Germany 3(5)-3(4) Belgium, Hockey World Cup Final Highlights: Germany completes comeback to win penalty shootout

Hockey World Cup 2023: Catch the live score and updates from the World Cup final between Germany and Belgium at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar.

Updated : Jan 29, 2023 21:36 IST

Germany defeated Belgium in a penalty shootout to win the Hockey World Cup title.
Germany defeated Belgium in a penalty shootout to win the Hockey World Cup title. | Photo Credit: DEEPAK KR

Germany defeated Belgium in a penalty shootout to win the Hockey World Cup title. | Photo Credit: DEEPAK KR

Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s LIVE coverage of the Germany vs Belgium Hockey World Cup final at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar.

Tournament Awards Ceremony

Fair Play Award - Belgium

Most team goals - Netherlands (32 goals)

Best team goal celebration - South Korea

Fans choice - Christopher Ruhr (GER)

Best junior player - Mustaphaa Cassiem (RSA)

Top scorer - Jeremy Hayward (AUS)

Best goalkeeper - Vincent Vanasch (BEL)

Best defender - Jeremy Hayward (AUS)

Best midfielder - Victor Wegnez (BEL)

Best forward - Niklas Wellen (GER)

Player of the tournament - Niklas Wellen (GER)

Player of the Match

Niklas Wellen wins the best player of the final award. He scored the goal that got Germany the lead at 3-2. Then again he was composed in the penalty shootout and converted two chances.

Germany with the comeback

Germany becomes the fourth team to come-from-behind in a World Cup final. From a 2-0 deficit to a 3-2 to lead and ultimately a shootout, this has been a roller coaster ride in Bhubaneswar. A third title for Germany and it draws level with Netherlands and Australia. It was Belgium who was the winner from a shootout in the 2018 final. This time it has to taste the agony.


GER 5-4 BEL : Cosyns misses and Germany is the world champion. Donneberg take a bow! A save in a nerve-wrecking moment.

GER 5-4 BEL : Prinz steps up for Germany and beats Vanasch. A do-or-die shot by Belgium now.

GER 4-4 BEL : Van Aubel delivers yet again. He took his time but slots it home with a tomahawk.

GER 4-3 BEL : Wellen puts the Germans ahead.

GER 3-3 BEL : Germany’s skipper Mats Grambusch misses. It was a must score shot so it goes to sudden death now.

GER 3-3 BEL : Kina squeezes the shot between the keeper’s legs to keep Belgium alive.

GER 3-2 BEL : Prinz scores from the shot while going down. A dragged shot to beat Vanasch.

GER 2-2 BEL : Cosyns delayed the shot there but he is able to score.

GER 2-1 BEL : Germany fails to extend lead as Miltkau sends it wide.

GER 2-1 BEL : Wegnez misses the second straight shot for Belgium.

GER 2-1 BEL : Germany takes the lead after Muller scores from his second attempt at goal.

GER 1-1 BEL : The scores remain unchanged as Sloover misses.

GER 1-1 BEL : Wellen gets Germany starting with a successful attempt.

GER 0-1 BEL : Van Aubel starts for Belgium and scores. A good start for Belgium as Van Aubel fakes a tomahak to beat Donneberg.


That is it! It is yet another shootout in the decider. Tom Boon with the leveller just couple of minutes from the final hooter to send the match into the roulette of a penalty shootout.


The last minute of play and we’re looking set for a shootout.

59’ GER 3-3 BEL

Tom Boon finds the net this time. The scores are level again. This time from the second castle and slots the ball into the right side of the goal.


Tom Boon with drag flick which is stopped by the foot of the German rusher. Another PC.


Luypaert takes the drag flick but the rusher does his job for Germany. But, the relief is short lived as Belgium finds another penalty corner.


The referral is successful. The video umpire awards a penalty corner for Belgium. A chance for the defending champion to stay alive.


Belgium takes a referral for a German infringement. It claims that Muller was not five metres away as Sloover was trying to receive an aerial pass.


