Mary Kom: No mantra for success, just hard work

Mary Kom was speaking at the SAI’s facebook live session for athletes who are mostly confined to their homes or hostel rooms during the national lockdown.

Mary Kom is currently gearing up for her second Olympics.   -  PTI

Despite being a six-time world champion and an Olympic bronze-winner, M. C. Mary Kom does not have a “secret mantra for success”.

On Wednesday, she was speaking on the subject “Making of a Champion” for Sports Authority of India’s facebook live session for athletes who are confined to their homes or hostel rooms amid a national lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Mary Kom said she doesn’t have any secret recipe to share for the stupendous success she has achieved.

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“I don’t have any mantras for success. Just work hard and be honest to what you are doing, that’s all. Ups and downs are always there but you should not lose focus on your dreams,” said the trailblazing boxer, who was rechristened the ‘Magnificent Mary’ by her sport’s world governing body.

“My boxing journey was not easy. To reach national, international and Olympic level is not easy. But if you have the will, and want to achieve in life, you can,” she added.

“My early life was very difficult. Coming from a poor family, it was so difficult. I can’t explain the hardships. I don’t want to even remember it.”

‘Stay at home’

The 37-year-old, who is gearing up for her second Olympics, advised everyone to stay at home to combat the crisis.

“It is not easy for us human beings to stay at home. But that is the best option we have. Staying fit at this time is a good way to fight the virus,” she said.

“We should not be selfish and think that ‘I am healthy, I won’t get it’ We should care for others,” she added.

The fierce competitor in her can’t wait for the crisis to be over so that she can resume normal training.

“When all this is brought under control, we will get back to training in big way,” she said. “I am trying my level best for an Olympic gold but I am incomplete without your blessings. Pray for me.”

SAI has lined up more than 20 such sessions for athletes to help them cope with the lockdown.

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