IND vs ENG Highlights, 5th Test Day 1: Pant's 146 and Jadeja's 83* help India to 338/7 against England

IND vs ENG 5th Test, Day 1: Get the score updates, commentary and highlights from the first day of the fifth Test between India and England at Edgbaston in Birmingham on Friday.

Updated : Jul 02, 2022 12:40 IST

Rishabh Pant hit a blistering hundred to put India on top on the first day of the fifth Test against England on Friday.
Rishabh Pant hit a blistering hundred to put India on top on the first day of the fifth Test against England on Friday.

Rishabh Pant hit a blistering hundred to put India on top on the first day of the fifth Test against England on Friday.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's HIGHLIGHTS of the first day of the fifth Test between India and England from Edgbaston in Birmingham.

INDIA 338/7 IN 73 OVERS AT STUMPS  ( Pant 146, Jadeja 83*; Anderson 3-52, Potts 2-85)

And that is the end of the day and how wildly has it swung between both these sides. But it has to be India who must be the happiest with the way things have turned out. Rishabh Pant has the knack of turning up in the darkest of hours and in Ravindra Jadeja he found an ally to combat the relentless English bowling attack. Looking forward to bringing you all an exciting day's cricket tomorrow.

IND 338/7 in 73 overs: Potts pitches it up onto Jadeja's pads and he puts it past the infield for a four . Jadeja has played the perfect hand today. Another overthrow conceded by England as Jadeja and Shami try to steal a quick single, but Stokes doesn't seem too worried. Meanhwile, Jadeja moves into the 80s. Shami has been resolute at the other end so far. Defends with the full face of his bat against Potts and gets through the over.

IND 329/7 in 72 overs: Jadeja farming the strike from Shami, who had incidentally scored a back-to-the-wall 50 last year at the Lord's on the way to a famous win. The new ball is just eight overs away, but England might have to wait a little longer for it as the end of the day's play is creeping in.

IND 325/7 in 70 overs: Potts brought back in. Crucial passage of play for both sides. India would love to get to the end of the day without suffering any more losses. Stokes would be looking to mop up the rest of the Indian side. A key to India's success last year in England was how their lower-order batters performed, often under extreme pressure. And in addition, India still has Jadeja in the middle, who would love to get to his first overseas hundred.

IND 323/7 in 68 overs: Shardul Thakur almost plays out a Ben Stokes over. But a no-ball gives Stokes another go and he bowls a snorter which clips Thakur's bat and Billings makes no mistake this time. England finally gets a peak into the Indian tailend.

Shardul Thakur c Billings b Stokes 1 (12b)

IND 321/6 in 67 overs: Pant continues his merrymaking. Lifts Root straight back over his head for yet another  six.  But Root has the last laugh as Pant tries a repeat. He edges it straight to the first slip, where Crawley gobbles it up with ease. But what a knock was that from the Rishabh Pant. He, has dragged India back into the game almost singlehandedly.

Rishabh Pant c Crawley b Root 146 (111b 19x4 4x6)

IND 314/5 in 66 overs: The Root experiment continues. This time Jadeja is the one who cashes in as he drives one beyond the backward point for a  four.   Pant seems to have hurt his finger in his attempt to defend a Stokes lifter. He is back on it after a brief break. There is no stopping him today. Stokes has been peppering the Indian duo with short ones, but they have stood up to the task with ease.

IND 304/5 in 64 overs: Ben Stokes turns to his predecessor, Joe Root, in hopes of stemming the Pant tide. Pant humours him for few balls before jumping out and thrashing the part-timer over the off side fence for a  six.  Root concludes the over with a  bouncer!! But Pant is in such glorious touch that he saw it yesterday. Pulls it away for a four. It is Stokes's turn to go for a bouncer and it is Jadeja's turn to get a FOUR with a pull. England have found themselves in the receiving end of an attacking masterclass. Has Baz ball met its match?

