PBL: North Eastern Warriors vs Mumbai Rockets

Catch the highlights from today's PBL match between North Eastern Warriors and Mumbai Rockets.

Updated : Dec 27, 2018 23:13 IST

Saina Nehwal will be hoping to lead North Eastern Warriors to a win of the season today.
Saina Nehwal will be hoping to lead North Eastern Warriors to a win of the season today.

Saina Nehwal will be hoping to lead North Eastern Warriors to a win of the season today.

Good evening, welcome to Sportstar 's live coverage of today's Premier Badminton League (PBL) tie between North Eastern Warriors and Mumbai Rockets.

That's all we have for you today. Do join us tomorrow for all the live action and updates.

Hyderabad Hunters will take on Awadhe Warriors on Friday and the former which tops the table will start as favourites.

North East jump up the table and is now on fourth while Mumbai is on third in the points table.


15-7 That's the match and Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung pull back in the decider as Mumbai Rockets pocket one point. North East 4 - Mumbai 1.

14-7 Match point for Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung.

13-5 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung extend their lead and with an eight points difference North Eastern Warriors have a tough job in their hands.

11-5 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung hold on to their six point lead and this could well be Mumbai's game to win.

8-2 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung seem to be in control of the match and the duo has used the court well, playing good smashes and pushing their opponents deeper.

5-1 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung have taken a four point lead and the Mumbai Rockets are looking good in the decider.


0-0 Final game of the match.

15-13 North Eastern Warriors win the second game which means we will be heading into the decider.

14-12 Game point for Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung.

11-12 After 25 rallies Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung finally close in the lead.

11-8 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong are closing in on their second game.

7-9 Rockets are flying back into the game and Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung are looking good.

5-9 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung change their strategy as the duo have reduced their smashes and are now pushing their opponents on the backfoot.

8-3 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong have maintained the lead despite a fightback from their opponents.

3-6 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung have reduced the deficit with some beautiful drop shots.

5-1 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong have taken a vital lead and the duo is clearly on top.

3-1 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong have begun well as they are attacking and pushing the opponents deep into the court and the move is paying rich dividends.

The second game is underway.


15-12 First game won by Mumbai Rocket and Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung have been simply fantastic.

14-11 Game point for Mumbai Rockets.

13-11 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung have now taken the lead and the opponents paid the price for two bad referrals.

11-9 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong take a two point lead and this is some serious battle going on at the moment. Hard smashes accompanied by drops.

8-8 Liao Min-chun plays a brilliant smash to level the scores.

8-7 It is promising to be a tight match but Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung have a slight edge at the moment.

7-6 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung are covering the court nicely and Jung with a deft tough helps the shuttle just cross the net.

6-6 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong level the scores with a brilliant winner.

6-5 Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung whack the shuttle hard and with some brilliant smashes have taken a one point lead.

5-5 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong have been spot on with some deft drops and smashes.

5-3 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong quick exchanged and the calibre the duo has shown has been outstanding.

4-4 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong have closed in the gap and the duo has found their rhythm.

4-1 Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong take a point with a brilliant smash from Yeon-seong.

3-0 KIM G J/ JEE YD take a three point lead in what so far has been an amazing contest.

• The final match of the day is the doubles match: Liao Min-chun and Yoo Yeon-seong vs Lee Yong-dae and Kim Ji Jung.

13-15Tian smashes wide and that gives Sameer the game and the match.

13-14 Into the net from Sameer and the lead is reduced.

12-14 Tian fights back but Sameer keeps the lead and has the match point.

10-12 A disguised drop shot from Sameer wins him the point. He jumps, lines up his body for a smash and changes it to a drop shot just before making contact with the shuttle. Tian anticipated the smash and went to the base line but was surprised by the Indian there.

10-11 Another smash from Tian goes wide. Sameer didn't even dive for this unforced error.

9-10 Tian tries to be aggressive but his smash goes wide, past a diving Sameer.

9-9 Another easy point for Tian as Sameer goes way wide on the base line.

8-8 Sameer with a lazy forehand into the net and Tian has levelled the points.

6-8 The easiest of net shots from Sameer and he keeps the lead at the interval.

5-6 Sameer returns the favour and takes a point with a smash.

5-5   A third smash in the row and a third point for Tian.

4-5 Another good smash from Tian, at 322 kmph, to take a point.

3-4 Jump smash from Tian forces Sameer to go well wide.

1-3 Sameer's agility sees him go the ground, take a return and keep going in the middle of the rally. Tian ends it with a tame drop shot that went wide.

