BWF World Championships, Day 4 HIGHLIGHTS: Prannoy beats Lakshya to reach quarterfinals; Satwik-Chirag, Arjun-Dhruv through to quarters ; Saina Nehwal bows out

Get the live updates of day four action of the BWF World Championships 2022 from the Metropolitan Gymnasium in Tokyo on Thursday.

Published : Aug 25, 2022 05:30 IST

Lakshya and Prannoy battle for a spot in the quarterfinal with the former winning the first game.
Lakshya and Prannoy battle for a spot in the quarterfinal with the former winning the first game. | Photo Credit: TEAM SPORTSTAR

Lakshya and Prannoy battle for a spot in the quarterfinal with the former winning the first game. | Photo Credit: TEAM SPORTSTAR

Welcome to Sportstar’s highlights of day four action of the BWF World Championships 2022. We will be taking you through the action as it unfolds.

Indian results-Day 4
M.R. Arjun-Dhruv Kapila won 18-21, 21-15, 21-16 vs Hee Yong Kai Terry-Loh Kean Hean
Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty won 21-12, 21-10 vs Jeppe Bay-Lasse Molhede
Saina Nehwal lost 17-21, 21-16, 21-13 vs Busanan Ongbamrungphan
H.S. Prannoy won 17-21, 21-16, 21-17 Lakshya Sen

