PKL 2019: Delhi begins home leg with Bengaluru win, Titans edge past Pink Panthers

Catch all the highlights, live scores, commentary, squad, updates and match analysis from Pro Kabaddi League's Delhi leg at the Thyagaraj Sports Complex.

Updated : Aug 24, 2019 23:25 IST , Chennai

Will it be Titans' expensive buy Siddharth Desai or will Pink Panthers' captain Deepak Niwas Hooda?
Will it be Titans' expensive buy Siddharth Desai or will Pink Panthers' captain Deepak Niwas Hooda?

Will it be Titans' expensive buy Siddharth Desai or will Pink Panthers' captain Deepak Niwas Hooda?


That's it from our side today! Tune in again tomorrow for more PKL action.

MATCH REPORT | Delhi beats Bengaluru in home leg opener, Titans edge past Pink Panthers


21 - 24: REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL FOR JAIPUR! Farhad with the final raid of the match and the Pink Panthers had a super tackle opportunity. Nitin Rawal tried to push out the Titans all-rounder but he just manages to get the tip of his hand past the mid-line. Jaipur has no other option but to challenge the decision. After a very long time, the referee hands the point and with that the victory to Telugu Titan!

21 - 23: Abozar Mighani applies a successful double thigh hold on Ajinkya Pawar. Telugu Titans has a two-point lead over Jaipur Pink Panthers with just 43 seconds remaining!

21 - 22: REVIEW UNSUCCESSFUL FOR TELUGU TITANS! This was a gamble as Nilesh Salunke would have been out if he hadn't got that bonus. ANOTHER SUPER TACKLE! Phenomenal stuff from Nitin Rawal who wrongfoots Siddharth Desai and pounces on him. That's the eighth double-point tackle for a defender in the match.

18 - 22: Deepak Hooda's misery continues! C Arun pushes the Jaipur captain out of bounds. Siddharth Desai replaces Rajnish for Telugu Titans. And Siddharth gets the do-or-die raid right. Sandeep Dhull is the defender at fault here.

Time-out taken by the Telugu Titans coach Gholam Reza! Just five minutes left in the game.

18 - 20: Amit Kumar gets his do-or-die raid right! He jumps past Santhapanaselvam to get a point for his side. And Amit now gives a freebie to Jaipur as he steps out without a touch. His Telugu Titans teammates are furious here.

17 - 19: Two-point lead for TT! SEVENTH SUPER TACKLE OF THE MATCH! Jaipur has four and now Hyderabad gets its third! Abozar Mighani with a tight thigh hold on Ajinkya Pawar, who can't even move.

17 - 17: Vishal Bhardwaj is out! Ajinkya Pawar with a successful running hand touch. One-point lead for Jaipur, which doesn't last long as Farhad gets a bonus point for Telugu Titans in a do-or-die raid.

16 - 16: SECOND SUPER TACKLE FOR TT! Vishal gets two points once again. His opposite number Deepak Hooda fails yet again. Eight tackle points for the Hyderabad skipper now. Deepak Narwal follows his skipper to the bench next. Santhapanaselvam takes out Rajnish to level the scores for Jaipur.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 15 - 13 Telugu Titans: SUPER TACKLE! First one for the Telugu Titans. Vishal Bhardwaj completes his HIGH 5 with that ankle hold. Ajinkya Pawar is the man out. Suraj Desai with an unsuccessful raid next. Deepak Hooda gets a tackle point but still no raid point from him.

And the second half begins!

Four successive super tackles by Jaipur Pink Panthers pushed them to a four-point lead from a possible all-out position. Telugu Titans has itself to blame as it has let go of a glorious opportunity to bag the two extra points in the first half. Let's see what both teams have in store for us in the next 20 minutes.


14 - 11: Rajnish replaces C Arun for Telugu Titans and the super-sub gets bonus point to reduce the deficit. Santhapanaselvam replaces Pavan for Jaipur Pink Panthers.

14 - 10: FOURTH SUCCESSIVE SUPER TACKLE! This is silly stuff from the Telugu Titans! Sandeep Dhull catches Siddharth Desai off guard once again. AMAZING RAID! Ajinkya Pawar touches both Abozar and Amit and flees past the mid-line. Four-point lead for Jaipur now.

