City 1-2 United Manchester Derby, as it happened: early goals from Rashford, Martial take United through

Follow the live score, commentary and updates from the 179th Manchester Derby where City hosts United at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday.

Manchester City will host Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium in the 179th Manchester Derby on Saturday.   -  Getty Images

Hello and welcome to the highlights of the 179th Manchester Derby , where Manchester City lost to Manchester United at the Etihad stadium. This is Lavanya and I'm taking you through the highs and lows of this game.

FT MCI 1 - 2 MUN

That's all from us here at Sportstar. Lovely week for Manchester United. Work to for Pep and his boys. Until next time, good night!

Rashford: It was a tough game.

McTominay: City is a top team with world-class players. It's frightening but it gives you a platform to show your best. First 30 minutes epitomises everything we spoke about coming into this game. We're glad it paid off.

Here's the immediate repercussion though: City slips further away from Liverpool, the gap in the points table now 14 points. City is also 3 points behind Leicester who still has a game to play. Seeing the form the Foxes are in, expect that to extend too.

Meanwhile, Guardian journalists on Twitter are speaking of monkey gestures directed at Lingard and a few other taunts coming City's way. This game and it's repercussions are far from over.

Again, I am going to be honest here. There was a booking here in the death but neither I, nor my colleagues here in the newsroom or the many United fans in the stands there at the Etihad give a hoot. Ole slowed the game when he needed to, but to be fair, this Derby was won in the first half. Solskjaer is walking around spurring the crowd on. All smiles from the man. After the kind of stint he has had with an unforgiving fan community, one can't help but feel good for the man.

And there goes the full-time whistle. MANCHESTER IS RED. THE ETIHAD IS RED.
By the looks of it, so is Pep.

Just like that, there's a minute left and Ole is smiling!
Imagine how this week is going for him. Tottenham and if things go this way, City conquered in the same week. Cameras pan to Sir Alex. He's smiling too. They know the joy that's coming in a matter of a few seconds.

Nervous football and just like that three minutes left. Can City score again? My fingers are shaking, I am not going to lie.

Five minutes added here at the Etihad.
Five minute for City to find an equaliser.

Substitution for United

OUT: Shaw, Lingard

IN: Young, Tuanzebe

De Bruyne comes in with a hook from the left and that looks like it is dangerously heading for a corner, thanks to an antsy Shaw, but here's the thing. That box is crowded and it finds Nicolas Otamendi instead who then blasts a header straight past De Gea. I wish you could hear this crowd. The stadium is up on its feet. What a way to bring a crowd alive. This game is alive and City has a chance to equalise if not win here at the Etihad. This goal has brought Solskjaer to his feet too and he's now readying more defenders to walk in. I see Ashley Young there.

Mahrez lines one up for Sterling but it misses him completely. If Sterling had gotten that, it would have been an easy one in for City. You have to feel bad for Pep.

United has started trying to run the clock down again. Smart from the Red Devils.

Oh immediately after, Jesus gets McTominay. It isn't intentional. He clips his legs a little running in from the back.

79' De Bruyne lunges into McTominay and earns himself a card. Frustration from the boys. About 10 minutes left. Focus on the goals, boys.

77' YOU'RE GIFTING THE WRONG TEAM, HARRY! An error from Maguire sees the ball heading in Jesus' direction. Very weak header there. Jesus is there and the balls comes towards him but he sees Mahrez there. Why is he waiting for Mahrez to claim the ball? A moment's pause saves City from what could have well become a shot for the host.

74' Andreas gets going right away. But what is that? There was no attempt to even touch the ball there, just a kick there right at Sterling. He kicks Sterling close to the heels and the man tumbles. He gets up on his feet immediately and looks at Perreira. They're quickly separated but the referee has seen what he's done and a card is out.

Substitution for United

OUT: Martial

IN: Andreas

De Bruyne's kick finds Sterling but he tumbles a little down the right, with Maguire dangerously close to the tumble. Sterling wants a penalty. How is he claiming it when there was no touch?

To be honest, United is countering everything City is dishing out but I can't help but feel that City is inching close to a goal here. The Men in Blue are rushing things though, but a little too late. They panic right at the end. Take a risk, City head into the box a little early, says the broadcaster. What say, Pep?

68' City fans are turning ugly here. 
The Guardian says cigarette lighters are being thrown at the United players, one hitting Fred on his neck. I get passion for the game, THIS I don't get. I hope hes okay. That can't be safe on any level.

Fred has been hit by a projectile from the crowd.
Looks like rival fans have thrown something at him. It's hit him at the back of the neck. Fans can be seen hurling abuses. We are waiting for some clarity on the specifics.

66' James runs towards City's end and slips a pass wide for Lingard who does a Sterling and hesitates. A corner comes off the effort. Fred will take it.

Substitution for City

OUT: Bernardo Silva

IN: Mahrez

64' Corner for City and here's why.
Rodri got a touch and got one darting into the top right. But De Gea gets his fingers to it and it goes over the bar. He has his hands covering his face.

63' My oh my, United!
Angelino speeds through with the ball into City's end. He's trying to find the United frontline, ideally maybe Rashford or Martial but it finds Ederson instead.

