PBL, As it Happened: North Eastern Warriors beats Mumbai Rockets 5-2

Follow the score, commentary and updates from the second tie of a double-header Thursday in PBL between Mumbai Rockets and North Eastern Warriors.

Updated : Jan 30, 2020 22:36 IST

Parupalli Kashyap lost his fourth successive match of PBL 2020 as Mumbai Rockets was defeated 2-5 by the North Eastern Warriors.
Parupalli Kashyap lost his fourth successive match of PBL 2020 as Mumbai Rockets was defeated 2-5 by the North Eastern Warriors.

Parupalli Kashyap lost his fourth successive match of PBL 2020 as Mumbai Rockets was defeated 2-5 by the North Eastern Warriors.


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With this win, North Eastern Warriors moves up to third with 13 points in the PBL 2020 points table above Bengaluru Raptors and Awadhe Warriors.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Rockets is in a spot of bother with just seven points so far. Only Hyderabad Hunters is behind it in the PBL standings.


Mumbai Rockets 7 - 15 North Eastern Warriors: Eight consecutive points from Tanongsak to win another match for his side. Lee and the Mumbai Rockets haven't had much success tonight.

7 - 13: Tanongsak can't lose the match now. He's been the superior player right from the start of this clash.

7 - 9: Another wonderful rally here. Tanongsak was on the defence throughout but he has turned the tables. Lee with a lose shot gifts the North East star the point he should have won.

6 - 6: Tanongsak is gifting points and then scoring some for himself. This is Lee's cue to up his intensity and go full on attack.

4 - 4: Lee has made too many unforced errors so far. He needs to execute his shots better. Tanongsak, on the other hand, has been spot on with most of his shots.

Mumbai Rockets 2 - 2 North Eastern Warriors: For the first time in this match, Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk and Lee Dong Keun have the same number of points. They've played some long rallies in this game already.

GAME - 2

Mumbai Rockets 10 - 15 North Eastern Warriors: North East's Tanongsak draws first blood and seals the first game 15-10 against Lee of the Mumbai Rockets.

8 - 12: Still a four-point lead for Tanongsak. Lee hasn't been attacking in the first game and that has been the reason for his downfall. Tanongsak hasn't looked troubled at any point of this game.

6 - 10: The problem with Tanongsak is that he follows up an error with a string of others. This could be an opening for Lee.

4 - 8: Tanongsak with some amazing drops here. He is dominating Lee right now with better movement on the court.

3 - 5: Close game so far. Lee Dong Keun is putting up a fight. However, Tanongsak holds a crucial two-point lead.

Mumbai Rockets 1 - 3 North Eastern Warriors: Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk, being a PBL veteran, might just edge out the win in this match.

GAME - 1


Lee Dong Keun (Mumbai Rockets) vs Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk (North Eastern Warriors).

Now, we move on to the final match of the tie which will be a men's singles.

Mumbai Rockets 15 - 8 North Eastern Warriors: And finally Mumbai Rockets open its account in this tie. Kim Sa Rang and Kim Gi Jung come up with a flawless performance.

13 - 8: Mumbai Rockets is close to winning its trump match here. Yong Dae and Krishna Prasad are clearly losing the plot.

11 - 7: Gi Jung and Sa Rang are maintaining that four-point lead over their North East opponents with some quick reflexes.

9 - 5: Yong Dae and Krishna Prasad are coming up with some insane smashes here, especially the latter but it is still Mumbai's game to lose.

8-2: At the break, Mumbai has a six-point lead. Kim Sa Rang's body-line smash at Krishna yields dividends as the Indian nets the return.

5-0: As quick as The Flash, is Kim Sa Rang. Hops to the other side of the court, intercepts the loopy return and pus the point to bad with a quick, cross-court jab.

3-0: Make that three as Gi Jung's dribble at the net is missed completely by Krishna.

Mumbai Rockets 1 - 0 North Eastern Warriors: Lee's service return travels wide and the first point goes to the Kims.

GAME - 2

Kim Gi Jung & Kim Sa Rang win the first game 15-9.

Mumbai Rockets 15 - 9 North Eastern Warriors: What an easy first game that was. Sa Rang, known for his defensive prowess, keeps out a fierce smash before Gi Jung provides the finishing touch with a smash of his own at the net.

14-9: Game point to the Kims.

13-9: Gi Jung showing incredible wrist work. A late backhand flick from the baseline.

12-9: Lee chips in with quick hands at the net and reduces the deficit. A couple of smashes from close distance and the point to North Eastern.

12-8: Kim Gi Jung with a brutal smash from the back and Krishna had no answers to that.

11-7: Another wonderful smash from Krishna. The return from the opposite end falls wide.

10-6: Good work from Krishna. Forces an error from the opposition, which sends the return long.

