IPL 2020, MI vs KXIP Highlights: Punjab beats Mumbai after two Super Overs

KXIP vs MI, IPL 2020 Today's Match Live Streaming Updates: Catch the IPL live score updates of match between Mumbai Indians and Kings Xl Punjab at Dubai International Stadium from 7.30 PM.

Kings XI Punjab

The party starts in the KXIP dugout following the thrilling Super Over victory against the Mumbai Indians!   -  BCCI/IPL

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Phew! "You can't prepare for Super Overs, no team prepares for Super Overs," says KL and I absolutely agree with the Skip. I am never forgetting this night... NEVER EVER! At a time I should be heading to bed, I had to make the dash for the freezer and grab a can of energy drink to calm my nerves. If that is what I had to go through, merely thinking about what each of the teams had on their minds, gives me the jitters. Incredible Premier League, it is!

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KL Rahul, Winning Captain: It's not the first time, I'm getting used to it but we'll take the two points however they come. It doesn't always happen, so you don't know how to stay balanced in a situation like this. We have put in some really amazing performances even in the games we lost. We're trying to come back harder in each game and wins like these help.


Man of the Match - KL Rahul

Power Player of the Match - KL Rahul

#LetsCrackIt Sixes award - Kieron Pollard

Super Striker of the Match - Kieron Pollard

Game Changer of the Match - KL Rahul

Mayank Agarwal: The mindset was we had nothing to lose, and the pressure was off us. The DC game flashed in my mind, but I just went for it, come what may. We aren't thinking about the points table, but getting a win against a team like MI is heartening. It was a dream come true to play the IPL and to have exciting games like this is amazing. This kind of a match will go down in history.

Kieron Pollard: It shows that one run and two runs are very, very crucial in T20. I am sure it was great for viewership. KXIP got the better of us and deserved the two points. Around the 11-12 overs, we knew we were a couple of overs behind. Getting 170-odd, that was a good total - above-par on a track that was on the slower side. With the dimensions, we thought we can defend that.

MATCH RESULT: Kings XI Punjab beats Mumbai in second Super Over

4 -
FOUR. To midwicket it races away and party it is! Mayank screams like the Banshee as the longest IPL 2020 game comes to an end, finally. FINALLY!

Chris Gayle and Mayank Agarwal

Chris Gayle and Mayank Agarwal celebrate after Kings XI Punjab got the better of Mumbai Indians after the second Super Over.   -  BCCI/IPL


3 - FOUR. Mayank is in a hurry to get to the party! Powers this one through mid-off.

2 - ONE. Mayank calls for two but Gayle doesn't go for it.

1 - SIX. Boult to Gayle. The Kiwi sends in a full toss and the Jamaican goes up, up and away... into the stands it disappears!

Kings XI Punjab needs 12 runs to win. Gayle and Mayank to open.


6 - TWO. Mayank pulls off a Superman save at long on to keep what initially seemed like a maximum down to two. Is that the game-changer right there?

5 - DOT. Well, there was something that sounded like a nick and the umpire raises his fingers straightaway. Pollard confidently goes for the review and the decision is reversed. No spike on the ultraedge, there.

4 - WICKET. There was no second run but they went for it anyway. A good throw from the deep and that does it for Hardik. Well short.

4 - WIDE. Jordan strays down leg.

3 - FOUR. There's the one! A wide half-volley and Pollard drills it right through the covers.

2 - ONE. Jordan back on the money. A toe-crushing yorker and Hardik couldn't do much about it.

2 - WIDE. Oh dear! Jordan sprays it miles off the line.

1 -  ONE. Right into the blockhole. Just a run for Pollard.

Pollard and Hardik to open. Jordan to bowl. There is a change of ends as well.



Remember, players who have already been dismissed in Super Over 1 cannot be used again. That means QDK, Rahul and Pooran cannot bat. Also, Bumrah and Shami cannot bowl again.

Super Over toed. Second Super Over to decide the winner.

6 - WICKET. Is this another Super Over? We are going upstairs to check for a run out and a run out it is. A second Super Over! DRAMA! DRAMA! The IPL is not good for one's heart, I can tell you that.

5 - ONE. Rahul goes upstairs for a leg-before appeal but it was an inside edge onto the pads following which the batters stole a run.

