praneeth with another superb smash down the line!

14-12 What a point from Praneeth! He finishes a 33 point rally with a sliced smash to the cross court.

14-10 Praneeth somehow missed that point after doing all the hardwork. He was too anxious to hit that winner that it goes long.

13-10 A smashing forehand from Tian which Praneeth can't retrieve.

12-10 Praneeth hits it wide.

11-9 Tian is dragging himself away from Praneeth here. Another unforced error from the Indian.

10-9 Tian in front now.

9-9 Tian gets the better of Praneeth in a hard-fought, 38-shot rally.

8-9 Praneeth restores the lead.

8-8 A similar smash from Tian brings him level.

7-8 Tian comes roaring back after the break, a smash to reduce the deficit.

Remember, Praneeth must win the second game.

6-8 Praneeth with a welcome two-point lead at the break in the second game.

This is a topsy-turvy match, one point Praneeth's way, the next Tian's.

5-6 Praneeth with an unforced error this time, as Tian gets to within a point.

Tian has made a challenge and his shot is long, point to Praneeth, who leads 5-3.

3-4 Tian with an unforced error.

3-3 Praneeth levels the game with a ferocious cross-court smash; Tian has no answer.

Second game begins

15-14 Tian edges Praneeth to win first game.

14-14 Tian with a superb point, hits it straight at Praneeth.

13-14 Tian's shot goes wide. Tian challenges it. And its comfortably out. Unsuccessful challenge by Tian.

13-13 What a point from Praneeth! A 36 shot rally which Praneeth finishes it off with a push near the net.

13-12 Praneeth misses that shot at the net, crucial mistakes by the Indian.

12-12 Praneeth's smash goes narrowly wide.

11-12 Praneeth's backhand goes wide.

10-12 Tian with a winner down the line.

9-12 Praneeth's smash hits into the net. Good defensive game by Praneeth though.

8-12 Praneeth made Tian run all around in that point before forcing an error out of the latter.

8-11 Praneeth's shot goes wide.

6-11 A backhand winner from Praneeth now.

5-10 Praneeth follows up good net play with a backhand push to the baseline.

5-9 Praneeth should have had that point but his shot ends up at the back of the net. Praneeth did all the hard work in that point.

4-8 Again superb from Praneeth in the defence as his dipping shit cannot be returned to the other side by Tian.

4-7 Superb defence from Praneeth which leads to an unforced error from Tian.

4-6 Tian goes for a cross court smash but it goes wide.

4-4 Point of the day? 34 shot rally ends with a smash and a cross court drop by Praneeth. Great defensive play by Praneeth in lead up to the winner.

4-3 Tian recovers well to hit a winner. Quick play from Tian there.

3-3 What a smash from Praneeth to win the rally. Accurate shot down the line. 31 shot rally.

3-1 Praneeth hits it straght into the net.

1-1 Praneeth gets on the scoreboard after a good challenge. His shot was called out and is now overruled.

1-0 First point for Tian after Praneeth fails to retrieve Tian's shot.

Tie 4: Men's singles: T. Houwei (DEL) vs B. S. Praneeth (HYD) (Trump match for Delhi)


Delhi Dashers 2 Hyderabad Hunters 0

12-15 Marin finishes it off well with a superb cross court smash. Hyderabad gets its first point of the tie. Marin beats Hyun 15-10, 15-12.

12-14 Hyun lets Marin's shot at the baseline go and it goes out. Good call from Hyun.

11-14 Marin's shot goes wide.

10-14 Marin finishes off a 31 shot rally with a big cross court smash! MATCH POINT FOR MARIN.

10-12 Marin's shot at the net doesn't lift over the net. Hits the tape and falls back down.

9-12 Marin hits a backhand shot into the net.

8-12 What a point for Marin. She was good with her defensive play before Hyun hits her shot into the net.

8-11 Marin with an unforced error at the net.

7-11 Hyun now sets herself up with a drop at the net before smashing it across Marin.

6-11 Hyun with a good return from the service. Nice drop shot.

5-11 Marin with nice set up shots before putting it away with a shot to the baseline.

5-10 Marin's smash down the line is wide.

4-10 Hyun's shot goes too long.