10 - 10: We are having a very close match here. Nilesh Salunke fails in yet another do-or-die raid. AND ONE MORE SUPER TACKLE! The substitute Pavan TR at it now! He just replaced Nitin Rawal and he overpowers Suraj Desai.

8 - 8: Vishal Bhardwaj gets the double thigh hold right on Deepak Hooda. ANOTHER SUPER TACKLE! Sunil Siddhgavali gets the better of Siddharth now. And Sunil gets a green card for some awkward celebration. Both Deepaks are on the bench for Jaipur Pink Panthers.

6 - 7: Finally Siddharth Desai gets the better of Santhapanaselvam. His brother was in the Jaipur defender's pocket until now. In the very next raid, Farhad takes out Deepak Narwal with a well-timed block. SUPER TACKLE! Sandeep Dhull applies a successful ankle hold on Siddharth.

4 - 5: Actually, Santhapanaselvam is covering well for Amit Hooda here! He has two tackle points from two attempts. 100% success rate! Two successive unsuccessful do-or-die raids. Telugu Titans' Suraj and Jaipur Pink Panthers' Nilesh are the players out. 

2 - 4: Two raid points and two tackle points for Telugu Titans now. Vishal Bhardwaj and C Arun get their names on the scoreboard. Will the Pink Panthers miss Amit Hooda here? Suraj Desai and Nilesh Salunke have also bagged a raid point for their respective sides.

Jaipur Pink Panthers 1 - 1 Telugu Titans: Siddharth Desai with successful raid for the Titans straightaway. He takes out Sunil with the running hand touch. Deepak Narwal gets a bonus for Jaipur next.

And the second game of the evening is underway!

NOTE: Amit Hooda will not be playing for Jaipur in today's match.

We are few minutes away from the beginning of the match.






Now moving on to the next game of the evening between Jaipur Pink Panthers and Telugu Titans.


FULL-TIME: What a thrilling end to a match which looked like a dominant win for Bengaluru Bulls! All the easy bonus points given away by the visitor became their undoing. Pawan Sehrawat's raiding prowess did not come to his team's rescue as he was patchy despite getting another Super 10. Naveen Kumar with his sixth Super 10 in a row and Delhi's trump card Meraj Sheykh made all the difference to take the host off the mark in its first home match.


33-31 Pawan Sehrawat is taken down Ravinder Pahal. He has outsmarted the by the Bengaluru man more than twice today, but comes up with the goods at the right time. And out of nowhere Delhi has come out trumps.

31-31 Two touch points from Pawan Sehrawat! The scores are level.

30-29 Got by an inch! Meraj Sheykh twists and turns and he is floored by the Bengaluru defence. His hand was almost on the touchline but is pulled back just in the knick of time.

30-28 A touch point from Meraj Sheykh extends Delhi's lead to four points. Pawan Sehrawat, for the first time today, gets rid of Vishal Mane on his next raid along with a bonus point.

28-26 ALL-OUT! Dabang Delhi takes the lead for the first time in the match. Bengaluru giving away the bonus points, 12 in total, has hurt it at the most important time.

25-26 Pawan Kumar is floored by Joginder Narwal and Bengaluru, despite getting a bonus point, is on the brink of an all-out.

24-25 Pawan Sehrawat gets a bonus point on his Do-or-Die and Naveen takes out Banty on his next raid. Bengaluru in a fix now.

23-24 Super 10 for Naveen Kumar! Brilliant from Naveen. He accelerates to the right and gets a running-hand touch on Saurabh Nandal and there is his super 10. The 19-year old now has six Super-10s this season.

22-24 Pawan Sehrawat runs out the clock and the time wasting comes back bite Bengaluru Bulls. Naveen Kumar gets Banty and Mahender on the next raid.

20-24 Rohit Kumar is tackled by Ravinder Pahal on his way out as it brings Naveen Kumar back on the mat after a period of 10 minutes.

18-24 Saurabh Nandal gets hold of Naveen and drags him back by the legs as the Bengaluru defence swarm the raider. However, there is the dangling hand which is taken care by Mahender.

18-23 Vishal Mane tackles Pawan Sehrwat yet as the points difference is closer yet again. The Delhi captain has tackled the star raider thrice successfully in today's match.