4 - DOT. A fabulous yorker from Shami. Nothing much Rohit could do about it.

3 - ONE. Doing it in singles at the moment are Mumbai Indians. QDK pushes it straight to Jordan at deep point.

2 - ONE. Rohit, looking to go over the field at midoff, can only get a single.

1 - ONE. Shami is bowling round the wicket to de Kock. QDK, strangely, looks to experiment with a factory shot and Shami notices it early to switch his line. Just a single.

Mumbai needs six to win. Mohammed Shami to bowl. Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock to open. Pollard is padded up to walk out at No 3.


6 - WICKET. LBW. What was Rahul thinking? He goes for a reverse paddle against Jasprit Bumrah, misses the line completely and gets trapped plumb in front. There is a chance for him to go upstairs but Rahul isn't interested.

5 - TWO. Rahul runs a couple quite easily.

4 - ONE. Hooda runs one. Wants to come back for the second. Rahul stops him.

3 - ONE. Hooda is the new man. Where is Gayle? Rahul runs a single.

2 - WICKET. Anukul Roy takes a brilliant catch to dismiss Pooran. Pooran's second duck in yet another Super Over in IPL 2020.

1 - ONE. Rahul nudges it straight to Rohit at short cover.

KL Rahul and Nicholas Pooran to open for KXIP. Jasprit Bumrah to bowl.



Match tied. Super Over to decide the winner.

KXIP 176/6 after 20 overs: Boult to bowl the last. Coulter-Nile puts down what can be called half-a-chance. Would have been a stunner of a catch but surely, he has saved three precious runs. Luck favours KXIP, moments later, after a vicious yorker takes the inside edge and goes past a diving QDK to the long stop. Need two off the last delivery. Everything is pointing towards a second Super Over for the day. Super Over it is! Jordan's run out. No team has lost two Super Overs in the same season, one of these two will become the first tonight.

KXIP 168/5 after 19 overs: Hooda settles deep in his crease and opens the face of his bat to work Coulter-Nile's slower ball away to split backward point and short third man. Chahar drops Hooda! Funny season he's having on the field, one must say. Jordan joins the party now and flicks a four down long leg. Need 9 off six. Another Super Over?

KXIP 155/5 after 18 overs: Bumrah to bowl out. Clearly, Rohit's going for the kill! And kill he gets, alright. He has cleaned up the big man with a 148.5kph yorker. Rahul plays the captain's innings yet again but will KXIP's challenge come a cropper post this dismissal? Jordan walks in.

KXIP 150/4 after 17 overs: And now Pollard has injured himself while trying to save a boundary. Hope it isn't that serious and he continues. He does. Rahul, meanwhile, picks up a boundary, dispatching Coulter-Nile towards the extra cover fence. Kings XI Punjab needs 27 runs in 18 balls.

KXIP 140/4 after 16 overs: Ishan Kishan has pulled a hamstring while trying to field. He limps his way out of the ground, aided by the physios, as Anukul Roy comes on as a sub. Bumrah, meanwhile, has been hit for a boundary towards deep backward point and Anukul doesn't dive in an effort to stop that from rolling over the ropes despite being within range. Rohit gestures the same. New man in, Deepak Hooda, hooks one for a six to end an eventful over.

KXIP 125/4 after 15 overs: Punjab has been put on the backfoot here and although a look at the required runs and remaining wickets would suggest that the target is well within reach, KL Rahul would be worried about the fact that there is not much batting left to come. Meanwhile, he works a low full toss from Krunal, towards the fence to keep the scoreboard rolling.

KXIP 117/4 after 14 overs: Rahul welcomes his namesake with a six, pulling one over deep midwicket, to bring up his 21st IPL fifty. Maxwell, meanwhile, disappoints yet again! Gets the edge as he goes for a wild swing for a flighted delivery outside off and a leaping Rohit does well to hold on to it at the slips.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma takes a catch at slip to dismiss Glenn Maxwell.   -  BCCI/IPL


KXIP 108/3 after 13 overs: Bumrah is back. Will he be able to break this partnership before it causes Mumbai's undoing? AND HE DOES! He has pitched this short and Pooran, who is known to be one of the most flamboyant pullers of the cricket ball, gets the top edge and holes out to Coulter-Nile at fine leg.