61' STERLING.....
OH that's dangerously close to the goal on the right and Sterling is trying to fend off Wan-Bissaka but it helps that he is desperately persistent with that block. Corner for City. That could have been a beauty if it made it through. De Gea might have broken into a sweat there.

That was a good opportunity for Raheem. He got past Lindelof and gave himself room but then he hesitated. That little delay gave Wan-Bissaka enough time to come in from behind and spoil the party. The resultant set piece proves inconsequential as well. Frustrating for City now. The crowd isn't giving up though.

Substitution for City

OUT: Stones

IN: Otamendi

58' Fred
takes the free kick. City clears but Stones is sitting down now and the medics are out. City is trying, but it isn't their day seemingly.

From one to City to one to United. Lingard has darted away on the counter though. But Walker willhave none of it. Free kick to United.

55' OH WAY OFF. Wan-Bissaka and Fred do well to try and distract De Bruyne but he has darted into the box to try and shot. There comes Lindelof with a slide to distract De Bruyne enough to deflect that effort over the bar. No harm done. Corner given though.

If City loses tonight, the gap between the Sky Blues and Liverpool will extend to 14. Not an ideal situation.

Here's what the numbers look like. City has dominated possession but hasn't been smart about it or been able to do much with the ball really. 63% possession to the Sky Blues. 10 shots off target to them, while 2 have been on target. All saved or thwarted. United meanwhile has had 37% of possession, 2 shots off target and 4 on target, of which the side has converted two into goals.

United, as a unit, has put up a brilliant defensive show tonight, so far at least. Much can happen in 45 minutes.

City has never won a game it has been 0-2 down in and United has never lost a game it had led 2-0 at half-time! Will this game see change of stat?

No half-time changes. But no more seated Guardiola. Pep is driving this half. Solskjaer's grim is intact and he's comfortable in the dugout for now. His boys know what they're doing.

Manchester Derbies have seen half-time deficits overturned and what will make a great game here will be to see one of those happening today. I am not just saying this because I am not a Red Devil fan.

And we're back and Guardiola has sent the boys out promptly here. Can City recover? It has the calibre. Can it find the spirit?

There is no doubt that Bernardo Silva tackle was worthy of the penalty. But should City have gotten one from that Fred handball doubt? Fervent discussions going about on Twitter and in the broadcaster's studio. What do you think? Tweet to us and let us know.

Half-time whistle and a thrilling first half comes to an end with United leading 2-0.
The City supporters are booing and here's why. Walker tries to flick one back from the touchline finding Fred's arm in the process. The referee has given a free kick but City and Pep want more. VAR checks. It's obvious Fred's ar came in there but it wasn't in an unnatural position and that settles that. The rant has begun from City's dugout but that doesn't change things for City.

This is the first time since Guardiola took over that City has been 0-2 down at half-time.

Two minutes added time here in the first half.
A first half that's been United's and the boys are trying to maintain things that way desperately. Whatever it is, it is working! City is desperate. The crowd though is rallying behind the Men in Blue now. Can Guardiola figure something out here? City just wants to run the clock down.

Lingard knocks Rodri to the ground. Free kick to City again. Sad effort and that half-hearted shot is dismissed by an unimpressed De Gea.

39' Free kick to City after Wan-Bissaka pulls down Sterling. Silva and De Bruyne are manning the ball now. Long shot, goes right over the goal there. De Bruyne did not look like he was trying to find someone to help him find the goal. The cameras pan to Aguero. Boy, aren't City missing this man!

37' OH MISS. Jesus!
De Bruyne gets into the inside on the right and flicks on to Jesus who misses by a foot. To think that this is the closest City has gone to the goal is disappointing for the host. Guardiola and Arteta are fervently figuring out reinforcements. Are the Liverpool fans chuckling out there? We wonder.

Rodri passes to David Silva and he slots a curler straight into De Gea, waiting there crouched to save. City is starting to look frustrated in the final third. 

The Merseyside Derby was a one-sided affair. Why do I get the feeling this one is heading in the same direction? Regroup City!

30 minutes down, 2 goals to United. Who would have thought? When that second goal went in, you could hear a pin drop at the Etihad. What a way to silence the home crowd!

Sir Alex is watching, boys. And he is proud. Wide toothy smile from the legend.

Martial to James. James teases Angelinho. Martial and James have the ball going between themselves. Martial has the ball and he shoots that into the goal. Ederson has nothing to do here. Slotted there into the right, Ederson falls right before it but it sneaks through the near post.

It's interesting how De Gea has had close to nothing to do tonight. Can City find a way to swing momentum its way?

24' OH RASHFORD had another opportunity there but he goes wide on the right. The pace was there, the timing was there, the placement was absolutely horrendous on that one. United could easily have been 3-0 up going by how the boys are playing here tonight. Lovely football from the visitor.

takes the penalty and HE SCORES. Into the right corner while Ederson moves the other way. This was coming. The Red Devils have taken the lead here at Etihad.

