India vs South Africa Highlights, 3rd Test Day 3: South Africa needs 111 runs to win at Stumps

India vs South Africa 2021-22, Highlights, 3rd Test: Get the score, updates, commentary and highlights between IND vs SA from Newlands at Cape Town.

Updated : Jan 13, 2022 22:04 IST , CAPE TOWN

Keegan Petersen was in full flow on the third day of the third Test as South Africa began its chase of 212 against India at Newlands in Cape Town on Thursday.
Keegan Petersen was in full flow on the third day of the third Test as South Africa began its chase of 212 against India at Newlands in Cape Town on Thursday.

Keegan Petersen was in full flow on the third day of the third Test as South Africa began its chase of 212 against India at Newlands in Cape Town on Thursday.


SESSION RECAP: India ended the day on a high after getting the crucial wicket of Dean Elgar at the stroke of Stumps. South Africa began its chase of 212 after Tea with a slight wobble as Aiden Markram edged behind early and KL Rahul completed a stunner in the slips. However, Elgar and Keegan Petersen forged a gritty 78-run partnership for the second wicket. While Elgar was forced to grind it out for his 96-ball 30, Petersen was at his fluent best, unleashing the drives and punches on the off-side to end the day unbeaten on 48 off 61 balls. The fourth day comes with the promise of a result as South Africa needs 111 runs to win and India eight wickets to complete a maiden Test series win in the country. While the host might have its nose just a little ahead, the architect of its successful run-chase in the last match - Elgar - is back in hut and it will be up to the others to put their hand up this time and deliver. A promising day awaits us in Cape Town tomorrow. Join us at 14:00 IST for live action. Until then it is goodnight from us.

SA 101/1 in 29.4 overs: OUT! Elgar is strangled behind down leg side. Dean Elgar c Rishabh Pant b Jasprit Bumrah 30(96b 3x4 0x6). It was pitched down leg and Elgar got a feather as it looked to flick it. Umpire turned it down but Kohli reviewed to confirm the nick. Stumps!

SA 101/1 in 29 overs: FOUR! Petersen put one away that rose sharply behind the keeper for a boundary. Six runs from the over and 100 up for South Africa.

SA 95/1 in 28 overs: Bumrah will need to weave some of his first innings magic here as South Africa is just 117 runs away from a series win. Bumrah comes round the wicket to Elgar, into the left-hander. Tight maiden over.

SA 95/1 in 27 overs: FOUR! Petersen is owning the off side. Reverse-sweeps a straight one from Ashwin behind point. FOUR! Two in two. Ashwin drags his length back and Petersen is onto it with a backfoot punch past point. Two more with another backfoot punch on the off-side.

SA 85/1 in 26 overs: Nipped into Elgar from a length and it went off his pads for one leg-bye past the slips. Petersen serenely steers again behind point but just a single this time.

SA 83/1 in 25 overs: Elgar drives through covers for a couple as Ashwin floats it up. Petersen on the charge as he steps out and steers it behind point for a couple. Runs coming thick and fast for South Africa and India desperately needs a wicket here.

SA 78/1 in 24 overs: Bumrah back into the attack. Gets one to kick off from a length and misses Petersen's gloves. Bumrah goes full and Petersen goes straight with a drive and three runs. Fifty partnership up with that. FOUR! Petersen punches through the covers again for another boundary.

SA 70/1 in 23 overs: Ashwin bowls a maiden to Elgar, who is cautious on and around his off stump after a LBW reprieve in the last over.

SA 70/1 in 22 overs: Petersen tucks off his pads to fine leg for a single. FOUR! Pulled with verve by Elgar to the square leg boundary as Thakur goes short and straight. This one is outside off on a length and Elgar leaves. Steers this one to point and scampers for one. The runs are ticking and the chirping behind the stumps and in the slip cordon is rising in decibel levels. FOUR! Short and wide from Thakur and Petersen punches it through covers for a boundary. Gets him in the stomach the next one with one that bounces sharply. 

