We will be back with live coverage in less than 24 hours. Until then, its good night from my side.

So that's it for today. Tomorrow, Dabang Delhi will take on the Haryana Steelers in the first match and later home-side U Mumba will face off against defending-champion Bengaluru Bulls.

Maninder Singh has registered 450 PKL raid touch points as of today.

What a way to begin the Mumbai leg of PKL 7. The home-team U Mumba was victorious in the 'Maharashtra Derby' against Puneri Paltan in the first match of the evening. The second game was a cliffhanger in which the Jaipur Pink Panthers overcame the Bengal Warriors towards the very end to come out victorious by just two points.

Amit Hooda completed 200 PKL tackle points today.

This was a very close game and the final all-out made the difference at the end of the day. Bengal Warriors had a raid point and a tackle point more than the Jaipur Pink Panthers but at the end of the day the men in Pink got some extra points due to some silly mistakes made by the Bengal outfit.


40' Maninder Singh goes in for a quick raid and takes out Sandeep Dhull. Jaipur leads 26-25 with one final raid to go. Deepak Hooda comes in and gets a simple raid point. JAIPUR PINK PANTHERS HAS SNATCHED VICTORY FROM THE JAWS OF DEFEAT.

40' What a game we are having today!!!! Baldev Singh just falls into the Jaipur trap after wasting 20+ seconds in the opponent half. Sandeep Dhull you genius!!!! The high-line defence of the Panthers has turned the match in its favour. Now Deepak Hooda will go in for the surrender raid and he gets Rinku Narwal out. BENGAL WARRIORS ISALL-OUT AND JAIPUR LEADS FROM OUT OF NOWHERE HERE.

39' Technical point for Jaipur first and then Amit Hooda takes out Mohd. Taghi. It's a two-point difference now. Silly stuff from Taghi.

39' Bengal coach BC Ramesh sends in Mohd. Taghi for Jeeva Kumar after Sunil came in for Ajinkya Pawar for Jaipur.

38' Five-point lead for the warriors now. And an unneccessary tackle from Nabibaksh. Brilliant jump from Sachin Narwal.

37' Another SUPER TACKLE for Bengal Warriors. Baldev with the tackle on Deepak Hooda. REVIEW TAKEN BY JAIPUR -  UNSUCCESSFUL. There was a claim of a jersey pull but nonetheless it was a legal tackle.

36' The 'HIGH-FIVE' man Sandeep Dhull is having a dream game. He takes out Sukesh.

35' Having less than six players on the mat is a big advantage for both teams heading into the do-or-die raid.

34' SUPER TACKLE! Nabibaksh gets his first points of the day! A couple of tackle points for the Bengal Warriors. Sukesh Hegde comes in for Bengal.

33'Bengal ahead 20-17. Sandeep at it once again from the left corner. 6 tackle points for him today. He takes out captain Maninder.

And we are back.

Sandeep Dhull completes 50 successful do-or-die tackles.

Jaipur coach Srinivas Reddy looks a little concerned as his team is behind by three with less than eight minutes to go. But, anything can happen from here.


32' Nabibaksh is not looking confident today. This time Prapanjan doesn't find the mid-line as Sandeep Dhull blocks him in time and the rest of the team complement him well.

31' Sachin Narwal evades the experienced Jeeva Kumar in a do-or-die raid.

30' Bengal leads 20-15. Two empty raids first up.


29' Sachin comes in back for Sunil as Jaipur is planning to go out on the attack.

28' Amit Hooda 2 Prapanjan 1. The battle of ex-teammates tilts in favour of the Jaipur player who comes in with a brilliant tackle.

27' A couple of empty raids is followed by an unsuccessful one by Deepak Narwal as Mohd. Taghi gets his first PKL 7 point.

27' Maninder gets a touch on his opposite number. Deepak unneccessarily advanced high up the line.

26' SUBSTITUTION. Sunil comes in for Sachin. A defensive reinforcement for Jaipur.

25' REVIEW HERE - UNSUCCESSFUL FOR BENGAL WARRIORS. Ajinkya Pawar actually had an unsuccessful raid but he jumped into the side lobby without touching a defender and two opponent players follow him. Two points for Jaipur and one for Bengal.

24' Sandeep Dhull you beauty! He catches the in-form Prapanjan with a double thigh hold.

24' The empty raid marathon is in play now.

23' Rinku Narwal gets Deepak Hooda with an ankle hold now.

22' Mohd. Taghi with an unsuccessful raid in his very first attempt this season. Sandeep Dhull gets the tackle point.

21' Jeeva Kumar is out for the first time today as Deepak Hooda continues his good form.

The second-half is underway now.

No clear favourite here as both teams have had their share of ups and downs in the first twenty minutes. Nabibaksh hasn't registered a single raid point yet.


20' SUBSTITUTION. Sachin comes in for Sunil for Jaipur and Mohd. Taghi comes in for Naveen for Bengal. Deepak Hooda with an empty raid to end the half. 

19' Bengal leads 14-10 with a minute to go. Baldev takes out Ajinkya Pawar.