0-2 Sameer with the long smash down the line to pick the point.

0-1 Tian smashes into the net and he starts the vital game on the wrong foot.

6-15 And Sameer finishes things in game one. He is flying in this game and has played with confidence. Looks like a straight games win for Mumbai, unless Tian comes back much better in the second game.

6-14 Two errors from Sameer and Tian gets two points. But the Indian has a good lead and can afford a few errors here.

4-14 And Sameer with the smash now to get to gamepoint.

4-13 Another smash down the line from Tian and Sameer dives to get it. He doesn't get to it but this time the point is his as it sailed wide.

4-10 Successful review from Sameer and it's a six point deficit now. The game's going away from Tian here.

4-9 Sameer goes to the ground trying to get to a smash from Tian but it is too quick for him.

3-9 Another drop shot and another point for Sameer.

2-8 Sameer has used the drop shot well through this game and it finally gives him a point. Tian has done well to reach every drop shot so far but he finds himself too far this time. Sameer has breezed through so far, as we head to the interval.

2-7 And Tian makes a backhand error this time.

2-6 Backhand error on the return from Sameer gives Tian a point.

1-6 Sameer is taking charge of the game here. He is moving around the court much better and is getting to everything that Tian has thrown at him.

1-2 The shuttle moved in the air at the last second. Tian left it thinking it was going out but it just lands on the base line.

1-1 Both players start the match with an error.

• Next up is men's singles between Sameer Verma and Tian Houwei.

15-12 That's it and Rituparna wins the match as her skipper Saina Nehwal is all smiles. It was an intense match and Rituparna pockets her second win of the season. Rituparna Das wins the Trump match.

14-12 False serve for Rituparna but she still has the match point intact.

14-11 Match point for Rituparna.

13-11 Rituparna keeps her shot inside the court to take a vital lead.

12-11 Rituparna takes the lead with a cracking shot down the line.

11-11 Shriyanshi levels the game and this has been a wonderful exhibition of drop shots from the youngster.

11-10 Shriyanshi is showing that she can pull this off and that was a poor backhand from Rituparna.

11-9 Good comeback from Shriyanshi.

11-8  Brilliant from Rituparna as she plays a wonderful drop shot to push back Shriyanshi.

10-8 A long rally and that was a cracking cross court shot and Shriyanshi even with a full stretch couldn't stop Rituparna from getting a point.

9-8 Rituparna under pressure and she commits yet another unforced error.

9-7 A bit slower in her hand and Shriyanshi closes in the lead by forcing Rituparna to commit an unforced error.

9-6 Rituparna maintains her three point lead and this time plays a lovely smash.

8-6 A long rally built of defence and Rituparna was dominating but Shriyanshi kept her cool to pocket a point.

8-5 Rituparna plays a wonderful backhand and takes a three point lead.

7-5 Wonderful from Shriyanshi as she pockets a point with a deft drop shot.

7-4 Attacking game pays for Rituparna.

6-4 Rituparna snatches the lead with a brilliant shot and crisp backhand.

5-4 Shriyanshi levels  with a nice backhand and Rituparna has no answer for it.

5-3 No stopping from Rituparna and after an intense rally, she plays a brilliant drop shot.

4-3 Great shot from Rituparna with a glorious smash.

3-3 Shriyanshi levels again and this time with a drop shot.

3-2 Great rally and Rituparna with a smash takes the lead.

2-2 Wonderful from Shriyanshi and she levels with a forehand.

2-1 Good rally and Shriyanshi gets a point with a lovely backhand.

2-0 Longer smashes with crisp drops and Rituparna has another point.

1-0 Rituparna takes the lead and there's lot of positive intent.

All set for the decider.

15-10 That's the game and Rituparna has broken by winning the second game.

14-10 Rituparna at it again with an attacking shot and Shriyanshi needs a miracle to win the game.

13-10 Shriyanshi is back and it's a brilliant shot.

13-9 Rituparna closes in the game with a brilliant net shot.

12-9 Wonderful comeback from Shriyanshi as is closing in the gap, thanks to Rituparna's poor backhand.

12-8 Rituparna gives an easy point.

12-7 Shriyanshi comes back and that's in as the chair umpire confirms after a referral.

12-6 Lovely smash from Rituparna and she has got a six point lead.

11-6 Rituparna takes the lead back from Shriyanshi with a good drop shot.

10-6 Shriyanshi at it again and this time Rituparna commits an unforced error.

10-5 Fantastic shot from Shriyanshi as she closes in the gap.

10-4 Good game from Rituparna and Shriyanshi needs an inspiration.

