National Racing Championship: Ashwin leads charts; Amir wins Novice Cup

Dark Don's Ashwin Datta is the favorite to clinch the JK Tyre National Racing Championship as he leads his teammate A. Sandeep Kumar.

Amir Sayed (MSport) poses for a photo with his mother Marcela after winning the Novice Cup title at the 23rd JK TyreNational Racing championship in Coimbatore on Saturday.   -  Rayan Rozario

Chennai’s Ashwin Datta (Dark Don), the championship leader, inched a bit closer to the title with two podium finishes in the FLGB4 class of the 23rd JK Tyre National Racing Championship at the KMS circuit here on Saturday.

But it was Amir Sayed (MSport) who stole the show winning four races in a row to seal the championship in the JK Tyre Novice Cup. There was none to challenge the 16-year-old from Kottayam. You put the youngster from the back of the grid and he is still right up there to take the flag and a place on top of the podium. It was with such command that he drove today.

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Amir’s mother (Marcela) from South America was quietly watching those winning moments from the  sidelines. “I am his biggest fan and supporter. I am super happy to see the joy in his face. It’s very fulfilling but a lot of hard work has gone into it,” she said.

Even as Amir was enjoying his moment, Ashwin was busy beating the best in his class. He finished  second and first in two races, while his teammate A. Sandeep Kumar cracked a fine double and positioned himself well for the final day challenge.

The results (provisional):

FLGB4: Race 1: A. Sandeep Kumar (Dark Don) 17:32.376; 2. Ashwin Datta (Dark Don); 3. T.S. Diljith (Dark Don). Race 2: 1. Ashwin Datta 14:35.521; 2. A. Sandeep Kumar; 3. T.S. Diljith.

JK Tyre Novice Cup: Race 1: 1. Amir Sayed (MSport) 13:08.679; 2. Chetan Surineni (Momentum); 3. Neym Rizvi (MSport). Race 2: 1. Amir Sayed; 2. Chetan Surineni; 3. Neym Rizvi. Race 3: 1. Amir Sayed 13:33.497; 2. Chetan; 3. Dhruvin Gajjar (DTS). Race 4: 1. Amir Sayed 13:36.512; 2. Aman Chaudhary (DTS); 3. Chetan Surineni.

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