18' Prapanjan tricks his former teammate now. Amit Hooda with a silly tackle.

17' SUPER TACKLE! Baldev takes out Deepak with a strong thigh hold.

16' Another couple of empty raids.

15' Maninder continues his good work and gets Sandeep once again.

14' Deepak Hooda leads from the front! He gets both Nabibaksh and Naveen in a single raid to reduce the deficit to one. 

13' Amit Hooda completes a successful ankle hold on his former Tamil Thalaivas teammate Prapanjan during a do-or-die raid.

12' Substitute Ajinkya Pawar comes in and immediately makes an impact as hegets the running hand touch on Baldev.

11' Prapanjan and Deepak have been the best raiders for their respective sides today as they keep racking up the raid points.

10' Exchange of points happening now. Deepak gets a raid point for Jaipur and captain Maninder gets one for Bengal.

9' Prapanjan is a man on a mission. Deepak Hooda is gone here.

8' Narwal gets Narwal once again. Deepak with the jump on Rinku now as he escapes the hold.

8' Bengal leads 6-3 as Prapanjan touches Vishal on the retreat.

7' Maninder takes out Sandeep now. He calculated his touch attempt here.

6' One Narwal wrongfoots another Narwal as Deepak picks up a raid point against Naveen.

5' Nabibaksh gets the do-or-die raid right as Sandeep Dhull is out. However, Deepak Hooda returns the favour as he takes out Baldev.

4' A bunch of empty raids here as both teams look to capitalise on the do-or-die.

4' Rinku Narwal successfully tackles Nilesh in a do-or-die raid. No points for Jaipur yet.

3' Deepak Narwal completes 600 PKL raids. Maninder Singh gets Sunil now. The Bengal raiders have started off in style.

2' Prapanjan with the first point of the match. He completes the running hand touch on Vishal.

1' Two empty raids from both the captains.

The second game is underway.

Jaipur Pink Panthers VII: Deepak Hooda, Deepak Narwal, Sandeep, Sunil, Vishal, Amit, Nilesh.

Bengal Warriors VII: Prapanjan, Maninder, Rinku, Naveen, Jeeva, Nabibaksh, Baldev.

Jaipur owner Abhishek Bachchan has come in today with his daughter Aaradhya and wife Aishwarya Rai.

The players from both sides are in for the second and final match of the day.

Now, let's move on to the second game of the evening between the Jaipur Pink Panthers and Bengal Warriors.

So , U Mumba begins its home campaign with a win in the Maharashtra Derby. Back in Hyderabad, the Telugu Titans couldn't win a single game in four attempts. But the team from Mumbai has bagged the first home win of Pro Kabaddi League season 7.


40' The final raid of the match is a do-or-die raid and it is a SUPER TACKLE. Shubham Shinde gets an ankle hold on Abhishek Singh.

39' Another pair of empty raids from both sides. U Mumba 33 - 21 Puneri Paltan.

38' Rohit Balliyan takes out Girish Ernak first and Fazel grabs hold of Amit Kumar next as Mumbai keeps increasing the lead.

37' Pawan Kadian has stepped out without touching a defender. REVIEW BY THE PALTAN - UNSUCCESSFUL ONE. No more reviews for Pune. Pawan should have done better.


36' Sandeep and super tackle a better love story than you know what. Two points for U Mumba here as Pawan Kadian is taken out. Nine-point lead for the home-side.

36' Pune is mounting a comeback here. Mumbai is down to three men. Sanket pushes Abhishek out of bounds.

35' Sushant took out Surinder earlier and he now gets both Fazel and Harendra. Momentum for Puneri Paltan. U Mumba 28 - 20 Puneri Paltan.

34' A number of substitutions now. Rohit Balliyan completes 150 PKL raid touch points.

33' SECOND ALL-OUT. Surinder Singh completes a simple tackle on Pawan Kadian, who got a bonus.

32' Where was Arjun Deshwal hiding all this while? He gets two raid points. Pune down to one man.

31' Rohit Balliyan gets a raid point for U Mumba and Pawan Kadian returns the favour.

U Mumba 21 - 15 Puneri Paltan with ten minutes to go.

30' SUPER TACKLE! Captain Surjeet blocks the man-in-form Abhishek Singh. Puneri Paltan takes its TIME-OUT .

29' Arjun you beauty! He gets in a quick raid, which fetches two points. But U Mumba wants three. REVIEW TIME - UNSUCCESSFUL. No more reviews for U Mumba. Arjun got Sriram and Girish Ernak but not Pawan Kadian.

28' Pawan Kadian takes out Rohit Balliyan. Arjun Deshwal comes in to raid.

27' Sloppy from Puneri Paltan once again. Pawan Kadian was talking to the coach and he didn't provide the left corner Sanket any support. Abhishek Singh has been the raider of the day so far.

26' U Mumba has been clinical, sharp and spot-on today. Some empty raids now.

25' Rohit Balliyan with his first raid point now. He comes back and joins hands with Sandeep Narwal to win a tackle point as well.

