Hardik Pandya's love for popcorn

Find out more about the lighter side of India's swashbuckling all-rounder.

Playing professional sports is a stressful job and for Hardik Pandya movies are his stress busters. Photo: Instagram @hardikpandya93
Laughter is often described as the best medicine against stress and the all-rounder believes that, too. “I laugh a lot, thanks to my brothers. They make fun of me but that makes me laugh,” Pandya says.
Hardik Pandya
No movie watching is complete without popcorn and Pandya says: “I love popcorn, that’s kind of a stress-buster for me.” Photo: Instagram @hardikpandya93
The talented cricketer picks Akshay Kumar as his favourite actor.
The Will Smith-starrer 'The Pursuit of Happyness' is his all-time favourite movie
Despite all the heroics with the bat and the ball, the all-rounder still cherishes the moment when he received his India cap as his most memorable on-field moment. Photo: AFP
Getting his first pay cheque from Mumbai Indians ranks as his best off-field memory. Photo: K R Deepak
Hardik Pandya car
He is equally thrilled about when he bought his dad a car with that pay cheque. Photo: Instagram @hardikpandya93
For Pandya, the pride of playing for India beats every other enticement that comes a professional athletes way. Photo: Instagram @hardikpandya93