PENALTY to Manchester United. Guardiola is livid.
Silva has been shown the yellow and his forehead is crunched here. There's no getting out this one. Whether it's the tackle or how long he's disputing the penalty decision, only the referee will know.

20' Bernardo Silva crashes into Rashford and stopped his run. Running into his knee to be precise and VAR is checking it. Bite those fingernails, Silva. This doesn't look good.

Paul Pogba is in the stands today at the Etihad.

Solskjaer has an almost happily smug expression there. He must surely be happy with the way his side is taking this game, as the clock runs on.

15' SAVE! Ederson saves a straight shot from Martial. City's defense is worried. Ederson has made three blocks so far and it hasn't even been 20 minutes in this game. The United frontline has gotten to the job right away. A backpass from James finds Martial who takes a little time to slot it between City's defenders but he can't beat Ederson with this one.

13' Oh handball screams. Bernardo Silva to David Silva  - one-to-one play here but Lingard comes in the way and the crowd and the players have their hands in the air screaming handball. VAR clears and we carry on. The replay makes it clear: the ball ricocheted off Silva's foot to graze Lingard. He cannot be blamed. Who is going to explain this to the home crowd though?

Rashford tries to pass one across to Lingard on the left of the goal but it goes too wide. United's confidence has risen in the last few minutes. The Red Devils are taking the game to the host.

Feverish start by both teams here, each trying to outdo the other in terms of pace. Nothing coming off the effort yet. The end to end football has been beautiful watch though.

Play moves to United's half. Sterling is teasing that goalpost. But the cross finds Rashford on the right and it is put away safely.

The noise is deafening at at the Etihad. Manchester United is starting on the front foot here trying to take control of proceedings.

2' The Red Devils mean business. Martial jumped into City's half, James is free there on the right to get an easy one from Fred. Barely marked there and James shoots, straight to Ederson though. My oh my. We already have an attempt at an goal, courtesy James. Manchester United has sent Ederson a message.


Martial romps into City territory and then Fred slips James free on the right. James is in an absurd amount of space, but shoots straight at Ederson.


We are excited for the 179th Derby. On a sidenote, our newsroom is filled with United supporters while City finds just two takers today. Who are you rooting for? VOTE and let us know!

OTHER RESULTS: The evening has seen a goal shower of sorts. Here are the results from the other games that took place in the Premier League.  Stat courtesy: Opta

Everton 3-1 Chelsea [Fun Fact: Everton made 37 tackles against Chelsea; the most it has made in a Premier League game since February 2014 (v Tottenham) and the most at Goodison Park since March 2007 (v Arsenal)]

Bournemouth 0-3 Liverpool [Fun Fact: Liverpool has won 24 of its last 25 Premier League matches (D1), including 15 of its opening 16 to this season. It has scored two or more goals in 23 of those past 25 fixtures]

Tottenham 5-0 Burnley [Fun fact: Jose Mourinho has seen his side score five goals in the Premier League for the first time since January 2015 (Chelsea 5-0 Swansea) – his Manchester United team never scored more than four goals in his 93 league games with the club]

Watford 0-0 Crystal Palace 

Lineups are out for the game:

Manchester City: Ederson, Walker, Stones, Fernandinho, Angelino, Rodrigo, D Silva (C), De Bruyne, Bernardo, Sterling, G Jesus.

SUBS: Bravo, Gundogan, Mendy, Mahrez, Cancelo, Otamendi, Foden

Manchester United:
De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire (C), Shaw, McTominay, Fred, James, Lingard, Rashford, Martial

SUBS: Romero, Tuanzebe, Williams, Young, Andreas, Mata, Greenwood

It is safe to say that the banter has begun between the two sides. Heres what City's gaffer, Pep Guardiola had to say ahead of the big-ticket game.

BUILD-UP: All eyes on Rashford

Ahead of the all-important Manchester Derby at the Etihad tonight, all eyes are on Marcus Rashford, making a mark in a clash of the sort back in 2016. Highlighting his ice-cold mentality on the big stage, Rashford was decisive. Roasting Manchester City defender Martin Demichelis in the 16th minute, the striker nutmegged him at pace and left the experienced centre-back for dead before clinically dispatching past Joe Hart.

Since that bright debut derby, Rashford has gone on to feature another seven times against City and he'll be desperate to leave his mark in Saturday's clash. It is the sort of occasion that has started to typify his status as a big-game player with an elite mentality.

Rashford's most recent Manchester derby came in April, as City comfortably dispatched of United 2-0 at Old Trafford. It was this encounter that seemed to suggest their wretched form after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's permanent appointment was anything but a blip. More than anyone, Rashford was scathing of United.

"The bare minimum should be to work hard and give your all for the supporters and the badge. We need the mentality and willingness of running for your team. We never call each other out but we have to be real with each other. It's a matter of trying to improve each other," Rashford said then.



Here's how the teams stand in the points table   -


Manchester City needs a win tonight to restrict Liverpool's lead to a minimum of 11 points.

If United wins tonight, it will be the first time the team has consecutive league wins since March this year.


You can watch the live stream on Star Sports Select 1 and Star Sports Select 1 HD. You can also watch the live stream on Hotstar.