Badminton HIGHLIGHTS, Commonwealth Games 2022: Rankireddy-Shetty win men’s doubles final; Sen, Sindhu win singles gold

Indians Live in Badminton, CWG 2022: Get all the updates, results and highlights of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on Monday.

Updated : Aug 08, 2022 20:12 IST

Satwik-Chirag, Lakshya Sen and Sindhu will be fighting it out in the gold medal match today in the Commonwealth Games 2022.
Satwik-Chirag, Lakshya Sen and Sindhu will be fighting it out in the gold medal match today in the Commonwealth Games 2022. | Photo Credit: Team Sportstar

Satwik-Chirag, Lakshya Sen and Sindhu will be fighting it out in the gold medal match today in the Commonwealth Games 2022. | Photo Credit: Team Sportstar

Thank you for tuning into Sportstar’s HIGHLIGHTS of the badminton matches from the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham on Monday. (INDIAN MEDAL TALLY) Here is the full medals tally at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

India’s badminton contingent marks a successful campaign at the Birmingham Games. It won three gold, one silver and two bronze.

P.V. Sindhu went one better than her 2018 performance as she beat Michelle Lee to the gold medal. India’s newest badminton superstar Lakshya Sen also won the top prize.

The only pinch of salt perhaps was that former World No. 1 Kidambi Srikanth had to settle for a bronze.

Summary - The World No. 8 duo capped the perfect night for India. India’s shuttlers were playing in three finals and ended up with three golds. In the men’s doubles final, Shetty and Rankireddy brought their A-game. They dominated the net which allowed them to avoid long rallies. They won the first game 21-15, and then upped their intensity to concede just 13 points.


This is the first time India has managed to win three badminton gold medals at the Commonwealth Games. A milestone for Indian badminton.


  • And we see Chirag Shetty break out into his signature dancing celebration.
  • Shetty and Rankireddy have done it. They hug each other and are jumping in delight on the court.
  • 21-13 - Shetty is all over this point. He smashes the shuttle to the mid-rif of Lane which is too good to be returned.
  • 19-13 - A service fault by England gives India the point. Just two points from the gold now.
  • 18-13 - Vendy hits a powerful return from the front of the court.
  • 16-12 - England were all over this point from the go. They cut the deficit to four points.
  • 16-11 - Shetty’s smash puts India just five points short of a win.
  • 15-11 - India with a four-point lead.
  • 13-11 - Rankireddy’s unforced error hands England a point.
  • 13-10 - India open out a three-point lead now.
  • 12-10 - Amid a long rally, Shetty carefully places the shuttle to ensure it lands in free space.
  • 11-10 - Yet again a powerful return from the net wins a point for India. India with the lead at 60-second interval.
  • 10-9 - Vendy tries to be aggressive on Shetty’s serve but only find the net.
  • 9-9 - Lane smashes the net and loses a point.
  • 7-7 - Shetty’s aggression at the end reaps reward for India and they end England’s streak of points.
  • 6-7 - Vandy charges forward and places the shuttle on the right end of the court to which India find no response.
  • 6-6 - Shetty’s return beats both England players but lands out of the court. Scores level.
  • 6-4 - Vandy had a great chance to win a point but his close-range shot rams into the net.
  • 5-4 - A long long rally goes England’s way as Rankireddy hits a long back court return out of bounds.
  • 5-3 - Shetty exchanges a series of flat returns with Vendy and the Englishman is the first one to fault and hit the net.
  • 3-3 - Rankireddy yet again with a winner from the net.
  • 2-1 - India with relentless attack. They hammer four smashes at the rival duo and the last one wins them the point.
  • 1-1 - England draw level.
  • 1-0 India start with a point. Lane moves all the way across for an overhead return only to hit the net.