IND 289/5 in 62 overs: Pant gets down on his knee and slaps a Leach half-tracker to the leg side for a  four.   He isn't done with Leach. Steps down the pitch and lofts him straight back for the second SIX of the game. To add insult to injury, the next ball, a poor throw at the keepers end up painfully to the fence.  Frustrating!

And guess what, Pant repeats his act as he steps down and plonks the ball into the stands, again. But this time he does it one handed, almost mocking the bowler. 22 runs of that Leach over.

IND 264/5 in 60 overs: Pant plays what looked like an innocuous tap to Leach, but he had timed it so well that it pierces the leg-side field for a  four.  Did Sam Billings just drop Pant? Leach gets past Pant's outside edge for once but Billings couldn't secure the gather. Replays showed a speck when the ball went past the bat. How much would that cost England? Stokes gets himself on. The English skipper have been struggling with control in his bowling.

IND 250/5 in 58 overs: Pant loses his patience, steps out to Leach and thrashes one to the mid-wicket for a four . He moves into the 90s. Pant keeps going after Leach, this time to comical effect. Steps out again, attempting a maximum, but loses his balance in process. Luckily for him, the ball creeps to the boundary. He moves closer to the century mark. He gets there soon enough as he pulls a Broad lifter and takes a slightly risky double. Yet another overseas century for the keeper-batsman. His stature as a Test batter keeps growing. Jadeja gets another boundary and then takes a single that helps him get to a well-deserved half-century .

IND 230/5 in 56 overs: It is Jack Leach's turn to deal with the Pant-Jadeja combo. He bowls with control and gives away just two runs. A relatively uneventful over considering the way this session has unfolded so far. Broad continues and he drifts onto Jadeja's pads and the all-rounder clips it away for an easy  boundary . Broad redeems with a sharp bouncer, which Jadeja levaes alertly.

IND 224/5 in 54 overs: Jadeja decides to go after Potts. Swishes at a wide ball and gets a thickish outside edge which runs away for a  four.  Stuart Broad reintroduced into the attack. Pant and Jadeja pays him adequate respect and sees him off with just one run of the over.

IND 217/5 in 52 overs: Pant flicks Potts commandingly to the mid-wicket fence for yet another boundary . The ease with which he is playing must be putting McCullum and his men at unease. Potts errs with the line and the ball flicks off Jadeja's pads and runs away for a four . Runs flowing for India in the third session. Pant is finding new crazier ways of making runs. Step out to Anderson and smacks him flat batted over his head for a  four. These two have helped India assert themselves after English bowlers dominated the proceedings in the first two sessions.

IND 202/5 in 50 overs: The left-handed duo of Pant and Jadeja are standing up to the English test. Pant has been aggressive of the two. He goes after Potts and pulls him to the fine leg fence for a  four , not once but twice . Test cricket brings out a different beast from Pant. Jadeja meanwhile has been resolute and deals with Anderson with ease.

IND 193/5 in 48 overs: Pant and Jadeja have walked out after tea with an altogether new positive intent. A flurry of boundaries have pushed the Indian total almost to the critical 200 mark. Pant attempts an audacious reverse paddle sweep, much like the one Root pulled off last week, but doesn't manage to get it to the fence.

The last session starts.

INDIA 174/5 IN 44 OVERS AT TEA (Pant 53*, Jadeja 32*, Anderson 3-41, Potts 2-39)

India will be happy with this season. 121 runs coming for the loss of three wickets after Vihari, Kohli and Shreyas within seven overs after the rain break. Pant scored an audacious 51-ball 50 and took a toll on Leach. Jadeja is unbeaten on 32 off 65 balls and has shown tremendous patience outside off, leaving the probing deliveries in that line. The ball has continued to keep low and the shorter deliveries have been rewarded. There is not much swing on offer and overpitching has been duly punished so far by the batters. Pant and Jadeja will hope to play out the final session here and put India's hose ahead at Stumps. Back after the break at 21:05 IST.

