Thailand – The Go-To destination for golfers

Besides being a world-renowned tourist location, Thailand is leaving no stone unturned in creating the best experience for golfers.

A panoramic view of the Loch Palm Golf Club, Phuket   -  SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Thailand and tourism are like wine and cheese. But when a sport is added to the mix, the result is an instant high in adventure and excitement. 

Sport in the kingdom of Thailand has been on the rise, especially golf holidays. Golf courses in the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok, charming mountainous of Chiang Mai, the thrilling nightlife of Pattaya and the picturesque beaches of Phuket offer breathtaking and an unforgettable experience of golfing and tourism. 

Determined to match golf in popularity with everything else the country is known for, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has been charting out innovative methods to promote golf tourism. Welcoming around 7,50,000 golfers annually, just behind Spain and the United States in hosting foreign golf travellers, Thailand is leaving no stone unturned to make golfing an enriching experience. 

Tanes Petsuwan, TAT Deputy Governor for Marketing and Communications, said his team is working hard to create a new image of Thailand, Phuket especially. "Phuket is known as one of the most exotic destinations in South East Asia with its white beaches, blue lagoons and tropical mountainous regions too.  By including golf, we are creating a new image of Phuket. 

"The price of golfing is value for money. With different categories of golf courses available, there is something for every traveller. The Laguna Golf Course, Red Mountain Golf Club offer five-star facilities while courses like Blue Canyon Golf and Country Club is relatively cheaper. The place offers options that match various budgets. That is the USP," Petsuwan explained. 

While playing golf can be taxing, plenty of after-game activities add to the golf experience. A stroll by the beach, experiencing the nightlife or indulging in local Thai delicacies are some of the ways a golfer can unwind in the country. 

Caddies form an integral part in golf. Without caddies, an individual's game can become horrid sans the knowledge of the golf course, the weather and the wind directions. While many countries do not offer the services of a caddie, Thailand's caddies make sure golfing experience remains enriched in the memory for a long time. 

Come rain or shine, the caddies read the greens, line up putts, help with club selections and even hold umbrellas too. It is always a wise decision to trust the caddies' judgement. More often than not, they are right! Well trained professional caddies and proficiency in English are added advantages. 

"I am a golfer myself and my game is terrible abroad. I have to look for the golf ball myself. However, in Thailand, the caddie services are one of the best. They guide us well. There is a charm to the Thai caddie. I would say, caddies are one of the strengths of Thailand golf," Petsuwan said. 

With a visa-on-arrival policy too, Thailand's quest to become one of the best golfing destinations is well on its way.

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