17-23 Pawan Sehrawat takes out Anil Kumar on his Do-or-Die raid and it looked like Vijay is also out when he made a dash for Pawan near the midline. Bengaluru asks for a review.

17-22 Vijay doesnot take too much time and gets a bonus point for Delhi.

16-21 Meraj Sheykh makes instant impact. The Iranian goes for a running kick on the right cover and gets Saurabh Nandal on the calf.

15-21 Super 10 for Pawan Sehrawat! He has been unlucky on his past three raids, but the Pro Kabaddi's best raider capitalises on Ravinder Pahal's tame block to take his tenth raid point of the match.

15-20 Banty is taken out by Joginder Narwal as Pawan Sehrawat comes back empty. Bengaluru finds itself in a tricky situation. Meraj Sheykh comes on to the mat for Delhi.

14-20 Vijay tries to wriggle away from Ashish Sangwan's block and Saurabh Nandal is quickly on to the raider.

14-19 Rohit Kumar tries to send the defender out of the line but finds himself trapped on the right side.

13-19 Delhi inches closer towards level scores as Naveen gets a bonus point and Rohit Kumar comes back with an empty raid. This could be the host's chance.

12-19 Saurabh Nandal smartly escapes a back-kick from Vijay to make it another empty raid for Delhi. But Pawan Sehrawat gets tackled on his next raid.

Half-Time: Bengaluru Bulls has been excellent in all departments as it never allowed Naveen Kumar or Chandra Ranjit to take touch points. Pawan Sehrawat has not been his free-flowing best as he got tackled thrice in the first-half, but the defensive work from Banty and Saurabh Nandal has been spot on when it looked like Delhi might make a comeback.


11-19 Banty does well on his raid as he leaps over Ravinder Pahal to get to the midline. Saurabh Nandal takes out Chandran Ranjit with a waist hold. And its half-time.

11-16 Delhi, once again traps Pawan Sehrawat deep in the right side and thwarts his attempt of a Dubki . On he comes and off he goes!

10-16 Pawan Sehrawat is back on the mat. Mahender gets a short block and puts Chandran Ranjit in a thigh hold.

10-15 Rohit Kumar is out! Naveen Kumar gets a toe touch on Bengaluru Bulls' captain and the visitor is not without their two chief raiders.

9-15 Ravinder Pahal manages to corner Pawan Sehrawat on the right corner and the star raider is back on the bench for the second time in this match.

7-14 It has been a game of free bonus points for Dabang Delhi. Chandran Ranjit gets one and Pawan Sehrawat gets a bonus of his own.

6-13 Just too easy for Pawan Sehrawat. Ghaffari hesitates going forward for an ankle hold and Pawan gets a kick on him.

5-12 All-out! Bengaluru Bulls dont mind giving away a bonus point as Banty gets Naveen Kumar in a powerful double-thigh hold. That's the first all-out of the match.

4-8 Pawan Sehrawat takes out Chandran Ranjith and Ghaffari as he puts Delhi on the brink of a first all-out.

4-7 Naveen Kumar gets lucky as he does not have his front leg in position to get a bonus point, but the umpire awards Delhi a point on the do-or-die raid.

3-7 Another empty raid from Chandran Ranjit puts Delhi under pressure. Pawan Sehrawat does not take chances on his next raid and comes back empty.

3-6 Banty does something Pawan hasnt been able to do. He escapes an ankle hold from Vishal Mane and comes back with a point. It brings back Pawan back on the mat.

1-5 Vishal Mane blocks Pawan from turning away on the right corner and pins him down on the mat and Delhi has its first point of the match.

0-5 Not the best start for the host. Pawan takes out Ravinder Pahal on the left corner with a running-hand touch while taking one more bonus point on his raid. Naveen Kumar, Delhi's best raider this season, goes empty on his first two raids.

0-2 Good start by Bengaluru. Pawan Sehrawat, the green armband holder, pinches the bonus line on the first raid. Chandran Ranjit is put in a inescapable ankle hold by Amit Sheoran.

Just few more minutes until the first half begins....

None of the home teams have been able to record more than two wins this season. Will Naveen and Co break the home-leg curse?

Pawan Sehrawat has picked up from where he left off last season. Will he be able to make the difference today?








The match will be available for live streaming on Hotstar and will also be available on Star Network's live broadcast.

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