PKL 2019, as it happened: Jaipur Pink Panthers sweeps past Haryana Steelers, UP Yoddha overcomes U Mumba

Jaipur Pink Panthers and UP Yoddha emerged the winners in the 18th and 19th match of PKL 2019, beating Haryana Steelers and U Mumba.

Updated : Jul 31, 2019 21:44 IST , Mumbai

Haryana Steelers captain Dharmaraj Cherlathan (L) and Jaipur Pink Panthers captain Deepak Hooda (R).
Haryana Steelers captain Dharmaraj Cherlathan (L) and Jaipur Pink Panthers captain Deepak Hooda (R).

Haryana Steelers captain Dharmaraj Cherlathan (L) and Jaipur Pink Panthers captain Deepak Hooda (R).


Full-time: UP Yoddha beats U Mumba 27-23. Monu Goyat and Sumit, with six points apiece, were the key men, the former with his raiding and the latter with his excellent tackling.

U Mumba 23-27 UP Yoddha: Ashu Singh with a successful tackle on Sandeep Narwal.

U Mumba 23-26 UP Yoddha: Rishank Devadiga with a successful raid, eliminates Fazel Atrachali.

U Mumba 23-25 UP Yoddha: Athul, who had been substituted on for Young Chang Ko, with a successful raid to narrow the gap for U Mumba, eliminates Monu Goyat, who had put back-to-back successful raids.

U Mumba 22-25 UP Yoddha: Monu Goyat with another successful raid, second in succession! Surinder Singh is the player eliminated. U Mumba have called for a timeout with two minutes left on the clock.

U Mumba 22-24 UP Yoddha: Sandeep Narwal with a successful raid for U Mumba.

U Mumba 21-24 UP Yoddha: Monu Goyat with a successful raid, eliminates Rohit Baliyan.

U Mumba 21-23 UP Yoddha: Rohit Baliyan with a successful raid, eliminates Sumit, who has actually been excellent on the tackle tonight.

U Mumba 20-23 UP Yoddha: Sumit with a successful tackle on Arjun Deshwal and it's a big lead for UP Yoddha with the clock ticking down.

U Mumba 20-22 UP Yoddha: A successful tackle by UP Yoddha's Ashu Singh. Abhishek Singh is the raider eliminated.

U Mumba 20-21 UP Yoddha: Young Chang Ko with a successful tackle on Shrikant Jadhav. And it's just one point that separates the two teams.

U Mumba 19-21 UP Yoddha: A couple of empty raids but those are followed by Ashu Singh successfully tackling Arjun Deshwal!

U Mumba 18-20 UP Yoddha: Amit with a successful tackle on Rohit Baliyan! A substitution for U Mumba: Harendra Kumar makes way for Surinder Singh. Another substitution, this time for UP Yoddha: Shrikant Jadhav comes in for Azad Singh.

U Mumba 18-19 UP Yoddha: Make it a hattrick of points for U Mumba! Rishank Devadiga is successfully tackled!

U Mumba 17-19 UP Yoddha: A successful raid from Abhishek Singh, eliminates Nitesh Kumar. Back-to-back points for U Mumba just as UP Yoddha was starting to take control of the match.

U Mumba 16-19 UP Yoddha: A do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha this time. Surinder Singh with a successful tackle on raider Azad Singh.

U Mumba 15-19 UP Yoddha: Three successive empty raids makes this a do-or-die raid for U Mumba! Arjun Deshwal is successfully tackled by Sumit to extend UP Yoddha's lead to four points.

U Mumba 15-18 UP Yoddha: Fazel Atrachali is eliminated! Rishank Devadiga with a successful raid. And, in pretty much the blink of an eye, UP Yoddha has rebuilt its three-point lead.  Substitution for U Mumba: Shrikant Jadhav is out, is replaced by Azad Singh.

U Mumba 15-17 UP Yoddha: A successful tackle by Sumit on Abhishek Singh.

U Mumba 15-16 UP Yoddha: A second straight successful tackle from Young Chang Ko! This time he tackles Shrikant Jadhav.

U Mumba 14-16 UP Yoddha: Young Chang Ko successfully tackles Monu Goyat! A troika of empty raids back to back from Rohit Baliyan, Rishank Devadiga and Abhishek Singh.

U Mumba 13-16 UP Yoddha: It's a do-or-die raid for U Mumba! And Nitesh Kumar tackles Arjun Deshwal.