Germany manages to keep Belgium at bay from an attack which was developing from the left flank.


Oruz with a neat run along the left touchline. He gets into the circle but the ball is nicked off him by a Belgium defender. Belgium still unable to create chances.


Tom Grambusch plays a pass from the right flank. A Belgium player is able to collect it as well but Belgium steals it.


Germany continues to frustrate Belgium by holding a major part of the possession. Belgium has not been allowed any space after the third goal. Just under eight minutes left in the match.


Germany not relenting. It continues with attack and this time gets a long corner. Alarm bells blaring for Belgium.


GERMANY TAKES THE LEAD! Mats Grambusch squeezes the shot between Vanasch’s legs with a tomahawk. Germany has done it.


Germany slowing the pace of the game. The ball stays with the German defence as tries to work it into space.

4th Quarter: GER 2-2 BEL

Belgium starts the last quarter. The next 15 minutes are going to decide the winner.

End of 3rd Quarter: GER 2-2 BEL

Belgium with a long spell of possession but it is not able to trouble the goal. Just one quarter left and this contest hangs on a knife edge. Can go either way from here.

41’ GER 2-2 BEL

The scores are level! Peillat works his magic! He beats Vanasch with a shot that remained low and gets the parity in the scoreline. All to play for.


Germany wins a penalty corner with just over four minutes left in the quarter.


The crowd roars as the ball thuds the German goal but Dockier does not get a touch on that one. A free hit to Germany.


Denayer with a sliding pass from the 25-yard line but the ball goes long and has too much power.


Wellen and Prinz try to work an attack for Germany but the former mistimes one of his pass and Belgium collects the loose ball.

3rd Quarter: GER 1-2 BEL

Belgium with the ball at the start of the second half but Germany wins it back in no time.

A first for the World Cup

While Belgium and Germany are no strangers in hockey, this is the first time the two teams are squaring off in the final of the World Cup.


The goal from Wellen has sparked life into this game. The score should ideally have been two apiece but Grambusch missed the penalty stroke. Belgium started the game on the front foot but Germany has managed to find its feet in the second quarter. This is nicely set for the second half.

28’ GER 1-2 BEL

Wellen fires into the net for Germany! Germany tries a variation and moves the ball to the right from the second castle. The ball is again deflected of target but goes to Wellen before the touchline. He controls it with a juggle and scores.


Windpeder’s first attempt is saved before Germany wins another PC!


Germany with another penalty corner. Its third of the match. Hinrichs gets the ball in from the right which strikes the foot of Kina.


Trompertz storms past multiple Belgium players on a run. He starts from his own circle and keeps going till the opponent’s half. The move, however, yields nothing for Germany.


Germany is squeezed into a corner in its own half. There is a plethora of Belgium bodies to press the ball. Belgium nearly steals the ball until the umpire stops play for a foul.


Hinrichs plays a pass into the Belgium circle from the 25-yard line but there is no teammate to collect it and the ball rolls out of play.


Belgium stands resolute in defence again. The ball was played into the circle from the right flank but a Belgium stick is stuck along the ground to intercept.


Belgium winning the battle in possession. It holds the advantage 61-39 so far.


MISSED! The penalty stroke from Grambusch strikes the post and ricochets away from the goal. Belgium keeps the lead to two goals.


A penalty stroke for Germany! That’s a massive moment. Trompertz plays with a reverse stick in the circle and Wegnez comes sliding in and intercepts it with his foot.


Stadler with a brilliant save for Germany. Boucard takes the ultimate shot after Belgium tries a variation from the short corner. The German keeper dives to his right and saves.


Van Aubel gets a penalty corner for Belgium. He keeps the ball low and beats Oruz in the circle and is obstructed in the way.

2nd Quarter: GER 0-2 BEL

Germany gets the action underway from the centre line.