SA 60/1 in 21 overs: Elgar takes a quick one to start the over. Ashwin to Petersen from over the wicket. He steps out to deny any late spin and works it to mid on. Drives the next one to long on for a single. Pitched on off and beat Elgar's inside edge as it came in. Erasmus is happy but Elgar reviews. Survives by the skin of his teeth! Ball-tracking shows it was missing just top of leg stump. Virat Kohli is livid and throws his cap in disgust. Looped up and Elgar defends it to mid wicket.

SA 58/1 in 20 overs: Thakur gets a hint of Petersen's inside edge that thuds into his thigh. Bounce and bite! That spat up from a full length and Petersen did well to yank his head out of the way. Stung! Petersen is stung on the fingers with some more awkward bounce and the physio is out for some treatment. Maiden over. Petersen continues to defend with confidence after copping one on his hand.

SA 58/1 in 19 overs: Ashwin comes round the wicket to Petersen. Driven by Peterse through covers for a quick single. Ashwin to Elgar and beaten! Turned away after pitching on off stump and some extra bounce also had a hand in squaring him up.

SA 57/1 in 18 overs: Thakur into his third over. Length on and around off and Elgar is unshakable in his defence off the backfoot. FOUR! Outside edge again and short again of Pujara at first slip.

SA 53/1 in 17 overs: Ashwin will bowl some spin. FOUR! Petersen went back and slapped it through covers for a boundary. Some surprise bounce and turn for Ashwin as he spins it from middle to leg and Petersen almost gloves it. Keeps it fuller and straighter and Petersen defends.

SA 49/1 in 16 overs: Thakur continues after the break. Full on the stump and Elgar drives it straight back to the bowler. In the channel, angling across, and Elgar leaves. Closer to off stump but not enough to draw a shot and left again. Pitched up this time on off stump and driven to extra cover on the front foot. Bouncer and that shakes Elgar up a bit. Elgar collects two at deep point with a gentle dab through the gap.


SA 46/1 in 15 overs: A couple of singles to end the over. A no-ball off the last one and he has to reload that again. Petersen defends it. Drinks!

SA 44/1 in 14 overs: Thakur coming from the other end. Petersen steers a length ball outside off for a single at point. Keeps it straight to Elgar who defends. A couple of more dots follow. Bumrah is off the field. The heat seems to have got to him as he takes a breather.

SA 43/1 in 13 overs: Umesh replaces Bumrah. A couple for Elgar at square leg after Umesh strays on the pads for the third time in a row. Beaten! Length ball moves away from across off stump and beats Elgar forward defence.

SA 41/1 in 12 overs: A couple of runs for Petersen with a flick to square leg. Petersen is rock solid on and around off stump, defending and shouldering arms as and when it is required.

SA 39/1 in 11 overs: FOUR! Half-steered and half-edged by Elgar to the third man boundary. Length on off and Elgar scurries for a single after tucking it do square leg. Punched off the backfoot by Petersen and three runs through the covers. Length in the channel and Elgar negotiates well.

SA 31/1 in 10 overs: Shami to Elgar. Over the wicket. Beaten! Angled across from middle and off and done in for the movement. Fuller this time and a thick outside edge races straight to gully. Tapped this down to mid off and a quick single for Elgar. Petersen fends off the last two balls that come on a length.

SA 30/1 in 9 overs: Bumrah to Elgar. Bumrah changes angles, comes round the wicket to the left-hander. Length outside off and Elgar leaves the first two alone. A slight delay in play as the sight-screen is being fixed. Edged and agonisingly short of Pujara at first slip. Angled in on off stump, forcing Elgar to play and drawing an outside edge with away movement. Too straight from Bumrah and Elgar glances this through mid wicket for three runs. FOUR! Too full outside off and Petersen drives it through extra cover for a boundary.

SA 23/1 in 8 overs: FOUR! Fortuitous boundary for Markram. Shami pitched it up in the channel, induced the drive and Markram obliged, but a thick edge flew between third slip and gully and to the boundary. OUT! Gone next ball. Markram went for another fool-blooded drive and the edge went to third slip, where Rahul completed a sharp catch diving to his left. Aiden Markram c KL Rahul b Mohammed Shami 16(22b 4x4 0x6). Three dots to end the over. Shami beats Petersen's outside edge off the last ball. Probing over.