25' Manjeet with a bonus point on the do-or-die raid. Mumbai 16-11 Pune.

24' Girish Ernak commits another mistake. Arjun Deshwal gets his first point of the evening.

23' A scrappy raid by Manjeet is followed by a non-risky one by Rohit Balliyan.

22' ALL-OUT! Substitute Amit Kumar is self-out as U Mimba inflicts first all-out on Puneri Paltan.

21' And Abhishek Singh gets into the act straightaway. Puneri Paltan down to one man.

The second half is underway.

Pune captain Surjeet Singh is the top-scorer of the game so far with four points (two raid points and two tackle points).

Only seven of the total first-half points are raid points. This shows the defensive prowess of both the Maharashtra teams.

U Mumba coach Sanjeet Balliyan is having an animated chat with his players, while Puneri Paltan coach Anup Kumar looks calm.


20' Girish Ernak goes to the bench as Abhishek completes a calm and composed raid.

19'  Sandeep raids in a super tackle opportunity for Puneri Paltan but he takes no risks.

18' Abhishek gets Surjeet on the retreat. Surinder comes back on the mat for Mumbai and he immediately takes out Pawan Kadian.

17' This has been a game of the defenders. Six tackle points for each side so far.

16' U Mumba gifts a point away. Surinder went for an early tackle and Surjeet overpowers him past the mid-line. Puneri Paltan wants two here. First review of the match - REVIEW SUCCESSFUL! Surjeet got Sandeep Narwal as well.

15' Surinder in the right cover gets a vicious thigh hold on Manjeet. 8-7 in favour of Mumbai now.

14' First two seasons, Puneri Paltan never beat U Mumba.

13' Captain Surjeet doesn't waste any time in a quick raid. SUPER TACKLE for Puneri Paltan now as Surjeet gets Abhishek.

12' Sriram succumbs to pressure from Fazel once again. Another thigh hold another tackle point.

11' Mumbai up 6-5 now and no raider is taking any chance now.

10' Abhishek Singh with the do-or-die raid. He uses the lobby well after getting Shubham Shinde with the running hand touch.

9' Surender Singh rises to the occassion as he takes out ex-teammate Pawan Kadian with an ankle hold.

8' A couple of empty raids now.

7' SUPER TACKLE for U Mumba! The captain Fazel steps up and grabs Manjeet with a pouncing thigh hold.

6' Pune leads 4-2. Make it 5-2 Sandeep Narwal goes for a silly move. Manjeet gets another tackle point.

5' Do-or-die after a number of empty raids. Dong Geon Lee waste far too much team as the calm Paltan defence takes him out.

4' Shubham Shinde with an outstanding sense of awareness. Sloppy stuff from Abhishek on his retreat. Shubham with the toe touch close to the mid-line.

4' Manjeet with a brilliant tackle for Puneri Paltan. Rohit Baliyan is the man out.

3' Sriram runs into Sandeep Narwal at the right corner. Fazel takes care of the lower body.

2' An empty raid by Pawan Kadian. Abhishek Singh with an empty one for U Mumba.

1' Dong Geon Lee is out after a block by Sanket Sawant. Bonus for U Mumba though.

1' Manjeet with the first raid of the evening. Empty raid.

The match is underway.

Virat Kohli will sing the national anthem. Line drawn game on Khel Kabaddi!

U Mumba Starting VII: Rohit Baliyan, Surinder Singh, Harendra Kumar, Dong Geon Lee, Abhishek Singh, Sandeep Narwal, Fazel Atrachali.

The home-team is out next.

Puneri Paltan Starting VII: Pawan Kadian, Surjeet Singh, Sanket Sawant, R Sriram, Manjeet, Shubham Shinde, Girish Ernak.

NOTE: Star raider Nitin Tomar is out with injury and he will miss the entire Mumbai leg for Puneri Paltan.

It's finally time! Puneri Paltan is out first.

The commentators are building up to the 'Maha Derby'. U Mumba leads the head-to-head 8-5 against Puneri Paltan.

Virat Kohli is being interviewed in the middle right now. They show him videos of PKL stars and ask him who from the Indian cricket team can perform those Kabaddi moves. Kohli says Hardik Pandya is a 'high-flyer' like Pawan Sherawat. He then says MS Dhoni can perform the 'Dubki' like Pardeep Narwal. Kohli finally says no one can do a better thigh-five than Shikhar 'Gabbar' Dhawan.

From Mohammad Nabibaksh's debut Super 10 to Manjeet Chillar's costly error, take a look at the best moments from week 1 of PKL 7.

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India national cricket team skipper Virat Kohli will be in attendance today.

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It's the first matchday of Week 2 of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season 7, which also means the Mumbai leg of the tournament begins today. In the first game of the evening, home-side and 2015-winner U Mumba takes on state-rival Puneri Paltan in the Maharashtra Derby. Next up, the inaugural-champion Jaipur Pink Panthers will face the raider-heavy Bengal Warriors in the second match.