Lakshya Sen vs H.S. Prannoy

  • AND THAT IS IT. PRANOY BEAT LAKSHYA 17-21, 21-16, 21-17 TO REACH THE QUARTERFINALS! Brilliant turnaround considering his initial setback.
  • What a rally that is!! A tired Prannoy tries to reach the smash from Lakshya but all he can do is watch as the shuttle flies by. 16-19
  • Prannoy is just a couple of shots away from a quarterfinal berth. 15-19
  • Lakshya is yet again tricked, the shuttle falls just inside the sidelines as Prannoy holds the lead. 14-18
  • Uni directional play here and Prannoy grabs the opportunity. Hits a powerful smash leaving Lakshya clueless. 12-17
  • A well timed cross court smash guarantees a point for Lakshya. But the lead is still with Prannoy. 12-15
  • Lakshya gets it all wrong, lofts the shuttle to Prannoy’s advantage who buries the shuttle with a smash. 11-14
  • Better from Lakshya as he picks two points right after the interval. An animated Prannoy picks one back. 10-12
  • PRANNOY! goes into the interval with a 3 point lead. Lakshya still hasn’t found the rhythm that he had in the first game and that could prove costly. 8-11
  • Prannoy crawling away, now with a three point lead. But Lakshya does well to reach a drop shot and plays one of his own. Deficit reduced by 1. 8-10
  • Yet another rally, yet another shot that crashes onto the net. Lakshya needs to be careful here. 7-8
  • Lakshya takes no time and equalises two towering smashes. But concedes on due to his carelessness. He hits the shuttle staight onto the net, in a failed drop attempt. 5-6
  • Lakshya was a bit here and there in the second game and he will hope for a better result this time around but that doesnlt seem to be happening here. Prannoy is still in a one point lead. 4-5
  • Nail biting 3rd game on the cards as both the players pick a point to start things off. Prannoy one ahead of Lakshya 1-2
  • Prannoy does it, takes the second and thereby forces a third game. 16-21
  • Prannoy is just tiying with Lakshya now. Four point and game point for him. 16-20
  • Lakshya’s attempted loft doesnt get the required elevation and Prannoy sees it well ahead to produce a smash and collect a point. 15-18
  • Both the players exchange drops but Lakshya couldn’t generate power as the shuttle hits the net. 14-16
  • Prannoy’s judgement pays off as Lakshya’s shot is well past the long boundary. 12-15
  • Lakshya’s cross court smash goes wide, Prannoy gets another point. But Lakshya reverts one back with a fine shot. 11-13
  • Prannoy wins the first point as play resumes. Lakshya’s tried to reach the shuttle but falls eventually. 11-11
  • Lakshya Sen takes the lead as well as the momentum going into the break. 11-10
  • LAKSHYA YOU BEAUTY! you cannot do that. Reaches for an almost impossible shot and places it perfectly to take a one point lead. Prannoy equalises quickly 9-9
  • Parity restored! Lakshya, with his swift movements fetches a well deserved point at the end of a 20+ shot rally. 8-8
  • Wides are troubling Prannoy yet again as he gifts a point for Lakshya who closes in on the lead with successive points. 7-8
  • Lakshya needed to be aggressive and he did just that. Two powerful smashes to ensure a point. 5-7
  • Lakshya miscalculates’ Pannoy’s shot. It deceives Lakshya and falls right at the edge of long border. 4-7
  • A good rally comes to an end with Prannoy on top after he pounces on Lakshya’s lofted shuttle. 3-6
  • Prannoy is making Lakshya move constantly with his cross court shots and picks 2 consecutive points. 1-4
  • On to the second game now! Prannoy serves first and collects two points right away as a diving Lakshya fails to meet the shuttle. 0-2
  • LAKSHYA! brilliant run of play from him as he takes the first game 21-17. Prannoy did try to get ahead but his fellow Indian came out on top eventually.
  • Game point for Lakshya. Prannoy does well to reach the lofted shuttle but puts it wide off the sidelines. But comes right back to earn a point. 20-15
  • Lakshya is just 2 points away from pocketing the game. Sheer domination. 19-14
  • Prannoy with a great drop but Lakshya counters with an even better lofted shot which goes out of his compatriot’s reach. 17-12
  • India’s Thomas cup heroes are battling against each other and boy what a treat to the eyes. Prannoy gets one point via a cross court shot but the lead is still with Lakshya. 16-10
  • Lakshya is racing away with a five point lead. In complete control of his shots and the shot selection has been precise. 14-9
  • Very little to separate these two as Lakshya edges past Prannoy with a 3 point lead at the first round’s interval. 11-8
  • Ooh.. a fiery back and forth comes to an end, Lakshya was moving well, picked a few smashes but eventually concedes as Prannoy places a perfect cross court shot. 9-8
  • That is too ambitious, even for Lakshya’s standards. Two smashes, first one placed properly but he couldn’t control the second one as it goes wide. 6-6
  • Pannoy, who is close to the net, capitalises on the attempted drop from Lakshya and slots a smash just out of his fellow Indian’s reach. Scores level at 4-4
  • Wides are costing Prannoy big time, third point awarder to his compatriot here. 4-2
  • Two consecutive points for Lakshya but Prannoy gets one back. 3-1
  • Prannoy serves first and that is a point for Lakshya as the shuttle lands wide. 1-0
  • The players have stepped into the middle and the warm-ups begin

It is now time for the all Indian blockbuster as Lakshya Sen and H.S. Prannoy battle for a spot in the top eight.