SA 19/0 in 7 overs: Beaten! Bumrah moves this one across from leg stump to beat Elgar outside edge; the dip also helping in deceiving the batter. Maiden over for Bumrah. Keep it on a length on and outside off stump. Elgar flicks the last one on the legs but it's straight to square leg.

SA 19/0 in 6 overs: Shami starts with one that strays very wide of Markram outside off. A good length this time on the stumps and Markram blocks with authority. Seam movement away from off stump and Markram shoulder arms. FOUR! Markram pokes a touch outside off stump and is rewarded with a thick edge that goes to the third man boundary.

SA 15/0 in 5 overs: Bumrah continues to come over the wicket to Elgar. Tight maiden over as Bumrah keeps him on a leash with an unsparing length on and outside off.

SA 15/0 in 4 overs: FOUR! A loose one full and way outside off and Markram leans into a delectable cover drive. Shami beats him next ball with length on off as as it races past the shoulder of the bat.

SA 11/0 in 3 overs: FOUR LEG-BYES! Bumrah goes length on leg and it brushes off Elgar's pads to the boundary. A couple more for him at point with a backfoot push.

SA 5/0 in 2 overs: Shami from the other end. Length on leg stump and Elgar gloves it just short of square leg. Elgar taps a length ball in the channel for a single to get off the mark. Angled into Markam from a length and he defends off the backfoot.

SA 4/0 in 1 over: Elgar and Markram are in the middle to start South Africa's chase and Bumrah has the new ball. Pitched up in the channel first up and Markram leaves. FOUR! Angled into Markram on off stump and a thick outside edge runs away to the third man boundary.


SESSION RECAP: Brilliant hundred from Pant. He remains unbeaten on 100. That's 100 runs from a third-innings total of 198 off Pant's bat. The second-highest score was Kohli's 29. South Africa once again lethal with the ball. Jansen took four, Rabada and Ngidi grabbed three apiece. India would've wanted more on the board but with their attack, India could still put on a fight. But South Africa have their noses in front at the break. Be back in 20.

IND 198/10 in 67.3 overs: Jansen to Bumrah. Two slips, gully, short leg and leg slip in place. Nearly clean bowls Bumrah first ball, who is beaten. Next ball has been called a wide . Bumrah lofts the second ball over infield for a couple. GONE! Jansen gets Bumrah. India all out for 198, a lead of 211. South Africa need 212 to win. That's tea.

IND 195/9 in 67 overs: Rabada to Pant, no run. Pant leaves the first ball. Deadbats the second one. Pant slaps the third ball to deep point for no run. He has a slash at the fourth ball, misses.  Two balls left. Single incoming? By the way, the session has been extended by 30 minutes or until the last wicket falls. Meanwhile, Rabada has just bowled a fifth dot ball. Pant is unable to take that single. Bumrah will be on strike next over.

IND 195/9 in 66 overs: Jansen to Pant. Went for a wild slog and missed. Dot ball. He is beaten on the next ball. Defends the third ball, deadbatted. Pant gets to his 100 with a single. What an innings. Take a bow. On a pitch where other batters have struggled, Pant has reached the three-figure mark in a trademark nonchalant fashion - only the second 100 overall in this series. KL Rahul scored a ton in the first Test. Tells you how hard batting has been. Bumrah survives the last two balls which means Pant keeps strike.

IND 194/9 in 65 overs: Bumrah is the last man in. But Pant is on strike. Rabada with the ball. No run off the first ball. FOUR! Pant slaps this one to long-of where Bavuma goes for the catch but shells it. Good effort though. Two dot balls. Make that three. One ball to go and Pant would want a single. Gets to 99 off with 1 off the last ball, retains strike.

IND 189/9 in 64 overs: Appeal for caught behind off the first ball. Not given. SA review. Replays confirm the ball had come off the thigh pad. Pant survives. Review lost. Next ball is a yorker, defended back to Jansen. Defends the third ball.  Pant turns down a single off the fourth ball as well. Pulls the fifth ball to deep square for one. GONE! Shami is surprised by the bouncer and holes out.

