The World Cup travels the globe

We're well into the FIFA World Cup now, with the first round of group stage matches done. But the fanfare and frenzy around the tournament is not limited to Russia.

Brazilian fans attend the broadcasting of the World Cup 2018 match against Switzerland on a big outdoor screen in the Alzirao neighborhood, in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: AFP
Egyptian fans shout as they watch the group A World Cup match between Egypt and Russia on a screen at Al Jazera youth club, in Cairo. Egypt lost 3-1 to Russia. Photo: AP Photo
South Korean football fans display the national flag during a street cheering event for their team's World Cup match against Sweden at Gwanghwamun square in Seoul. Photo: AFP
That's a goalkeeper guarding his post inside the pre-Columbian archaeological site of Puruchuco in Lima, Peru. Their use for pickup football games has surged with the World Cup fever. But it is not an unusual sight, as these archaeological sites often provide the only open spaces in poor, crowded neighbourhoods. Photo: AP Photo
People gather at Tokyo's busy Shibuya shopping district to celebrate Japan's win over Colombia in the Group H World Cup match. Photo: AP
A fan has tequila poured down his throat during the celebration of Mexico's 2018 World Cup win over Germany at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City. Mexico defeated defending champion Germany 1-0. Photo: AP
Moroccan football fans react while watching their national team's World Cup Group B match against Iran being screened at a train station in Rabat, Morocco.