U Mumba 13-15 UP Yoddha: Surinder Singh is eliminated! A successful raid from Shrikant Jadhav, who has been unsuccessful with a majority of his raids on the night.

U Mumba 13-14 UP Yoddha: Rishank Devadiga with an unsuccessful raid, Surinder Singh with the successful tackle to open the scoring in the second half. It's followed by three successive empty raids.


U Mumba 12-14 UP Yoddha: Ashu Singh tackles Fazel Atrachali, who was the last man standing for U Mumba, to inflict an all-out. It's the first all-out of the match. And that brings an end to the first half!

U Mumba 11-11 UP Yoddha: Monu Goyat with a successful tackle, eliminates Harsh Vardhan, who had just been substituted in place of Abhishek Singh.

U Mumba 11-10 UP Yoddha: Third successful tackle by Sumit, raider Rohit Baliyan is tackled!

U Mumba 11-9 UP Yoddha: Monu Goyat with a successful do-or-die raid for UP Yoddha.  Both teams have been cautious on their raids so far.

U Mumba 11-8 UP Yoddha: A successful do-or-die raid from Rohit Baliyan, wins U Mumba a brace.

U Mumba 9-8 UP Yoddha: Monu Goyat with a successful raid, eliminates Harendra Kumar, who was just substituted on in place of Arjun Deshwal.

U Mumba 9-7 UP Yoddha: It was a do-or-die raid for U Mumba, and Abhishek Singh eliminates Rishank Devadiga for a successful raid.

U Mumba 8-7 UP Yoddha: A successful raid from Rishank Devadiga, eliminates Young Chang Ko.  That brings up 550 raid points for Rishabh Devadiga!

U Mumba 8-6 UP Yoddha: It's another super tackle for U Mumba! Rohit Baliyan this time with the super tackle on Shrikant Jadhav.

U Mumba 6-6 UP Yoddha: Ashu Singh tackles Sandeep Narwal to draw UP Yoddha level.

U Mumba 6-5 UP Yoddha: It's a super tackle! Sandeep Narwal wins U Mumba a brace with a super tackle on Shrikant Jadhav. And with that, Sandeep Narwal has aggregated 25 super tackles in the ProKabaddi League.

U Mumba 3-5 UP Yoddha: A successful raid from Monu Goyat, eliminates Fazel Atrachali.

U Mumba 3-4 UP Yoddha: Sumit with another tackle point! This time he successfully tackles Arjun Deshwal, who's without a raid point yet. It was also a do-or-die raid.

U Mumba 3-3 UP Yoddha: Fazel Atrachali tackles Shrikant Jadhav. The points going back and forth here.

U Mumba 2-3 UP Yoddha: An unsuccessful raid by Abhishek Singh, who has been tackled by Sumit.

U Mumba 2-2 UP Yoddha: Shrikant Jadhav with a successful raid to pull UP Yoddha level in these early exchanges. Surinder Singh is the player eliminated.

U Mumba 2-1 UP Yoddha: First points on the board for UP Yoddha. Arjun Deshwal with an unsuccessful raid.

U Mumba 2-0 UP Yoddha: Good start from U Mumba! Raider Abhishek Singh with a successful raid, eliminates Nitesh Kumar.

U Mumba 1-0 UP Yoddha: Monu Goyat is the first raider for UP Yoddha. He's been successfully tackled by Surinder Singh

U Mumba 0-0 UP Yoddha: U Mumba's Rohit Balyan is the first raider and it's an empty raid first up.

Toss: UP Yoddha has won the toss and gets to choose the side of the court for the first half.


Final Score: 21-37

18-36 They're walking to the finish line now, Jaipur Pink Panthers. Less than a minute to go.

16-34 ALL OUT! Deepak Hooda takes out both the remaining Steelers men on a raid and that is definitely it for the Haryana Steelers. Hooda picks up his 12th point of the match. What a match for the Jaipur captain!

16-28 Amitabh Bachchan is on his feet and pumped!! Why? Ajinkya Pawar picks up two points on a raid after some poor defending from the Steelers. That has been rare today. Is that game over for the Haryana Steelers? Less than 5 minutes to go.

16-26 Deepak Hooda looks like he's only going to go for the safe points on the raids. He doesn't need to do anything risky, just needs to stay on the mat while the defence takes care of things in their court.