IND 188/8 in 63 overs: Rabada to Pant, no run. Two dots. Three dots on the trot. Pant farming strike, backing himself to take India to a lead of at least 220. Lots of ones have been sacrificed. Fourth ball, Pant dabs one to point for a single. Shami sees off the last two balls. Playing his part to perfection for now.

IND 187/8 in 62 overs: Jansen to Pant, pulled in front of square for no run. Next ball, Pant tries to reverse sweep but misses. Next ball, Jansen bowls one right into the blockhole, jammed out successfully. Pant nudges the fourth ball to deep square for a couple. He takes a single off the fifth ball. The lead is now 200. Shami survives the last ball.

IND 184/8 in 61 overs: DROPPED! Pant gets a reprieve. It was hit over infield. Maharaj got to the ball but couldn't hold on. Next ball, pulled away, single not taken. Rabada concedes a wide, gets the bouncer wrong. Pant punches the third ball to sweeper cover for no run.  Pant cuts well for a single. Shami needs to survive two balls. And survive he does.

IND 182/8 in 60 overs: Pant flays one in his arc, the ball goes to point and the bat goes to square leg. Olivier the bowler. Pant gets a single off the third ball. There was a no-ball in between. Three balls at Shami. Defends the fourth ball solidly. The fifth one is kept out without an iota of worry. And the sixth one as well, flicked to fine leg actually but single not taken. Pant vs KG Rabada now.

IND 180/8 in 59 overs: Rabada to Umesh. Umesh has a slash at a wide ball first up but misses. Next ball is full outside off and moves late after pitching, Umesh is beaten. Third ball is defended solidly. Fourth ball defended as well. Two more to go. GONE! Umesh is caught behind off the fifth. Now to Bumrah and Shami to keep Pant some company. Shami is in next. He survives the last ball.

IND 180/7 in 58 overs: Olivier to Pant. Four dot balls and Pant goes BOOM off the fifth! Slapped over long-on for six. Pulls the next ball to square leg for four. 10 off the over. India's lead inches closer to 200. On the flip side, Umesh has been exposed to KG Rabada, who is back into the attack.

IND 170/7 in 57 overs: WICKET! Ngidi is bowling a dream spell - gets Thakur out caught behind. India collapsing now. Umesh joins Pant. What does Pant do now? Go all guns blazing? We will find out soon. Umesh will be on strike. He defends the first ball back to the bowler. Leaves the next one in the channel. Three more balls to go in the over. Umesh keeps out the last three balls.

IND 170/6 in 56 overs: Olivier to Thakur. Two slips and a gully. Thakur flays a cut behind square on off side for four. Valuable runs. Two dot balls later, Thakur tucks one towards the leg side for a single. Two dots to finish. Pant wanted a single off the last ball, came charging down the wicket but was sent back by Thakur, rightly so.


IND 165/6 in 55 overs: Ngidi to Pant. After solidly defending the first ball back to the bowler and hitting a drive to cover for no run, Pant flicks one through midwicket and collects two. Three dot balls follow. There have been 25 extras in this innings so far.

IND 163/6 in 54 overs: Olivier into the attack. Pant fends a short ball to the leg side for a single. Olivier to Thakur. The all-rounder plays five dot balls. Off the fourth ball, Thakur played a flick and the ball nearly carried to vd Dussen at midwicket.

IND 162/6 in 53 overs: Ngidi to Pant. Starts with one in the channel outside off and left alone by the southpaw. He drives the next ball through covers; the call is for 'two' but the batters settle for a single. OUT! Ashwin caught in the cordon.  That was full, outside off and Ashwin looked to drive on the up, edged straight to gully. Here comes Thakur. The lead is 175. Ngidi to Thakur. Three dots to end a successful over.

IND 161/5 in 52 overs: Jansen to Pant, nudged to fine leg for a single. Jansen to Ashwin, stabbed to point for no run. There's a leg slip in place for Ashwin, who works one to backward square for one run. Pant collects another single with a flick to deep midwicket. Ashwin plays two dot balls.

