ISL semifinal SF4 Highlights, ATKMB 1-0 HFC: Hyderabad enters maiden final after 3-2 win on aggregate

ISL 2021-22 Semifinal, ATKMB vs HFC: Read the highlights of the semifinal second leg of Indian Super League between Hyderabad FC and ATK Mohun Bagan from the GMC Athletic Stadium in Goa.

Updated : Mar 16, 2022 22:29 IST

Hyderabad FC captain Joao Victor celebrates after the final whistle as HFC enters the ISL final for the first time ever.
Hyderabad FC captain Joao Victor celebrates after the final whistle as HFC enters the ISL final for the first time ever.

Hyderabad FC captain Joao Victor celebrates after the final whistle as HFC enters the ISL final for the first time ever.

Welcome to Sportstar's highlights of this evening's semifinal clash between Hyderabad FC and ATK Mohun Bagan in the Indian Super League (ISL 2021-22) clash being played at the GMC Athletic Stadium in Bambolim, Goa.

This was Neeladri Bhattacharjee bringing you the pre-match buildup and minute-by-minute updates of this high-profile clash. That was all for the night. We will be back for the final ISL fixture on March 20.

Thanks for tuning in and take very good care of yourselves.

Match Report:

Updated Stats Table:

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Full Time

ATK Mohun Bagan 1-0 Hyderabad FC

In spite of winning this match, ATK Mohun Bagan lost to Hyderabad FC 2-3 on aggregate a the Nizams made history, storming into the first Indian Super League final in its history.

90+4' Free Kick! HFC gets a free kick as Ogbeche is pushed from behind by Ashutosh. Halicharan takes the free kick which finally falls to Amrinder after a series of headers. HFC can almost sense its place in the finals now

90+2' Boumous takes the second corner kick, after a deflection off the first one, and this one is an utterly disappointing one as the ball goes out for a goal kick, off the foot of Boumous

90' Free Kick! Boumous takes the free kick which is headed away by HFC. Then Ashutosh gets a long ball in the final third, who runs into the box to shoot, but is ruled offside

88' Substitution for ATKMB! In: David Williams, Out: Carl McHugh

87' Halicharan gets the ball into the box with a clinical cross, but ATKMB forces a corner kick with an aerial interception. The corner kick is eventually cleared out

84' Substitution for ATKMB! In: Ashutosh Mehta, Out: Kiyan Nassiri

83' ATKMB attacks as a pack, swarming the HFC box and Prabir shoots. Kattimani saves, but is out of play himself, awarding a croner kick to ATKMB. The corner kick is cleared by Camara

79' GOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Roy Krishna makes a run along the right into the centre of the box, gets the cross by Colaco, to bury the ball into the net


76' As the match resumes aftre the break, Hyderabad tries to get into attack, with Siverio running along the left flank. He goes down, appealing for a free kick, but McHugh and coach Ferrando both shout "Get up!"

75' Time for the second water break!

74' It is ping pong in the final thirf for ATKMB as HFC has a rigid yellow wall, keeping the waves of attack in check

71' Liston makes a run along the left, dribbled past the HFC defence, narrowly keeps the ball in play, but his cross is cleared as Ogbeche goes on attack at the other end. However, ATKMB stops that attack.

69' Substitution for ATKMB! In: Manvir Singh, Out: Sandesh Jhingan

The intention of Juan Ferrando looks clear -- just attack now as he replaces a central defender with a forward

68' Almost 70 minutes into the match and it is Manolo Marquez's men who remain in front. The Mariners will have to score not one, bugt atleast two goals, to turn the tides in its favour.

66' Substitution for HFC! In: Halicharan Narzary , Out: Aniket Jadhav

65' Off the bar! Kauko gets the ball to Prabir, who crosses for Krishna, but his shot is stopped by a touch off the bar

64' Kiyan passes the ball to Prabir on his right, whose cross into the box, is headed away by Juanan. ATKMB get back in attack, crosses for Kotal, whose header is caught by Kattiani to end that attack.

60' Colaco, Prabir and McHugh step up to discuss the free kick, with Liston taking it, He hits the wall and after a ricochet, hits it again, which goes out for a corner after a deflection. The corner kick is eventually cleared then

58' Kauko runs into the HFC box and goes down right at the edge of the box and the referee gives a free kick to ATKMB. No penalty awarded to Mariners in spite of their vehement appeals.

57' Siverio gets the ball to Akash, who takes a shot that is stopped by Amrinder

56' Kauko and Liston gets together, but the latter, in abi to run into the HFC box, tries a dribble, but fails as HFC gets the ball back into the midfield and then in the final third.

52' Sauvik Chakrabarti looks to have picked up an injury and is holding his hamstring and Hyderabad is making a replacement as a result.