KXIP 105/2 after 12 overs: Chahar comes back with yet another economical over. Only three off that.

KXIP 102/2 after 11 overs: Rahul heaves a sigh of relief after almost playing Pollard's first delivery straight back to the bowler. Pooran lifts Punjab spirits yet again with a four and a six off the last two balls. Surely, he is in a hurry to finish things off.

KL Rahul

KL Rahul plays a shot during the match against Mumbai Indians.   -  BCCI/IPL


KXIP 87/2 after 10 overs: A massive breakthough, this! Chahar goes wide, luring Gayle to hoick that straight to Boult at long-off. The disappointment is very visible on Gayle's face. Pooran walks in and ends the over with a humongous six over long-off and follows it up with a four to the fine-leg boundary.

KXIP 75/1 after 9 overs: Coulter-Nile slips in a tight over to keep the run-flow in check. Only four off that one. Kings XI Punjab needs 102 runs in 66 balls.

KXIP 71/1 after 8 overs: Chahar, bowling his first, sticks to the right line and lengths until Gayle, down on a knee, utilises a flatter delivery and sweeps with the turn to score a boundary towards square leg.

KXIP 62/1 after 7 overs: Pollard to bowl. As if two wides weren't enough, Gayle dispatches him straight down the ground for a six to worsen things for Mumbai. There is a bit of friendly banter as well, that follows.

KXIP 51/1 after 6 overs: Two dots and a six off the first three deliveries. Rahul is back to hunt Boult down. A short delivery and Rahul has bludgeoned this right over square leg. He is, however, not done yet as he slaps another over midwicket for a boundary. The pacer concedes 40 off his first three overs and this is the most conceded by a bowler in the Powerplay this season. Ironically, Boult has also snapped up the most wickets by a bowler in the first six overs this season - eight.

KXIP 40/1 after 5 overs: Chris Gayle creates some room for himself and off he goes... He has launched a length ball from Nathan Coulter-Nile right into outer space for a SIX. The umpire had to intervene to check whether the ball was okay. Just Universe Boss things!

KXIP 34/1 after 4 overs: Rohit has brought on Jasprit Bumrah to do some damage control! And that has indeed made the dent. The pacer makes it 2/2 against Mayank, this season, as he makes the latter struggle for room and a deflection off his leg upsets the bail. Chris Gayle is in.

Mumbai Indians

Jasprit Bumrah celebrates with teammates after dismissing Mayank Agarwal.   -  BCCI/IPL


KXIP 33/0 after 3 overs: Rahul taking on one of Mumbai's best - Boult. There was a misfield, alright, from Chahar at cover point off the second ball resulting in a boundary and maybe that and the earlier appeal, which had been turned down, is messing up with the New Zealand pacer's thought process. 1 4 4 0 6 Wd 4 reads the over timeline.

KXIP 13/0 after 2 overs: Another chance goes abegging after Suryakumar gets hit on the wrist. Was difficult but in a stage like the IPL, it should have been taken... More so because, it would have seen Mayank take the walk. This was chipped just wide of mid on and SKY dove for it but in vain.

KXIP 9/0 after 1 over: Rahul is off the mark straightaway. Mayank rolls his wrists to clear the infield and opens his account with a boundary towards third man. The very next ball sees Boult confidently appeal for a caught behind. That, however, doesn't pique his teammates' interests. QDK says he heard nothing and Rohit doesn't go upstairs. Replays, however, show that the batsman did get a feather onto that. Unlucky!

Trent Boult

Trent Boult appeals for a caught behind.   -  BCCI/IPL


- KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal, the best opening combination in the tournament, thus far, are here. Trent Boult will be bowling with the new ball, as has been the custom.


Kings XI Punjab needs 177 to win.

MI 176/6 after 20 overs: You cannot bowl short balls at Pollard. You just can't! And Jordan learns this the hard way. the 33-year-old has absolutely butchered this for a 93-metre maximum into the empty stands near deep midwicket. Polly goes again, this time over long on! Needless to say, this man is leading the Super Striker charts this season. Another bouncer from Jordan takes a deviation off the Trinidadian's gloves before running down the fine leg boundary.

