PBL Season 5: Awadhe Warriors beats Mumbai Rockets 5-0

Catch the live score, commentary, highlights and more from the ninth tie of the Lucknow leg of Premier Badminton League (PBL) Season 5 between Awadhe Warriors and Mumbai Rockets.

Updated : Jan 28, 2020 22:44 IST , Lucknow

Vincent Wong Wing Ki broke the trump for Awadhe Warriors to beat 
Hyderabad's Daren Liew comprehensively in straight sets on Sunday.
Vincent Wong Wing Ki broke the trump for Awadhe Warriors to beat Hyderabad's Daren Liew comprehensively in straight sets on Sunday.

Vincent Wong Wing Ki broke the trump for Awadhe Warriors to beat Hyderabad's Daren Liew comprehensively in straight sets on Sunday.



15-14 The decider point goes in favour of Awadhe. We haven't had a better match in the PBL, this season, for sure! Mumbai goes home without a point from today's contest.

14-14 Can Mumbai pull one back, as has been the custom for the last five points? And there you go, they do it!

13-12 Unlucky for Sa Rang and Gi Jung as the bird just catches the tape of the net and trickles down.

11-11 Unforced error from Sung Hyun, as a flatter shot crashes against the net, and the momentum continues to swing either way like a pendulum.

10-10 And it is back on level terms, 10-apiece. They are trading blows here. Sa Rang's smash finds no takers at the other end of the court.

8-8 Error from Sa Rang, who finds the net, yet again. The pressure continues to build.

7-8 Oh, that is simply gorgeous from Sa Rang! Feigns a smash but keeps it low and tight across the court. Baek Cheol is unable to make it on time.

7-6 Sa Rang plays it quick into the opponent's body, and suddenly the deficit of four points is down to one.

6-2 Another point in favour! And Sung Hyun and Baek Cheol have really began flexing their muscles now.

4-2 Gi Jung plays this one with soft hands, but unfortunately, it finds the net.

2-2 Four smashes and Sung Hyun's last of those, directed towards Gi Jung's chest, hardly gave the latter room to explore.

1-0 Mumbai bags the first point in the final game of the night, as Sung Hyun punches it way below the net.


15-10 An unforced error from Sa Rang sees the tie move into the decider game. There's still work to be done for both the sides.

13-10 A poor lift from Sa Rang makes it all too easy for Awadhe to put away.

11-9 Sa Rang snaps one down but finds the net again! Baek Cheol and Sung Hyun have really improved since the first game.

8-6 Defensively, Mumbai was continuously being pushed right to the brim until Gi Jung lunged forward to take one close to the net. Awadhe, very tactfully sends in a smash, which sees no takers.

5-5 The second game is turning out to be very similar to the first one, with both the sides breathing down each other's necks.

3-4 Sa Rang's wood shot flies wide. Point to Awadhe!

2-3 Sa Rang has been all over the court today. This time, he resorts to a powerful backhand flick to get things going his way.

1-1 Mumbai's Gi Jung charges down the court with multiple straight pushes, and ultimately brings back a point, sending one down midcourt.


14-15 And Mumbai bags the decider point! All set for Game 2 now.

12-12 And just like that Awadhe Warriors have bounced right back into the game, thanks to a super-effective performance from Sungh Hyun and Baek Cheol.

10-12 Sung Hyun inflicts another! A super rally sees fast exchanges between the men, but Awadhe has the last laugh. What a well-placed shot!

8-12 Big smash from Sung Hyun from the front court. He has overall been a bit quite today.

5-10 Unlucky! Sa Rang gets himself the perfect elevation to rain down a thundering smash onto the opponents' court but he gets trapped in the net instead.

3-9 Gi Jung, tricked into rushing up towards the net, faces the consequences of the move as the shuttle floats over his shoulder to land in the backcourt.

3-7 0.29 seconds was all it took for Sa Rang to return one flat into the right end of the opponent's court.

