Equestrian in Tokyo Olympics: Fouaad Mirza, Seigneur Medicott finish 22nd after cross country

Indian equestrian rider Fouaad Mirza and his horse Seigneur Medicott are currently placed 21st after amassing 11.20 penalty points in the cross-country stage of eventing.

India's Fouaad Mirza and Seigneur Medicott completed the course in 8.13 minutes, going a little beyond the permitted 7:45 time limit for the cross country stage of eventing at the Tokyo Olympics.   -  Reuters

After finishing the dressage phase of equestrian eventing in an impressive ninth place, Indian rider Fouaad Mirza and his horse Seigneur Medicott stand in 22nd place after completing the cross country course with 11.20 points on Sunday.

Mirza and Medicott finished just outside the permitted 7:45 minute mark, completing the course in 8.13 seconds to amass 11.20 penalty points.

Medicott was sublime on the jumps but exceeded the time limit by 35 seconds thereby incurring penalty points.

Great Britain's Townend is back on the top of the standings, having incurred no time penalties on the course on Sunday, with 23.60 points astride Ballaghmore Class. His compatriot Laura Collett too cleared the course with no penalties, finishing third overall after this stage with 25.80 points astride London 52. In between them in second place is Germany's Julia Krajewski who, despite 0.40 penalty points in the cross country stage, finished second with 25.60 points overall.

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Michael Jung, who led the standings coming into the cross country stage, amassed 11 penalty points along the course. Even though he finished seven seconds inside the allowed time limit, the penalties incurred pushed him and Chipmunk down to 11th.

Riders move on to the show jumping stage on Monday. The top 25 combinations at the end of this stage will proceed to another round of show jumping to determine the podium.

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