10-4: Two consecutive down the line smashes and the pair is not too far away from bagging game 1.

Mumbai Rockets 8 - 3 North Eastern Warriors: The Mumbai duo of Kum Gi Jung and Kim Sa Rang have started strongly here.

GAME - 1

Kim Gi Jung & Kim Sa Rang (Mumbai Rockets) vs Krishna Prasad & Lee Yong Dae (North Eastern Warriors).

Mumbai's trump match is next!

11 - 15: North Eastern Warriors have taken an unassailable lead in the tie with Lee Cheuk Yiu beating Parupalli Kashyap.

10 - 14: Kashyap with some late resistance here. But it's still Cheuk Yiu's game to lose.

7 - 13: Eight straight points for Lee Cheuk Yiu now. Kashyap has no answers to the North East man's heavy hitting. That last smash was 386 kmph.

7 - 9: Cheuk Yiu comes up with some fantastic smashes to get the lead. Kashyap is looking concerned now as we head into the break.

7 - 5: Kashyap is looking confident now. He is able to get the better of Cheuk Yiu on the attack as well.

5 - 3: Kashyap with a two-point lead now. The long-rally trick is working out for the Mumbai Rockets shuttler.

Mumbai Rockets 2 - 2 North Eastern Warriors: There are phases in the match that Lee Cheuk Yiu just switches off. Kashyap is still exhibiting a defensive style.

GAME - 2

Mumbai Rockets 12 - 15 North Eastern Warriors: Lee Cheuk wins the first game against Parupalli Kashyap.

12 - 14: CHALLENGE SUCCESSFUL FOR KASHYAP AS HE STAYS IN THIS GAME. Cheuk Yiu was confident that the shuttle was out but the end result doesn't favour him.

11 - 13: Kashyap is mounting a comeback with some terrific forehand winners of his own. He's going on the defensive to draw Cheuk Yiu into making mistakes as well.

8 - 12: Cheuk Yiu is kind of running away with this. Kashyap is getting wrongfooted way too often. North Eastern Warriors might take an unassailable lead in this tie soon. 

7 - 9: Not many unforced errors from both sides of the net in this match. But Cheuk Yiu is still holding the advantage due to his inch-perfect winners.

5 - 7: Cheuk Yiu restores his two-point lead with some nicely-directed slices. Kashyap is being made to work a lot here.

4 - 4: Kashyap is slowly gaining momentum here. He's come up with some brilliantly placed smashes to tackle the quickness of Cheuk Yiu.

Mumbai Rockets 1 - 3 North Eastern Warriors: Lee Cheuk Yiu has started off brightly. He is quick with his footwork. And above all, he outsmarting Kashyap with tricky shots.

GAME - 1


Parupalli Kashyap (Mumbai Rockets) will take on Lee Cheuk Yiu (North Eastern Warriors).

We have the men's singles next!

Mumbai Rockets 11 - 15 North Eastern Warriors: Point, Game and Match goes to Michelle Li as North Eastern Warriors take a 3-0 lead in the tie over the Mumbai Rockets. Hats off to the effort from Shreyanshi Pardeshi.

11 - 13: Michelle is leading in spite of playing a miserable game so far. A weakened Shreyanshi has caused a bit of headache for her opponent tonight.

9 - 11: Michelle Li takes back the lead. She is playing it long to tire Shreyanshi out and she is succeeding to an extent with that.

8 - 8: The crowd is getting behind Shreyanshi. She has executed some crisp smashes and delicate drops in the last few points.

6 - 6: Scores tied!!! Shreyanshi on a comeback trail once again. Michelle Li is making her run a lot but she looks unaffected by that.

3 - 5: Michelle is executing some wonderful unreturnable 300-plus km smashes here. Two-point lead for the player from North Eastern Warriors.

Mumbai Rockets 2 - 2 North Eastern Warriors: Michelle came up with a couple of horrendous serves. Shreyanshi is looking much better now as she attempts to claw her way back into this match.

GAME - 2

Mumbai Rockets 9 - 15 North Eastern Warriors: She takes some extra time but Michelle Li seals the first game 15-9. Shreyanshi did put up an amazing fight despite the injury.

8 - 13: Six straight points for Shreyanshi now! That last drop shot was top notch. Michelle is paying the price for some lacklustre shots.

5 - 13: Three consecutive points for Shreyanshi. She is denying the inevitable by playing some wonderful badminton, especially with her backhand.

2 - 13: Shreyanshi is just staying in this game. She has exhibited some better movement now.

1 - 11: Finally Shreyanshi gets her first point as Michelle misses her mark. Can the Mumbai Rockets player capitalise on this?

0 - 8: Michelle has claimed eight quick points so far. She is hardly breaking a sweat. Shreyanshi is struggling here. She should have possibly sat out this tie as well. 