IND 158/5 in 51 overs: Ngidi to Ashwin. The wicket seems to have eased down a bit. India would want at least 250 on the board. Ashwin collects a couple off the fifth - slashes hard at one outside off and the ball bounces off a leaping Markram's hands. Fantastic effort. Ashwin lucky to be still out there. Just a couple from the over.

IND 156/5 in 50 overs: Jansen back into the attack. He bowls to Pant, no run. Well bowled by Jansen, equally well played by Pant. Jansen starts his new spell with a maiden. Will be interesting to see how Pant paces his innings now. Ashwin is no mug with the bat. There's still Thakur to follow.

IND 156/5 in 49 overs: Ngidi to Pant, one run. GONE! Kohli caught at slip. Huge wicket! Great catch by Markram at slip. Kohli once again goes after a ball that's well outside off and pays the price. Top knock but he will be gutted with the manner of his dismissal. Ashwin joins Pant. Ngidi to Ashwin, no run. There are three slips in place and a gully for Ashwin. SHOT! Ashwin off the mark with a lovely punch off the backfoot for four. Dot to finish.

IND 151/4 in 48 overs: Maharaj to Pant, SIX!  Slog swept over midwicket for a maximum as the lead crosses 150. Make that two in two as Pant dances down the track and launches one over long-off for six. There's a hold up in play as the SA fielders look for the ball. We are set to resume. Pant collects a brace off the third ball, cut away through point. That's 14 off the first three balls. Pant gets a single next ball. Kohli keeps out the last two balls. 15 from the over.

IND 136/4 in 47 overs: Ngidi to Pant, single first ball. Ngidi dangles one outside off stump and Kohli has a poke at it, play and a miss. Next ball, Ngidi finds awkward bounce as the ball hits Kohli's bat handle. The fourth ball is back of a length in the channel of uncertainty and Kohli has no business playing at those. Two dot balls to finish.

IND 135/4 in 46 overs: Maharaj to Pant, a single off the second ball. Kohli plays four dot balls. Solid in defence. Just one from the over.

IND 134/4 in 45 overs: Ngidi to steam in from the other end. Kohli on strike. Two slips and a gully. Ngidi starts with a wide one outside off, left alone by Virat without any fuss. Back of a length next ball, just outside off but Kohli shoulders arms again. Kohli works the next ball off his pads for a single (1lb). Ngidi goes round the wicket to Pant, who defends a length ball solidly. Dot and a single to finish. Pant retains strike.

IND 132/4 in 44 overs: Maharaj to Pant. Slip and short leg in place. First ball into the rough outside off, spins and Pant defends. Takes a single next ball and gets off strike. Maharaj to Kohli, one run. There was a slip and leg slip in place for the Indian skipper. Couple of dots to finish.

Off we go. India 143 ahead. Pant to take strike after lunch. Maharaj to start the proceedings.

Welcome back for the post-lunch session. There's a combative partnership brewing between Kohli and Pant. But they will be aware that the job isn't half done. Pant will take confidence from his 50 while Kohli will look to continue in the same vein - unwavering focus. Time isn't a factor in this Test. Both batters will know that this stand is the glue that holds the Indian innings together. Should be a fascinating two hours. Not losing a wicket in the first hour will be absolutely crucial from India's perspective.


SESSION RECAP: Pant's gutsy fifty and Kohli's discipline have put India right back into the match after Pujara and Rahane departed in the first two overs of the day, leaving India at 58 for 4. Kohli and Pant took on the mantle from there on, Pant scoring a maiden Test fifty against South Africa off just 58 balls on a pitch that offered pace and bite. Kohli, contrastingly, showed exemplary discipline outside his off stump to grind out 28 runs in 127 balls and stem the flow of wickets. India heads into the second session with a lead of 143 runs and six wickets in hand. Back at 16:40 IST after the break. Stay tuned!

IND 130/4 in 43 overs: We'll squeeze one more before Lunch. Jansen to Pant from over the wicket. A fuller length on and around off and Pant gets in line to defend. Sprayed on the pads and a couple for Pant at mid wicket and 50 for Pant, off 58 balls.  A crucial one and a first against the Proteas in Tests. Nudges one on the pads to fine leg for a single. Kohli to face the last ball before Lunch. Kohli drives straight back to Jansen for a dot. Lunch!