15-24 There's less than 8 minutes to go in the match and Pink Panthers are extending their lead. Deepak Hooda picks up a bonus point and that's a Super 10 .  Meanwhile, Haryana's Naveen has brought up his first point of the match. Quite a contrasting match for the young raider who was excellent in the Steelers' first two.

13-23 Smart work from Haryana after the time out! Deepak Narwal tries to jump past the chain. Next thing he knows he's flat on the mat. Now, the Steelers' raiders need to find something from somewhere.

11-23 What strength from Dhull! Wow. The Haryana raider is brought to the floor and Sandeep Dull pulls him back. There's no way he's getting out of that hold. Pink Panthers are running away with this.

11-22 Brilliant tackle from Sandeep Dhull at the right corner. It's an 11-point lead to Jaipur and its defense has much to be proud of today.

10-19 Deepak Hooda is looking excellent today! He has picked up 8 points so far, recently taking out Dharmaraj 'Anna' Cherlathan and extending Jaipur's lead.

8-17 Guess what, folks. That narrow lead is not so narrow anymore. Haryana put itself in trouble as a defender went out of bounds and there was just one Steelers man left on the mat. It didn't take much time to take him out too and ALL OUT!

First Half:

With a tackle on Selvamani, Jaipur Pink Panther ends the first half with a 8-13 lead.

This match, much like the season, has been about the defending. And a late flourish from the Pink Panthers gives them a crucial lead as they go into the second half. But they wouldn't sit pretty yet, because we know how his game goes. All you need is one good raid or one super tackle to turn things around.

8-12 Deepak Niwas Hooda is given two points for his raid. But Haryana asks for a review. The replays look okay. He has just made it across the line - by a millimeter, probably. The review is unsuccessful and Jaipur with the biggest lead so far. This match was missing a good raid.

8-10 Haryana's Selvamani is helping out not just wiith raids but back in his own court as well. He's picked up two tackle points. In fact, both defences have been great. Could explain the slow scoring.

7-9 We're into the final five minutes in the first half and I can't decide which way this match is going. Both teams look strong and cautious. They don't have to go all in yet. It's smart play. Haryana won't be worries yet.

5-8 That's a critical point for Jaipur! Naveen's taken out on a do-or-die raid and Jaipur is up only by a narrow margin with 9 minutes left in the first half.

5-6 Cautious start and nothing much to separate the two yet. It's a do-or-die raid for Sachin Narwal. His speed and agility forces a mistake from Vinay who steps out of bounds and that's a point for Jaipur. Selvamani gets a raid point for Haryana and then the Steelers defence picks up a tackle point to stay in the game.

2-5 Deepak Niwas Hooda picks up two points on a raid and Selvamani gets a point on a Haryana raid.

1-3 What a tackle by Amit Hooda! Grabs a hold of the Haryana raider and the rest of the team is quick to block any escape route.

1-2 Haryana gets on the scoreboard with a brilliant tackle on Deepak Hooda. Naveen's back on the mat.

0-2 No raid points yet. But Jaipur takes a 2-0 lead with a bonus point.

0-1 The first point of the match goes to Jaipur! Sandeep Dhull with an ankle hold on Haryana's Naveen.

0-0 3..2...1! Jaipur Pink Panthers will make the first raid. Deepak Niwas Hooda comes in.

7:27pm: We're all set! The teams have entered the court and it's almost time for the countdown. Celebrity watch! Amitabh Bachchan is among the crowd. No points for guessing who he's supporting.

Let's look at the starters for both the teams:

Jaipur Pink Panthers: Deepak Hooda, Sunil Siddhgavali, Vishal, Deepak Hooda, Sachin Narwal, Amit Hooda, Sandeep Dhull

Haryana Steelers: Naveen, Vikas Kale, Parveen, Selvamani K, Vinay, Sunil, Dharmaraj Cherlathan


With two wins in two so far in Pro Kabaddi Season 7, Jaipur Pink Panthers is enjoying the perfect start to the season and will look to keep up the momentum when it meets Haryana Steelers. Steelers, meanwhile, has had a mixed start, winning its first and losing its second game. Rakesh Kumar’s men will surely look to get back to winning ways on Wednesday.



Form Guide :


First match of the evening: Haryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink Panthers at 7.30 pm

Here are the highlights from Monday's action of PKL season - 7.


The matches will be streamed live on Hotstar and televised on the Star Network.

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