4-9 Superb rally between the two players. Marin's cross court slice was too cute an angle for Hyun. 24 shot rally.

3-8 Marin has sped up the play on Hyun in these last few points. Another error from Hyun as her shot goes wide.

3-6 Marin with a good push to the baseline.

2-5 Hyun hits the net with her shot.

2-4 Hun sends her shot wide.

2-3 Marin with a backhand winner at the net.

2-2 Marin's shot goes long.

1-2 Mistake from Hyun.

1-1 Hyun with a good defensive play before getting out a smash of her own.

Second game begins

10-15 That's the game for Marin as her shot trickles over the net.

10-14 Good net play by both players before Marin taps it in for the winner.

10-13 Make that another error from Hyun at the net.

10-12 Errors coming into the game from Hyun.

10-11 Marin with a superb smash down the line.

10-9 Good cross court shot from Marin at the net.

10-8 Marin totally fluffs that shot on the baseline. Too high for her.

9-8 Good smash from Marin as Hyun's shot is forced onto the net.

9-7 Marin comes back with a superb cross court smash.

9-6 Marin's shot goes long.

8-6 Marin's shot goes wide

7-6 Smash from Marin. Cross court one.

7-5 Another superb smash from Hyun. 373 kmph.

6-4 Superb winner from Hyun as Marin's return sat up nicely for her.

5-4 Marin's shot goes wide.

3-2 Marin's cross court drop forces Hyun to hit it wide.

1-2 Marin's back hand flick goes wide.

1-0 Superb rally to start the match as Hyun hits a forehand winner. Good defensive play by Marin.

First game begins

Tie 3: Women's singles: S. J. Hyun (DEL) vs C. Marin (HYD)


Delhi Dashers 2 Hyderabad Hunters -1

15-4 Another error from Lee gives Vincent the win. Vincent drops his racquet and takes his shirt off to celebrate that win. Hyderabad Hunters go into the negative now. Vincent beats Lee 13-15, 15-11, 15-4.

13-4 Another superb smash from Vincent. He now rushes back to the centre to serve.

11-4 Cross court smash from Vincent. No chance for Lee.

10-4 Another error from Lee at the net.

9-3 Vincent lines himself up for the smash ans hits a 375 kmph forehander!

8-3 Vincent smashes that for a big lead in this third game. Remember, this is a trump match for Hyderabad and Lee.

7-3 Lee with his sixth error in this game.

6-3 Lee hits it wide this time. Losing a hold on this game now.

5-3 Lee now hits it into the net.

4-3 Yet another unforced error from Lee...

3-3 Another unforced error from Lee, his shot goes long.

2-3 Lee once again goes long.

1-3 Vincent's shot goes wide.

1-2 Lee's shot goes long.

Third game begins

15-11 Vincent wins the game. Hits a smash straight at Lee. Its level now heading into the decider.

14-11 Vincent hits his service long.

13-10 Lee hits his smash wide.

12-10 Error from Lee at the net.

11-10 Superb drop shot from Vincent from Lee's service.

10-9 What a point from Lee. Lands a forehand winner after forcing Vincent to the side of the court.

10-8 Lee hits a winner to the back court but Vincent challenges it. And it kisses the line. No challenges remaining for Vincent in this game.

10-6 Lee cuts the shot low to the right of Vincent and Vincent can't get it over the net.

10-5 Another unforced error from Lee.

9-5 Lee hits it into the net.

8-5 Vincent hits a winner down the line and takes the lead going into the break.

7-5 Vincent with superb defense to win that point. Lee makes an error by hitting into the net.

6-4 Vincent's shot is hit straight at Lee and he hits it wide.

5-4 Vincent hits it long.

5-3 Wow! What a smash from Lee. No chance for Vincent to return that.

4-2 Lee misses the opportunity with his smash as he hits into the net.

3-2 Good disguised cross court forehand shot from Lee for the point. 33 shot rally.

2-1 Lee's lets it go again and this time it goes out. Vincent challenges the call and loses it.

2-0 Poor judgement from Lee as Vincent's shot is right on the line.

13-15 Lee judges that well to let that shot go wide and its game for Hyderabad Hunters.

13-14 Point of the match so far. Lee was superbly reading Vincent's offensive shots but he can't keep up with the shots eventualy. 28 shot rally.