MI 156/6 after 19 overs: Shami starts the over with a delivery right at the blockhole. An opportunity follows when Coulter-Nile miscues one to the skies and it drops in a no man's land, with Rahul and Bishnoi converging under it. Shami goes for a slower and shorter one but Coulter-Nile waits on that and goes for the pull towards the fence. The last ball takes an edge as well before running down to the fine leg fence.

MI 144/6 after 18 overs: Stand and deliver! You could define effortless by showing someone a footage of Pollard carting bowlers for mammoth sixes. He smokes two back-to-back sixes off Arshdeep's bowling right out of the park. He rotates strike and Coulter-Nile hits two consecutive fours! 22 runs come off the over.

MI 122/6 after 17 overs: Jordan is back into the attack and he will be bowling against a man in terrific form. Also, accompanying the latter at the non-striker's end is one of the most dangerous death-over batsmen in world cricket. But... but... Jordan gets the all-important wicket of QDK who has hit this straight down Mayank Agarwal's throat at deep midwicket.

MI 117/5 after 16 overs: Hardik takes the long walk after slicing a short ball from Shami straight to Pooran, who pouches it comfortably at sweeper cover. Kieron Pollard comes to the crease.

MI 114/4 after 15 overs: QDK gets to his third half-century in three games. This one has come off just 39 deliveries. What a season this man is having! He takes Ashwin for a ride, flaying him for a four over covers and then a maximum straight down the ground. Glorious, glorious shots, those!

MI 102/4 after 14 overs: Bishnoi is elated and why wouldn't he be? He gets the crucial wicket of Krunal just as he was looking to play aggressor alongside QDK. A new man at the crease might put a break on the momentum for now, or will it? (It is the younger Pandya afterall!) Nope, and he sends the message across off the very first delivery. He has launched this right over wide long off for a SIX.

MI 93/3 after 13 overs: Krunal rocks back and works a short ball from Ashwin away towards midwicket for a fine boundary. The former then brings up the fifty-run partnership, following which QDK steals a boundary from right under Rahul's nose. It misses the bat, Rahul's gloves and just rolls down to the boundary aided by a sharp turn.

MI 83/3 after 12 overs: Bishnoi concedes only three off this over as the batsmen avoid taking any unneccessary risks against the young leggie.

MI 80/3 after 11 overs: Spinners to operate in tandem and it is Deepak Hooda who will be bowling off-spin to QDK. The South African wicketkeeper-batsman backs away to create some room for himself and muscles it over deep backward square leg for a maximum.

MI 70/3 after 10 overs: Time for some legspin from one end now - Ashwin has been brought into the attack. A googly off the second and Krunal cuts this past Chris Gayle at slip. The latter was a tad bit late to react to that. Krunal ends the over on a high, with another four, carving it away to the deep backward point region.

MI 60/3 after 9 overs: Krunal targets the extra cover region yet again. A tossed up delivery from the Aussie and the elder Pandya drives this one through the infield quite easily. Jordan could have saved this with a dive but he let it race past him.

MI 53/3 after 8 overs: Krunal hammers Jordan after the Barbados-born pacer bowls two dots. This was delivered short of a length and the batter went over deep extra cover for a maximum.

MI 46/3 after 7 overs: Maxwell keeps things tight in the over. Only three runs off it. Rahul goes upstairs for a caught behind appeal but turns out that Krunal Pandya's defence ricocheted off the ground to the keeper and not the boot, as was earlier being suspected.

MI 43/3 after 6 overs: Arshdeep's back and how! Kishan departs off the very first ball - quite an ordinary one at that. Bowled short and quite wide, Kishan goes for the upper cut but he doesn't seem to have connected well. It flies straight to Ashwin again at third man. The expression on the bowler's face tells you even he didn't see that coming. De Kock releases a bit of pressure on the host with a glorious drive to deep extra cover.

MI 38/2 after 5 overs: Down the ground and wide of mid on goes Ishan Kishan to pick up a boundary. The very next ball sees Maxwell extracting a sharp turn from the surface. How many revs did he put on that one?

MI 30/2 after 4 overs: Shami strikes now! This is precisely the start KXIP would have wanted. Suryakumar Yadav, who has been in very good touch in this edition of the IPL, has flicked this straight to Murugan Ashwin at midwicket. There is a bobble but the spinner holds on to the ball off the second attempt. SKY goes for duck. Ishan Kishan joins QDK at the crease. The last ball goes for five following a reckless overthow by Nicholas Pooran.