Saina Nehwal vs Busanan Ongbamrungphan

  • The match comes to a close after Ongbamrungphan comes out on top in the 3rd game. End of the road for Saina!
  • Ongbamrungphan is cruising here. Gets a 6 point lead. And now its match point for the Thai international. 13-20
  • FIve point lead for Ongbamrungphan here in the third set and it looks like it’ll be an uphill task for Saina to equate the deficit. 11-16
  • Ongbamrungphan is calling the shots here, makes Saina move constantly and goes into the break with a 2 point advantage. 9-11
  • Both the Indian matches are going at an equal pace, very little to separate the players apart. Scores level at 7-7
  • Saina forces an error from Ongbamrungphan and takes one back. Tight game so far. 5-6
  • Ongbamrungphan has the upper hand with a 2 point lead. 4-6
  • Third game is off to a cracking start as both the players share two points each. 2-2
  • Saina wins the second game 21-16. On to the decider now!!
  • Game point for Saina, looks like we have another 3-game match in our hands. 20-16
  • Three points on the trot for Ongbamrungphan. The latest one comes after Saina’s shot lands wide. 15-11
  • Saina’s streak is cut short after her shot falls wide off the long boundary. 14-7
  • Second half begins and Saina is on a roll here!! What a turnaround for her. 14-6
  • Saina pulls one back. She goes into the second game’s interval with a five point lead. 11-6
  • That was a long rally. Ongbamrungphan comes out successful after Saina’s shot crashes on to the net. 9-6
  • Saina is exploiting the cross court shot strategy and that has time and again paid dividends for her. Momentum shift towards the Indian here. 3 points in quick succession for the Indian here. 9-5
  • Ongbamrungphan makes Saina move left and right and eventually forces her to concede with a perfect drop shot. 6-3
  • Second game resumes and Saina gets three points to start. Cross court smashes are Saina’s go-to strategy for the past 15 or so minutes. 5-2
  • Game point here for Ongbamrungphan and deservedly so. And she takes game one, defeats Saina 21-17.
  • Brilliant!! That is a proper display of drop shot by the Indian. Perfect execution to reduce the deficit to just 2. 17-19
  • FIVE POINTS IN A ROW! Has Saina turned the tides here? Let’s wait and watch. 16-19
  • Three in a row. Three cross court shots and three points collected. Just a six point deficit for the Indian. 15-19
  • Cross court shots have always helped Saina this match as everytime she tries it, she gets a point. 13-19
  • Unfortunate that for Saina, does well to reach the shuttle but hits it straight into the net. 11-19
  • Ongbamrungphan lobs one high in the air and Saina anticipated it. Smash and a point. Make it two in two now. 11-17
  • Saina seems to be struggling with her movements, but she picks one through a smash. She needs much more of this. Ongbamrungphan too gets a point just after. 8-17
  • Busanan is just too good! Saina didn’t have to move an inch as the shuttle is placed well wide off the Indian. Eight point difference here. 7-15
  • Ongbamrungphan in the driver’s seat presently but Saina comes in with a well placed drop shot, to fetch a point. 7-14
  • Game resumes and a point straight away for Saina. Busanan follows with an extraordinary smash, out of Saina’s reach. Worrying signs for Saina as Busanan is crawling away. 6-14
  • Busanan goes into the interval with an eight point lead. The Thailand player is making Saina sweat here 3-11
  • Eight point lead for Busanan now, 10-2 but Saina pulls one back with a well directed forehand shot. 3-10
  • Saina challenges her shot but it is unsuccessful as the shuttle goes well wide of the sidelines. Momentum is with the Thai international now. 2-6
  • Saina yet again leaves the shuttle but it falls right at the edge of back boundary. 2-3
  • Beautiful drop from Busanan to equalise the scores. 2-2
  • Saina to serve first and it’s a long rally, Busanan wins the point as Saina misjudges the shuttle. But the former World No.1 gets one back 1-1

It’s now time for Saina Nehwal

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty vs Jeppe Bay-Lasse Molhede