  • 21-15 - India secure the first game and take a 1-0 lead in the contest.
  • 18-13 - India have dominated the net. Shetty yet again stands tall and smashes the shuttle for a point.
  • 16-13 - A powerful jab by Shetty wins a point for the Indian pair.
  • 15-13 - Lane returns from right in front of the net and manages to beat Shetty’s racquet
  • 15-12 - Rankireddy leans forward on the net for a flat return but he overdoes it and finds the net.
  • 15-11 - Lane finds a smash to break India’s five-point streak but win the next two points to open a four point lead.
  • 13-10 - A superb return by Shetty. he is falling over on his left but he manages to place the shuttle past the English duo and win a point.
  • 12-10 - Another backhand return by Shetty which England can only manage to place into the net.
  • 11-10 - Shetty is right at the net and he hits a backhand cross-court shot which the English player misses. India leads at the interval.
  • 10-10 - India draws level with a Shetty smash.
  • 9-10 - Lane is moving towards his right on the return and he only manages to hit the shuttle out of bounds.
  • 8-10 - Shetty is in the right spot to smash a return but he misconnects and loses a point.
  • 8-8 - A soft point for England as Satwik makes a fault on his serve.
  • 7-7 - Satwik hits a powerful smash while hanging in the air and that gets the scores level.
  • 6-7 - A powerful cross-court return by Shetty find no answer from England.
  • 5-6 - A long rally is ended by Satwik’s backhand finding the net.
  • 5-5 - Satwik hits a flat return but finds the net. Scores level
  • 5-3 - Shetty’s down-the-line smash is met by a weak return and the shuttle goes out of bounds.
  • 4-2 - Lane manages to pick a return but Satwik is ready at the net to win India’s fourth point.
  • 2-2 - Satwik gets a dolly of a return on the net and he smashes it to win a point for India.
  • 1-2 - A smash by Lane and Shetty’s return does not have the power.
  • And the first game starts. England serve first.

Men’s Doubles Final - The players are on the court and have strated their warm up. The game will commence shortly.

Men’s Doubles Final - India’s duo will face England’s Ben Lane and Sean Vendy.

Men’s Doubles Final - After a thrilling men’s singles final, we turn our attention to the men’s doubles gold medal. India’s pair of Rankireddy and Shetty will attempt to secure India’s third gold medal in badminton at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Summary- Lakshya Sen makes a brilliant comeback from a game down 19-21 to winning the next two games 21-9, 21-16. The Malaysian NG Tze Yong almost gave up in the second set as Sen won 15 off the last 16 points, turning the match in his favour. However, Yong didn’t give up and made amends in the third set closing up to Sen in the first few points in the third game. Sen proved to have a better stamina and physical prowess as Yong took a break and went off court in the third set when Lakshya was leading 18-14 seeking medical help. Sen, however, gets better of the two players and takes the third game.



  • 19-16 Sen hits the net as Yong angles the shot to Sen’s right.
  • 19-14 A jump smash by Sen, Yong fails to read it.
  • 18-14 Yong goes out off court as he tends to his injury.
  • 17-12 A near save for Sen as the shuttle hits the net and lands in Yong’s side of the court.
  • 16-12 A smash in between Yong’s legs sealed the point for Sen.
  • 15-11 Sen tries a backhand but hits it towards the net.
  • 15-9 Wide off Yong and Lakshya Sen maintains his lead.
  • 12-8 Sen dives to his right and manages to hit, however, Yong sends one out giving the Indian the point.
  • 11-8 Well left by Yong as the shuttle goes wide off sideline
  • 11-7 Sen gets the lead at the third mid game break with a four point advantage.
  • 10-7 Sen gets aggressive and Yong hits one outside
  • 9-6 A straight body shot smash was what took Yong to get the point and reduce the gap.
  • 7-5 Yong challenges and gets a point as the shot is in.
  • 7-4 Sen gets three point lead as he hits one near the net trapping Yong.
  • 6-3 After several body smashes, retrieving shots Sen gets two consecutive points.
  • 4-3 Sen gets back as he smashes leading to Yong retrieving the shuttle as he hits the net.
  • 2-3 Sen misses near the net as he hits one onto the net.
  • 2-2 Sen gets back the two points and equalises
  • 0-2 Yong gets a two point lead.


