Vijender Singh's professional career so far

Vijender Singh played his first professional match against Sonny Whiting and second match against Dean Gillen. To know his results check this page.

<h3>Vijender Singh vs Sonny Whiting</h3><br/><br/>Vijender made his debut against Britain’s Sonny Whiting, and the Indian needed only three rounds to win on a technical knockout. The fight was held in Manchester Arena in UK. Vijender showed his attacking prowess in the match, and the fight was over in the penultimate round. Photo: Getty Images
<h3>Vijender Singh vs Dean Gillen</h3><br/><br/>Vijender’s second opponent was also a British boxer named Dean Gillen, and Vijender knocked him out in the first round to register a convincing victory. The fight was held in Dublin. Photo: Getty Images
<h3>Vijender Singh vs Samet Hyuseinov</h3><br/><br/>This was Vijender’s first six round fight, but the Indian boxer was convincing against the Bulgarian and won the fight by technical knockout in the first minute of the second round. Photo: Getty Images
<h3>Vijender Singh vs Alexander Horvath</h3><br/><br/>Horvarth presented a stern challenge to Vijender, but the Indian prevailed against the Hungarian in three rounds. Photo: Getty Images
<h3>Vijender Singh vs Matiouze Royer</h3><br/><br/>The bout against Royer was Vijender’s longest so far, but the Indian did manage to get his fifth consecutive knockout win. The Frenchman was also the most experienced boxer Vijender had faced, with a cumulative experience of over 250 rounds. But Vijender’s lethal blows meant Royer ended the day with a bloodied eye. Photo: Getty Images
<h3>Vijender Singh vs Andrzej Soldra</h3><br/><br/>It was Vijender’s first eight round fight, but the dominating Indian needed just three rounds to carve out his sixth consecutive win against the Polish boxer. Photo: Getty Images
<h3>Vijender Singh v Kerry Hope</h3><br/><br/>Vijender’s first home bout, held at Thyagaraj stadium in New Delhi was also his first title match for the WBO Asia Pacific Super Middleweight Title. It was also his first 10-round fight and Vijender won by a Unanimous Decision after 10-rounds to win the title and also maintain his unbeaten record! Photo: R. V. Moorthy