  • Satwik-Chirag does it in style!! two clean sweeps to book a quarterfinal berth. Bay-Molhede were no match for the Indians as they were constantly kept on a leash, peak domination this from the seventh seeded Indians.
  • Satwik’s shot is defended but the shuttle goes beyond the back boundary, which means match point for India. 20-10
  • And the gap increases to 8 points. Qualification is almost confirmed for Chirag-Satwik!! 19-10 now
  • Beauty! Chirag’s cross court drop is just enough to get a point for India. Denmark meanwhile fetches one back. 17-10
  • Another smash another point. Just like clockwork, India gets a NINE point lead, the Danish players are clueless. 16-7
  • Six point lead for the Indians now. 10-4
  • YET AGAIN! Chirag’s smash helps India get a point. 7-2
  • A smash directed towards Satwik and he ducks to defend but the shuttle fails to go past the net. 6-2
  • Astounding! Chirag with a backhand shot that leaves Bay baffled, inch perfect placement from the Indian. 4-1
  • Second game and three points right away for the Indians.
  • The Indians have assessed their opponent’s weakness and have been exploiting it constantly. Smashes have been a problem for Bay-Molhede and Satwik-Chirag have capitalised on it. They walk away with the first game. 21-12
  • The Indian pair is racing away with a six point lead, they are in control of the game at the moment Justifying their seventh seed tag. Make that a seven point lead. 19-12
  • Chirag lofts the shuttle high, smash from the Danish player and a point for Denmark. 15-12
  • Confusion leads Bay-Molhede pair to concede another point as the shuttle zooms past both of them. 14-11
  • Chirag with a top class smash to earn a point, extending the lead by 2 points. 12-10 now
  • And the play resumes..
  • Satwik-Chirag will be relieved as they go into the interval with a slender one point lead. 11-10
  • Satwik loses control of the shuttle which comes at him in an awkward angle, between his hip and chest, point for Denmark. Parity restored. 10-10
  • Indians pull one back, the Denmark pair was looking dangerous for a while. A three point advantage for India now. 10-7
  • Make it four, a point this time after Satwik hits the shuttle wide. 8-6
  • Momentum developing for the Danish players as they pick three consecutive points, Satwik-Chirag on the other hand look calm and composed. 8-5
  • Streak broken. Denmark gets a point as Chirag was distracted with Bay’s jump as Molhede puts the shuttle out of reach of the Indians. 8-4
  • Mammoth six point lead for Satwik-Chirag now. Confidence oozing all over the Indian pair as they race away. 8-2
  • Delicate touches off both the teams as Chirag’s drop shot fetches the point for India. 7-2
  • Three consecutive points for the Indians here and it has come in quick succession. 4-2
  • Bay’s smash proves too tricky for Satwik as he miscues it well wide of the court. 1-2
  • India and Denmak get a point each starting things off. 1-1
  • Players make their way into the middle and it’s warm-up time

We will witness Satwik-Chirag’s match shortly.

Hong Kong’s Tang Chung Man-Tse Ying Suet are presently leading 16-14 against Hee Yong Kai Terry and Tan Wei Han Jessica. The Hong Kong duo also won the first set 21-10. Following this match, Satwik-Chirag will fight for a place in the quarterfinals. Tang and Tse are through to the quarters after wining 21-10, 21-15 in straigh sets.

Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty pair and Saina Nehwal will be seen in action shortly. Stay tuned as we will be covering that as well as provide updates for rest of the matches.

On court 3, Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi and Sayaka Takahashi are going toe to toe to secure a place in the quarterfinal. Yamaguchi who won the first set 21-18, is still building on her lead in the second game as well. She’s leading 6-1 currently. Yamaguchi is absolutely dominating her compatriot, leading 16-3 now. And it’s a cakewalk for Yamaguchi as she beats Takahashi 21-18, 21-7 in straight sets.

Meanwhile, eleventh seeded Wang Zhi Yi of China went down 21-11, 21-13 to unseeded compatriot Han Yue. Upsetting top players has become a regular occurrence in this edition of the tournament.

Carolina Marin is in action on court 1 now. She’s a game down (16-21) against China’s He Bing Jiao but is in the lead in the second game at 20-15. This could well be another 3-game thriller. We’ve already seen two so far today! And it is.. Marin takes the second game 21-15. The deciding set is proving to be a cliff hanger with Bing Jiao leading 17-14. Woah, Marin out of nowhere wins the match 22-20!! Yet another comeback completed!