IND 127/4 in 42 overs: Pant is receiving some treatment for his left hand. He seems to have copped one on that bounced awkwardly. Last over probably before Lunch. Strides forward to tap one on the off side. SIX! Pant steps out and gets to the pitch of the ball and clears the ropes over long on. Dances down again but drives it to short mid on, who does well to keep it to a dot ball. Pant gets a single at mid wicket. Kohli defends off the backfoot to end the over.

IND 120/4 in 41 overs: Had him in trouble with that one! Jagged into Pant from a length with awkward bounce and gets his bottom edge and to the ground. Pant takes a single next ball with a tuck down leg side. Kohli defends on the off before leave a couple of short ones outside off.

IND 119/4 in 40 overs: Maharaj continues. Gets it to turn into Pant from outside off and he works it for a single at square leg. Driven by Kohli for one more at long off. Pant steps out and collects a single at long on. The runs are gradually coming for more ease as the lead swells to 132 runs.

IND 116/4 in 39 overs: Jansen replaces Rabada. Pant swivels and pulls along the ground for a single at square leg after defended two good length deliveries on the off. The partnership now worth 58 runs in 120 balls. Jansen comes with the angle from round the wicket to Kohli. Three dots to end the over.

IND 115/4 in 38 overs: Maharaj into the attack for some spin. Over-pitched on off stump first up and Pant drives straight to mid off. FOUR! Maharaj keeps it tight on the stumps only to give a freebie on the pads on the last ball and Kohli flicks it behind for an easy boundary.

IND 110/4 in 37 overs: Length outside off from Rabada. It doesn't rise much as gets Pant's bottom edge on the cut to point for a single. Eight-ball over as Rabada oversteps twice in the over. Has to load the last one again which Kohli deposits for a FOUR! down to fine leg with a tuck off his hips. Frustrating for Rabada.

IND 103/4 in 36 overs: Jansen replaces Olivier. Comes over the wicket to Pant. Short and wide outside off and Pant slaps it behind point for a couple. 100 up for India in 35.2 overs. Three singles and a dot to end the over.

IND 98/4 in 35 overs: Rabada back into the attack. Length on leg stump to Pant and he hops to defend. No-ball for overstepping. Full on the pads and flicked behind square for a single. Kohli continues to show his eagerness to leave outside off, doing so on three of the remaining four balls of the over.

IND 96/4 in 34 overs: FOUR! Crunched! Pant steps out to Olivier and drills it through the covers for a cracking boundary. Length outside off and Pant tucks it off his hips on leg side for a single. A springy bouncer that goes high over Kohli and well-stopped by Verreynne behind the stumps. Kohli leaves the last one alone outside off.

IND 91/4 in 33 overs: Ngidi continues in the channel and Kohli continues to shoulder arms. This one is fuller on off and Kohli defends on the front foot. Well-driven but it goes straight to extra cover for another dot ball. Kohli won't have anything of what is fed him outside off.

IND 91/4 in 32 overs: Olivier to Kohli after the break. The first is full on leg stump and Kohli flicks straight to mid wicket. A sweetly timed straight-drive but Olivier skillfully sticks out his right leg to stop it with his boot. Length sliding down leg and Kohli tucks it to fine leg for a single and keeps strike.


IND 90/4 in 31 overs: Pant flicks it off his toes through mid wicket and take three runs. The lead is now 102 runs. Beaten! A fuller length on off stump with the angle and straightens away to beat Kohli's outside edge. A single for Kohli to fine leg. A tentative prod outside off to end the over.

IND 86/4 in 30 overs: Olivier to Pant. Over the wicket. Pant tucks one on leg for a single after two dots to start with. Kohli continues to show good discipline in the channel area, leaving and defending well.

IND 85/4 in 29 overs: Pant gets a single off the first ball with a tuck down to square leg. FOUR LEG-BYES! Down the leg-side and Kohli misses the flick as it runs down behind off the pads. Kohli shouldering arms to length balls outside off to end the over.

