IPL 2021, CSK vs KKR Highlights: Chennai beats Kolkata by 18 runs as Russell, Cummins fifties go in vain

KKR vs CSK Live Score, IPL 2021: Get the live cricket score, ball by ball commentary updates between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings from Wankhede Stadium.

Updated : Jun 02, 2021 11:31 IST

Pat Cummins smashed 30 runs off Sam Curran in the 16th over to lead Kolkata's fightback against Chennai.
Pat Cummins smashed 30 runs off Sam Curran in the 16th over to lead Kolkata's fightback against Chennai.

Pat Cummins smashed 30 runs off Sam Curran in the 16th over to lead Kolkata's fightback against Chennai.

Hello and welcome to Sportstar's Higlights of Match 15 of IPL 2021 between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.



KKR 202 all out after 19.1 overs: Cummins runs for the second and Krishna is run-out at the non-striker's! Whaat a finish!  Thakur gushed in the yorker and Cummins was always coming for the double after hitting down the ground. Chahar with a quick throw to Thakur has him flick the bails just in time to see of Prasidh Krishna. Heartbreak for Cummins and KKR as Chennai pulls it off in the end!

KKR 201/9 after 19 overs: Cummins stands between CSK and a win! A towering flick for six off Curran is followed by Chakravarthy's run out as Cummins rushed back for a double. He smartly retains strike by letting Krishna see off the final ball. 20 needed off six balls. Can Cummins be the hero tonight?

KKR 193/8 after 18 overs: Thakur flounders under pressure. Three wides in a row to Cummins and another similar delivery finds the thick edge to the third-man boundary. The pressure is on CSK now as KKR needs 28 off 12 balls. All down to Cummins vs CSK.

KKR 181/8 after 17 overs: The slower ball works again for Ngidi as Nagarkoti holes out to Faf at long-on. This is well down to Cummins as Kolkata needs 40 from three overs.  Kamlesh Nagarkoti c du Plessis b Ngidi 0 (2b)

KKR 176/7 after 16 overs: Deary me, PAT CUMMINS! Cummins smashes 30 runs off the Curran over. 2,6,6,6,4,6 and Cummins has shifted the balance once again. This is some clean striking in the 'V' from the Aussie as young Curran is absolutely shunned by the end of the onslaught.

KKR 146/7 after 15 overs: Ngidi deceives Karthik with a classical slower-one!  Karthik is flummoxed and is square up with that dipping slower ball and is clearly trapped in front. The replays suggest three reds and he is on his way as well.  Dinesh Karthik lbw b Ngidi 40 (24b 4x4 2x6)

KKR 138/6 after 14 overs: Cummins gets into the act with two crucial boundaries off Thakur. A low full-toss is squished over the bowler before an expansive drive beats a diving Krishnappa Gowtham at the deep cover region to the fence.

KKR 127/6 after 13 overs: Jadeja has kept Cummins wound to the crease as just four singles are conceded. Karthik will find it tough to amplify the chase from here alone. Cummins could provide some lusty blows before it's too late to aid Karthik.

KKR 123/6 after 12 overs: Curran to Russell. Cleaned him up! Curran gets the danger man.  A total lapse in judgement from Russell. Curran gets the ball to tail-in and Russell expects it to slide down leg and shuffles his pads a wee bit towards off. The ball runs in through the narrow gap and smashes the stumps. Karthik keeps the charge going with a cracking pull for six followed by a swat to the mid-wicket boundary.  Andre Russell b Curran 54 (22b 3x4 6x6)

KKR 111/5 after 11 overs: Andre Russell storms to a 21-ball FIFTY!
Jadeja seemed to have completed a quiet over before conceding a free-hit off the final ball. Russell goes ballistic and wallops it high into the stands down the ground.

KKR 97/5 after 10 overs: DRE RUSS HAS ARRIVED!  A whopping 24 runs of Thakur's over.  There's absolutely Thakur could do when Russell gets into such mood. He has bludgeoned the ball for three massive sixes over the deep-midwicket six and in a flash Kolkata is in check of the run-rate. Can Russell and Karthik sustain this attack?

KKR 73/5 after 9 overs: Karthik is out there on a positive note. Jadeja's slightly shorter delivery is pulled to mid-wicket in a flash. Jadeja keeps it fuller and forces Karthik and Russell to exchange strike with singles.