2-4 Mumbai wouldn't want to be the first side this season, to end pointless, at the end of the tie. They need to pull off a win here, somehow.



15-7 What a win! Ajay lost the first game, but what a comeback this has been. It was almost as if Lee had thrown in his towel in the dying moments of the match.

12-7 Three points away from taking the encounter, Ajay's got wind in his sails now. The 32-year-old is making life very difficult for Lee.

9-7 A late serve and Ajay undoes Lee with it. He swings hard and the birdie's out of play.

8-7 Three points in succession for the Korean, putting the pressure back on Awadhe.

8-5 Ajay concedes a point with an unsuccessful drop that falls into the net.

8-4 Lovely smash again! 332 kph this time. Down the line and he  is just seven points away from the win.

7-4 Another drop! Another point and a smile! Ajay has been troubling Lee all encounter long with this shot and Lee can only smile. He knows his opponent has been a smart operator.

6-4 Quick response from Lee! A jab back on the forehand and Ajay was headed the wrong way. Hence, he was off balance and hit the return out of bounds.

6-3 Brilliant overhead smash from Ajay and a diving Lee cannot get there on time.

5-3 Just a little too much there! An over head cross court drop shot falls just wide.

5-2 GIFT! Ajay gifts a point to Lee with another unforced error.

5-1 Even better from Ajay! He is looking mighty good in this decider! A 334 kmph smash down the line. It was a huge jump smash and that speaks volumes of his rhythm and confidence right now

4-1 Sheer exprience at show from Ajay! Waits for the error from Lee before inching ahead to a three-point lead. Lovely tumble there.

2-1 The drop shot has spelt doom for Lee today. Yet another one from the Indian, just when Lee was going in the opposite direction.

1-0 And Ajay starts off from where he left in the second game. Brilliant!


15-6 Ajay takes game two 15-6 and what a comeback this has been for Awadhe!

14-6 Delightful drop from Ajay. A point away now!

13-6 Another regulation return falls just long. He has challenged the call and the review shows that the on-court decision was wrong. The shuttle lands on the line and it's a successful review.

11-6 Just four points away from bagging game two. First, he draws Lee forward with a cross court drop and then makes the most of a poor return with a smash. Smart badminton from the Indian. Even better? The execution.

10-6 Short lift and an easy put away from Ajay! A 334 kmph smash down the line. Brutal.

9-6 Another unforced error. Regulation return is sent long.

9-5 RALLY OF THE MATCH? Stand, rise and applaud! Incredible badminton from both players. Ajay showed great composure to defend while Lee kept unleashing vicious smashes. Then Ajay executes a great drop to draw Lee forward before applying the finishing touch.

8-5 Inch-perfect! A poor return from Ajay and Lee punishes him with a fierce smash to the Indian's bodyline.

8-4 WIDE! Lee's down the line return lands out of bounds and it's a four-point lead for the Indian now. After being brushed aside in the first game, Ajay looks well on course to forcing a decider.

7-4 Ajay with a brilliant winner. Sets up for a big smash and plays a brilliant drop.

6-4 Good defensive play from both players. Smashes to the body were returned with good precision before Lee played a simple return wide of the side line.

5-4 Unforced error from Ajay! A long rally, which required both players to cover the court extensively, ends with a simple return from Ajay falling just wide.

5-3 The sliced drop works yet again. Ajay did well execute the drop down the line and Lee was just too late to react.

4-3 Lovely drop from Ajay! The shuttle clips the taping and just falls over.

3-3 Just long from Ajay! Lee draws Ajay towards the net with a drop shot but the return form the Indian falls just long of the baseline.

2-2 Much better from Ajay as this time, he smashes it down the line to lee's backhand, whose return fails to cross over the net.

1-2 Make that two in a row.

1-1 Next point, he commits an unforced error. Plays a drop shot into the net.

1-0 Good start from Ajay. A down the line smash gets the better of Lee.

Lee to serve first.


12-15 Lee executes a smash straight into the body of Ajay. Will he be able to help Mumbai bag its first point tonight?