IND 174/5 in 44 overs: Stokes bowls a third no-ball in three overs. Keeps honing in and around off stump on a good length to the left-handers from around the stumps. Finishes the over and the session with a bouncer. Pant races to a 51-ball half-century with a four off Leach. It is slightly short, turning in and going down leg side and he whips it off the backfoot to the square leg boundary. Aleem Dar flicks the bails off and that will  be Tea.

IND 167/5 in 42 overs: Stokes continues and bowls another no-ball. Pant moves to 49 off 49 with a drive to backward point for three runs as the ball plugs in the outfield. Jadeja pulls a short one down leg for a single at fine leg. Leach bowls another economical over from the other end for just a single.

IND 160/5 in 40 overs: Stokes into the attack. Around the wicket to Pant. Starts off with a no-ball. Pant hangs back a finds the backward point boundary. Leach goes for just a couple in his over after a beating in the previous.

IND 150/5 in 38 overs: Pant lays into Leach, along expected line. 14 runs from the over as Pant hammers two fours and a six. First steps out to the pitch of the ball and crashes this flighted one down the ground. He then pulls a short one to backward square leg before stepping out again and crashing a six down the ground. Fifty partnership up in 54 balls. Broad continues to lure Jadeja outside off and the latter keeps resisting.

IND 134/5 in 36 overs: Full one from Anderson and Jadeja unleashes a delectable on-drive to find four at the long-on boundary. Pant flicks a full one on the toes to mid-wicket for three more as Potts parries it back just inside the boundary line. The partnership between Pant and Jadeja is now worth 32 runs. Another four by Jadeja as Broad goes full and wide outside off. He then induces another drive outside off and Jadeja is beaten. Broad continues to dangle the carrot outside off, but Jadeja doesn’t oblige and shoulders arms. 

IND 121/5 in 34 overs: Broad overpitches on middle and Jadeja stands firm and gently pushes this through mid-on for a FOUR . Exquisite shot! Another full one on the pads and Jadeja clips it through midwicket for three more. Another FOUR to end the over! Half-volley from Broad outside off and Pant leans into the drive with a straight bat and creams this through covers for four more. Broad concedes 36 from his first 10. 

IND 109/5 in 32 overs: Leach taken out after the one over. Anderson replaces him. Over the wicket to Jadeja. He constantly hones in on middle and leg and shapes the ball in to Jadeja, looking to trap him on the front pad. Edged behind, caught, but not out! Joe Root seems to have grassed this catch in the slips. Angling in on a good length in the channel, straightens a bit and Jadeja pokes to edge it behind.  Stokes slips at mid-off and seems to have hurt his back and is clutching it gingerly. Time for a drinks break.

IND 107/5 in 30 overs: India gets to 100 off a misfield at extra cover. Leach comes into the attack and Pant is at him from the word go. Jadeja steps out and turns this into a half-volley to loft this over Leach and to the long on boundary for four.  With both left-handers on strike, Broad comes into the attack from around the wicket. Just two from the over. Pant doesn't curb his natural game however.  Steps out to Broad and gets an inside edge to fine-leg for a single.

IND 98/5 in 28 overs: Shreyas and Pant are shifting gears. Both punish Potts’ indiscretion in length. Pant drives through mid-off for three before Shreyas cashes in on a full one on off with an extra cover drive for four runs. Pant steps out to Anderson next over to crash one down the ground for another boundary. OUT! Shreyas goes and he will be kicking himself after that dismissal! He looked in good touch but ended up getting a bit of bat trying to tuck a short ball to the wicketkeeper. Billings takes a stunner diving to his left. Shreyas Iyer c Sam Billings b James Anderson 15(11b 3x4).