KKR 66/5 after 8 overs: Dhoni brings Chahar back for his final over. Russell seems to have paid no heed to Chahar's figures as he wallops the ball over cow corner for a stifling six. Chahar seems to be tired as a loose shorter one to Karthik meets a similar fate, a huge six over the mid-wicket boundary. Nevertheless, Chahar has single-handedly broken the top-order with figures of 4-0-29-4.

KKR 53/5 after 7 overs: Jadeja darts through a quick over and nearly gets Karthik after an thick outside edge gushes through the gap between Dhoni and Raina at slips.

KKR 45/5 after 6 overs: Ngidi finds Tripathi's edge and Dhoni makes no mistake!  KKR is commiting hara-kiri and this seems all over in the Powerplay. Not so easy when Andre Russell has come to the crease. Russell slashes a couple of boundaries and a cracking six over mid-off to finish the Powerplay.  Rahul Tripathi c †Dhoni b Ngidi 8 (9b 1x4)

KKR 31/4 after 5 overs: Chahar rips apart Kolkata! Morgan and Narine within the space of three deliveries! 
This is sensational stuff from Chahar. Dhoni going for the kill with the third over and it pays off once again. The away-swinger has Morgan attempt the push which takes the edge straight to Dhoni. Narine comes in crashes the first ball through point before attempting another. An electrifying Jadeja pounces on it in a jiffy and completes a sizzling catch. Chahar has four in three overs!    Eoin Morgan c †Dhoni b Chahar 7 (7b 1x4), Sunil Narine c Jadeja b Chahar 4 (3b 1x4)

KKR 22/2 after 4 overs: Ngidi mixes up the pace against new man Morgan and Tripathi and forces them to nudge around for the odd-single.

Lungi Ngidi into the attack

KKR 17/2 after 3 overs: Chahar to Rana. Rana hits it straight up into the night sky and Dhoni runs to his right to complete a safe catch! Kolkata is fumbling under mounting pressure and a sizzling Chahar has led the charge once again. Nitish Rana c Dhoni b Chahar 9(12) [4s-2]

KKR 14/1 after 2 overs: Curran is into the attack and gets the bowl to move away from Rana who lashes out at a couple. A streaky edge gets past the short third man fielder to the boundary.

KKR 5/1 after 1 over: What a start for the Super Kings! Deepak Chahar is on fire as he snaps Shubman Gill first ball!  Chahar is making the ball talk from ball one. A cracking in-swinger nearly gobbles up Rana before a out-swinger stuns him. Rana gets off the mark. Chahar then gets the out-swinger moving right from the length to Gill who goes for the slash over point first-up. He does not connect well and holes out to a perfect low catch by Ngidi at deep backward square.  Shubman Gill c Ngidi b Chahar 0 (1b)

BACK FOR THE CHASE! KKR openers Nitish Rana and Shubman Gill walk out to the crease. Deepak Chahar takes the new ball.


The Yellow army has swarmed over the Knights at the Wankhede. This has been absolute carnage right from the onset with openers Faf and Ruturaj regaining their classy touch. Ruturaj's 64 led the charge while du Plessis played his way in. Faf took the mantle on after his partner's dismissal before Moeen Ali's cameo lifted Chennai past 150 in the 16th over. And then there was a short surprise as Dhoni came in post Ali's dismissal ahead of Raina.

Dhoni waded his way through an initial tussle and cleared the fence thrice with a stunning six for company. In the end, it was the du Plessis show that powered Chennai to a massive total as a hapless Kolkata found no answers to stop the juggernaut.

CSK 220/3 after 20 overs: Cummins is smoked to the stands for three sixes! What a finish for Chennai. 
This is just elite level stuff from du Plessis. Cummins rushes in the length deliveries but the pace just adds to the beauty of du Plessis' slogs. Two massive sixes, one over long-off and the other clearing square leg takes du Plessis to 95* with Jadeja on strike for the final ball. Cummins bowls another length delivery to Jadeja who goes for the slog to the long-on boundary. The ball has more height than distance and falls to Nitish Rana who shockingly spills it over the fence for another six to finish the innings!

CSK 201/3 after 19 overs: Hat-trick boundaries from Faf powers Chennai past 200!  Russell seems to have gone off the grid before he snaps Dhoni off the final ball. Full and wide outside the off-stump and Dhoni went after it. He connects it well but a brilliant diving catch from Morgan at covers ends the Dhoni dream for the night.  MS Dhoni c Morgan b Russell 17 (8b 2x4 1x6)

CSK 186/2 after 18 overs: MSD flexes his muscles! Prasidh had managed to keep Dhoni under the pump with some quick-stuff first-up in the over. Dhoni broke the rhythm with a wry heave that flew over the keeper before spanking Prasidh over the mid-wicket boundary for a cracking six off the final ball.

