La Liga confirms Spanish football match-fixing investigation

La Liga has confirmed that an investigation into alleged match-fixing within the top two tiers of Spanish football has commenced.

Representative image: La Liga is supporting the investigation that follows on from an official complaint made by the league to the authorities.   -  Getty Images

Spain's national police force opened an investigation into the alleged fixing of football matches in the top two divisions on Tuesday, La Liga confirmed.

News agency Efe reported on Tuesday that several arrests are expected following an operation that commenced in the early hours of the morning. Authorities have been particularly active in Aragon with police vehicles seen outside properties owned by Huesca.

And La Liga is supporting the investigation that follows on from the official complaint made by the league to the authorities.

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"We want to thank the national police for the extraordinary work done to dismantle what appears to be an organised criminal group dedicated to obtaining economic benefits through the predetermination of football matches," the statement read.

"This police operation goes to show that the systems of protection of integrity implemented by La Liga for five seasons, to protect the cleanliness of all Spanish football competitions, have been effective in detecting and reporting allegedly manipulated football matches; all of which has been able to serve as a base and support for the development of the investigations carried out by the National Police.

"From La Liga we will continue working on prevention, monitoring, research and report any warning about a possible match-fixing."

Valencia released a statement on Tuesday in which the club distanced itself from any suggestions the Copa del Rey winner was implicated in the investigation.

"Following the news that has appeared this Tuesday in relation to the presumed implication of players and directors of other clubs in alleged match-fixing, Valencia CF, as an entity absolutely unrelated to this matter, wishes to warn publicly that it will undertake appropriate legal measures, with the consequences that derive from those, against anyone who spreads any rumour or unfounded news that tries to link our club with the aforementioned subject," the statement read.

Another club mentioned in the reports, Real Valladolid, also released a statement insisting it had done nothing wrong.

It read: "Real Valladolid has learned of the arrests made by State Security Forces this morning, related to match-fixing, and that they are the cause of a complaint by LaLiga.

"Real Valladolid rejects any type of fraudulent conduct or behaviour, denouncing corruption among individuals, money laundering, criminal organisations or any type of behaviour that originates from them or that could lead to the distortion and corruption or any sports competition, stating the need for these conducts to be denounced, pursued and investigated by the courts, having in the end the defence of the rights of individuals and institutions.

"Also, Real Valladolid is working in close collaboration with the Liga de Futbol Profesional and with the State Security Forces to eradicate any type of behaviour contrary to legal order, putting in place controls and internal security measures for the elimination and denunciation of any type of punishable conduct.

"Following the arrests made, Real Valladolid maintains, as it has done since its constitution day, its commitment and fight against corruption or any kind of crime that undermines the integrity of sporting competitions, remaining at the disposal of the State Security Forces, and reaffirming itself in its commitment to integrity and the eradication of fraudulent behaviour that may take place in any area, especially in sports.

"Finally, Real Valladolid informs that it reserves the right to file appropriate legal actions, against any person or entity that releases any type of information that could end up undermining the public image of Real Valladolid or any person dependent on Real Valladolid, all of which is in defence and protection of their interests."

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