In: Sahil Tavora, Out: Sauvik Chakrabarti

50' Save! Krishna makes a run into the box, with Prabir crossing form the right and Kattimani makes an excellent save to deny the opening goal to ATK Mohun Bagan

48' Yasir takes the free kick, which is cleared by Prabir and ATKMB march on in attack with Boumous making a run. Nim controls his run as Kattimani gets to the ball before Boumous. Good defending by HFC.

47' Foul! Prabir Das catches Aniket's hind leg as HFC gets a free kick -- a chance for a set-piece

46' Hyderabad FC starts the half on the attack, with Yasir commanding the midfield, pasisng to Akash, whose cross for Siverio is intercepted by ATKMB

Second Half Begins!


ATK Mohun Bagan 0-0 Hyderabad FC

A series of missed opportunities, without goals keeps the score locked at 0-0, with HFC in the advantage with a win in the first leg .

45+4' Miss! Liston Colaco gets the ball from Krishna in the box this time, turns and tries to curl it in with his left foot, but shoots wide

45+3' Boumous gets the ball into the final third, passes to Krishna, who sets up Kauko, but his hot os deflected out for a corner. Boumous takes the corner, that is fisted away by Kattimani and then cleared out by Juanan

45+2' Boumous tries to make a run along the righ, but Victor marks him well and Hugo goes down appealing for a foul, but the referee is not interested

43' Yellow Card! Colaco's run is stuped by Ogbeche through a strong challenge and the referee books the Nigerian.

41' Kiyan steals the ball off Aniket, with a kick from behind in the box and the referee does not gove a penalty. Manolo Marquez and the whole HFC camp looks mortified!

On replay, it is shown that Kiyan had gone for the ball.

39' McHugh gets the ball along the right wing to Prabir, after a brilliant dummy by Krishna, but his cross is very high as the ball flies off target. Ferrando is furious!

37' Miss! Prabir Das makes a run along the right wing, gets the ball in the box and crosses for Boumous, who misses an open goal. What a missed opportunity this!

34' Miss! Yasir takes the free kick and Aniket, unmarked meets it with his head, but it is off target. He should have kept the ball in the net, which would have surely cemented HFC's position on top, in the match 

33' Chance! Nim crosses the ball into the ATKMB box, which after a missed header, falls for Ogbceche, who shoots. Kiyan's block gets the ball out for a corner

32' As the match resumes after the water  break, it is ATKMB on the attack, with Colaco runnning into the box, beating the HFC defence and shooting as HFC makes a last minute block for a corner. The corner kick that follows is pushed away by Kattimani

30' Time for a water break!

28' The football moves from Subhasish to Boumous to Prabir, who flies in an aerial cross for Krishna, butit is interceted by Kattimani

25' Free Kick! ATKMB gets a free kick and Liston steps up to take it. He goes for goal, the ball dips, but the shot is till slightly off target

23' Shot! Ogcbeche tries to go for goal with a shot from outside the box, which after a deflection of an ATKMB defender, is saved by Amrinder

21' Corner Kick! Krishna's cross is blocked for a corner. Boumous takest and Ogbeche heads it to the left. The ball falls for Liston, who shoots a right-footed curler, which is just wide

19' HFC starts to attack on the counter, with Yasir, flying in the cross, but the header is very poor in front of the box as ATKMB tracks back and then the Mariners go on attack. Prabir Das runs into the final third with the ball and shoots on target. However, there is no force on the shot and Kattimani is there to catch the blal and get it back into play for HFC

16' Liston gets the ball along the left flank, pairs up with Kauko to play little one-twos, and his touch goes out off an HFC player for a corner kick. Boumous takes the free kick, which is eventually cleared out

14' Prabir gets a long ball from the right wing right onto the head of Roy Krishna, who does meet the ball, but cannot get appropriate contact as the ball flies off target

13' Foul! Victor brings down Hugo Boumous with a slight push as Hugo runs into Nim. Eventuially he gets back on his feet as the referee lets of Victor after a verbal warning

11' Pritam Kotal delivers a long ball for Roy Krishna, whose movement is kept in check by two yellow shirts at the back. Meanwhile, Liston gets the ball along the left flank, makes a run, wbut his shot goes out for a goal kick

7' Save! Prabir makes a brilliant ru along the right flank off a pass by Kiyan, cuts into his left and crosses to Kauko who shoots, but Kattimani makes a key save as the ball ricochets out. But Prabir shoots the second time off target.

