MCA CoA meets members, to draft constitution soon

The CoA of Mumbai Cricket Association said that the immediate step would be to prepare the constitution adhering the Lodha reforms.

MCA Committee of Administrators Justices (retd) V.M. Kanade (left) and Hemant Gokhale.   -  Vivek Bendre

After receiving suggestions from the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) member clubs, the head of the Bombay High Court appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) Justice (Retd) Hemant Gokhale said that the immediate step would be to prepare the draft of the Constitution in consonance with the Justice Lodha Committee recommendations. The meeting with the member clubs lasted three hours.

"We will try to do it expeditiously;  the Court order has stated that the endeavour should be to complete the election by June 30," said Justice Gokhale.

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Each member was given a copy of the Supreme Court appointed CoA’s guidelines reminding the State Associations that the Memorandum of Association/Articles of the Association/By Laws of the respective States has to be amended by September 30, 2016.

"We convened the meeting to receive suggestions of the member clubs on the Justice Lodha Committee recommendations. They have given their suggestions. We have heard them and will consider them. It’s a democratic system. We cannot do anything contrary to the Lodha Committee recommendations. Apart from that, if there are suggestions worth considering, we will," said Justice Gokhale.

The other person in charge of MCA CoA, Justice V.M. Kanade said: "The meeting has been tape-recorded. We will be given the transcript. We will see if the suggestions are in consonance with the Lodha Committee recommendations. That’s the mandate given to us by the Bombay High Court, which is being directed by the Supreme Court. The mandate is very clear. Apart from implementing the Lodha recommendations, we had to see that there was a fair distribution of the IPL tickets, convene the meeting and invite suggestions. The earlier meeting convened on April 16 was cancelled. We had to hear the erstwhile committee’s amendments. We have not accepted it."

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