End of 1st Quarter: GER 0-2 BEL

Belgium has made its intent clear. It is out for that second title. Two goals in slam-bang fashion. One by Van Aubel and the second by Cosyns as the first quarter ends.


A last attempt by Germany. The two Grambusch brothers combine but they are not able to find anything in the Belgium circle.


Grambusch gets an aerial ball from the defence but he is not able to trap it. Another turnover and Belgium gets the ball again.


Germany is rattled. Belgium continues to breathe down its neck. Two shots taken by the defending champion since the second goal. The first saved by the keeper and the second goes wide.

11’ GER 0-2 BEL

Cosyns has scored another goal for Belgium. Kina with a tomahawk from the right and Cosyns get down on one knee and rolls the ball home. Germany takes a referral for a back stick but that goes to waste. Belgium takes the charge within the first quarter.

9’ GER 0-1 BEL

Van Aubel fires Belgium to a lead. The ball got a deflection and was in the air. Aubel leaps onto it and fires it home.


Trompertz with a vital interception for Germany. He then fights the ball out with a long dribble.


Germany sticks to the first castle and yet again the first rusher is able to deny Peillat. The defence does the rest and clears the ball. Good defending by the Belgians.


Germany keeps its referral and a penalty corner for the two-time champion. Peillat takes the drag flick from the first castle which gets the leg of the first rusher. Another PC for Germany.


Germany takes a video referral for a stick check on Ludwig who was moving into the circle from the right flank. Looks like it will be a penalty corner.


Germany with the first dash beyond the 25-yard line. Some pressure but it only gets it couple of long corners.


Another attack from Belgium as Charlier fires it in from the left side. The pass is intercepted and Germany avoids danger.


Denayer plays the ball into the middle from the right flank but no Belgium stick manages to get behind the ball and Germany clears it out.

1st Quarter: GER 0-0 BEL

Germany starts the match from the half way line.

Teams greeted by FIH president

Tayyab Akram is out in the middle before the match. This is followed by the national anthems. Germany followed by Belgium.

Out come the teams!

The match officials lead the two teams out on the turf! Gear up ladies and gentlemen. The final is just minutes away.

Belgium searches a spot among elites

Only three teams have won back-to-back World Cups - Pakistan, Germany and Australia. Belgium will become the fourth team to do with a win tonight.

World Cup titles so far

Germany has won two World titles till date while Belgium has won it once, the last edition in 2018.

Germany vs Belgium - Olympics

The finalists from this World Cup also met at the Olympics where Belgium won 3-1.

Warmups nearly done

The teams are set for the final. The last few drills in the warm ups before they take the field for the title clash.

Lineups out!
Have your say- Belgium or Germany
Germany vs Belgium - Pool B

The two teams faced each other in the group stage as well. The match ended in a 2-2 draw. Belgium advanced to the quarterfinals as the Pool winner as it had a better goal difference.

Head to Head Record

Played: 35| Belgium: 15 | Germany: 13 | Draw: 7

3rd Place Playoff

Netherlands wins the bronze medal at the Odisha World Cup. It beats Australia 3-1 in the 3rd place playoff to end third in the tournament.

Belgium’s road to final

SEMIFINALS- Defeated Netherlands 2-2 (3-2 SO)

QUARTERFINALS- Defeated New Zealand 2-0

POOL MATCH 3- Defeated Japan 7-1

POOL MATCH 2- Drew with Germany 2-2

POOL MATCH 1- Defeated South Korea 5-0

Germany’s road to final

SEMIFINALS- Defeated Australia 4-3

QUARTERFINALS- Defeated England 2-2 (4-3 SO)

CROSSOVER- Defeated France 5-1

POOL MATCH 3- Defeated South Korea 7-2

POOL MATCH 2- Drew with Belgium 2-2

POOL MATCH 1- Defeated Japan 3-0

Germany Squad

Alexander Stadler(gk), Mathias Müller, Mats Grambusch (captain), Lukas Windfeder, Niklas Wellen, Tom Grambusch, Teo Hinrichs, Gonzalo Peillat, Christopher Rühr, Justus Weigand, Marco Miltkau, Martin Zwicker, Hannes Müller, Timur Oruz, Thies Prinz, Moritz Trompertz, Moritz Ludwig, Jean Danneberg(gk), Niklas Bosserhoff, Paul-Philipp Kaufmann