5' Krishna gets an aerial cross at the edge of the penalty box, but his poor first touch this time gets the ball out of play as Kattimani takes the goal kick

4' Foul! McHugh brings down Ogbeche as the referee gives a free kick in favour of HFC,which is taken quickly

3' Kiyan gets the ball along the right flank, tries to beat Akash Mishra, but fails as HFC tries to stop ATKMB's high pressing attack initially

1' ATKMB starts on the front foot with Liston running down the left wing, cutting in right, but Nim keeps him in check, with an aerial interception after stealing the ball off him initially

7:30 pm: Kick off!

We are underway in the penultimate match of the Indian Super League 2021-22 season. Will Hyderabad walk home with the lead, or with the Mariners make a comeback? We will wait and watch what happens -- right here, right now!

7:25 PM: Both the team's players are out on the field to play what will be the final 90 minutes of the season for one and a place in the final for another. After the National Anthem of India, the players take their positions.

ATKMB is in its home kit of green-and-maroon, while Hyderabad starts in its recognisable yellow kit.

7:10 pm: What are the coaches saying?

6:50 pm: TEAM FORM: ATK Mohun Bagan has won only two of its last five matches and comes into the match after two consecutive losses. Hyderabad FC, on the other hand, has won four out of its last five games and is on a two-match winning run at the moment.

6:32 pm: Confirmed starting lineups are out!

ATK Mohun Bagan Starting XI: (3-5-2) Amrinder Singh (GK) — Subhasish Bose,Sandesh Jhingan, Pritam Kotal — Prabir Das, Joni Kauko, Carl McHugh, Hugo Boumous, Liston Colaco — Kiyan Nassiri, Roy Krishna

Hyderabad FC Starting XI:(4-2- 3-1) Laxmikant Kattimani (GK) — Akash Mishra, Chinglesana Singh, Juanan, Nim Dorjee — Joao Victor, Souvik Chakrabarti — Yasir Mohammed, Bartholomew Ogbeche, Aniket Jadhav — Javier Siverio

6:15 pm: Chance for Hyderabad to make history!

Manolo Marquez's men have already made history, breaking into the semifinals for the first time, but they can go a step beond if they can maitain the first leg lead ,or even build on it to enter the Indian Super League final for the first time in its history.

6:00 pm: Here is how we think the two sides would lineup tonight.

ATK Mohun Bagan Predicted XI: (4-2-3-1 Probable) Amrinder Singh (GK) — Subhasish Bose, Tiri, Sandesh Jhingan, Pritam Kotal — Joni Kauko, Carl McHugh — Liston Colaco, Hugo Boumous, Manvir Singh — Roy Krishna

Hyderabad FC Predicted XI: (4-2-3-1 Probable) Laxmikant Kattimani (GK) — Akash Mishra, Chinglesana Singh, Juanan, Asish Rai — Khassa Camara, Yasir Mohammed — Nikhil Poojary, Joel Chianese, Aniket Jadhav — Bartholomew Ogbeche.

5:45 pm: HEAD-TO-HEAD: Hyderabad FC and ATK Mohun Bagan have met six times in the past and HFC has beat ATKMB just once – the last leg of the semifinal.

Four of their last seven fixtures have ended in a draw while the Mariners have won twice. Even if Marquez’s men draw tonight, they will be going through to the final.


ATK Mohun Bagan will be hoping to implement its plans more aggressively when it meets the resolute Hyderabad FC with the need of winning the match by a three-goal margin and realise its aspirations of reaching the ISL 2021--22 final.

The second leg of the second semifinal at Bambolim on Wednesday thus puts the onus on ATKMB, which now has the onerous task of erasing the two-goal deficit it conceded in the 1-3 loss against Hyderabad FC in the first leg to survive in the tournament. A draw or a loss by less than a goal’s margin will be enough for Hyderabad to sail through and realize its maiden final entry.

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Hyderabad FC, which had spent a big part of the season on top of the league standings before losing the League Shield to Jamshedpur FC in the last league outing, showed great spirit in recovering from the setback and prevailing over ATKMB in the first leg. This factor gives Hyderabad the psychological edge over ATKMB, which has failed to perform when it mattered.

Bart Ogbecghe (right) celebrates with Javier Siverio of Hyderabad FC after scoring a goal against ATK Mohun Bagan in the first-leg of the semifinal between the two teams.

It lost the League Shield by going down to the eventual winner Jamshedpur FC in the league’s last outing and then continued to falter in the first leg of the semis where it was outclassed by Hyderabad.

“In football, the most important thing is the mentality. It has not been easy for us in the last few matches, but we will try as best as we can,” hoped the ATKMB coach Juan Ferrando.

Hyderabad FC coach Manolo Marquez expected his team to show the right attitude and find a place in the final. “We believe we can qualify for the final and we know that all the pressure is on ATK Mohun Bagan at the moment,” he said.

Where can you watch the match?

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