Mumbai Rockets 0 - 4 North Eastern Warriors: Michelle Li is already running away with this. Shreyanshi's left leg is heavily strapped and she is finding it difficult to move around right now.

GAME - 1


Shreyanshi Pardeshi (Mumbai Rockets) vs Michelle Li (North Eastern Warriors). This encounter will be North East's trump match.

Next up, we move on to the Women's Singles!

Mumbai Rockets 10 - 15 North Eastern Warriors: The Warriors seal the first point of the tie! Few more consecutive points won by Yong Dae and Ha Na as they complete the formalities.

10 - 12: North East with three straight points. Ha Na and Yong Dae are complementing eash other to perfection. Sa Rang and Pia are made to run everywhere now.

10 - 9: Some eye-catching badminton on display now. However, the unforced errors continue.

9 - 7: Mumbai now has a two-point lead! Sa Rang you beauty! He has one more match (men's doubles) to go and he might be the player of the tie already. All this comes after a slow start to the match.

7 - 7: Longest rally of the match so far - 26 shots. Pia is pushing the North East pair on the backfoot now. High quality, high octane action from both teams after two one-sided games. 

5 - 5: Scores are even once again. There's been nothing to separate the teams this game. Both sides have reduced the errors to a large extent.

2 - 4: CHALLENGE UNSUCCESSFUL FOR FOR MUMBAI!! North East Warriors with a two-point lead now. Yong Dae is using all of his experience to get the better of the in-form Sa Rang.

Mumbai Rockets 2 - 2 North Eastern Warriors: That was a good long rally in which Yong Dae and Sa Rang played most of the shots. The Mumbai star had the final laugh with yet another inch-perfect drop.

GAME - 3

Mumbai Rockets 15 - 5 North Eastern Warriors: Sa Rang and Pia take the game into the decider with a loud roar. They weren't troubled a bit this game.

13 - 5: Yong Dae and Ha Na must get their service game back on track somehow. They are letting this slip. Meanwhile, Sa Rang and Pia won't complain as they are cruising towards a game win which will tie the scores.

11 - 4: Nothing can stop Sa Rang right now. He's coming up with brilliant slices and drops. Yong Dae and Ha Na are having no answer to this performance of the Mumbai Rockets star.

8 - 4: Sa Rang is finally getting his act together. He is smashing the hell out of Warriors. Yong Dae looks a bit tired as he is made to move to all ends of the court by the Mumbai duo. They are targeting the Korean veteran.

5 - 3: Mumbai finally bags the lead. A few bad serves from the Warriors were enough for the Rockets to take advantage.

Mumbai Rockets 2 - 2 North Eastern Warriors: The women from both teams have slightly outplayed the men tonight. Ha Na and Pia have made very few mistakes and their duel at the net has been scintillating. Even stevens in the second game.

GAME - 2

Mumbai Rockets 7 - 15 North Eastern Warriors: The North Eastern Warriors pair of Yong Dae and Ha Na claim the first game. Both of them have kept it simple. They've capitalised on mistakes from the their opponents. On the other hand, Sa Rang and Pia need to minimise the errors.

6 - 13: Few easy points go Mumbai's way for a change. Yong Dae should be happy to hear the "Service Over" call from the referee as he wasn't connecting well with his shots for a while.

3 - 12: Sa Rang is having a miserable game. His judgement has let him down big time. He has left at least three Yong Dae shots thinking they were out. But, unfortunately for his side,

3 - 8: We head into the break with the side from North East clearly on top. Both Yong Dae and Ha Na are being fed with easy smashes. At the moment, the match is only going one way.

3 - 5: Pia has upped her net game and Sa Rang is giving her able assistance as Mumbai is making a comeback. A few unforced errors from the North East duo as well.

Mumbai Rockets 0 - 4 North Eastern Warriors: Quick start for the Warriors here. The Mumbai duo looks a bit rusty as well. Yong Dae and Ha Na are having it easy so far.

GAME - 1


The line-ups are here:

Match 1 (Mixed Doubles): Kim Sa Rang & Pia Bernadeth vs Lee Yong Dae & Kim Ha Na.

Match 2 (Women's Singles): Shreyanshi Pardeshi vs Michelle Li (Trump Match).

Match 3 (Men's Singles): Parupalli Kashyap vs Lee Cheuk Yiu.

Match 4 (Men's Doubles): Kim Gi Jung & Kim Sa Rang (Trump Match) vs Krishna Prasad & Lee Yong Dae.

Match 5 (Men's Singles): Lee Dong Keun vs Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk.

Premier Badminton League (PBL) will be telecast live on the Star Sports Network. Live streaming will be provided by Hotstar.

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