Pat Cummins: Reverse swing has never been a huge factor in Australia

The Australian speedster thinks the Dukes ball shines up really well, while Kookaburra and SG balls are harder to shine back to good condition.

World's no. 1 Test bowler Pat Cummins is excited about playing in the IPL this year.   -  GETTY IMAGES

Australia's Pat Cummins, the world's No. 1 Test bowler, has indicated that reverse swing is unlikely to play a big part during the entirety of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy later this year. Looking at the return to play, Cummins said the team will spend the next couple of months preparing for a possible white-ball tour of England.

Excerpts from the interview:

Managing the workloads of the bowlers is an important aspect of resumption. As a fast bowler, how are you ensuring a smooth transition from the forced break?

We aren’t scheduled to play Test matches until November so most likely our first couple of tours back will be white-ball cricket, which is a bit easier physically to be ready for. Despite this, we started light bowling last week and will spend the next couple of months to build up.

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With the saliva ban now in place, do you feel that reverse-swing will come into play in Australia's home Tests this summer?

Reverse swing has never been a huge factor here in Australia. I think not being able to shine the ball will have a great effect on swinging the ball naturally.

Does the manner of shining the ball vary depending on its type? How do different balls react to shining?

From my limited experience I’ve found the Dukes ball to shine up really well, when at times, the Kookaburra and SG balls scuff up and are harder to shine back to good condition. A lot of this has to do with the course pitches in these countries also.

Will you be willing to take part in the IPL should this year's T20 World Cup be postponed?

For sure, I’m really excited to hear that the IPL is planned to go ahead.

Has there been any communication from the Knight Riders management regarding when exactly the T20 League could take place?

Yes, we are obviously waiting for confirmation either way regarding the T20 World Cup. This may provide a window where we can play the IPL, so let’s see what the next few weeks bring us!

Do you reckon an atmosphere devoid of the noise and energy of a crowd to play to, will make India's captain Virat Kohli slightly vulnerable? Considering Virat's knack to thrive in combative environments.

I wouldn’t go that far, it will just require players to find other ways to motivate themselves other than just riding off the crowd. But the crowd are normally just one aspect of our motivation, I’m sure we’ll be fine.

Cheteshwar Pujara proved the immovable object for the Australian bowling attack in 2018-19. Do you reckon he flies under the radar a little bit when you look at the Indian side?

He’s a class player and a no-fuss type batsman. Not sure if he goes under the radar we certainly understand his quality.

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