  • 21-9 Sen wins the last 15 off 16 points and makes a brilliant comeback.
  • 20-9 An amazing second game for Sen as he turns the game around.
  • 17-9 Ten off the 11 points are taken by Sen. Strike that make it 11 off the last 12.
  • 12-9 Sen gets aggressive and hits a downright smash near the net.
  • 11-9 Lakshya gets into the second mid game interval leading by two points with a quick smash to Yong’s serve.
  • 10-8 Lakshya takes advantage of Yong’s defensive play and takes a two point lead.
  • 8-8 A cross court drop shot gets Yong hit one wide.
  • 6-8 Lakshya moves to his right, anticipating a shot in that area. However, Yong hits one to his left.
  • 4-6 Yong gets two points as Sen is unable to get it.
  • 4-4 A sudden smash from Sen catches Yong off guard.
  • 3-4 Sen gets defensive as Yog starts to shower him with smashes and aggressive hitting.
  • 3-3 Yong hits one on the net as Sen is prepared this time.
  • 2-2 Sen leaves one as it goes out, makes a rookie error and scores at par again.
  • 1-1 An angular cross court smash draws him with the Malaysian.


  • 19-21 Easy shot to defend, but Lakshya reads it wrong as the shuttle lands inside the court.
  • 19-20 NG gets one ahead of Sen with a cross court hit from the center of the court.
  • 19-18 An amazing rally as Sen dives to lift a shot heading towards the ground and gains a lead, four straight points.
  • 18-18 A brilliant cross court smash by Lakshya Sen as he finally shows some aggression.
  • 17-18 Sen hits against drift as it lands just in. Two point defeicit to make up. Make it one point.
  • 15-18 LAkshya Sen hits another one onto the net, a rookie error. Looks like the nerves are getting the better of him.
  • 15-17 Sen on the verge of equalising and potentially leading. Well, looks like it has been jinxed, as NG gets another point.
  • 14-16 Sen leaves it as Yong hits a backhand wide.
  • 13-15 A rookie service mistake by NG Tze Yong.
  • 12-14 Brilliant rally, but a better net shot from Sen as Yong fails to receive it by hitting it onto the net.
  • 11-14 Sen challenges,but fails as it goes wide
  • 11-12 Misjudgements from Yong as Lakshya gets two straight points.
  • 10-12 Yong fails to read Lakshya’s shot as it lands on the backline.
  • 9-12 A cross court smash to Sen’s right leaves the Indian perplexed.
  • 9-11 Lakshya Sen challenges and is unsuccessful as it goes out. At the mid-game interval, Yong leads by two points.
  • 9-9 Yong misses a smash and puts one wide off the sideline
  • 7-9 Yong seems to be attacking more as Sen fails to read his shot.
  • 7-8 Lakshya leaves the shuttle thanks to NG’s deceptive forehand shot, but it lands in.
  • 7-7 NG equalises as Sen hits one onto the net after diving low near the net.
  • 7-5 Sen dives to manages to doge one bullet after diving almost missing the shuttle as the Malaysian hits one to the net.
  • 6-4 Sen leaves it as the shuttle goes out after a brilliant rally between the two players.
  • 5-2 Precision was key to Lakshya’s point as it falls on the line
  • 3-2 NG hits it out wide as Sen leaves the shuttle.
  • 1-2 Yong gets one in as the call is successful.
  • 1-1 Sen equalises.
  • 0-1 Yong strikes first as Lakshya is unable to receive it.
  • Yong serves
  • The two set foot on the court.


Badminton - Gold Medal Match
India’s Lakshya Sen will be in action against NG Tze Yong of Malaysia.
Medal Alert!
India’s PV Sindhu beat Michelle Li of Canada in straight sets to win open the final day of the Commonwealth Games with a Gold Medal. India’s medal tally rises to 56 as India rises to fourth in the medal tally, surpassing New Zealand.



  • 16-12 Li stretches but is unable to reach Sindhu’s deceptive drop shot
  • 15-11 Sindhu leads by four points as Michelle hit another towards the net.
  • 13-10 An incredible rally by the two, Sindhu’s long legs help her dive through several near misses, but Li goes through in the end.
  • 13-9 Sindhu losses challenge as she hit one outside.
  • 13-8 Li tries to hit a cross court smash but ends aims it to the net instead.
  • 12-8 Li gets Sindhu to commit a net error as the shuttles hits the net.
  • 12-6 A brilliant rally by Sindhu gets Li running throughout the court before she dives to her left but is unable to pick the shuttle up.
  • 11-6 A five point lead for Sindhu as the two players take a mid-game break. Li seems to find herself in trouble after the first game as she struggles to comeback and gain advantage over Sindhu.
  • 9-3 Li’s continuous error filled play gets her trailing behind Sindhu by six points.
  • 8-3 Some rookie error by Li gets Sindhu a five point lead over Li.
  • 5-3 Michelle Li challenges, but its unsuccessful as the shuttle goes outside the backline.
  • 3-2 A straight forceful backline smash to Li, who is unable to get it.
  • 1-1 Sindhu tries to trick Li with a shot near the sideline, but the shuttle goes out. However, Li also gets it out, equalising the points.
  • Sindhu ties her shoe laces and is ready to win the second set.