11-14 Ajay looks so much more convincing now, making Lee rush to all corners of the court. But, is it too late already?

9-13 A nice drop from Ajay, close to the net, as he continues to display flashes of brilliance throughout the tie.

7-12 Ajay, moving backwards, plays an unorthodox shot. The push, however, sees the shuttle float off court.

6-10 Ajay, in two minds, about that last return. Couldn't control it as Lee whips in a scorcher from the net.

5-9 Ajay Jayaram effectively uses his wrist to cut through to the right end of the court.

4-8 Smash-lift-smash-lift, went the rally, with Lee still on the defensive, after which Ajay pocketed a point with a half-smash.

3-6 Good angle on that one, Ajay! Had Lee on the ropes for almost the whole of that rally, and strategically switched the angle to go cross-court.

1-4 Lee playing a defensive game here, at Lucknow. He continuously keeps tossing it high up, waiting for Ajay to commit an error, at the other end.

1-2 Smart push from Ajay Jayaram, who intentionally plays it late, and swiftly changes the direction of the face of the racket. He is known to be a smart customer at the net.

0-1 Ajay Jayaram's service. Lee gets the first point.


15-10 Vincent has broken an opponent's trump, yet again. And after Hyderabad's Daren Liew, it is Parupalli Kashyap, who hasn't won a match yet, in this season of the PBL. Awadhe puts up an unassailable 3-0 lead, with two matches to go.

13-10 Kashyap thankfully gets one back home, courtesy a smash. He needs to win the trump match, otherwise it will be all over the visitor here.

12-9 Kashyap lets it float over his shoulder, as he misjudges the power on the shot. Unlucky for the Mumbai captain, though, as it lands inside.

11-9 Some terrific net play from Vincent. Keeps it low and a number of shots later, Kashyap gives in. Onto the net!

9-9 Is that out from Vincent? He wants it to be called in. He reviews. The replay says out. Unsuccessful for the Warriors.

Better from Kashyap. Goes on the offensive. Creeps in to play a great net shot to put in the back corner. Kashyap needs to take risks. A simple game brings no one nothing

Unforced error from Kashyap as he goes wide just by the net.

If Vincent can win this game going forward, he also wins the match, which means the scoreline will read 3-0. If Kashyap pulls off something special to win this game, the scoreline will read 2-3. The possibilities are exciting.

Vincent enters the break with a hard-fought lead here, after a drop shot helps break the tie in points.

Kashyap retaliates. Gets one away from Vincent close to the net.

Incredible cross court shot from Vincent, close to the net. Kashyap can do nothing. Awadhe players are on their feet to cheer him on.

Vincent might stand to lose a point here as his shot goes a little too long here. But the review says no. Kashyap loses a review. Vincent gains one at the other end.

Cross from Vincent to Kashyap's right. He's on the left. Too wide. Point to Kashyap. Had that been in, Kashyap would have missed without doubt

Kashyap equalises. He brings Vincent on all fours first to try and reach a drop shot to the corner. Vincent regains balance and the rally continues but a return from Vincent eventually float just a little wide off the line. 27 shots

Vincent takes the lead with a lovely smash down the court.

That's out in the right corner from Kashyap. Vincent needs to do barely anything to equalise here.

Stroke of luck for Kashap there. His return hits the tape but bounces over to the right side and Vincent can't reach it to return.

Better from Kashyap as his cross court flick is too far away for Vincent to get to on time.

Wide from Vincent. His racquet has snapped. He looked at his racquet mid game and realised there's something wrong and that broke his concentration there.

Back to regular programming as Vincent extends his lead with a drop shot from the mid court are

A watchful Vincent gets it wrong. He thinks Kashyap has gone wrong but he gets it within the line to take a point off the Awadhe Warriors

Vincent flicks one across the net but Kashyap's return finds the net and bounces back

Rally to begin game 2. Lapse of concentration there from Kashyap as he misses a shot he reached on time.


