PGL Major 2021 Final: All you need to know about the premier Counter Strike tournament

The Major is all set to host its final in Stockholm on Sunday with live fans after a gap of two years, with the last Major in Berlin in 2019.

Supporters attend a live match at the PGL Counter-Strike-Major event in Stockholm.   -  AFP

The biggest tournament for Counter Strike globally, the Major is all set to host its final in Stockholm on Sunday with live fans after a gap of two years, with the last Major in Berlin in 2019.

Beginning last month, the tournament ended with two finalists after G2 beat Heroic 2-1 in the first semifinal while NAVI (Natus Vincere) edged over Gambit in the second semifinal.


Who are the finalists?

The final will be played between G2 Esports and Natus Vincere at the Avicii Arena in Stockholm.

NAVI: Natus Vincere, which uses the pseudonym NAVI, is a Ukrainian esports organisation, which became the most successful esports organisation in 2011 after winning The International in Dota 2.

It’s CS:GO team features Oleksandr Olegovich Kostyliev, who goes by the username @s1mple and is widely considered one of the best players of counter-strike global offensive ever.

The other members of the team are Denis Sharipov (@electronic), Kirill Mikhailov (@Boombl4), Ilya Zalutskiy (@Perfecto) and Valerii Vakhovskyi (@b1t).

G2: G2 Esports is a newer organisation based in Berlin, Germany. The best player in its official roster for counter-strike has Nikola Kovac, also known as NiKo.

The other players in the team are Niko’s cousin, Nemanja Kovac (@huNter-), Kenny Schrub (@kennyS), Nemanja Isakovic (@nexa), Audric Jug (@JaCkz) and Francois Delaunay (@AmaNEk).

The final is being touted as a s1mple vs NiKo battle in Stockholm. Oleksandr (s1mple) was ranked the second best CS:GO player in 2020 by HLTV. NiKo was ranked fourth.

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CS:GO Major Format

The Premier Counter Strike tournament started with the New Challengers Stage where 16 teams locked horns and the best eight progressed to the next stage, called the New Legends stage, formerly known as the Group Stage.

Progress in the stages took place through best of three matches (Bo3), while matches not involving elimination and advancement were played as best of one (Bo1) format.

Eight teams from the previous major compete with the newly progressed teams and the best eight from here qualified for the play-offs, which is now known as the New Champions Stage, which is the final stage.

Every match in this stage was played as a Bo3 match and involves single elimination bracket matches.


New Challengers Stage: October 26-October 29
New Legends stage: October 30-November 2
Champions Stage: November 3-November 7

Prize Pool

The Prize pool for the tournament is $2 million, with the winner getting $1 million, the runner-up getting $300,000 while the second and third runners-up getting $140,000. Teams ranked between five and eight will get $70,000 while the teams between 9-16 will get $17,500.

How to watch PGL Major Stockholm Final 2021?

The PGL Major 2021 is being broadcast live on the official Twitch Channel and its official YouTube Channel. The final can be watched there from 12:30 am tomorrow.

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