9-4 Rituparna extends her lead and with a good deception forced Shriyanshi to go for a false shot.

8-4 Shriyanshi is down by four points and Rituparna has certainly upped her game in the second set.

7-4 Rituparna has a three point lead and Shriyanshi needs to close in the match. 

4-1 Finally Shriyanshi gets a point with a drop shot. 

0-4 Fourth error from Shriyanshi and she needs to get her control back.

0-3 Shriyanshi is gifting points and even the third serve is out.

0-2 Shriyanshi needs control and even this one is out.

1-0 Shriyashi plays a false shot and gives Rituparna the first point.

Second game.

12-15 That's game for Shriyanshi and she wins the first one with a lovely smash.

12-14 Rituparna pockets a point but Shriyanshi should pocket the game.

11-14 Rituparna hanging in there but couldn't keep her shot down.

11-13 Good game plan from Rituparna and after a long rally plays a lovely smash to close in the lead.

10-13 Rituparna attacks and it yields results as Shriyanshi makes an unforced error.

9-13 A long shot from Rituparna and it's fallen well outside the line.

8-12 Rituparna has no answers to Shriyanshi's smashes and she has a three point advantage.

8-11 Shriyanshi goes all out attack and Rituparna fails to control her backhand and pays the price.

8-10 Shriyanshi is back in business and that was a poor backhand from Rituparna.

8-9 Patience in the rally has paid off for Rituparna and there was accuracy and precision.

7-9 Rituparna has snatched a point and what a lovely smash it was right on the right of Shreyanshi.

6-9 Shriyanshi angles it very well and with a good drop shot extends her lead.

6-8 Shriyanshi has taken the lead and she has the two point advantage over Rituparna.

4-4 Shriyanshi levels the score again and she has covered the court very nicely and after a long rally, Shreyanshi takes the point.

4-3 Rituparna takes the lead with a brilliant backhand.

3-3 Shriyanshi is catching up very well and the scores are level.

3-2 Rituparna takes the lead once again with a lovely smash.

2-2 Lovely stuff from Shriyanshi as levels the score.

2-1 Rituparna takes the lead with a lovely backhand and Shriyanshi fails to clear the net.

1-1 Rituparna levels the score as Shriyanshi makes an unforced error.

1-0 Shriyanshi takes the first point as Rituparna pays for being over aggressive.

Rituparna Das vs Shriyanshi Pardeshi is the third game of the day.

15-11 Tanongsak takes the point, the game and the match! Antonsen's return goes wide and North Eastern Warriors wins Mumbai Rockets' trump match. That two defeats for Mumbai today.

14-11 Match point to Tanongsak and he goes on a relentless attack to take the point.

13-10 Antonsen makes a last second decision to take the return on the base line and that helps Tanongsak to take yet another smash winner.

11-10 Service error from Tanongsak. Good call from Antonsen to not take the return. Tanongsak asked for a review and, after a lot of discussion between the referee and an official, Antonsen takes the point. Good call and Tanongsak loses the review.

11-9 The shuttle clips the net and lands just inside Antonsen's side. Tanongsak will not mind that and his team celebrates that point.

10-9 Antonsen uses the court well and Tanongsak, with a bad smash for a change, gives away a point.

10-8 Another shot into Antonsen's body and another point for Tanongsak.

9-8 Antonsen can't sneak the shuttle over the net like he wanted and Tanongsak takes the lead.

8-8 A couple of net shots are followed by a smash to the body from Tanongsak and he takes the point.

7-8 But he manages a smash to take the lead into the interval. Tanongsak has done well to stay in the game but Antonsen has played with confidence in the third game, so far, to deservedly stay in the lead.

7-7 Two errors from Antonsen sees Tanongsak tie this game.

4-7 Antonsen manufactures an opening from nothing and this time he dishes out a smash to win the point.

4-5 Antonsen's hands too quick for Tanongsak there. Could barely react before the return went past him.

4-3 Antonsen goes wide for a second time in a few points.  Errors creeping up again?

1-2 Antonsen takes the point with the help of the net. He apologises immediately but he wouldn't mind that. Any point towards winning the trump match is welcomed.

10-15 The games to Antonsen. Another net error from Tanongsak gives Mumbai the second game. Which means, we will have a third game here. Most of Antonsen's points have come from the drop shot while it has been the smash for Tanongsak. Who, and what, will prevail in the third game?

10-14 Far too close and easy on the smash from Tanongsak and he takes the point.

9-14 Net error from Tanongsak and it's game point to Mumbai.