Head coach: André Henning

Belgium Squad

Loic Van Doren (gk), Arthur Van Doren, John-John Dohmen, Florent Van Aubel, Sébastien Dockier, Cédric Charlier, Gauthier Boccard, Nicolas De Kerpel, Félix Denayer (Captain), Vincent Vanasch (gk), Simon Gougnard, Arthur De Sloover, Loïck Luypaert, Antoine Kina, Victor Wegnez, Tom Boon, Tanguy Cosyns, Maxime Van Oost, Thibeau Stockbroekx

Head Coach: Michel van den Heuvel


Belgium hockey’s golden generation has already had many firsts to its name and on Sunday, Felix Denayer and his men would be hoping to add another to their long list of achievements – winning two world titles in as many final appearances, on the same ground they did it four years ago.

The oldest side in the competition has outplayed and outrun younger opponents to be one step away from achieving that but will have to get past a stubborn and dangerous Germany, searching for its third title and improving with every game as the tournament has progressed, including upturning the results in the last few minutes. That it has done so the hard way, coming through the crossovers and finding a new star in every victory has ensured the world number three will be high on confidence going into the final match of the competition.

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Germany Coach Andre Henning admitted it won’t be easy but insisted the team was looking at maintaining its own positive and structure to triumph. “I have coached them at the Under-18 level and they were already the strongest team in Europe at that time so I saw this coming. We would like to stop them, in the most respectful way, but to be honest I don’t think they are vulnerable or have any disadvantage, so it won’t be easy,” he said.

“They are clearly the best team at the moment and we respect them a lot for what they have achieved in the last couple of years. What we have done is to look at our own qualities, the high zonal press through the midfield which has always been Germany’s strength and we have been improving on it a lot,” he explained.

All things being equal, it just might come down to the one word Henning insisted on: attitude. Germany’s last-second goals in the last couple of games have been all about belief despite trailing and staying in the game right through and it would also be Belgium’s biggest challenge.

The team had had a comparatively easier journey barring the semifinal when it had to dig deep and come back from being down twice to win in the shootout. But it has also had to suffer the loss of Alexander Hendrickx to injury, although that hasn’t affected its scoring prowess in any way with Tom Boon stepping in effortlessly into the role aside from finding the net on his upfront. The team has also appeared determined to be out to prove those questioning their age wrong, falling back on the same attitude that has made them reigning world and Olympic champions.

The last time the two sides met, in the pool stage of the competition here, they shared honours in a game where neither slipped up. On Sunday, there will be a clear winner and regardless of who it might be, there will be no shortage of intensity on field.

Earlier in the day, Australia will take on the Netherlands with both teams hoping to go back with a medal from the competition even if it isn’t the one they would have wished for. Both teams finished on the podium in 2018 and has faltered in the semifinals, will be hoping to end on a high. Australia last finished outside the medal bracket in 1998, interestingly hosted by the Dutch, and Colin Batch would not want that to happen again but a hurting Netherlands can be expected to come out firing.

-Uthra Ganesan


When and where will the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup final - Belgium vs Germany be played?

The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup finals between Belgium vs Germany will be played at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar on Sunday - January 29, 2023.

At what time will the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup final - Belgium vs Germany begin?

The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup finals between Belgium vs Germany will begin at 7PM IST.

Where to watch the 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup final - Belgium vs Germany begin?

The 2023 Men’s Hockey World Cup between Belgium vs Germany will be telecast live on Star Sports First, Star Sports Select 2 HD, Star Sports Select 2 SD. The same will be streamed live on Disney+ Hotstar.

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