M.R. Arjun-Dhruv Kapila vs Loh Kean Hean-Hee Yong Terry

  • AND THEY ARE THROUGH TO THE QUARTERFINALS!!! WHAT A TURNAROUND THIS FOR THE INDIANS! Being a game down, they have turned the fortunes to win the next two games and have stepped into the final eight of this tournament!
  • Arjun-Dhruv just 2 points away from a win here. 19-15
  • A taste of their own medicine, Loh with three towering smashes and the final one fetches Singapore, a point. 17-14
  • Now again, WHAT A SMASH! The Singaporeans are getting dunked on here with some incredible smashes from the Indians. 17-13
  • 4-point lead for India. Elite defending from the Indians. 15-11
  • Arjun has called for medical attention!! Looks like he’s uncomfortable with a cramp. Nothing serious as the play continues 13-11
  • Lucky there! Terry’s shot hits the net and falls on the Indian side. 12-11
  • India’s service is cut short as Singapore picks a point first up. But India builds on its lead yet again. 12-8
  • Arjun-Dhruv stay in the lead at the interval as a shot from Singapore lands wide of the back boundary. 11-7
  • Attack at its best from Singapore. Two smashes directed towards Kapila and he fails to meet the second one. 10-7
  • A point for Singapore finally via a Dhruv shot that saw the net. 9-5
  • A 27 shot rally comes to an end with the Indians gaining a point. Make it two as the lead surges up by 4. 8-4 now
  • Arjun smashes, Loh ducks and that is a point for India. Both the teams are moving swiftly. High octane match to say the least. 6-4
  • Arjun moves well to reach the shuttle but unfortunately isn’t able to put it past the net. 4-3
  • Point for the Indians after a pretty long rally as the shot from Singapore falls wide off Arjun. 4-1
  • Brilliant this from the Indians. Their smashes have been on point throughout the match. 3-0
  • Dhruv starts off with a deceiving high serve that confuses Terry. 1-0
  • And we are about to go into the third game here!
  • Game point for India!! as a cross net shot from Loh falls just wide. 20-14
  • Indians are just 3 points away from going to the decider. They will have to cling on to the lead and not give away points like last game. 18-12 now
  • Yet another smash from India and Loh fails to put it past the net. 17-11
  • That doesn’t happen here as Arjun-Kapil duo win three consecutive points. Careless errors are costing the Singapore pair to leak points at regular intervals. 15-11
  • The Indians will hope not to repeat the same scenario as the first game, as Loh and Terry win 2 successive points. 12-9
  • A fiery back and forth between the teams and the Singaporeans take a point here courtesy of a Terry smash. 12-8
  • A five point lead for the Indians now. 12-7
  • A high lofted serve from Arjun and Loh hits it straight on to the net. The Indians are in the lead at the interval yet again. 11-7
  • Arjun with a thundering smash, Terry tries to meet the shuttle but the smash just blazed past him. 9-7
  • Singapore reviews the serve from Indians but that is unsuccessful. 6-5 to Arjun-Dhruv
  • That is outrageous!! Loh with a casual backhand shot that dissects the Indians and scores are level at 5-5
  • Service error yet again costs the Singaporeans a point. Arjun-Dhruv are in a two point lead now
  • PROPER DEFENSE! some disciplined defenses from the Indians fetches them a well deserved two points. 3-1 now
  • Moving to the second game and the Indians take the first point
  • A service error leads to Singapore losing a point but that doesn’t matter as they take the first game 21-18
  • Three game points for the Singapore pair!! 17-20
  • Loh places the shuttle low with a moving cross net shot and that is hit straight to the net. Singaporeans are 2 points away from taking the first game. India meanwhile get a point and that comes from the longest rally of the match, 24 shots. 17-19
  • Loh-Terry are running away with the game here!! Seven points on the trot. 15-18
  • Five in a row for the SIngapore pair. They were 11-15 down but now has a one point lead over India. 15-16
  • Three consecutive points for Loh-Terry as they steadily close in on the Indians. Make that four as the scores are level at 15-15
  • Now that is sloppy from the Singaporeans, Terry needs to stay on his foot if they are to make a comeback in this game. Indians now with a four point lead. 15-11
  • Loh slowly lofts the shuttle and a smash from Arjun hits the net. But the Indians get the next point with a Dhruv smash aimed at a grounded Terry. 14-11
  • Arjun and Dhruva are are steadily creeping away here. It’s 12-10 now
  • Arjun-Dhruv are in the lead at the interval of first round!! 11-9
  • The Indians have found a way past the Singaporean pair as they take a 2-point lead with an excellent display of defense and lofted shots. 10-8
  • Terry gets 2 lofted shots from the Indians and he pounces on them, playing an exquisite smash that leaves Arjun-Dhruv baffled. 6-8
  • It’s all even now as Terry’s shot goes beyond the back boundary line and its 6 all now
  • That is some top class display of shots there as Loh lobs the shuttle with subtle power which lands just out of reach of Dhruv on the right. 4-5
  • The Indians pick 2 consecutive points but the Singaporeans pull one back to restore parity. 2-2
  • Loh will start the proceedings as he picks a quick point with a cross court shot that falls wide of Dhurv. 0-1
  • The players are warmed up and we are underway!
  • Both these pairs come in with big wins in round two and whoever wins the match, will progress to the quarterfinals for the first time

