Broken contact lens hampers Monfils

Double vision may have taken the eye of Gael Monfils off the ball during his semifinal loss to Roger Federer at Roland Garros.

The athletic 59th-ranked Frenchman went down in four sets.

Monfils was treated on court with some eyedrops during his match, but the 21-year-old said he could have broken a contact lens earlier in the day.

“This morning I already had a pain in my eye and I think I broke my contact lens,” said Monfils. “I couldn’t see well, so I tried to put some eye drops in at the beginning of the match.

“It didn’t work, so I asked the doctor to come on the court. That didn’t work.

“I think part of my contact lens stayed, remained in my eye. I managed to take the other part out, but there was one part left.”