CSK 172/2 after 17 overs: Massive over for Chennai despite Moeen's dismissal. Moeen began the over with two walloping biggies off Narine down the ground. He attempts another by stepping out but Narine manages to push it through for Karthik to smash the stumps. Dhoni enters to face Narine first-up! He gets a opportunity to break the boundary duck against Narine off a free-hit.  A thick outside-edge runs down the third-man fence and Dhoni gets off the mark against his nemesis, finally.  Moeen Ali st †Karthik b Narine 25 (12b 2x4 2x6)

CSK 153/1 after 16 overs: Moeen and Faf stepping on the gas!  Ali is quick to see the slower one from Prasidh and sets up well to pump it over long-off for a massive six. Prasidh then bowls a couple of brilliant probing deliveries before Faf scoops the slower-ball over the short fine leg fielder for another boundary.

CSK 144/1 after 15 overs:  Cummins attempts to mix-up the pace. He sees Faf shift to the off-side and goes for the cutter. Faf, however, makes some room to gently slice it past Karthik to the boundary. Cummins continues to experiment and a fiery bumper beats even Karthik to the fence to concede five wides.

CSK 130/1 after 14 overs: Moeen finds a boundary to get going as he slashes Nagarkoti over extra-cover. CSK is yet to fully step on the pedal even with nine wickets in hand.

CSK 121/1 after 13 overs: There's the breakthrough for KKR! Ruturaj has fallen in his bid to up the scoring. Varun dishes in a floater as Gaikwad attempts the sweep over the mid-wicket fence. The timing isn't there and he holes out to Cummins. Moeen Ali has come in while Faf du Plessis has cruised to yet another half-century with a breezy drive through extra-cover.  Ruturaj Gaikwad c Cummins b Varun 64 (42b 6x4 4x6)

CSK 115/0 after 12 overs: Ruturaj show at Wankhede! Some exquisite shots adorn the night as he steps out and smashes Prasidh Krishna over mid-wicket. Kolkata is in shambles as they have no answers to Gaikwad and du Plessis' assault.

CSK 98/0 after 11 overs: FIFTY FOR GAIKWAD! An excellent return to form for the youngster and he celebrates it with a cracking step-down six off Nagarkoti. du Plessis soon gets into the act with another six straight down the ground.

Kamlesh Nagarkoti into the attack

CSK 82/0 after 10 overs: Two fine overs for KKR in a row. Narine increases his pace and attacks the stumps, forcing the batsmen to stay back in their crease and rotate strike with singles.

CSK 77/0 after 9 overs: Varun in with a quiet over, forcing Gaikwad and du Plessis to nudge for singles. Chennai will prepare for an all-out onslaught any time now.

CSK 72/0 after 8 overs: Ruturaj takes on Russell!  Russell bangs it short and Ruturaj waltzed it over the mid-wicket boundary for a six in a flash.  After a couple of dot balls, Russell once again attempted the shorter delivery to Gaikwad who slid it past the fine leg fielder for another boundary. KKR is clueless at the moment as Morgan continues to roll through his bowlers.

Dre Russ up with the ball.

CSK 60/0 after 7 overs: Streaky from Gaikwad and he survives! Narine pushes in one his mystery deliveries that snaps up and into Ruturaj who rocks back for the cut. The thick outside catch flies inches wide off a diving Russell in the slips and trickles down to the third-man fence.

Sunil Narine is back. Interesting to note the half-sleeves that he is bowling in - a rare sight.

CSK 54/0 after 6 overs: Cummins returns with a fine over but concedes another boundary off a wide delivery to Gaikwad. Gaikwad presses himself elegantly into the drive and the ball eases to the cover boundary. Cummins finishes the Powerplay with a snapping delivery that hits du Plessis' hand and he seems to be in some pain.

CSK 44/0 after 5 overs: Prasidh is off to a good start by beating Gaikwad's edge with a snorter. Ruturaj has a befitting response with a charming extra-cover drive. He seems to have regained his touch and Morgan's having an early frown tonight. KKR has not managed to stem the boundaries, even in a fairly good over.

Prasidh Krishna replaces Narine

CSK 37/0 after 4 overs: Vintage Faf on show! Chakravarthy switches ends and darts in a short and wide delivery which is easily slashed past point by Faf. He then one-ups the bowler by lofting him over the long-off fence in typical du Plessis style.