IND 86/4 in 26 overs: Shreyas and Pant in the middle. Shreyas gets off to a quick start after Kohli falls. He drives a full one by Potts down the ground for a first-ball four before slashing wide outside off for another boundary and racing to 10 off four balls. Anderson keeps it short from the other end and also tests Shreyas with a bounce, which he awkwardly ducks under.

OUT! Kohli chops on! He goes for the leave outside off again but is a little late in getting his bat out of the way and the ball crashes into the stumps off the inside edge. Virat Kohli b Matthew Potts 11(19b 2x4).

IND 69/3 in 23 overs: OUT! Vihari is rapped on the front pad and he goes. Comes in from a good length and his him straight on, just below the knee roll. He doesn't review this. Hanuma Vihari lbw b Potts 20(53b 1x4). Pant is off to a tentative start. He wants a single off the first ball but Kohli refuses and then gets an inside edge onto his pad. He is off the mark with a flick off off the pads for one at square leg. FOUR! Good shot! Short and straight and Kohli slightly shuffles across and tucks it off his body for a boundary at fine-leg.

IND 62/2 in 22 overs: Anderson from the other end. Five slips in place. Keeps it short and outside off. Five runs from the over. Vihari first punches off the backfoot and then dabs to third man for three.

IND 57/2 in 21 overs: Back after a long break. Good news is that it is bright and sunny out there now. Potts steams in to Kohli, who gets a lucky inside edge that just misses the stumps and runs to the fine leg boundary. The following two balls are still back of a length and outside off and Kohli is happy to leave. Next one angles in and Kohli defends it before leaving the last one of the over outside off again. Maiden over.

INDIA 53/2 IN 20.1 OVERS AT LUNCH (Vihari 14*, Kohli 1*; Anderson 2-15)

Revised timings: Second session - 18:45 IST to 20:45 IST. Third session - 21:05 IST to 23:00 IST. Play can be extended till 23:30 IST. In total, 84 overs will have to be bowled today.

18:25 IST: Conditions are fit for play to resume at 18:45 IST.

18:17 IST: Another light spell of rain at Edgbaston just as there was going to be an inspection.

17:53 IST: Next inspection at 18:15 IST. Wet outfield continues to be a hindrance.

17:45 IST: The covers are still on but a wet outfield continues to delay the resumption of play.

17:35 IST: The rain has stopped but a heavy cloud cover means it is too dark right now for play to resume. There will be an inspection at 17:45 IST.

17:20 IST: The scheduled lunch break is over but it it still raining. Looks like the wait will have to continue.

LUNCH ON DAY 1: A productive session for England. Anderson nipped out Pujara and Gill in that first session which has been cut short by showers. Potts, Anderson and Broad have shared the ball so far. Potts has been on the money. Kohli is at the crease. Kohli vs Anderson after Lunch sounds tantalising, doesn't it? We will be back shortly.


IND 46/2 in 18 overs: Broad has been replaced by Anderson. Potts continues to test Vihari, induces a nick that falls well short of Joe Root at first slip. This pitch is very slow which will be a concern for India’s four seamers. Potts nearly has his man as Vihari edges to the second slip where Zak Crawley goes one-handed and fluffs it. But Anderson gets his second wicket as Pujara edges one to slip in the 18th over ; Crawley makes instant amends for his previous drop. Virat Kohli marches out. Right then, Kohli v Anderson, again!


IND 43/1 in 14 overs: Potts beats Pujara with a beauty. A short of a length ball that's angling in but holds its line after pitching and beats Pujara on the outside edge. Pujara survives a run out chance next over. Vihari pushed the ball towards mid-on and took off for a single. Pujara, meanwhile, is watching the ball and is late to respond; makes it in the end but a direct hit at the striker's end and he was gone. Both men aren't the quickest between the wickets. Broad bowls a wide one and Pujara flays a cut shot for four. Pujara is given out caught behind next ball of the 14th over! But he reviews and replays confirm that the ball had brushed the thigh-pad and the ball was going over the stumps as well. Meanwhile, Broad has bowled unchanged with figures of 7-1-21-0. Broad's wait for his 550th Test wicket continues.