9-13 Fantastic serve from Antonsen and Tanongsak was to defend straight away but his return goes well wide.

9-11 Tanongsak goes back to what has served him well this match - the smash. Three smashes in succession to help reduce the deficit.

7-11 Both players with errors but Antonsen is playing much more intelligently here. He has been reading Tanongsak's strokes much better now.

6-8 Antonsen has answered everything Tanongsak threw at him in this game and he takes the lead into the break. It is Mumbai's trump match and he needs to win this game to force a third one.

6-6 Great athleticism from both players and a 32 shot rally ends with yet another Tanongsak smash, this time cross-court. Antonsen did well to stay in that rally but his opponent is just too strong on catching the loose return and finishing it with a smash.

5-6 Tanongsak is refusing to be slowed down. He comes up yet another point winning smash!

4-5 Tanongsak has been forced to go long and the shuttle goes too long. Antonsen with the best period of play in the match so far.

3-2 A mistake from Tanongsak this time and he turns and scratches his head, literally, at that return.

3-0 Three smashes to both sides of the court and into Antonsen's body helps Tanongsak to a three point lead.

1-0 Tanongsak begins the second game in confident fashion. His drop shot was so late that Antonsen, who was at the net, couldn't get a return. Brilliant stuff.

15-9 Antonsen hits it wide, not for the first time today, and Tanongsak takes the first game.

14-9 Antonsen smashes into Tanongsak's body and takes the point.

14-7 Successful review from Tanongsak sees him move a point away from taking the game.

13-7 Tanongsak ends his service with a shot that went long. Antonsen with the serve next. Can he get back in this game?

12-6 Patient play from Tanongsak. He tires out Antonsen before smashing a winner. A 400+ kmph smash!

11-6 A 32 shot rally ends with Antonsen's return going beyond the base line. Tanongsak is inching closer to taking the first game.

9-6 Antonsen does well to force Tanongsak into a few errors to reduce the gap.

9-3 A smash down the line from Tanongsak to take the point.

8-3 Tanongsak's drop shot forces Antonsen to rush to the net but he doesn't get enough power in the return and the shuttle doesn't get past the net. The game, till now, has been Tanongsak's as we head into the break.

6-3 Antonsen uses the court well on the service return to reduce the gap between them.

5-2 Antonsen is forced to return into the net and Tanongsak steadily increases his lead.

4-2 A loose shot from Antonsen and Tanongsak replies with a jump smash to increase his lead.

2-1 Tanongsak follows a couple of drop shots by going long and retakes the lead.

1-0 Tanongsak with a beautiful drop shot to take the first point of the match.

Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk vs Anders Antonsen is the second match of the day and it is Mumbai Rockets' trump match.

15-13 And that's it! North Eastern Warriors has pulled off the win here. The first game was straightforward but the pair had to fight hard for the second game.

14-13 Kim Gi Jung's return goes into the net and North East has a match point!

12-12 A silly error from Kim Gi Jung sees the team level the points.

10-12 Liao challenges the referee's call. He claims the shuttle went wide and is surprised at the referee's call but replays back up the original decision.

8-10 Liao Min Chun's return goes wide. Good anticipation from Kim Gi Jung to let it go. Too many errors on both teams so far.

7-8 Mumbai with the lead at the break this time. This game has been much closer than the first one but North East was ruthless after the break in the first game. Mumbai needs to make sure it doesn't happen again.

7-7 North East Warriors claw their way back to equal terms.

3-4 What a rally! After 26 shots, it's the North East Warriors who claim the point.

1-1 The first error of the day from Kim Gi Jung sees North East draw parity.

15-6 And North East takes the first set. It has raced away with the set after both teams were on equal footing initially.

14-5 From 5-5, North East has zoomed to a point away from taking the first game. Liao Min Chun has been impressive with his play around the base line.

10-5 Communication error between Pia and Kim Gi Jung see them both leave a simple return to each other. No one gets to it and the shuttle almost sails in slow motion to the ground.

8-4 The momentum is with North East here, taking the lead into the break. The pair have stood tall to everything Kim Gi Jung and Pia Zebadiah Bernadeth have thrown at them.

6-4 Good anticipation from Kim Ha Na to make the return. Mumbai wasn't expecting the return there.

3-2 Pia forces birthday girl Kim Ha Na to make an error to help North East take the lead.

0-1 Good jump smash from Liao to get today's action underway.

• We start the day with the mixed doubles — Liao Min Chun and Kim Ha Na vs Kim Gi Jung and Pia Zebadiah Bernadeth.

• Here is the order of play for today:


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