MI 24/1 after 3 overs: Arshdeep continues to impress! The big wicket is in the bag. Rohit is walking back to the pavilion after playing a length ball right back onto his stumps. That would make the youngster feel a bit better after a harsh wide call from the umpire followed by the night's first maximum by QDK off his bowling earlier in the over.

Arshdeep Singh

Arshdeep Singh celebrates a wicket.   -  BCCI/IPL


MI 15/0 after 2 overs: Not quite the welcome Shami would have wanted in his very first over! De Kock works it away behind point for a four and Rohit joins the celebrations three balls later, glancing it down fine leg.

MI 6/0 after 1 over: A run out scare early in the very first over as QDK looks to get off the mark. He nudges one away to short mid on but Maxwell is quick to collect and throw it at the non-striker's end. A direct hit wouldn't have found Rohit even in the frame. The India opener smashes one through covers to bring up MI's first boundary of the night as well.

Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul

MI skipper Rohit Sharma plays a shot as KXIP captain KL Rahul looks on.   -  BCCI/IPL

- Punjab skipper KL Rahul with a few magical words for his teammates before Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock make their way out to the middle. Glenn Maxwell to bowl with the new ball.



Kings XI Punjab: KL Rahul (w/c), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Deepak Hooda, Chris Jordan, Murugan Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Ravi Bishnoi, Arshdeep Singh

Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Quinton de Kock (w), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah


KL Rahul, KXIP captain: We're at that stage where the toss doesn't matter. We need to show energy and try to win everything from here. Last game was too close for comfort but we needed a win like that to get over the line. We're also going in with the same team.

Rohit Sharma, MI captain: We're having a bat first. We want to put runs on the board, the team has done well doing that. We don't need to change that. It is an important game for us and putting runs on the board would be ideal. The team has looked balanced. We're going in with the same team.



Mumbai Indians wins toss, opt to bat first.   -  BCCI/IPL



PITCH REPORT: " It is the same track as the one used yesterday afternoon. It looks a little drier though. Spinners did a good job yesterday going for about eight an over in general. There is not much turn but it will turn a little bit today. Be wary of the spinners but also be wary of the short boundaries on one side, ranging from 61 to 65 meters behind square for the right-hander. No wind around to intervene, but 165-170 should be enough," reckons Simon Doull.   -  BCCI/IPL



If there was to be a contest that’s actually a no-contest based on the form and record of teams in the Indian Premier League’s 2020 edition, this is the one.

It appears so much of a mismatch, at least before the toss, on virtually every count. Mumbai Indians’ comprehensive 48-run win against Kings XI Punjab in Abu Dhabi in the first face-off of the teams this year tilted the head-to-head record 14-11 in Mumbai's favour.

The build-up

But that’s as close as the teams can get. Otherwise Mumbai - on a five-match winning streak - has won six of its eight games, whereas it’s inverse when it comes to Kings XI's win-loss record this year. No wonder that Mumbai has consistently been among the top two teams on the table, whereas Kings XI has occupied the eighth slot in standings for a while.

The Dream11 IPL trophy

IPL 2020: What the teams are playing for   -  BCCI/IPL

Despite K.L. Rahul and Mayank Agarwal’s heroics at the top of the order, Kings XI has finished second in each of their contests barring the two against Royal Challengers Bangalore. And it’s their second win after a string of losses in its last encounter that has kept their campaign alive. Captain Rahul and his bunch will be keen to upset the defending champion and give their head coach Anil Kumble a perfect birthday gift a day after he turned 50.

The key men

For it to happen, however, both Rahul and Agarwal will have to ensure at least one of them bats out the innings, irrespective of whether the set or chase target, to be competitive. This would mean the duo, along with Chris Gayle at No. 3, will have to weather Jasprit Bumrah’s storm.

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Besides, in the earlier face-off between the teams, Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya went after the Kings XI death bowlers. Since then, they have been struggling to find a reliable death bowler.

Mohammed Shami will need to attack Rohit Sharma and Quinton de Kock at the start and keep the big-hitters at the back .




The two teams have faced each other 25 times in the IPL so far, and MI has dominated the fixture by winning it 14 times.

Last IPL meeting

MI (191/4 in 20 overs) beat KXIP (143/8 in 20 overs) by 48 runs.