IND 80/4 in 28 overs: Double change for South Africa as Olivier comes from the other end. Kohli defends the first couple of balls. A sharp bouncer follows and Kohli leans out of it very late. Three more dots to end the over as Kohli denies with his solid defence. Maiden over.

IND 80/4 in 27 overs: Ngidi replaces Rabada. Pant flicks the first one off his toes but well-fielder at mid wicket for a dot ball. Stung him! It nipped back in off a length and jammed into Pant abdomen, who shouldered arms. FOUR! Full outside off and beautifully driven by Pant through the covers.

IND 76/4 in 26 overs: Serenely driven by Pant off Jansen for a couple at deep mid wicket. This one is dug out through covers by Pant for two more. A fuller one on the leg is tucked away by Pant for a single at mid on. Bouncer down leg side to Kohli to end the over.

IND 71/4 in 25 overs: Pant collects a single at square leg off Rabada. Some biting swing! It moved away off a length outside off and missed Kohli's bat, which went fetching for it.

IND 70/4 in 24 overs: Extra bounce and trouble again as it goes off the splice of the bat and loops a bit to land next to him. Kohli does well to get his bottom hand off to keep it down. Jansen keeps Kohli on his toes, going back of length and on the stumps.

IND 70/4 in 23 overs: FOUR! Pant cuts loose! Short on leg from Rabada and Pant pulls to the square leg boundary. Correct his line, goes with length on middle stump and Pant defends with hop. A couple more for Pant between fine leg and square leg. FOUR! This one is short and outside off and Pant slaps this over cover off the backfoot for another boundary.

IND 60/4 in 22 overs: Kohli leaves the first three balls from Jansen in the channel with diligence. A couple of bouncers to end the over as Kohli ducks under the.

IND 60/4 in 21 overs: Rabada comes from over the wicket to Pant. Outside off and left alone. This one is closer to off stump and Pant defends from his crease. Maiden over and Pant exhibiting good discipline. He is happy to shoulder arms outside off and defends when it is closer to off stump.

IND 60/4 in 20 overs: Bounce and that almost got Kohli. Jansen got it to bounce steeply off a length and into the body. Kohli fends this to protect his face and it loops up off his gloves and behind gully and point for a couple.

IND 58/4 in 19 overs: Rabada to resume his assault from the other end. Full on midddle and off and Rahane defends. The players are celebrating as they think Rahane has edged it behind to Elgar, who takes it on the rebound. Umpire doesn't think so and Elgar goes for the review straightaway. OUT! Good review as Ultraedge confirms it went off Rahane's glove. Rahane c Dean Elgar b Kagiso Rabada 1(9b 0x4 0x6).

IND 58/3 in 18 overs: Jansen to Pujara duel to begin the proceedings. Over the wicket. Outside off, angling across, and left alone. OUT! What a catch! by Petersen at leg slip, diving to his right. Pitched short on leg, Pujara looked to flick it off the hips and the extra bounce meant he gloved it. Cheteshwar Pujara c Keegan Petersen b Marco Jansen 9(33b 2x4 0x6). Rahane off the mark with a single at mid off off his third ball. Kohli leaves the last one alone in the channel as it angles across from him.

13:58 IST: Pujara and Kohli make their way to the middle, followed by the umpires and the South African team huddle. A gleaming blue sky against the backdrop of what could be a make-or-break day as far as the outcome of the series is concerned.

13:51 IST: Another cracking day of Test cricket awaits us and what better stage for it than a sun-soaked Newlands ground in Cape Town.



Jasprit Bumrah rediscovered his mojo, Keegan Petersen conjured an innings of sublime beauty and the South African seamers hit back hard on an engrossing second day at Newlands.

At Stumps, India, dismissing the Proteas for 210 and gaining a first innings lead of 13, was 57 for two. Both its openers were back in the hut on Wednesday in the third Freedom Test.

Kagiso Rabada, his line immaculate, moved one away from Mayank Agarwal and Dean Elgar held on to a flying ball in the cordon.

And KL Rahul, who did not get his foot to the ball’s pitch, was lured by left-armer Marco Jansen into a fatal drive to a delivery shaping away; he was well caught by Aiden Markram in the cordon.

The decider promises to be an edge of the seat affair - FULL REPORT


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