Game 1 neatly wound up by Vincent. A smash to seal it too. Kashyap has a few seconds to pull his act together. Remember its his trump match and a loss will mean -1 points.

Smashed by Vincent. Attacking really well here he is. And that sets up game point.

Long from Vincent. Kashyap takes a point.

Shot across the court. Goes too long in the corner from the Indian. Has Kashyap given up here?

12-7 Kashyap tries the tumble again and gets it wrong again. Vincent is being steady but the unforced errors from Kashyap looks like it will cost him this game.

11-7 Another pumped fist from Vincent because Kashyap has netted again from across the court. Four-point lead now.

Cross court flick along the net on the backhand here from Vincent which Kashyap can't clear over the net.

Kashyap finds homself drawn in to the rally here. 25 shots and a nice low-height half smash finds Kashyap hitting one back into the net.

Rally again. 21 shots. Vincent looked like he was in a hurry to finish this rally. He smashes one down the court but Kashyap dives to return, Vincent then flicks if gently across the net and Kashyap nets the return.

Kashyap tumbles on across the net. Vincent can't lift it high enough to cross the net.

Vincent will not be enticed into a rally. Strong smash down the court to take a point here

Kashyap goes too long and gives Vincent the equaliser

Vincent messes a 18-shot rally by going too wide off the flanks. He is disappointed wit himself there for that error.

Kashyap equalises with some smart play by the net. The key is to slow down the pace and go the subtle way. It's working for him so far. The super smash not seen yet.

Nice netplay from Kashyap, Vincent's return falls back on his side of the court.

Engaging rally this and Kashyap tries to match Vincent's pace sending one to the middle of the body. It finds Vincent on the wrong foot.

Lovely cross court smash from Vincent to increase the lead

Lapse of concentration there from Kashyap? Seems a lot like the previous game here for Kashyap

Vincent sends a half volley over and Kashyap's return finds the net.

2-2 A few points claimed on either end here but ends with a 20-shot rally that ends in Kashyap's favour

0-1 Kashyap dives to the right and Vincent grabs the golden opportunity to rain one down on the left of the court.



15-4 Zhang makes short work of Kuhoo, ending it all with a smash! The home side takes the trump match.

14-4 Almost a replay of Zhang's 13th point. On the net, again!

13-3 Kuhoo's frontcourt lift finds the net. One point to Awadhe!

11-3 And the same story, again! Zhang makes Kuhoo reach out, but the latter fails to put it away.

7-2 And... backcourt. That is the second point for Kuhoo, who is scoring only when Zhang is committing unforced errors. Says a lot about the match. It is all happening too quickly! The heatmap speaks volumes too: While Zhang is concentrating much of her game in the midcourt, Kuhoo has been made to run all around, mostly along the diagonal corners.

1-1 Kuhoo takes one back after Zhang misfires cross-court into the left alley.


15-3 Zhang has demolished Kuhoo Garg in the first game. This is turning out to be a no-contest.

10-3 Zhang makes the double digits after making Kuhoo run along extreme ends of the court again. She rushes in to get to a net drop but miscues it. OUT!

6-1 Zhang continues to bother Kuhoo, who specialises in the doubles format. The court coverage, in each case, is very different and that shows, as well. Kuhoo is finding it extremely difficult to get under most of Zhang's returns. This contest should bring two easy points for the home team.

3-1 Kuhoo bags the first point after Zhang gets to drop one in the alley.

1-0 Chair umpire Shailesh Kulkarni asks Mumbai Rockets to serve. And the first point goes Zhang's way after Kuhoo misfires to land the shuttle out of bounds.



14-15 Game point for Awadhe. Match point for Mumbai. Which way will it go? And Pia gets the job done against the champion pairing of Ko Sung Hyun and Christinna Pedersen after a 33-shot rally! Pia's net play, sure is, impeccable.

13-13 Sung Hyun has the booming smashes going. He fires one straight down, leaving Pia with no room to play it back.