12-14 Error from Lee. Hits it into the net.

12-13 Vincent with a 373 kmph smash as he pulls close now.

10-12 Superb cross court smash from Lee. But Vincent challenges that call. Call is overruled as the shot is comfortably out.

9-12 Lee challenges a call that was called in. It just catches the line.

8-12 Superb point there for Lee. Good exchanges from both players before a cross court winner from Lee.

8-11 Lee makes an error at the net.

7-10 Vincent hits it long. 29 shot raly.

7-9 Good defensive play from Lee before forcing an error out of Vincent.

6-8 Vincent makes an unforced error at the net. Good comeback from Lee to take the lead at the break.

6-6 Lee smashes home another winner, superb play from him.

6-5 Lee sets himself up for the winner and he pounces on it.

6-4 Good patient rally from both the players before Lee hits a smash wide. 23 shot rally.

5-4 Vincent's smash down the line goes just wide.

5-3 Lee hits a winner down the line. Good deception from him.

5-2 Vincent hits it wide.

5-1 Vincent wait for his opportunity before hitting a cross court smash. 25 shot rally.

3-1 Lee hits it at the net.

1-1 Lee hits a perfectly placed winner down the line.

1-0 Lee hits it long.

First game begins

Tie 2: Men's singles: W. W. K. Vincent (DEL)vs L. H. Il (HYD) (Trump match for Hyderabad)


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Delhi Dashers 1 Hyderabad Hunters 0

15-11 Kido's shot is called out after some good play at the net. He challenges it. Missed it by a whisker. That's the match for Delhi Dashers and Ivanov/Sozonov. The Russian pair defeats Seong and Kido 15-9, 15-11.

14-11 Match point for Delhi Dashers.

13-11 Good play by the Russians  with their smashes and forcing an error out of Seong.

12-10 Service error from Ivanov.

12-9 Sozonov redeems himself with a smash which Seong can only hit the net with.

11-9 Sozonov hits it long.

10-8 Good play from Kido and Seong making Ivanov and Sozonov move around the court a lot before forcing the error out of Ivanov.

10-6 Kido misses his shot at the net. Russians forcing these errors out of their opposition.

9-5 Big smash from Ivanov and Seong slashes it wide. 396 kmph smash.

8-5 again at the break for the Russian pair. They have proved to be too powerful for Seong and Kido.

7-5 Ivanov sets up his partner well for the easy winner.

6-5 Sozonov reaches back to hit that shot, only finds the net.

5-4 Ivanov proving too powerful again with his angled shots. Seong can't make the return.

4-3 Sozonov misses his shot at the net.

3-2 Seong finishes off with a smash.

3-0 Sozonov's smash forces an error from Seong, he hits it wide.

1-0 Kido misses with a smash after the Russian pair hold off with good defensive play.

Second game begins

15-9 First game goes to Ivanov and Sozonov.

14-9 Good reflexes from both sides but Sozonov hit it wide. Game point.

14-7 Seong went for the big smash but his shot doesn't get over the net.

12-7 An easy winner for Sozonov to hit there.

11-6 Sozonov with a forehand winner of his own.

10-6 Service error from Seong.

9-6 Kido pulls a point back with a forehand winner.

9-5 Ivanov's smash sets Sozonov to smash home a forehand smash.

8-5 Ivanov showing off his power once again with a big smash down the middle. And we go into the break.

7-5 Superb rally from both the teams. Ivanov finishes it off with a powerful shot. 25 shot rally.

5-5 Kido with fierce smashes which forces an error out of Sozonov.

5-4 Superb defence by Ivanov before Seong hits the shuttle on the net.

4-4 A double hit from Seong. You are not allowed to do that.

3-4 Kido with a smash of his own now.

3-3 Ivanov with a smash down the middle.

2-3 Kido drops it low at the net and Ivanov couldn't return it.

2-2 Hyderabad pull one back with Seong hitting a forehand winner.

2-1 Superb hands from Ivanov leans forward with his big reach and lands the winner.

1-1 Kido's grunting smash is too strong for Sozonov to return.

1-0 First point for Delhi.

First game begins

Tie 1: Men's doubles: V. Ivanov/ I. Sozonov vs M. Kido/ Y. Y. Seong