Indian cricketing fraternity hails appointment of Kumble

Distinguished members of India's cricketing fraternity unanimously welcomed BCCI's appointment of Anil Kumble as head coach. Some of them opined Kumble should have got a longer term than one year.

Anil Kumble....a 'good choice'.   -  K. Bhagya Prakash

Krishnamachari Srikkanth called Anil Kumble’s appointment as the Indian team coach “a positive development that is good for Indian cricket.”

The former Indian captain added, “Kumble has been a great bowler himself. And he has been a good leader of men. He conducted himself with utmost dignity during that acrimonious Test series in Australia in 2007-08. I am sure he will take the team in the right direction."

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Srikkanth said, “Over the next few months, the Indian team will be going through a transition phase. I am certain Kumble will bring all his experience as a match-winning cricketer to the table. He is a good strategist. He will have plans for this Indian team.”

' Ache din' (Good days ahead)

Sunil Gavaskar also welcomed the appointment of Anil Kumble as India’s head coach, saying " acche din" awaits Indian cricket. Kumble is a great of the game but he doesn’t have a lot of coaching experience. Gavaskar, however, asserted that Kumble brings in a lot to the table and makes a good choice for the head coach.

“You don’t need a coaching degree, all you have to be is a good man manager. Kumble brings into table a lot of determination, experience and intelligence as India coach,” Gavaskar told NDTV shortly after Kumble was appointed for a one-year term. “One year term as India coach is more than enough,” reckoned Gavaskar.

Gavaskar said Kumble, unlike some other coaches, will be actively involved in the team and the players could learn immensely from him. “Players can Google on Kumble and find out what he has achieved. He will earn a lot of respect in the dressing room. He has been a great performer for India.”

The former India captain further said that ultimately it is down to the players on the field but Kumble will be actively involved with them from the sidelines. “Kumble would certainly give his opinions. I don’t see him being a passive coach. As far as achievements go, he will be a living example in front of the players,” Gavaskar added.

Prasad: I would not have applied if I had known Kumble applied

India's former bowling coach Venkatesh Prasad has said that he would not have applied in first place had he known that his former team-mate was in contention for the job. "To be honest, I would not have applied if I knew that Anil too had applied. I am not disappointed (at missing out).

These things happen. It was pretty much a two-horse race between Anil and Ravi (Shastri)," Prasad told PTI shortly after Kumble was appointed coach for a one-year term.

Prasad not only played alongside Kumble but also worked with him in an administrative role at the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA).

"Anil has proved himself in whatever he has attempted, be it as a India player or captain. Not many would have handled the 2008 'Monkeygate' incident better than Anil (when he was captain). I worked with him (at KSCA) and he did a good job with that as well."

"The job is not about coaching, it is about implementing your ideas, how you can take the team forward with your tactical knowledge. I am sure Anil would do a good job with that," said Prasad, who remains open to being a member of the Indian team's support staff which is yet to be announced.

Viswanath: Good choice

Former India captain Gundappa Viswanath called Kumble a very good student of the game before saying that the great leg-spinner should have got a longer stint that one-year. "Anil to me is a very good choice. He is a good student of the game and that will help him in his new role. I have seen Anil from his younger days. He has been a great player for India and he has it in him to be a good coach, which he has proved with his mentoring roles in the IPL," Viswanath told PTI.

"However, it is a bit strange that he has appointed for only one year. There is not much you can do in that much span," the artistic batsman of yesteryears added.

Prasad too corroborated Viswanath's view. "Normally in these scenarios, you look at World Cup to World Cup. I feel a longer stint would have been better for Anil, to implement his vision for the team," he said.

Prasanna: Captaincy experience will help Kumble

Former India off-spinner Erapalli Prasanna thought Kumble will be the bowling coach and Ravi Shastri would take care of the batting department. "I thought that Anil will be bowling coach and Ravi will take care of the batting but now the decision has been made.

"The fact that he has captained India will help him take decisions as a coach. We have to see how he uses his immense knowledge of the game in coaching, how he shares it with the players. I would say it is a good choice. Luckily for him, India is scheduled to play a lot of matches at home in the next one year," Prasanna told PTI.

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