IND 31/1 in 10 overs: Huge appeal for lbw against Vihari first ball. Anderson gets one to seam back in but that was going down leg side. Next ball, Vihari is hit on the pads again but an inside edge saves him. Anderson briefly operated with four slips and a leg slip to Pujara, who has defended well against the moving Dukes ball so far. The time with Sussex has surely helped. Pujara rotating strike with singles. After the first half-hour, where it looked like not much was happening, Broad and Anderson have strung together a series of good overs. Matthew Potts replaces Anderson - 5-1-13-1 - and has a crack at Vihari with five slips.

GONE! Anderson gets the breakthrough. Gill caught at second slip. He goes for a 17-ball 24.


IND 26/0 in 6 overs: The ball's not quite carrying through right now. Low bounce already suggesting the wicket's a bit on the slower side. In seven innings as an opener, before this Test, Pujara averages 98. He gets his first four down the ground as Broad overpitches outside off in the fourth over and pays the price. Gill, meanwhile, collects another four off Anderson as he drives a half-volley through mid-off. Next over, Broad drops short and Gill pulls it through square leg for four more. One dot later, Gill opens the face of the bat and guides a wide short of a length ball to the third man fence for another four.

IND 5/0 in 2 overs: Stuart Broad to share the new ball with Anderson. Pujara on strike. Broad starts with a front foot no-ball. Broad starts with a few nipbackers. Pujara happy to shoulder arms. Now a couple of outswingers. Pujara has no business putting his bat at those. Just one off the over. Indian openers leaving well so far.

IND 4/0 in 1 over: Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara walk out to open. Pujara had a rewarding outing with Susex, where he hit four hundreds in five games. James Anderson with the new ball. Four slips and a gully for Gill. Anderson starts off with innocuous outswingers. Anderson strays on the pads on the last ball and Gill flicks it away past mid-on for his first four of the match.

2:30pm: Ben Stokes has won the toss and England will bowl first.

Toss coming up in less than five minutes.

1:57pm: The focus will also be on Virat Kohli. Kohli’s 27th Test hundred, 70th in all international cricket, came in Kolkata in November 2019 against Bangladesh. Can he add to the tally at Edgbaston?

1:46pm: Good noon, all. Following a Covid-19-induced break, we are finally all systems go for the fifth and final Test of the five-match series featuring India and England. India will be without regular skipper Rohit Sharma, who failed to recover from Covid in time for this Test. Bumrah will lead in his absence. India goes up against a turbo-charged England side, which whitewashed New Zealand in the recent three-match Test series. Led by a new captain in Ben Stokes and a new coach in Brendon McCullum, England have promised an aggressive brand of cricket in Test whites. Just a reminder for everyone: India leads the series 2-1. Both sides wear a different look than the last time they squared off against each other in a five-day game. Also, for Stokes, this is his first game in this series.


Never before has he navigated the choppy waters of leadership, but Jasprit Bumrah will certainly like to showcase his captaincy acumen while leading a slightly under-prepared India against a vastly improved England in the rescheduled fifth Test, starting in Birmingham on Friday.

Full preview here - ( READ )

India captain Rohit Sharma has been ruled out of the Edgbaston Test against England after failing to recover from Covid-19 in time. Jasprit Bumrah will captain the side. Rishabh Pant will be his deputy - ( READ )

What India captain Bumrah said:

"We don't look at the past. Whatever cricket game you play, you want to win, right? We never play any game to lose or just to compete or play for a draw. We want to play for a win. What has happened in the past, that's all gone. We try to be in the moment."


India has never won a Test at Edgbaston, losing six and drawing one on the 1986 tour.

Bumrah is the first fast bowler to captain India's Test team since Kapil Dev in 1987.

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