CSK 25/0 after 3 overs: Faf gets the width off the fourth delivery from Narine and nudges past short third to the boundary. There were, however, two beauties from Narine that squared up du Plessis, nearly missing out on the top of off-stump.

Sunil Narine replaces Chakravarthy

CSK 19/0 after 2 overs: Ruturaj and Faf smashes Pat!  Poor bit of bowling from the Aussie as he dishes in two wide deliveries outside off. Faf and Ruturaj both oblige with leaning drives to the point boundary. Ruturaj then pulls a short delivery from Cummins to replicate a shade of his flourishingbest.

Pat Cummins into the attack

CSK 4/0 after 1 over: Good start for Kolkata as Varun starts with a couple of googlies against the out-of-form Gaikwad. He tucks the ball into the batsmen who rotate strike with a couple of singles. Some bounce and turn is visible already on this surface.

Varun Chakravarthy with the new ball for KKR

Game on, folks! The umpires have walked out to the middle followed by Eoin Morgan's men.  Chennai openers Ruturaj Gaikwad and Faf du Plessis is at the crease.


Morgan goes for the extra bit of pace in young Kamlesh Nagarkoti alongside Sunil Narine who marks his return. Chennai, on the other hand, is well balanced while opting to rest Bravo for the encounter.

TOSS: Kolkata wins the Toss and elects to Field


Toss time at the Wankhede!

Pat Cummins (featuring in his 100th T20 match) speaks to the broadcaster -  If you are a specialist bowler then you have to be ready to bowl in all facets, any over of the game but Morgs (Morgan) likes to use me as a wicket-taker and the economy is important while taking those wickets. For me it is about the feel, in warm up and days before the match, just run in and feel the ball in my hand. It is always a pretty nice place to bowl, if you don't bowl in the right areas, you will go for runs. Look forward to a different challenge.

We are 10 minutes away from the Toss. Will Sunil Narine return for KKR? Narine has troubled the CSK batsmen in a past and the numbers would be working its bit in Bazz McCullum's notepad ahead of the Toss.

Pitch Report: Ian Bishop suggest that the strip that is in use tonight was the one where Punjab skittled to 106 against Chennai and 195 vs Delhi which was chased on Sunday. A tricky surface with a fine coating of grass on a firm top. He reckons that it would be another contest with the scores on the higher side.


Here's a look at the top performers from the fixture:

Top performers in the fixture




Eoin Morgan's Knights would not be holding themselves in high spirits after squandering its last two matches in the torrid conditions in Chennai. A couple of points to the table in these tough, early encounters would be extremely invaluable as the franchises move around the country through neutral venues. And so, after successive losses to Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata takes its challenge to Mumbai, meeting a resurgent Chennai Super Kings to start with.

A misfiring middle-order has carried itself from the last season for Kolkata, the biggest challenge captain Morgan himself would want to amend with the blade. Kolkata's top-draw finishers Dinesh Karthik, Andre Russell have also gone missing in the slow and low tracks at Chennai.

With a batting belter up for grabs at the Wankhede, KKR would hope to build on momentum for the remainder of the season from here.

The Super Kings, on the other hand, have been clinical in its last two games after a debacle in its first match. The master tactician, Dhoni stuck to the simpler rules in his playbook and a powerhouse exhibition from its long list of all-rounders meant the side is got back to winning ways. Dhoni's effective use of Moeen Ali in the top-order, besides sending Deepak Chahar full throttle with the new ball has paid dividends. As for, Sir Ravindra Jadeja , the magic is sprawling all across the Wankhede.

Coaches Speak

"Sunil Narine stood on the rope before our first game which means he has had an injury where he was not 100 percent fit. He certainly comes into our calculations, he was touch and go for the game against RCB but we opted for Shakib who has been good for us and gives us an extra bit of batting. After three games, we have not got the results, we probably would need some fresh legs for slightly different wickets in Mumbai" -  KKR coach Brendon McCullum.

"Robin's waiting, but Ruturaj has that spot (opening). He earned a bit of time last year with the way he played and you know our philosophy - we give players a good run. The intent is there, his training is great so we'll continue to back him. We'll make a decision to change at some point and we'll discuss it really hard but at the moment we're backing a good young player" -  CSK coach Stephen Fleming.


When: Wednesday, April 21, 2021


The IPL 2021's 15th match between Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders begins at 7:30 PM IST at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.


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