Manchester United star Lindelof not bothered by Mourinho criticism

Jose Mourinho said Victor Lindelof can be "bullied" by opponents last weekend, but the centre-back is not fussed about criticism.

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof   -  Getty Images

Manchester United defender Victor Lindelof is not bothered about his former manager Jose Mourinho's recent criticism.

Mourinho, who signed Lindelof for United, was a television pundit during the Red Devils' 2-0 defeat to West Ham and was critical of the Sweden international.

He claimed Lindelof could be "bullied" by forwards due to being weak in aerial duels, echoing comments made by fellow pundit Gary Neville shortly before.

But Lindelof is relaxed about the comments, aware that such scrutiny is just a part of being a United player.

"For me it has never been a problem. I'm a very easy guy," he told Sky Sports. "There is always going to be someone talking or someone else.

"When you play for this club there is always going to be people criticising you and the way you play.

"For me it has never been a problem, even when I play good there is someone criticising me for something. It's part of the job, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

"I'm just trying to do my thing and I don't focus on those things. I didn't even notice, or know about it, before you told me. That's how I live my life and focus on my things.

"If you are playing for Manchester United, [scrutiny] is part of it. If you do not perform you hear about it, it's quite normal.

"I could see my future here so that's why I signed a new contract - I'm really happy about that. We have a good thing going and I still want to win the big trophies with this club, that has been my goal since I signed."

Through much of Lindelof's time at United, there has been uncertainty at centre-back, with many players either suffering injuries or a lack of form.

In Harry Maguire, Lindelof appears to finally have a regular partner and he has been impressed with the England international's personality since United made him the world's most expensive defender.

"It feels good, Harry is a great player," Lindelof said. "We've only played six games together, so the partnership needs games to become better and better.

"We work hard and train every day together, we get to know each other more and more, that's always a good thing in a partnership. Hopefully we can develop and become better.

"He's a great person off the pitch as well. It's very easy to be around him and talk to him. He shows that on the pitch too, he has that leadership and makes it easy for everyone else to lead from his example. That's also what I am trying to do on the pitch."

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