10-11 Tough timing! Sa Rang's racket clashes with Pia's. She tries to put it away with a broken racket, but finds the net instead.

8-11 An unforced error from Pedersen gives Mumbai a three-point lead now. One too many of those today.

8-10 And that flies off wide, as Pedersen looks to get it low on the right. One point to Mumbai!

7-8 Pia not at all happy with her last effort. You cannot afford to give Pedersen and Sung Hyun an opening. She cuts one towards the right, but the bird crashes onto the net.

6-8 Pia pounds one down to take a lead of two points. Sung Hyun dives, but it is all in vain.

5-7 Awadhe has committed eight unforced errors compared to just the one of Mumbai.

4-5 Pederson lures in both Pia and Sa Rang to the left before firing another one midcourt. One point!

1-3 That is beautifully done! Perfectly done, rather. Sa Rang gives himself the required elevation and dispatches a thundering power smash cross-court. Awadhe couldn't possibly do anything about it.

1-0 Awadhe takes the point! But what a diving move from Sa Rang! Throws himself in front of the net to lift an almost hairpin net shot. Pedersen, however, reacts in time to put it away.


9-15 Pia uses the frontcourt to hammer down another smash, as Mumbai takes the first game, clean and easy!

9-13 A four-point cushion it is for the Rockets. Pia is so handy at the frontcourt! This was a 19-shot rally, which saw Awadhe resorting to an aggressive gameplay. Pia and Sa Rang met all the smashes calmly before Pia drives one, just along the line of the net.

9-10 Sa Rang rains down a 317 kph smash down the midline! Pedersen and Sung Hyun were left searching for answers.

7-8 Pedersen just finds the line after a misjudgement on Pia's part who lets the shuttle drop. The latter thought it was flying out. The Danish shuttler is all pumped!

4-7 Smart work from Sa Rang as he has the last laugh after a 17-shot rally! We see some great net-play but Sa Rang does the wonderful job of drawing in Sung Hyun to the right before sending in a scorcher to the left in no man's land.

3-4 Sa Rang lifts one from close to the right alley, but he doesn't get the direction right, this time, as the birdie floats out of play.

1-0 Chair umpire Madhavan N introduces the players. Mumbai Rockets take the first serve and and the first point of the evening, as well, after we see an unforced error coming from Sung Hyun early into the encounter.






Awadhe Warriors will look to capitalise on home advantage and bounce back to form when the side takes on the Mumbai Rockets on the final day of its home leg at the Premier Badminton League on Tuesday.

With both coming off a loss in their last tie, it will be a stern test of nerves for the two teams.

The Awadhe Warriors suffered a 1-2 loss at the hands of Hyderabad Hunters while the Rockets went down 2-5 to the Pune 7 Aces in their previous outings.

Having begun its campaign on a high with a gritty 4-3 victory over the North Eastern Warriors, Awadhe Warriors was aiming to continue its winning streak but the Hunters proved to be too strong.

Despite the outcome not going its way, it had a few positives coming out of the match.

Ko Sung Hyun and Shin Baek Cheol's partnership is growing stronger day by day. The pair, who won three BWF titles last year, have taken their confidence into the league and remain unbeaten so far.

Former World No. 10 Wong Wing Ki Vincent gave an effortless display in front of the roaring home fans while Subhankar Dey's stamina and tenacity impressed one and all.

The Warriors also have World No. 14 Beiwen Zhang in their ranks.

"Our last match did not go our way but that hasn't dampened our spirit. The crowd support here has been fantastic. We are looking forward to finishing our home leg with a win," said Zhang.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Rockets will be gunning for its first victory of the season after a disappointing start for the former runner-up that saw it lose to the high-flying Chennai Superstarz and the Pune 7 Aces.

In its two outings so far, it has accumulated just three wins.

Parupalli Kashyap's performance has stood out in spite of the former World No. 6 not being able to stitch together a win.

A tight three-game loss to Tommy Sugiarto was followed by a close defeat to Pune's Loh Kean Yew.

(With inputs from PTI)

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