Next up: Arjun-Dhruv vs Loh-Terry

The first match involving Indians though, will happen on court 1 after the women’s singles match where Dhruv Kapila and M.R. Arjun take on Hee Yong Kai Terry and Loh Kean Hean of Singapore. Will the Indians, like yesterday, be on the top of their game and produce yet another upset? Let’s wait and watch.

  • Li is currently leading 11-8 at the first game’s interval
  • Itanon takes the second game 21-16 and we are in for a thriller of a third game
  • Second game as well is a closely fought battle as the scores are level at 8-8
  • Li let her five point lead slip away but came out on top 25-23 in what proved to be a humdinger of a contest!
  • Li here, is in a five point lead against Intanon. The scoreline reads 18-13 and the Canadian will probably walk away with the game considering her form from the start. Intanon with an impressive run of form, collects six consecutive points and this is turning out to be a nail-biter and the scores are level at 21-21!

On court 2, thirteenth seeded Canada’s Michelle Li will take on Ratchanok Intanon of Thailand who is seeded eighth. The Thai international has a huge upper hand on the Canadian with six wins in seven meetings. Intanon, in the second round yesterday, beat her compatriot Phittayaporn Chaiwan while Li defeated Hong Kong’s Yip Pui Yin to reach here.

  • And she’s done it and boy what a domination! An Se Young is through to the quarterfinals as she beats Beiwan Zhang 21-12, 21-10
  • Se Young riding on the first game confidence, is cruising through in the second game as well. The south Korean is leading 18-7 and it seems like we’ll get to see Dhruv-Arjun in action very soon!
  • Se Young is on a roll, she is currently leading 18-10 and has been in complete control of the first game so far. And rightly so, Se Young pockets the first game 21-12.

The first match of the day, on court 1, is between third seeded South Korean An Se Young and sixteenth seed Beiwan Zhang of America. They both have faced each other once before and Se Young emerged victorious.

Day four of World badminton championships will have four matches involving Indians.

Day 4 Indians in action
M.R. Arjun-Dhruv Kapila vs Hee Yong Kai Terry-Loh Kean Hean
Busanan Ongbamrungphan vs Saina Nehwal
Jeppe Bay-Lasse Molhede vs Satwiksairaj Rankireddy-Chirag Shetty
Lakshya Sen vs H.S. Prannoy

On day three, India’s first win came via Arjun Kapila and M.R. Arjun, who produced a scintillating performance to upset eighth seeds Kim Astrup and Anders Rasmussen 21-17, 21-16 in straight sets. The Indian pair will face Singapore’s Hee Yong Kai terry and Loh Kean hean.

That was followed by Lakshya Sen’s 21-11, 21-15 victory over Spain’s Luis Enrique Penalver.

Later in the day, Unseeded H.S. Prannoy rose above expectations to shut the door on crowd favourite and two-time former world champion Kento Momota 21-17, 21-16 to advance to the third round. It will be an all Indian match-up as Lakshya will take on Prannoy in bid to reach the quarterfinals.

Saina Nehwal, who got a direct qualification to third round from round one after her opponent Nazomi Okuhara pulled out of the competition due to injury, will also be seen in action on day 4. She will face Thailand’s Busanan Ongbamrungphan. They both have faced each other seven times in the past and the Thai internation has the upper hand with four wins aginst the former World No.1.

In case you’re wondering where to watch the matches live, here’s the answer:

The live streaming of the BWF World Championships 2022 will be available in India on Voot Select and JioTV. You can also watch it live on Sports 18.

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