Earlier this season, the sides had squared off in Abu Dhabi on October 1, Thursday. The Mumbai-based franchise handed the Punjab-based side a 48-run defeat. MI skipper Rohit Sharma (70) and Kieron Pollard (47) guided he side to the big total. A disciplined bowling attack, which included three two-wicket hauls, then restricted KXIP to 143. Four bowlers picked two wickets apiece.

IPL 2020 Form guide (last 5 matches)

MI- The team is in red-hot form, having won all of its last five encounters.


KXIP- The franchise has lost four of its last five matches, but comes into this game on the back of a nail-biting win.

Current position in the table

MI (2nd): After six wins and two losses from eight matches, Mumbai currently sits second in the points table with 12 points.


KXIP (8th): On the other hand, Punjab is currently reeling at the bottom of the table after bagging only four points from eight matches. The side has won two matches and lost six.

Top performers so far - MI

Top-scorersTop wicket-takers
Quinton de Kock (269)Jasprit Bumrah (12)
Rohit Sharma (251)Trent Boult (12)
Suryakumar Yadav (243)Rahul Chahar (9)


Top performers so far - KXIP

Top-scorersTop wicket-takers
K.L. Rahul (448)Mohammad Shami (12)
Mayank Agarwal (382)Ravi Bishnoi (8)
Nicholas Pooran (218)Murugan Ashwin (6)


MI: Quinton de Kock (wk), Rohit Sharma (c), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah

KXIP: KL Rahul (c/wk), Mayank Agarwal, Chris Gayle, Nicholas Pooran, Glenn Maxwell, Deepak Hooda, K Gowtham, Chris Jordan, Ravi Bishnoi, Mohammed Shami, Arshdeep Singh


1. KL Rahul (KXIP) - 157.5 points
2. Mayank Agarwal (KXIP) - 155 points
3. Jasprit Bumrah (MI) - 130 points
4. Quinton de Kock (MI) - 128.5 points
5. Trent Boult (MI) - 127 points


  • Highest run-getter: KL Rahul (448)
  • Highest wicket-taker: Kagiso Rabada (19)
  • Highest individual score: KL Rahul (132*)
  • Best bowling figures: Jasprit Bumrah (4/20)
  • Best economy: Chris Morris (5.25)
  • Most fours: Shikhar Dhawan (39)
  • Most sixes: AB de Villiers and Sanju Samson (19)
  • Fastest ball: Anrich Nortje (156.22 kmph)
  • Biggest six: Nicholas Pooran (106m)
  • Fastest fifty: Nicholas Pooran (17 balls)
  • Fastest century: Mayank Agarwal (45 balls)


Mumbai Indians: Rohit Sharma (c), Quinton de Kock, Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Hardik Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Krunal Pandya, James Pattinson, Rahul Chahar, Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah, Dhawal Kulkarni, Saurabh Tiwary, Aditya Tare, Mitchell McClenaghan, Chris Lynn, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Jayant Yadav, Anmolpreet Singh, Anukul Roy, Mohsin Khan, Sherfane Rutherford, Digvijay Deshmukh, Prince Balwant Rai

Kings XI Punjab: K. L. Rahul (c), Glenn Maxwell, Chris Gayle, Mayank Agarwal, Karun Nair, Sarfaraz Khan, Mandeep Singh, Sheldon Cottrell, Ishan Porel, Ravi Bishnoi, Mohammed Shami, Mujeeb ur Rahman, Arshdeep Singh, Hardus Viljoen, M. Ashwin, J. Suchith, Harpreet Brar, Darshan Nalkande, James Neesham, Chris Jordan, Krishnappa Gowtham, Deepak Hooda, Tajinder Singh Dhillon, Nicholas Pooran, Prabhsimran Singh


Delhi Capitals97214+0.921
Mumbai Indians86212+1.353
Royal Challengers Bangalore96312-0.096
Kolkata Knight Riders8448-0.684
Sunrisers Hyderabad8356+0.009
Chennai Super Kings9366-0.386
Rajasthan Royals9366-0.778
Kings XI Punjab8264-0.295


The Indian Premier League match Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab will be broadcast live on the Star Sports Network. Live streaming will also be available on the Hotstar app or website exclusively for VIP and Premium users.