  • 19-15 Li drops to the ground as she tries to hit a body shot, but Sindhu takes advantage and hit it near the net.
  • 18-14 Sindhu’s diagonal drop shot near the net makes it hard for Li to receive.
  • 17-14 The Canadian makes use of the Indians backhand and smashes it.
  • 16-12 Is Sindhu’s taping on her left leg something the Indian should be concerned about? Michelle gets yet another point.
  • 16-11 Canadian drops one straight near the net as Sindhu doesn’t return it.
  • 14-9 Sindhu is unable to receive Li’s shot. She turned her body to the left while Li hits to her right, making her leave the shot.
  • 13-8 Li gets two unforced errors to her name.
  • 11-8 Li hits one onto the net, Sindhu gets yet another point as Li hits yet another one out as the Indian leads by three points at the first game interval.
  • 9-7 Sindhu holds back from hitting a shot and it proves to be the right call as it is called wide.
  • 8-7 An angular cross over the net forces Li to get one across the net but it goes wide.
  • 7-6 Straight court smash proves too hard for Li to return as Sindhu gains an one point advantage.
  • 6-5 Sindhu’s cross court drop forces Li to hit the net.
  • 4-4 Li makes Sindhu run all over the court, as she changes her shots from net to hit it at the backline. Not sure if Sindhu is fully fit .
  • 4-2 Sindhu is disbalanced and ends up losing a point as it hits the net. But gets the next point as Li hits the shuttle is wide.
  • 2-1 Li sends one out and the Indian equalises. The next point comes up with Sindhu deceptive drop shot near the net
  • 0-1 Li serves and rallies until she pushes the shuttle towards the net.
  • Li defeated Sindhu in the 2014 CWG semifinals as she went on to win gold, while the Indian won bronze.
  • Sindhu will look to put behind the ghost from her defeat in the women’s singles finals at the 2018 CWG.
  • The two players Sindhu and Michelle Li set foot on the court with an aim of winning the women’s singles gold.
  • The mixed doubles ceremony takes place. India’s mixed doubles team Ashwini Ponnappa/ Sumeeth Reddy had lost to England’s Callum Hemming / Jessica Pugh in the round of 32 on August 4.

HEAD TO HEAD- (Men’s Singles gold medal match - Lakshya Sen vs NG Tze Yong)

India’s Lakshya Sen in his maiden CWG will face the Malaysian shuttler Tze Yong NG for gold. The World No 10 Indian has a 2-0 lead against Yong, however, the Malaysian defeated Lakshya’s compatriot and former World No 1 Kidabmi Srikanth in the semifinals and for the second time at CWG 2022.

HEAD TO HEAD- (Women’s Singles gold medal match - P. V. Sindhu vs Michelle Li)

The Indian World No 7 P V Sindhu will take on Canada’s World No 13 Michelle Li in the women’s singles finals of the Commonwealth Games 2022. Sindhu holds an advantage over the Canadian having won eight off the 10 matches. In this year, she played Li twice and defeated her on both occasions.


1:20 PM Women’s Singles gold medal match - P. V. Sindhu  vs Li Michelle (Canada)

2:10 PM Men’s Singles gold medal match - Lakshya Sen  vs NG Tze Yong (Malaysia)

3:00 PM- Men’s Doubles gold medal match - Satwiksairaj Rankireddy/Chirag Shetty  vs Ben Lane/Sean Vendy (England)

Indian medallists in Badminton at CWG 2022 so far

Athlete Event Medal
Kidambi Srikanth Men's Singles Bronze
Treesa Jolly/ Gayatri Gopichand Women's Doubles Bronze
When and where to watch all the badminton action from Commonwealth Games 2022?
All CWG 2022 badminton event will be telecast LIVE on the Sony Sports Network and streamed online on Sony LIV.
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